(3.1.7) RHODA FERRIS (8RLL-67) born c1708 probably at Greenwich and died prior to 1737; married November 11, 1731, as his first wife, Benjamin Ferris (3.8.1). Rhoda’s death date is a presumption since this is the date Benjamin married Sarah Ferris (2.3.4). See him for offspring.

(3.1.8) DEBORAH FERRIS (8RLL-7D) born 1710 Greenwich and died 1755; unmarried

(3.1.9) ELIJAH FERRIS (AFN:8RLL-8K) born (various dates: 1702, 1711, 1712, 1718) probably at Greenwich and died, date unk probably Nine Partners, Dutchess, NY.  His middle name may have been Keeler; 1741 Isaac Reynolds sold 95 acres of land in lot 25 of the Nine Partners Patent to Elijah of Greenwich for 100 pounds; moved to Nine Partners before 1747; went to Crum Elbow, Dutchess Co where he was taxed from February 1742/43 through June 1767. Elijah was a path master in 1762; elected overseer of the highways in 1746 and 1753.  He married Hannah, maiden name unk and according to the LSD, married a second time, to Hanna, maiden name unk (Jim-speculation –same woman).  Born to Elijah and presumably Hannah was (and probably more):

( JEDEDIAH FERRIS (AFN: SOV9-6R) born c1735 Crown Point, Essex, NY; married c1753 in Dutchess Co NY, Reuhama Reynolds (AFN: NXBM-VQ) (; 1786 resided Charlotte Perfect, Dutchess Co; moved to Panton VT for a while at least 1766, as he was on a committee there to fence land; removed before 1790 to Crown Point; one of the first settlers of Ticonderoga, Essex Co after the close of the Revolution; and born to them were:

( NOAH FERRIS born c1754 and died Elizabethtown, Essex, NY; served during the American Revolution; Selectman, Panton VT, 1784; resided in Crown Point NY, 1790; in Elizabethtown, Essex County NY, 1800. He was a town inspector 1802.  Noah was one of the first settlers of the Boquet Valley in Elizabethtown, Essex, NY and owned a gristmill on Cole’s Bay. A Captain Rogers wanted a gristmill, so Noah traded Rogers the grist mill for Lots #11 and 12 in the valley containing 400 acres. After Noah obtained a deed, he moved into the valley and built a log house on west Lot #11. He lost his property foot by foot and lived on state land adjoining Lot #11 where he died a few years later. He married Sarah {maiden name unk}; and born to them were:

( MARY FERRIS born January 1, 1777 Filkintown NY [Filkintown was in Great Nine Partners, Dutchess County NY.]

( NANCY FERRIS born January (28) 29, 1780 Filkintown NY; married as his 2d wife c1799 Robert Andrus Odell born January 11, 1777 [there is confusion concerning Mr. Odell – same guy married Nancy Ferris (]; and born to them was:

( ROBERT FERRIS ODELL born 1805 (Essex Co NY); married 1stHarriet Lobdell; married 2d 1843 Roxy Ann Hanchett [dau of Ebenezer & Mary (Collins) Hanchett] born January 17, 1826 and died 1906; they are listed in the 1850 census at Westport NY; he was a carpenter; and in 1869, they resided in Cedar Falls IA.  Born to him and his 1st wife were:


( LEVI ODELL (1834-)


( LEWIS ODELL (1838-)

( EURETTA ODELL born October 6, 1843 - may have been from 1st or 2d wife; married Charles H Davis born 1842 NY; and born to them were:

( FRED A DAVIS born 1868 IA

( MINNIE M DAVIS born January 1870 IA

            Born to Robert and his 2d wife, Roxy, were:

( ALEXANDER EUGENE ODELL born February 27, 1845

( CHARLES WESLEY ODELL born November 7, 1846; married Elida A {mnu} born 1850 OH; and born to them was:

( HARRY A ODELL born September 1869 IA

( EDITH AMBROZINE ODELL born April 6, 1849

( AUSTIN J ODELL born 1852 NY; married Eliza J {mnu} born 1855 IL; and born to them were:

( MILO R ODELL born 1875 IA

( HENRY A ODELL born 1879 IA

( LILLA MAY ODELL (Lulu) born May 17, 1856

( HARRIET ESTELL ODELL born May 27, 1859

( FRANK DARIUS ODELL born December 6, 1861

( DAVID FERRIS born May 13, 1782 Filkintown NY and died September 15, 1823; married Catherine {mnu}; offspring.

( RUHAMAH FERRIS born December 25, 1784 Panton VT

( ELIZABETH FERRIS born September 16, 1787 Panton VT

( ELI FERRIS born 1788/89 and died October 18, 1839; buried Elizabethtown NY; married Laura Lewis (and apparently remarried) and born to them were:

( SARAH JANE FERRIS born August 22, 1821 Elizabethtown, Essex, NY and died February 24, 1923 Lincoln, Lancaster, NE; married 1st January 13, 1839 in Nankin, Wayne, MI Zenas W Glass [son of Reuben & Anna] (1812-c1857); buried Newburgh Cemetery, Livonia, Wayne, MI; 2d as his 2d wife, Isaac F Perrin [son of Jacob & Elizabeth (Fisk) Perrin] born June 19, 1806 NY and died July 3, 1867 West Nankin, Wayne, MI; buried Newburgh Cemetery; 3d as his 2d wife, James Stevenson born October 15, 1814 NY and died October 27, 1904 MI; buried Newburgh Cemetery

This letter was written by Sarah Jane Ferris (then, Sarah Stephenson) on April 27, 1910. "A little of my life's experiences, at the urgent request of my children. "I was born August 22nd, 1821, in Elizabethtown, Essex County, State of New York. My mother died soon after I was 4 years old. I lived at home until 8 years of age then with a cousin on my father's side for nearly 2 years. Then with an uncle on my mother's side until 13 years old. "In the meantime, I learned to spin wool and flax. I seemed to be the only one who could be spared from home, but spinning was learned at home. Was not brought up in idleness in either place. "In 1836, I left my dear father's home with a married sister for a home in Michigan. Arrived in Detroit the fourth of July after a three weeks journey by canal and Lake Erie. We were both sick with ague and fever a great deal of the time. "I worked at housework and nursing, when not sick. At 15, was baptized and a young man and his sister, who were strangers to me, joined at the same time. Have been a member of the M.E. church ever since. Have made many mistakes, not meaningly. ["M.E." stands for Methodist Episcopal Church, a term used to designate the Methodist Church in the northern U.S. The "Episcopal" refers to a form a governance and not the Anglican Church.]"In 1839, was married to your father [Edwin Zenas Glass] on January 13th, being past 17 years old and your father was 25. We lived together over 18 years, he dying and leaving me with a family of six children. Will not attempt to describe the difficulties that were passed through, which were many as there were only 2 of the children old enough to help provide for our family. I sewed, worked, house cleaned and nursed to help provide. God helped me, gave me good health. Milton, my eldest, enlisted in the war of the Rebellion in 1864. That was another trial. Seemed I could not spare him. While he was in the war, I married again [Isacc F. Perrin]. Lived within a 4 mile radius of the vicinity where I first landed, with the exception of 2 years, for a period of 65 years. [Milton enlisted in the 16th Regiment of the Michigan Volunteer Infantry on August 15th, 1861 and died in the Battle of Cold Harbor in June 1864.] "If I could have written my life's experience as they came, it might have been easier, but to bring it up and live it over, I cannot. It breaks me all up. When this life is over, I hope to be where there is no more sin or sorrow. My great desire is to see my children that are left to me, Christians, trying to make a better world. That would rejoyce my heart more than anything else."Sarah Jane Stephenson"

 Born to her and Zenas were:

( MILTON C GLASS born 1840 MI and died March 1, 1865 Maryland during Civil War; buried Newburgh Cemetery, Livonia, Wayne, MI (Photo); enlisted as Corporal in Co F, 16th Michigan Inf Regt; was First Sergeant of Co F when he was KIA.

( MARTHA ANN GLASS born February 6, 1842 MI and died there March 27, 1845; buried Newburgh Cemetery, Livonia MI


( REUBEN E GLASS born November 13, 1846 MI and died October 11, 1905 Broken Bow, Custer, NE; Civil War Vet served with Company D, 24th Michigan Infantry Regiment which was in the Battle at Gettysburg – see Internet for more history of this Regiment; moved to Nebraska 1873; married 1st Lina {maiden name unk}; married 2d February 3, 1876 at Plattsmouth, Cass, NE Margaret Louise Mitchell [dau of Francis P & Margaret (Wright) Mitchell] born August 21, 1844 IA and died December 3, 1920; both buried Broken Bow Cemetery (Photos)

 In the death of Reuben E. Glass, who spent the last years of his life retired from active life, in Broken Bow, Nebraska, Custer county, lost one of its most valuable citzens [sic]. He had been a resident of the state since 1873 and during that time he had become well known and had made many friends who appreciated his character and worth. Mr. Glass was born in Detroit, Michigan, November 13, 1846, third of the six children born to Zenas and Sarah (Ferris) Glass, natives of New York. The father, who was of Scotch-Irish descent, died in Michigan, and the mother survives, making her home in Lincoln, Nebraska. Of their children: one son, Milton, died in the Civil war; one son, Edwin C., lives in Lincoln; one daughter, Mrs. Sarah Frost, lives in Lincoln; others are deceased. Mr. Glass grew to manhood's estate on a Michigan farm, receiving his education in local schools. He served in the civil war as a member of Company D, Twenty-fourth Michigan Infantry, where he won a creditable record, and after leaving the service returned to Michigan, where he engaged in business in the line of retail drugs. His first wife was Mrs. Lina Ferguson, who died in Michigan, leaving one daughter, Mrs. Lizzie Nichols, who has since died. In 1873, Mr. Glass came to Plattsmouth, Cass county, Nebraska, where he engaged in the drug business, and there, on February 3, 1876, he married Miss Margaret Louise Mitchell, who was born in Iowa and came to Cass county in 1874. She is the daughter of Francis P. and Margaret (Wright) Mitchell, the former a native of Greene county, Ohio, and the latter of South Carolina. The father, a physician by profession, died in New Orleans in the fifties, and the mother died in Iowa in 1845. In 1878, Mr. and Mrs. Glass moved to Kearney, Nebraska, where they spent two years, but on account of failing health he was obliged to give up his business, and in March, 1880, they came to Custer county and he took a homestead of one hundred and sixty acres on South Loup where they remained ten years. He also pre-empted one hundred and sixty acres of land, and in 1897 or 1898 purchased one hundred and sixty acres of land on section nineteen, township seventeen range twenty, although he never lived on the latter place, which Mrs. Glass now owns. In December, 1891, Mr. Glass retired from farm life and purchased a comfortable residence in Broken Bow, which continued his home until his death, October 11, 1905. He was survived by his widow, who still lives in the home, where she has every comfort and is surrounded by a large circle of sincere friends. Mr. Glass was a staunch Presbyterian in religious views and stood ready to help any religious or beneficial movement in his county or state. He died in the prime of life, and his death came as a shock to his many friends and acquaintances, by whom his loss was deeply deplored. He was regarded as a public-spirited citizen and highly esteemed by all.

Born to him and Lina was:

( LIZZIE GLASS married a Mr Nichols

( SARAH A GLASS born 1849 MI – 1912 resided Lincoln NE; married Origen Frost

( ELLEN E GLASS born 1852 MI

( EDWIN ZENAS GLASS born 1857 MI; married March 23, 1881 at Perrinsville, Wayne, MI, Eva Gillett born July 11, 1858 Wayne Co MI and died July 27, 1923 Lincoln, Lancaster, NE   

( JAMES H. FERRIS (c1823-)

( WILLIAM P. FERRIS (c1829-)


( A SON FERRIS [only because the 1790 census lists four sons]

( EZRA FERRIS born September 1, 1760 CT and died November 8, 1833 NY; married Charity {maiden name unk}; born to them were a boy and 3 girls; in Crown Point, Clinton, NY 1790





( RUHAMA FERRIS born February 27, 1769; married February 2, 1787 at Stamford NY, Robert Hammond

( ALEXANDER FERRIS born 1754(56) in Northeast town, Dutchess, NY and died 1837(1804); married Jane Kelly; 1790 resided in Northeast NY with Jane and 3 daughters whose names are unk [married, second, Esther Weed (1783-1860?)?] Also born to them was:

( ROBERT HAMMOND FERRIS (1800-1873) married Fanny Rogers Tarbell and born to them was:

( HELEN MARSH FERRIS (1830-1907) married Stillman Bushee.

( SETH B. FERRIS (AFN:SOV8-RK) born June 11, 1755/56  Fishkill, Dutchess, NY and died c1810 by drowning, broke through the ice, while fishing, Lake George (Greenfield, Saratoga Co) NY; buried Mt. Evergreen Cemetery, Jackson MI (?); served in the Army, 1775-79 as Corporal in Captain James Talmadge’s Company, Colonel Roswell Hopkin’s 6th Regiment of New York Militia. Moved to Providence, Saratoga, NY 1799 and then c1809 to Greenfield; married 1780 at Greenfield, Dolly Molly/Polly/Mary Mosher (AFN: SOWO-DN) [dau of Ephraim and Elizabeth (Storey) Mosher] born March 17, 1760/66. Born to them were [there is confusion to the offspring of Seth]:

( CALEB FERRIS (Photo) born April 10, 1782 Washington, Dutchess, NY and died March 14, 1883 Galway, Saratoga, NY; age 100y 11m 4d; buried there Foster Hill Cemetery (Photo); Caleb and his brother, Orsamus, went to VA together and opened a brickyard; apparently he did not remain there because in 1840, he was in Providence NY; married 1st 1812 Alvira Root who probably died in childbirth; and 2d 1824 Mary Church born May 2, 1803 and died July 24, 1887 Galway NY; buried with Caleb; and born to Caleb and Alvira were:

( WILLIAM FERRIS born 1813 and died 1905 Galway NY; buried there Foster Hill Cemetery; unmarried

( ELVIRA FERRIS born March 25, 1814 and died 1893 Galway NY; married Elijah Branard (Brainerd) born 1809 and died October 16, 1876

Born to Caleb and his second wife, Mary, were:

( ORSAMUS FERRIS born January 25, 1825 and died young

( MARY ANN FERRIS (Polly) born September 13, 1826; married Curtis Griggs and born to them were:



( LYDIA ANN FERRIS born December 16, 1828; married Chauncey Steel

( ORSAMUS FERRIS born April 22, 1831 and died young

( SUSAN FERRIS born June 22, 1834 Providence NY and died February 27, 1918 Amsterdam, Montgomery, NY; buried Galway Cemetery (Galway Village Cemetery is in Galway, Saratoga, NY, not sure that is correct cemetery); married August 26, 1855/58 Isaac Willard Druse born April 23, 1833 and died at Andersonville Prison, Civil War, September 20 (November 23), 1864; and born to them were:

( CHARLES SUMNER DRUSE born June 26, 1859 Springfield NY and died June 9/19, 1918

( LENA DRUSE born July 19, 1861/62 Vienna VA and died April 20, 1939 Amsterdam NY; married Isaac Mosher Church and born to them were:

( HARRY RIVERS CHURCH born April 19, 1882 and died December 23, 1910

( CHARLES HOWARD CHURCH born December 12, 1883

( ANNA MARIA FERRIS born July 30, 1838 Providence NY and died December 3, 1926; married March 12, 1865 William F. Jeffers born April 3, 1831/32 (a second cousin?); and born to them were:

( LOWELL JEFFERS born May 17, 1868 and died May 19, 1938; married Ann Travis and born to them were:



( CLARENCE JEFFERS born August 22, 1869; married Adelia Shaw who died May 3, 1952; and born to them was:


( VIOLA JEFFERS born July 22, 1872; married Edward Hemstead and born to them was:


( OWEN D. JEFFERS born February 25, 1878; married 1st Lonella Van Steenburg and 2d August 13, 1920 Charlotte Heller

( CARL JEFFERS born March 19, 1879; married Nettie Steenburg and born to them were

( LEVERNE JEFFERS married Elsa VanBuren and born to them was:

( SANDRA JEFFERS born December 5, 1940

( HAZEL JEFFERS married Joseph Edmond and born to them were:


( DALE EMMOND (1938-)

( FLORENCE JEFFERS married Melvin Brown and born to them were:




( ERNEST JEFFERS married, lady’s name unk; and born to them were:



( MINNIE JEFFERS married John Loveless. 

( MINNIE B. JEFFERS born May 20, 1880; married John Loveless and they had four children.

( ERNEST JEFFERS born January 4, 1885; married Anna Leather and born to them were:

( ELIZABETH MAE JEFFERS married Eugene Viala and born to them were:




( KENNETH E. JEFFERS born September 19, 1907; married Florence Parsons and born to them were:

( ROBERTA ANN JEFFERS born April 4, 1938

( KENNETH E. JEFFERS, JR., born June 1947

( MALCOLM FERRIS JEFFERS (one source has his father as Owen D Jeffers, so conflict!) born April 8, 1913 Galway NY and died January 3, 1955 Fort Johnson NY; married Beulah Laura Humphrey [dau of Alvin & May Belle (Secor) Humphrey]; and born to them was:

( JUNE JEFFERS married Donald Nathan Brower born July 15, 1927 and died November 26, 1997 Gloversville, Fulton, NY; and born to them were:

( JEFFREY DAVID BROWER married Tamara Lynn Johnson; and born to them were:



( DONNA ELAINE BROWER married Thomas Gregory Hicks

( ALEXANDER FERRIS born c1784 Dutchess Co NY; resided in Hounsfield; 1820 census in Pamelia, Jefferson, NY; and 1835 census in Watertown NY; married Rebecca Keeler born c1792; and born to them were:

( SETH FERRIS born August 12, 1817 and died February 12, 1906 (December 7, 1897); buried Bailey’s Cemetery, Greenfield, Saratoga, NY (not listed on the Net as being buried in this cemetery); married 1st November 1, 1841 Phylinda Allen born August 23, 1817 and died September 2, 1887; and 2d widow Sarah Wendell born April 5, 1826 and died February 12, 1906 [said to have been an Indian or have had Indian blood]. Born to Seth and presumably, Phylinda, were:

( SARAH S. FERRIS (Sarah L) born August 26/28, 1848 and died November 1, 1887/89; married Charles Jewell and they had a boy and a girl

( FRANKLIN FERRIS born May 23, 1855 and died 1902


( SYLVIA FERRIS born April 13, 1822; married John Frazier

( NELSON FERRIS (c1825-) erved in the Civil War, 1861-65, from Washington NY; married c1840 (?15?) Sarah Bentley born September 27, 1822 and died March 13, 1892 [Nelson Ferris married May 30, 1857 at Erie MI, Henrietta Walker?] Born to Nelson and his wife/wives were:


( WILLIAM N. FERRIS (William Nelson) born May 15, 1843 and died August 4, 1849

( CAROLINE FERRIS born c1850 and died in infancy

( SARAH FERRIS died December 27, 1879; married a Mr. Shaw and they had a daughter who was raised in a foster home

( CAROLINE FERRIS born March 2/22 (April 28), 1862 and died February 12, 1921;  married 1st c1875 Charles Galusha born September 16, 1852 and died September 16, 1898; married 2d John Eagan 

( WILLIAM H. FERRIS baptized April 12, 1832 and died August 20, 1879; married 1869 widow Jane (Blip/Blif) Bennett who died 1902; and born to them were:

( WILLIAM WARREN FERRIS born November 20, 1870 Jefferson IA; married lady’s name unk; [one source says ‘they had a large family and went West’.] According to a descendant, they had an only child and he was:

( WILLIAM PAUL FERRIS born 1904 Osborne KS; married in the 1920s Cora May Towne also of Osborne

( EVA FERRIS died 1916; married name unk and they had 7 children

( LUCINDA MANDEVILLE FERRIS born July 27, 1832 and died March 11, 1909 Toledo OH; married October 25, 1844 at Watertown NY, Samuel Carmi Lyons

( NELSON FERRIS born c1786/87 Dutchess Co NY

( WILSON FERRIS (AFN:SOV8-2X) born 1789 Washington Hollow, Dutchess Co NY and died January 13, 1865 Jackson, Jackson, MI; buried there Mount Evergreen Cemetery (Photo); a brickmaker; married c1821, probably in Saratoga Co NY, Martha Briggs (AFN:SOV7-2S)[dau of John and Melissa (Robinson) Briggs] born February 1, 1795 NY and died October 6, 1853 Jackson MI; buried with her husband (Findagrave says she died age 53y which doesn’t track with her dates here). They sold their land in Providence, Saratoga Co, April 13, 1836 and were in Jackson Co MI census in 1840; and born to them were:

( NELSON FERRIS born April 1821 Saragota Co NY and died January 27, 1908 Otisco Township, Ionia County MI; a brickmaker like his father; married 1845 in Jackson MI,  Emeline Cowdin born c1828 NY; no offspring

( CALEB FERRIS (AFN:SOV7-45) born December 11, 1825  Providence, Saratoga, NY and died January 1, 1916 Pompeii, Gratiot, MI; buried with wife at Fiefield Cemetery, Jackson MI; like his father, a brickmaker and farmer; married January 1, 1856 at Jackson MI, Nancy H. Luce (AFN:SOVJ-T1) [dau of Alden S. & Sebra (Holcomb) Luce] born August 10, 1836 Jackson MI and died September 25, 1916 Pompeii MI; and born to them were:

( RUTH A. FERRIS born October 1, 1856 Jackson MI and died October 5, 1927 Ithica, Gratiot, MI; married October 1, 1876 at Jackson, George N. Bradley (1869-1954); and born to them were:

( JAMES BRADLEY born March 14, 1878 and died 1937; married Mary McMillian

( EDITH G. BRADLEY born October 26, 1879 Jackson MI and died there 1970; married October 1, 1938 Harry J. Brown; no offspring

( PEARL M. BRADLEY born February 1882 Jackson, Jackson, MI and died there 1945; buried there Maxon Cemetery; married George McClure born August 14, 1878 and died February 21, 1967; and born to them were:

( KENNETH MCCLURE born May 20, 1906; married February 11, 192? Cecilia Pasco

( EDWIN MCCLURE born September 1, 1908; married Fern Clore

( CLAYTON MCCLURE born August 5, 1910 and died 1926

( JOHN HORACE MCCLURE born August 23, 1914; married Thelma Dawner

( IRENE MCCLURE born May 23, 1917; married Ross Emery

( ORLO DUANE MCCLURE (1920-1921)

( LENORE MCCLURE born May 14, 1922; married Donald A. Mees

( WILLIAM ROBERT MCCLURE born July 8, 1924 and died July 25, 1977; married Beverly {maiden name unk}

( CALEB BRADLEY born June 18, 1883 Jackson MI and died December 27, 1957; married Bernie Dodge; no offspring

( SAMUEL ALBERT BRADLEY born February 8, 1885 Jackson, Jackson, MI and died there July 4, 1963; buried there Hillcrest Memorial Park (Photo); married 1st May Barrett; and 2d October 20, 1915 at Alma MI, Bessie Ethel Wigent born September 17, 1890 Jackson MI and died there January 6, 1970; and born to Samuel and presumably, Bessie, were:

( BERNARD VIRGIL BRADLEY born July 16, 1916 Gratiot MI and died December 21, 1958; married Ellean Holton

( J. G. BRADLEY born June 8, 1918 Ithica MI; married Lois Henvy

( MARGARET MILREE BRADLEY born December 27, 1920 Gratiot Co MI; married Wayne E. Hopkins born April 10, 1920 and born to them were:

( JANET MILREE HOPKINS born February 4, 1942 Jackson MI; married Fred Biskie

( JOHN W. HOPKINS born October 22, 1946 Jackson MI

( THOMAS RAY HOPKINS born October 17, 1948 Jackson MI; married Janet Moeller

( JAMES CHARLES BRADLEY HOPKINS born May 8, 1952 Jackson MI; married Sue Boland

( RAY ALAN BRADLEY HOPKINS born September 25, 1953 Jackson MI

( RHEO BRADLEY born December 6, 1896 Jackson MI and died April 19, 1975 Ithica MI; married Howard Erickson (1892-1943) and born to them were:








( NETTIE B. FERRIS born April 26, 1858 Jackson MI and died there March 6, 1865; buried Fiefield Cemetery, Blackman Township, near Jackson

( ALBERT T. FERRIS born July 23, 1861 Jackson MI and died there November 28, 1891; unmarried; buried Fiefield Cemetery, Blackman Township, near Jackson

( CAROLINE E. FERRIS (AFN:SOV6-K8) born September 3, 1863 Jackson, Jackson, MI and died there May 17, 1865; buried Fiefield Cemetery

( EDGAR T. FERRIS born June 25, 1865 Jackson MI and died there February 1, 1952; married June 19, 1911 Ella M. Allbright; no offspring

( FRANKIE FERRIS born October 9, 1866 Jackson MI and died there March 28, 1876 by drowning, with his brother in a mill pond near home; buried Fiefield Cemetery

( GEORGE FERRIS born June 2, 1869 Jackson MI and died there March 28, 1876 by drowning, with his brother in a mill pond; buried Fiefield Cemetery

( NANCY E. FERRIS born July 31, 1872 Jackson MI and died there February 5, 1941;  married March 14, 1891 in Jackson, Manville C. Hills [son of James C & F. E. (Wright) Hills] born September 22, 1868/9 Jackson Co MI and died there December 8, 1954; and born to them were:

( MYRTLE M HILLS born August 18, 1891 (September 16, 1894) Jackson MI; married Edward DeMay and they resided in Lansing MI

( VINA PEARL HILLS born October 9, 1893 Jackson MI and died January 10, 1978 FL; married Roy Creusers

( IVA MAY HILLS born March 24, 1895 Jackson and died February 1978; married May 11, 1922 Russell Bent

( ISABELL HILLS died in infancy

( EDGAR HILLS died young [placement questionable]

( UNA VIOLET HILLS born February 15, 1900 Jackson MI and died May 6, 1904

( LEROY WINSLOW HILLS born March 20, 1902 Jackson MI and died April 23, 1904

( BEATRICE HILLS born March 14, 1904 Jackson MI

( JAMES C HILLS born May 1, 1907 and died 1971 Evansville IN; married Elizabeth {maiden name unk} [placement questionable]

( PHYLLIS HILLS born January 28, 1910 Jackson MI; married 1st October 10, 1928 Vern Riethmiller and 2d October 28, 1966 Alfred Leisner

( ALICE HILLS born February 7, 1912 Jackson MI; married 1st November 30, 1935 Donald Frank Waldo and 2d Richard Stouffer

( F. LILLIAN HILLS born September 13, 1915 Jackson MI and died November 1952; married 1st a Mr. McKein - divorced; 2d Walter Bott

( WALTER FERRIS born April 6, 1875 Jackson MI and died May 17, 1891

( BYRON L. FERRIS (AFN:SOV6-R9) (Byron Luce) (Byron Lyle) born December 17, 1878 Jackson MI and died there October 3, 1962; buried with his wife at Mt. Evergreen Cemetery, Jackson; Byron lived on a farm on North Cooper Road, Jackson, while growing up; married May 1, 1901 at Jackson, Clara Minnie Geyer (AFN:SOWD-C5) [dau of Reinholdt  and Catherine (West) Geyer] born March 9, 1880 Jackson MI and died there March 8, 1961. After their marriage, they lived in a small home on Cooper Street until they built their own home at 1406 Cooper Street; they lived their entire lives on Cooper Street.   Byron worked for 31 years at the American Ford and Hoe Company, and 3 years before retirement at Sheet Aluminum Corporation. He was an enthusiastic fisherman and enjoyed gardening and Clara enjoyed tatting as a hobby and both enjoyed playing cards.  Born to them were:

( CLARENCE BYRON FERRIS born December 8, 1901 Jackson, Jackson, MI and died there October 3, 1972; buried there Roseland Cemetery; attended the Austin Blair School, on Cooper Street, directly across the street from his home; left school in the 8th grade and lived at home until his marriage; married June 26, 1926 in Jackson, Blanche Lucille Reed [dau of Thomas Jefferson and Gertrude (Coil) Reed] born November 5, 1901 Yorktown, Delaware, IN and died February 17, 1970 Jackson MI; buried with husband.  They set up housekeeping on Wisner Street in Jackson, but later moved to a nearby lake area known as Vandercook Lake after the birth of Barbara. About 1932, Clarence was laid off from his work at Mechanical Products and the depression years were closing in.  Blanche worked for awhile, but was soon laid off also. The depression years were hard and many times they were forced to move as they could not pay rent, but somehow they always got by.  They lived in Vandercook for about 10 years and then moved to Jackson on Woodbridge Street; at this time Clarence was working for the W.P.A., it was very little money, but with Blanche taking in ironings they got by. They moved again to Francis Street, over a grocery store for a short time, then to 327 Biddle Street, still in Jackson. About this time, Clarence got a job driving a truck for a candy wholesale supply company and this was better pay and helped the family greatly. Blanche did housework to help the family income. Clarence then went to work for Teer-Wickwire and later to Clark Equipment Company, Jackson, from which he retired in 1967.  They moved to Greenwood Avenue and later back to the same home on Biddle Street.  Later, they bought a home in Vandercook. Born to them was:

( BARBARA JEAN FERRIS born May 29, 1927 Mercy Hospital, Jackson MI; started school at Vandercook Lake about 1932; moving to West Intermediate School, Jackson; graduated from Jackson High School 1946 and attended Junior College for one year; later became a secretary at the YMCA and it was there she met James; married May 15, 1948 James Edward McCreight [son of Robert Strawbridge and Agatha Inez (Musselman) McCreight] born October 29, 1925 Saginaw MI and died May 18, 1992; buried near Jackson MI.  They moved to Kalamazoo, so Jim could finish college at Western Michigan University, from which he graduated in 1955. They moved to Jackson, to Pontiac, Clawson, and Southfield, and then in 1960, they bought a home in Livonia MI.   Barbara resides in Jonesville MI. She is a professional genealogist and teaches the subject. Barbara was a contributor of information to Chaplain Ferris’ Volume 2 and has provided updated and corrected information to this work; thanks, Barbara. Barbara has published a book, Ferris Family History, which is at the Fort Wayne IN Library.  Born to them were:

( SUZANNE MARIE MCCREIGHT born June 26, 1951 Kalamazoo MI [born on her grandparents 25th wedding anniversary.]; married 1st March 20, 1971 at Big Bay MI, Dennis Paul Radziewicz [son of Peter and Angelia (Rulewicz) Radziewicz] born November 1, 1951 Jackson MI - divorced; married 2d December 10, 1982 Kenneth Phillip Hill [son of Floyd and Phyllis] born Toledo OH; and born to Suzanne and Dennis were [Kenneth adopted all in 1991]:

( SHARON LYNN RADZIEWICZ born February 28, 1973 Jackson MI and died there of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, March 19, 1973; buried on lot with her grandparents (McCreight) in Roseland Cemetery, Jackson

( REBECCA JO RADZIEWICZ (HILL) born December 1, 1974 Jackson MI

( PAUL JOSEPH RADZIEWICZ (HILL) born August 11, 1976 Jackson MI; married October 20, 1995 in Kalamazoo MI, Natalie Summerville

( PETER RICHARD RADZIEWICZ (HILL) born June 20, 1978 Jackson MI

( JAMES DALE MCCREIGHT born October 1, 1953 Kalamazoo MI; BA, BS, and Masters; same guy employed by State of Michigan Department of Human Services?; married 1st August 18, 1978 in Jackson at the Queen of the Miraculous Medal Church,  Shelley Lynn Cook [dau of Kenneth B. & Loraine (Zdanowitz) Cook] born August 25, 1954 Jackson MI - divorced; James moved to Lansing MI and married 2d July 28, 1984 in Lansing, Mary Elizabeth Gaasch [dau of Frank F. & Helen (Johnson) Gaasch] born August 17, 1954, Alpena MI; and born to James and Mary were:

( JAMES GAASCH MCCREIGHT born February 13, 1985 Lansing MI

( KATHRYN MARY MCCREIGHT born May 15, 1986 Lansing MI

( RICHARD FRANK MCCREIGHT born March 4, 1988 Lansing MI

( WALTER LYLE FERRIS born March 22, 1904 Jackson, Jackson, MI and died April 3, 1978 Hillsdale, Hillsdale, MI; married June 22, 1927 in Jackson, Bertha M. Bower [dau of William and Nettie M. (Kiersey) Bower] born June 27, 1902 Hillsdale MI and died there; both buried Lakeview Cemetery, Hillsdale. They moved from Jackson to Hillsdale MI. Born to them was:

( WALTER BYRON FERRIS born December 21, 1928 Jackson MI; WWII Army Vet in Germany; worked for the A&P chain and retired in 1984; married December 26, 1951 at Lincoln NE, Ruby Alice Keeler [dau of Harry and Margaret M. (Rustameyer) Keeler) born August 18, 1932 Lincoln NE; resided in Hillsdale MI; and born to them were:

( LYLE MATTHEW FERRIS (twin) born September 29, 1953, Hillsdale MI. He married, December 2, 1975, Denna Motts - divorced. He has remarried.  

( LYNN MARK FERRIS (twin) born September 29, 1953 Hillsdale MI; married 1st July 1978 Debbie Southworth – divorced; 2d Kathy Mast

( DENISE MARIE FERRIS born May 4, 1955 Hillsdale MI; married September 20, 1973 in Jackson MI, Richard Husted – divorced; remarried

( GRAIG STEVEN FERRIS born April 28, 1960 Hillsdale MI

( DARLENE LOUISE FERRIS born October 2, 1961 Hillsdale MI

( BRENDA KAY FERRIS born January 9, 1968 Jackson MI

( WALTER DOUGLAS FERRIS born March 24, 1970 Jackson MI

( ROSANETTE FERRIS born March 21, 1880 Jackson MI and died there October 19, 1970; married July 12, 1911 in Elkhart IN, Gerald Brining [son of Jacob and Maud I. (Ferris) Brining] - divorced.  Born to them was:

( OLLENE (OLIVE) BRINNING born March 11, 1917 Plainwell MI - last know in CA

( LEWIS FERRIS born November 20, 1828 Saratoga Co NY and died January 31, 1907 Plainwell, Allegan, MI; buried there Hillside Cemetery (Photo); moved with his parents to Jackson MI, when he was 14 years old; a brickmaker and served in the Civil War enlisting, March 4, 1865; married June 1, 1851 at Jackson MI, Harriet Luce [dau of Alden S. and Sebra (Holcombe) Luce] born January 8, 1834 Sheldon, Genesee, NY and died January 27, 1920 Detroit MI; moved to Plainwell 1889.  Born to them were [supposedly eleven children]:

( MAUDE FERRIS (1854-) married Mr. Brining

( MARY E. FERRIS (Photo) born c1859 Jackson MI and died after 1933 Royal Oak MI; married February 2, 1877 in Jackson MI, Isaac R. (Reese or Rhys) Jewell [son of James & Mary Elizabeth (Lewis) Jewell] born February 1, 1857 Merthyr Tydfil, Glamorgan, Wales and died between 1930-33 Royal Oak, Oakland, MI. Isaac started out in Michigan as a coal miner then became a fireman or foreman for the Edison Light Co. The 1910 Census for Jackson, Jackson, MI indicates they had 13 kids, 7 living in 1910. Born to them were:

( JAMES JEWELL born c1878 MI and died, probably there; married c1900 in MI, Ella {maiden name unk} born 1884 OH and died in MI, probably; 1910 census lists James as a wire worker; the 1910 census also listed them as having 1 child, but the child was not living with them then; born to them was:

( DOROTHY M. JEWELL born before 1910 MI and died c1980 MI

( MARY ELIZABETH JEWELL (Photos) born August 18, 1886 Jackson, Jackson, MI and died September 14, 1931 Warren, McComb, MI; result of a car accident; buried Royal Oak Cemetery, Royal Oak, Oakland, MI (Photo); married c1905 in Jackson MI, Boyd Hampton Spicer [son of Alzie & Delzina (Pickens)] born March 24, 1887 Warsaw, Kosciusko, IN and died December 1964 Detroit MI; it is said he died a very lonely and sick old man. In 1936 resided in Homer MI. In 1931, during the depression, the family lived on Coy Street in Hazel Park, a suburb of Detroit. Mary was apparently working in Detroit and while riding to or from work in a car driven by another woman, was involved in a car-truck accident and was killed. After Mary’s death, and with Boyd suffering from TB, he allowed the children services to distribute the kids as they saw fit. Donald, the oldest, apparently didn’t like this and fought with his father about it; he wound up leaving his family and changing his last name to Voightlander, which is the name he used the rest of his life. Della was sent to a children’s home where she was sterilized and traumatized to the point that she spent most of her life in a mental institution. Sadie was handed over to a 2d cousin on Boyd’s side name Priest; Sadie turned over very bitter and will say little about it. Virginia was adopted out of the family and for a time didn’t know her family or who she was; she must have been able to find them before she died as Sadie and Della both knew her and her children. Boyd Jr., age 19, probably went out on his own also because his widow said that he tried for years to find the rest of his family, with no luck. Born to Mary and Boyd were:

( UNK SPICER born between 1905-08 Jackson MI and died there between 1905-08

( UNK SPICER born between 1905-08 Jackson MI and died there between 1905-08

( UNK SPICER born between 1905-08 Jackson MI and died there between 1905-08

( DONALD I. SPICER (Photo) born October 23, 1909 Jackson MI and died June 26, 1978 Taylor, Wayne Co, MI.  He was 22 years of age when his mother was killed, yet he was adopted and changed his name to Voigtlander. It is said that he fought with his father about placing the kids in family services and that is why he changed his name. He never went by Spicer again. He married Dell {maiden name unk}.

( BOYD HAMPTON SPICER, JR., born July 10, 1912 Jackson MI and died June 10, 1998 West Liberty KY.  Boyd was an autobody repairman. He married May 31, 1947 in KY, Dorothy Gevedon and born to them was:

( SHIRLEY ANN SPICER born after 1947 and died young 

( BEATRICE EVELYN SPICER (Photo) born April 18, 1916 MI and died November 15, 1993 Plymouth, Wayne, MI; married a Mr. Brummel; no offspring

( MARY SPICER born c1917 MI and died before 1931 MI

( ISAAC REESE SPICER born January 28, 1919 Farmington, Oakland, MI and died December 13, 1995 Mabank, Kaufman, TX (is he buried there at Mabank Cemetery?).  He was a WWII Vet in the Army Air Corps. He married, 1st November 4, 1941 in Boise ID, Peggy Lee May [dau of David & Emma (Rennaker) May] born December 12, 1924 St. Maries, Benewah, ID – divorced 1947; married 2d August 9, 1947 in Detroit MI, Katherine Bernadette Mair [dau of William & Caroline (Grodon) Mair] born May 27, 1929 Detroit MI. Isaac met Peggy in Boise ID where they were married. They were together until sometime in 1943 when Peggy, dissatisfied with Army life, took her infant son (Isaac) and returned to Pasco WA where the mother lived. Born to Isaac and Peggy was:

( ISAAC REESE SPICER, Jr., born August 1, 1942 Tacoma, Pierce, WA; married 1st in 1963 in Mattoon IL, Susan Jo Sells [dau of Fred] born c1941 IL; married 2d in March 1967 in Coure d’ Alene ID, Judy Marie Smith born c1949 Pasco, Franklin, WA; married 3d 1989 in Kooskia ID, Mary Jane Bodine born 1950 Walla Walla WA; married 4th September 27, 1997 in Coure d’ Alene ID, Vicki Leslie Maddox [dau of Jim & Arlene (Couey) Maddox] born August 14, 1956 Grand Junction CO. Reese has provided this updated information – thanks Reese! Born to Issac and Susan was:

( SARA BETH SPICER born March 12, 1964 Mattoon IL

            Born to Issac, Jr. and his second wife, Judy, were:

( TIMOTHY ALLEN SPICER born August 26, 1969 Pasco, Franklin, WA

( JEFFREY JOHN SPICER born June 5, 1971 Pasco WA

( STACEY LYNN SPICER born in 1972 Pasco WA and died there July 18, 1979 by drowning in the Columbia River

( RICHARD EUGENE SPICER born September 24, 1976 Pasco WA

            Born to Isaac, Sr., and his second wife, Katherine, were (quite a span of time between first and last)

( SHARON DIANE SPICER born December 25, 1947 Detroit MI; married December 9, 1969 in Dallas TX, Herbert Richardson and born to them were:

( KRISTINA LEE RICHARDSON born November 18, 1970 Dallas TX and died the next day

( WILLIAM ERNEST RICHARDSON born May 21, 1981 Mesquite TX

( MICHAEL GORDON SPICER born July 3, 1952 Detroit MI; married Tawana {maiden name unk} and born to them was:


( PATRICK TIMOTHY SPICER born February 26, 1960 Detroit MI; married Terry Lynn Teems and born to them were:

( TRACIE LYNN SPICER born December 14, 1984

( PATRICK TIMONTHY SPICER Jr., born July 10, 1987

( LYNN SPICER born February 7, 1988

( PAMELA SUE SPICER born February 7, 1964 Amarillo TX; married Robert Lovejoy and born to them were:

( JOSHUA LOVEJOY born November 28, 1985 in Seattle WA

( TIFFINY LOVEJOY born September 20, 1988 in Mesquite TX

( CAROLINE ELIZABETH SPICER born August 10, 1972 Dallas TX; married 1st July 22, 1989 in Dallas TX, Robert Miquire; married 2d January 20, 2001 in TX, Tracey Wayne Poe born March 2, 1967; and born to Caroline and Robert were:

( BRITTANY MIQUIRE born September 21, 1987 Fort Worth TX

( COLTON MIQUIRE born July 14, 1991 Dallas TX

( JUSTIN REESE MIQUIRE born April 9, 1999 Dallas TX

( DELLA MONICA SPICER born July 19, 1921 Detroit MI; after her mother’s death, she was sent to children’s services. She married a few times; no offspring.

( JACK NORMAN SPICER born May 17, 1923 Pontiac MI and died in December 1951 Nogales AZ, in an auto accident. He married 1st c1941 in MI, Kathryn Geraldine Bolser who died 1979; married 2d February 21, 1948 in MI, Mildred Ickell [dau of John & Amelia (Guenther) Ickell]. Jack left his family c1945-47 and Kathryn filed for divorce since she did not know where he was. Born to Jack and Kathryn was:

( JAMES ANDREW SPICER born November 22, 1942 Detroit MI and died February 15, 1964 Marietta GA; killed in an auto accident 3 weeks after the birth of his son. He married Carolyn King and born to them was:

( BRIAN SPICER born January 22, 1964 Marietta GA

            Born to Jack and his second wife, Mildred was:

( ROSE MARY SPICER born 1949 MI; married Donald William Gilbert McConnaughey born April 1967 Wayne Co MI; and born to them was:

( RHONDA MARIE MCCONNAUGHEY born January 2, 1968 MI; married May 6, 1990 in MI, Michael Buckwheat born November 27, 1963 MI

( SADIE SPICER born June 1924 MI; after her mother’s death, she was sent to live with relatives named Priest. She married Frank Louis Pavlovia and born to them were:


( MARY ETHEL PAVLOVIA (1947-) married a Mr. Kincaid and born to them were:

( JAMES KINCAID born November 16, 1968

( FRANKIE KINCAID born March 17, 1986

( ELEANOR SPICER born July 9, 1926 MI and died July 25, 1930 Detroit MI

( VIRGINIA SPICER born January 4, 1928 MI and died July 2, 1991 Tampa FL; married Owen Alpers born April 21, 1927 possibly MI and died July 1980 Tampa FL; and born to them were:




( GERTRUDE HARRIET JEWELL (Photo) born November 16, 1890 Jackson, Jackson, MI and died September 9, 1961 Thousand Oaks CA; married Linnwood Stitt [son of Ernest & Dora (Aldrich) Stitt] born August 2, 1891 and died October 3, 1973 Ferndale, Oakland, MI. Born to them were apparently 14 kids; 7 apparently all deceased at an early age and names are unk; the ones known are as follows:

( LAVERN WALTER STITT born January 19, 1912 Jackson MI and died February 28, 1965 Oxnard, Ventura, CA; married March 11, 1933 in Hazel Park, Oakland, MI Mary Elizabeth Bigger [dau of Amos & Georgina] born January 8, 1916 MI and died July 1983 Thousand Oaks CA; and born to them were:


( CAROLE STITT born December 28, 1943

( ERNEST R. STITT born April 12, 1913 MI and died April 24, 1996 Killeen TX; married Wilma Gordon

( GERALDINE H. STITT born July 5, 1919 MI and died August 23, 2000 Ferndale CA; married a Mr. Barger

( DOROTHY M. STITT born April 17, 1921 MI and died October 7, 1998 Hazel Park, Oakland, MI; married a Mr. Gomand

( JAMES LINWOOD STITT was killed at age 19 – he was next to youngest



( HARRIET DAISEY JEWELL (Photo) born c1894 MI; married George T. Nelson born 1890 MI and died there; born to them were:


( PATRICIA A. NELSON married a Mr. Galloway

( WILLIAM REESE JEWELL born May 3, 1898 Jackson MI and died April 1977 Royal Oak, Oakland MI; married Molly {maiden name unk} and born to them was:


( LEWIS JEWELL born Jackson MI and died there before 1910

( ISAAC JEWELL born Jackson MI and died there before 1910

( GERALD JEWELL born Jackson MI and died there before 1910

( HARRY JEWELL born Jackson MI and died there before 1910

( DAISEY JEWELL born Jackson MI and died there before 1910

( ELIZABETH MAUDE JEWELL born Blackman MI and died 1948 MI; married Levi H. Johnson and born to them were:


( KENNETH L. JOHNSON married name unk and born to them was:


( MARGARIE JOHNSON married Frank Always

( GERTRUDE H. JOHNSON married a Mr. Tennent

( RUTH JOHNSON married a Mr. Bozied

( WILLIAM JOHNSON married Evelyn {maiden name unk}





( FREDRICK JEWELL married name unk and born to them were:



( UNK JEWELL born Jackson MI and died there before 1910

( FRED W. FERRIS born February 19, 1866 Jackson MI and died December 31, 1932

( GERTRUDE FERRIS born May 21, 1871 Jackson MI and died December 13, 1875


( DAISEY D. FERRIS born August 23, 1874 and died December 23, 1875 

( SILAS F. FERRIS born May 17, 1831 Saratoga Co NY and died November 25, 1910 Jackson MI; married February 9, 1868 at Jackson MI, Sarah L. Williamson born 1847 Canada and died June 27, 1889.  Born to them were:

( EDNA FERRIS born 1872 Jackson MI

( MERVIN L. FERRIS born February 17, 1876 Jackson MI and died August 16, 1958 Battle Creek, Calhoun, MI; buried there Memorial Park Cemetery; Spanish-American War Veteran; married September 2, 1897 Metta P. Hungerford [dau of Andrew and Rosena (Bateman) Hungerford] born October 14, 1880 NY and died November 19, 1965 Battle Creek


( ROBERT E. FERRIS born September 26, 1890 Huron Co MI and died February 24, 1935 Battle Creek, Calhoun, MI; buried there Oak Hill Cemetery [Jim - either Robert’s birth date is wrong or his mother’s death date is wrong.]; married Alice {maiden name unk}

( RUTH FERRIS born c1834 Jackson, Jackson, MI; married December 29, 1853 at Jackson MI Henry W. Shipman

( MINERVA FERRIS born 1838 Jackson MI; married 4 times; married 1st 1851, at the age of 13y, in Jackson, James Gilbert Giles [son of Isaac R & Delia] born c1830 NY (a descendant says that James was residing in the Wilson Ferris household in 1850) – apparently divorced; married 2d Stephen Cowden [son of Soami &Lydia (Packer) Cowden] born c1837 Poland NY who at age 16y was living with his parents in Erie PA; in 1860 they were living in Poland, Chautauqa, NY and in 1861 he enlisted in the Army in Michigan (Company D, 9th Michigan Infantry Regiment) and died August 15, 1865 from an illness; married 3d August 14, 1869 in Jackson, Frederick Hall; and 4th September 23, 1882 in Jackson, Joel Smith; in 1880 Minerva was a widow living in Jackson with her daughters Frankie and Hattie Hall; in 1900 she is again widowed and still living in Jackson; she does not appear in the 1910 census but a date of death has not been found; and born to her and James were:

( WILLIAM HENRY GILES born October 11, 1855 Jackson, Jackson, MI and died June 11, 1938 Grants Pass, Josephine, OR; quartz miner; in early June 1870, he was living at the Jackson brickyard with his Uncle and Aunt Nelson and Emiline Ferris, but later the same month he was counted again living with his mother and stepfather; went West c1875 (with his half-brother Nelson) when a bunch of Cowdens left Jackson Co MI and moved en mass to the gold country in Nevada; in 1880, William and Nelson lived a couple of houses from one another in Mason Valley NE, both working as farm hands; married March 14, 1883 in Mason Valley, Lyon, NV, Kittie Clyde Millsap [dau of Robert Taylor & Susan Eliza (Hungate) Millsaps] born December 14, 1864 Aurora, Esmerelda, NV and died February 7, 1937 Grants Pass; soon after their wedding, they and assorted Millsaps and Cowdens traveled to Washington State by wagon; living in Seattle 1900; he was a restaurant proprietor in Bellingham WA 1910; 1920 they were living in Geneva Township, Whatcom Co, east of Bellingham where he had a gold mine; 1930 they were living Fruitdale, Josephine, OR and he is listed as running a truck garden; and born to them were:

( LILLIE FLORENCE GILES born June 30, 1885 Custer, Washington Territory and died October 9, 1970 Bellingham WA; married June 30, 1909 in Fairhaven WA, Elmer Winters [son of Samuel & Anna C (Weston) Winters] born May 4, 1881 Howard City MI and died June 24, 1958 Bellingham; and born to them were:

( WILLIAM GILES WINTERS born January 10, 1911 Bellingham WA and died September 30, 1996 West Seattle WA; married October 21, 1944 Mary Lou Clark

( ELMER CLYDE WINTERS born December 18, 1912 Bellingham WA and died September 28, 1987 Lander WY; married 1st name unk and had a child; 2d Marian Halsey and had a child; 3d September 1, 1956 in Lander WY, Lois Edna Bell born April 27, 1926 Kirby WY and they had 2 kids – Elmer’s son Matt has provided this updated info – thanks Matt!

( CLARENCE ROBERT WINTERS born July 25, 1917 Bellingham WA and died there September 7, 1918

( GRACE LUCILLE WINTERS born February 26, 1919 Bellingham WA and died February 9, 2005 West Seattle WA; married April 13, 1942 John Franklin Hoback

( ALICE MAY WINTERS born May 27, 1928 Bellingham WA; married August 8, 1953 Charles Kley

( MYRTLE AGNES GILES born March 17, 1890 Bellingham WA; living with parents 1910; and died November 24, 1940

( GEORGIA SUSAN GILES born December 14, 1894 possibly NV but more likely Bellingham WA; living with parents 1910; and died January 27, 1965 Bellingham WA; married Howard Buswell; Clay Morse

            Born to Minerva and her 2d husband, Stephen, were:

( NELSON F COWDEN born c1859/60 PA/NY – 9m of age 1860; settled in Seattle WA; married Emma {maiden name unk}; both alive in Seattle 1930; and born to them was:

( MINA COWDEN (c1887-)

            Born to Minerva and her 3d husband, Frederick, were:

( FRANKIE HALL attending school in Jackson MI age 13y 1880 census

( HATTIE HALL born Jackson, Jackson, MI and living with her mother age 9y 1880

( FRANS HALL died young

( WILSON FERRIS, JR., born April 14, 1839 Jackson MI and died there September 25, 1902; married November 25, 1863 at Erie Co PA, Jane Cowdin/Cowden born 1846 NY. Born to them were:

( EDWARD L. FERRIS born December 12, 1864 MI and died February 8, 1920; married June 25, 1887 Edna Gregory

( ELLEN L. FERRIS born March 14, 1868; married July 8, 1887 Frank M. Johnson

( NETTIE J. FERRIS born February 12, 1870; married April 25, 1888 Fred Richardson

( EPHRAIM FERRIS born February 11, 1875

( CLARA MAY FERRIS born March 4, 1881; married April 15, 1897 Harry Sayles

( BERTHA B. FERRIS born May 6, 1883 and died November 6, 1889

( BESSIE FERRIS born March 7, 1885 and died August 25, 1886

( ELIZABETH FERRIS born 1840 MI and died December 25, 1843 Jackson MI

( MARTHA FERRIS born October 10, 1844 Jackson MI and died there October 10, 1894; married 1865 at Jackson, William Jacob West 

( WILLIAM HENRY FERRIS born 1847 Jackson, Jackson, MI and died there July 12, 1853; buried there Mount Evergreen Cemetery

( ROWLAND ROBERT FERRIS born October 18, 1792 Washington Hollow, Dutchess, NY and died November 7, 1885 Clinton IA, where he moved after the death of Margaret [Note: in the Fulton County NY cemetery records, the surname is spelled Ferres.][The 1850 census has Ferris.]; married c1814 Margaret Morris [?dau of Robert Morris?, one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence] born November 6, 1796 and died May 6, 1860 Greenfield NY. Rowland was a brickmaker. Born to them were:

( MARGARET A. FERRIS born December 4, 1815 Saratoga Springs, Saratoga, NY and died January 19, 1885 Fulton Co NY age 69y 1m 15d;. [Note: Margaret’s tombstone has her maiden name spelled Ferris.]; married December 31, 1833 at Saratoga Springs, Asahel Cadman [son of Edward & Clarrisa](of Providence NY) born February 12, 1812 Saratoga and died June 10,1894 Gloversville, Fulton, NY;  both buried Prospect Hill Cemetery, Fulton Co NY; and born to them were:

( MARIA LUCY CADMAN born October 16, 1836 Saratoga NY and died March 17, 1925 Clinton IA; married July 4, 1855 Solomon Sherman born March 6, 1832 and died November 22, 1907. Born to them were:

( MARGARET JANE SHERMAN born May 5, 1856 and died February 6, 1890

( ASAHEL SHERMAN born December 23, 1860 and died March 21, 1923; married May 12, 1880 Frances A. Blanchard and born to them were:




( EDA VIOLA SHERMAN born January 1, 1873 and died October 28, 1892

( HENRY S. CADMAN born August 22, 1838 Saratoga Co NY and died April 6, 1863

( SETH K. CADMAN born March 9, 1840 Saratoga Co NY and died November 28, 1865

( CLARISSA R. CADMAN born July 18, 1841 Saratoga Co NY and died December 2, 1897; married Wallace Brown

( MARGARET J. CADMAN born July 2, 1844 and died January 19, 1885; married August 10, 1873 Edward Kimball

( EDWARD R. CADMAN born December 27, 1845 Saratoga Co NY and died February 22, 1897; buried Prospect Hill Cemetery, Fulton Co, NY

( GEORGE WASHINGTON CADMAN born March 13, 1851 Saratoga Co NY and died October 30, 1921; married 1st August 8, 1868, Jane Augusta Ross born July 31, 1853 and died November 24, 1873; married 2d June 17, 1874 Francis A. Oderkirk March 20, 1853 and died April 17, 1900. Born to George and Jane were:

( WILLIARD C. CADMAN born April 11, 1869 and died May 13, 1869 (1916)

( ALICE A. CADMAN born April 13, 1871 Fulton Co NY and died July 1916; married, December 6, 1887 in Hall Co NE, Jason D. Green 

( LAURA MAY CADMAN born July 6, 1873 Gloversville, Fulton, NY and died December 27, 1953 Topeka, Shawnee, KS; married July 28, 1889 Jonathan LeRoy Ellis [son of Silas & Mary B. (Kinsey) Ellis] born February 26, 1864 Wilmington, Clinton, OH (IA); buried May 1, 1940 Mt. Hope Cemetery, Topeka KS.  Born to them were:

( GEORGE WASHINGTON ELLIS born May 4, 1890 OH and died September 30, 1944

( BENNIE J. ELLIS born January 10, 1892 NE and died October 21, 1918 Topeka, Shawnee, KS; buried there Mount Hope Cemetery (Photo)

( RAYMOND Z. ELLIS born December 1, 1893 Hall Co NE and died June 13, 1914 Portland OR; buried Mount Hope Cemetery, Topeka, Shawnee, KS

( SILAS LEROY ELLIS born March 4, 1896 Grand Island, Hall, NE and died June 7, 1962 Buhler, Reno, KS; buried Mount Hope Cemetery, Topeka KS; married c1920 Gertude M. McWhinney [dau of Samuel & Pauline (Laclair) McWhinney] born November 4, 1887 Lyndon, Osage, KS and died July 4, 1944, Topeka KS.  Born to them was:

( DOROTHY PAULINE ELLIS born March 2, 1920 Topeka, Shawnee, KS and died April 19, 1992 Hutchinson, Reno, KS; buried Mt. Hope Cemetery, Shawnee KS; married January 23, 1943 at Topeka, Lawrence Vincent Burgess [son of Chester Adgate & Anna Mary (Mlynek) Burgess] born February 24, 1922, Barronett, Washburg, WI. Born to them were:

( BRADLEY LEO BURGESS born November 12, 1944 Topeka, Shawnee, KS; married January 27, 1968 at Hinckley, Yorkshire, England, Suzanne Margaret Davies

( DUDLEY OWEN BURGESS born January 22, 1947 LaCrosse WI; married December 29, 1967 at Hutchinson KS,  Karen Kay Poulton [dau of Edward Wellsley & Elizabeth Doris (Morris) Poulton] born June 5, 1948 Hutchinson KS. They reside in Hutchinson KS. [Karen is the provided of the information for this ‘twig’ of the family - thanks Karen!] Born to them was:

( DARIN OWEN BURGESS born April 26, 1968 Hutchinson, Reno, KS ( PAMELA JANE BURGESS born May 5, 1950 Hutchinson, Reno, KS; married April 25, 1969 at Hutchinson, Charles Henry Wheeler

( WATSON D. ELLIS born July 8, 1898 Clifton, Washington, KS and died June 13, 1957 Topeka KS; married 1918 Hazel M. Black [dau of George & Florence Etta (Mariner) Black] born October 6, 1900 Beatrice NE and died October 20, 1981 Topeka KS; both buried there and they had 1 child


Born to George and his second wife, Francis, were:

( BERT L. CADMAN born December 25, 1882 and died October 31, 1898

( LEONARD D. CADMAN born February 20, 1885 and died December 7, 1918

( SETH C. CADMAN born March 9, 1889 and died January 1964

( BENSON CADMAN born May 26, 1852 Saratoga Co NY and died April 25, 1911

( ALMIRA CADMAN born August 28, 1860 and died February 25, 1866

( DELIA FERRIS married John Dowen and born to them were:



( JOHN THOMAS DOWEN born December 10, 1874; married, lady’s name unk but born to them were:




( WILLIAM DOWEN married lady’s name unk but born to them was:

( EDWARD C. DOWEN born July 10, 1907; married lady’s name unk but born to them was:


( HARRIET FERRIS born November 2, 1819; married Nathaniel Hendrick; resided in Colorado. After Harriet’s death, Nathaniel married widow Sarah (Pettit) Ferris, his sister-in-law.  Born to Harriet and Nathaniel was:


( ALMIRA FERRIS born September 14, 1822; married Daniel Hendrick and born to them were:

( LUCINDA HENDRICK married Perry Darling


( CLARE HENDRICK married Wallace Brown

( JOSEPHINE HENDRICK born April 29, 1849

( OLIVE FERRIS born February 25, 1828 Saratoga Springs, Saratoga, NY and died there June 12, 1904; buried there Maplewood Cemetery; married November 1844/45 in Saratoga Springs, Seth Deuel (Dewell) (LDS lists him as Seth B Deuel) [son of Gideon & Mary (Whittmore) Deuel] born July 28, 1824 (1826) Saratoga Springs and died there July 26, 1895; (1860 census lists them as Duel); carpenter; Civil War Vet with Company I, 77th Regiment; resided Saratoga Springs; his mother is also buried at Greenridge; and born to them were:

( GEORGE W DUEL (George E) born 1846 Saratoga Springs NY

( EDWARD A DUEL born 1849 Saratoga Springs NY and died after 1919; married c1894 Mary E Stowe – 2d marriage for him?; and born to him and his 1st wife was:

( HAROLD F DEUEL born March 1, 1895 Saratoga Springs NY and was killed there November 26, 1919, fatally injuried in an explosion at the engine company where he worked; married c1915 Alma R Ernst [dau of Joseph F] born 1892 Saratoga Springs and died 1976; both buried Greenridge Cemetery, Saratoga Springs, Saratoga, NY; and born to them was:

( JOSEPH EDWARD DEUEL born 1917 Saratoga Springs NY and died 1997; married 1953 Mary Margaret Hart (1925-1971); both buried Greenridge Cemetery, Saratoga Springs, Saratoga, NY; and born to them were:

( JOSEPH E DEUEL (1955-)



( EDMUND DEUEL born c1897 Saratoga Springs NY

( HELEN DEUEL born c1899 Saratoga Springs NY

( JOSPEHINE DUEL born 1851 Saratoga Springs NY

( MARY JANE DEUEL/DUEL (Mary June) (listed as Jennie in the 1880 census) born February 12, 1854 Saratoga Springs NY and died after 1930 Albany NY; married April 19, 1871 (April 10, 1870) James Albert Waldron [son of George Washington & Florence Adelia (Burns) Waldron] born September 25, 1851 Sharburne NY and died before 1910 Albany NY; [one source has Mary Jane’s name as Denel, aka Mary Jane Daniel – not sure where this came from] [same source has James’ parents as Eberneser B & Lavina R (Benton) Waldron (See Note as beginning of chapter)]; James was a printer; Ebenezer Waldron is listed as father, 69y, blacksmith, and living with James and Jennie in the 1880 census, so it appears that Ebenezer was James’ father; and born to them were:

( LAMONTE RAYMOND WALDRON born October 18, 1871 Saratoga Springs NY; married March 12, 1891 in Ballston Spa NY, Nellie Swartwout [dau of Merritt D. & Emily (Tyler) Swartwout] born March 12, 1872; and born to them were:

( NINA WALDRON born April 26, 1892

( LAWRENCE WALDRON born September 28, 1898

( OLIVE LAVINIA WALDRON born June 17, 1874 NY; married 1st August 24, 1891 in Troy NY, James L. Carlisle; married 2d George F Door; 3d Leland B Warner; and born to Olive and James was:

( CECIL MILLER CARLISLE born August 1, 1892 NY

( GEORGE ALBERT WALDRON born December 26, 1879 Albany NY (Saratoga Springs NY)

( OLIVE ANN DUEL born c1855 Saratoga Springs NY; married c1875 John O’Rourke born 1850 Saratoga Co NY

( SETH W DUEL born 1858 Saratoga Springs NY

( LINCOLN DEUEL (cemetery records list him as A. Lincoln Deuel) born 1861 Saratoga Springs NY and died there January 7, 1913; painter; married c1885 Carolyn L White born 1867 Saratoga Springs and died January 16, 1916; both buried Maplewood Cemetery, Saratoga Co; and born to them were:

( GEORGE W DEUEL born October 19, 1889 Saratoga Springs NY

( ROBERT DEUEL born June 28, 1891 Saratoga Springs NY

( EVELYN DEUEL born February 5, 1894 Saratoga Springs NY; buried Greenridge Cemetery

( SETH B DEUEL born July 1, 1895 Saratoga Springs NY and died there January 1, 1897; buried there Greenridge Cemetery

( LEWIS EDWARD DEUEL born December 24, 1896 Saratoga Springs NY and died there August 6, 1897; buried there Greenridge Cemetery

( CAROLYN A DEUEL (Carrie) born c1863 Saratoga Springs NY; dressmaker 1902 Saratoga Springs; still residing there 1928-29

( LOUIS E DEUEL (c1870-)

( MARY JANE FERRIS born March 1, 1829 and died December 1, 1913; married 1st Jasper Smith born February 25, 1830; and 2d November 29, 1894, widower James Madison Gailor. Born to Mary and Jasper were:


( FLORENCE SMITH married 1st Mr. Mimor; 2d Mr. William. Born to Florence and Mr. William was:

( GRACE WILLIAM married a Mr. Smith

( ANNIS E. FERRIS born August 1, 1834 and died May 1, 1896 (1895); married August 31, 1851 Henry Davis Benson [son of Joshua & Amanda (Hopkins) Benson] born February 2 (26), 1820 and died October 26, 1895 Clinton, Clinton, IA. For nearly 25 years, Henry was employed at the repair shop of C&NW Railroad at Clinton IA. Born to them were:

( FLORENCE AGATHA BENSON born May 15, 1853; married 1873 Charles L. Davis born November 9, 1839

( ALICE A. BENSON born November 5, 1854 Teed’s Grove, Clinton IA; married William Jasper Tarr born April 5, 1857 Jackson County IA; and born to them were:

( RALPH TARR married Ruth French born December 6, 1906 Clearlake IA and they had 1 child






( BYRON A. BENSON born April 14, 1857; married October 7, 1885 Nellie A. Pfeil – he was employed by the C&NW Railroad Clinton IA

( ANNIS A. BENSON born October 6, 1859; married October 6, 1885 Olin L. Deming [son of Charles William & Sabrina Gibbs (Chamberlain) Deming] born September 4, 1860 Lydon IL – Annis resided in North Yonkers NY 1915. Born to them were:

( ROBERT OLIN DEMING born March 8, 1888 Chicago IL

( ROSCOE CONKLIN DEMING born June 29, 1890 Chicago IL

( EDNA DEMING born January 26, 1892 Chicago IL

( LEROY DEMING born July 1, 1893 Chicago IL

( ANNIS E. DEMING born June 24, 1895 Chicago IL

( GERTRUDE M DEMING born September 29, 1897 Chicago IL; married Reginald F Wocher, Cornell 1922, CE; resided in Yonkers NY

( ROBERT HENRY BENSON born December 17, 1862; married Jessie Leake and born to them was:

( GEORGE F. BENSON born February 15, 1894 and died October 25, 1895

( EMMA E. BENSON born April 17, 1864

( FESTUS ELUCIUS BENSON born June 25, 1870 - mechanic in Clinton IA – married June 27, 1894 Odie Hefly and born to them were:
( ELSIE IRENE BENSON born March 30, 1895

( GLADYS M. BENSON born July 24, 1896 and died October 24, 1896

( ORRIN WAYNE BENSON born November 13, 1897

( LYMAN F. BENSON born November 11, 1899

( JAMES BYRON BENSON born December 23, 1904

( MAYNARD H. BENSON born May 1, 1906

( VIRTUS M. BENSON born April 22, 1908

( GEORGE WASHINGTON FERRIS born March 27, 1833 and died May 30, 1894, Clinton IA; apparently left a considerable estate; 1880 Clinton County IA census, he was listed as a railroad conductor; married Sarah Pettit [dau of Jessie Pettit of England] born July 12, 1836 and born to them was:

( CHARLES FERRIS born 1857 and died February 17, 1862

( NANCY MARIE FERRIS born November 16/26, 1839 Lowville, Lewis, NY and died December 28, 1922 Des Moines, Polk, IA; married March 4, 1855 in NY, Robert E. Cook [son of Robert & Catharine] born May 3, 1837 Lowville, Lewis, NY and died April 29, 1908 Siloam Springs AR; both buried Urbana IA; and born to them were:

( JASPER SMITH COOK born February 11, 1857 Saratoga Co NY; either a duplicated entry or he died young because a brother received the same name

( CHARLES WESLEY COOK born November 16, 1859 Teeds Grove (Clinton Co) IA and died April 7, 1940 Platte, Charles Mix, SD; married January 25, 1881/82 at Urbana IA, Hettie Emiline Cross [dau of Jacob & Upha (Fogey) Cross] born June 24, 1861 Brownstown, Jackson, IN and died October 2, 1947 Platte SD; both buried there Platte City Cemetery; and born to them were:

( JASPER CHARLES COOK born May 10, 1884 Urbana, Benton, IA and died August 29, 1966

( ELMER ROBERT COOK born June 12, 1886 Urbana IA and died April 2, 1960

( RALPH JACOB COOK born November 27, 1887 Urbana IA and died November 17, 1965; married Ida Kilbornne

( HORACE EMEL COOK born November 5, 1893 Urbana IA and died September 26, 1980

( LEOTA MAE COOK born February 5, 1895 Urbana IA

( WILLIAM EDWIN COOK born November 16, 1861 Teeds Grove (Clinton Co) IA and died April 3, 1936 Urbana IA; married January 5/25, 1885 at Urbana, (Mattie) Martha Eaton

( EMMET ROBERT COOK born August 31, 1863 Teeds Grove (Clinton Co) IA and died January 25, 1953 Atlanta GA; married April 16, 1887 Celia Haines

( MARY ALEMIA COOK born October 11, 1865 Clinton IA and died in infancy

( JOHN GRANT COOK born December 2, 1866; married 1st January 1, 1888 Nettie Keltz/Kelty; 2d Edith {maiden name unk}

( FLORA MAY COOK born April 20, 1869 Teeds Grove (Clinton Co) IA; married December 4, 1890 Dr. James C. Smith

( JASPER SMITH COOK born January 20, 1871 Teeds Grove (Clinton Co) IA and died January 8, 1875 Clinton IA

( MINNIE S. COOK born January 20, 1871 Urbana IA (Minnie Lena Cook born January

20, 1877) and died August 26, 1940 Siloam Springs AR; married June 27, 1897 (July 24, 1897 Urbana IA) Harley Kewley (1876-1940); both buried Siloam Springs AR

( SADIE OMELIA COOK born March 8, 1876/78; married October 18, 1902 in Urbana IA, Milton Peaco

( WILLIAM FERRIS born 1795 Washington Hollow, Dutchess Co NY and died 1879; buried Saratoga Springs NY; unmarried

( A DAUGHTER FERRIS died in infancy

( THEODOSIA FERRIS born February 8, 1800 and died April 24, 1854 Balliston Spa NY; married April 24, 1829 Elisha Carpenter [a carpenter] born 1805 and died April 2, 1854 Ballston Spa NY.  Born to them were:

( MARY ANN CARPENTER born February 25, 1830 and died November 20, 1910 Saratoga Springs NY; married Samuel Carpenter who was killed during the Civil War; and born to them were three sons; the first two unnamed ones died young and the other was:

( THOMAS PINKNEY MIDDLETON CARPENTER born September 8, 1856 and died June 2, 1933; married Ida Gertrude Perkins born February 1862 Cambridge MA and died October 10, 1903 Saratoga Springs NY. Born to them were:

( CHARLES CARPENTER born April 7, 1880 and died May 14, 1881

( ALEXANDER CARPENTER born and died August, 1881

( FREDERICK THOMAS CARPENTER born September 25, 1882; married 1921 Ann Lewis born 1887 England and born to them were:

( FREDERICK THOMAS MIDDLETON CARPENTER born August 11, 1927; married March 6, 1946 Gertrude Suttle and born to them were:

( FREDERICK THOMAS CARPENTER born January 21, 1947

( LINDA JEAN CARPENTER born October 25, 1948


( JOHN LEWIS CARPENTER born July 3, 1924; unmarried

( CHARLES ALEXANDER CARPENTER born November 23, 1926; married Catherine B. Wren and born to them were:


( DENNIS JAMES CARPENTER born August 5, 1952

( ELIZABETH ANN CARPENTER born April 26, 1929; married May 15, 1949 Richard Allen and born to them was:

( STEVEN RICHARD ALLEN born August 6, 1951

( RICHARD CARPENTER born September 17, 1926

( AMERIAH CARPENTER born 1832 and died after 1890; unmarried

( GEORGE WASHINGTON CARPENTER born August 4, 1834 and died April 18, 1916 Utica NY; married widow Margaret (Hall) Sigby born February 28, 1822 and died May 1, 1885 Saratoga Springs NY; and born to them were:

( EMMA CARPENTER born 1862 and died May 2, 1889; married September 3, 1879 Azariah William Mosher born 1848 and died June 4, 1909 Hudson Falls NY.  Born to them was:

( WILLIAM MOSHER who died young

( JOHN H. CARPENTER born July 3, 1863 and died June 17, 1932; married April 14, 1896 Rhoda Janette Thomas born March 29, 1863 and died August 1, 1939. Born to them was:

( WALTER JOHN CARPENTER born April 13, 1897; married July 3, 1919 Edna Ladd and born to them were:


( ALICE JEAN CARPENTER born November 23, 1926


( AMANDA ADALINE CARPENTER born 1841 and died August 1, 1890; married Adreal Moore

( A SON CARPENTER died young

( ORSAMUS FERRIS (Photo) born April 25, 1803 Providence, Saratoga, NY and died April 5, 1881 Fairfax Co VA; went with his brother, Caleb, to Virginia and opened a brickyard; married 1836 Caroline McPherson born November 17, 1817.  One source claims he had a second wife and sired a total of 22 children; in the 1880 census he is married to Caroline and they are living in Clarksburg, Montgomery, MD. Is it possible that Caroline was his 2d wife considering he was 33y when he married her?  Born to Orsamus and presumably, Caroline, were:

( EMMA FERRIS (1837-) married Minor Thompson (1832-1907), a Mosby Ranger; Minor and Emma bought a house and lot in Fairfax City VA, 1857 and sold it in 1866 that has been restored by the Pappas Family (2007) – wwwhistoricfairfax.org/HFCI123.pdf

( MARY ELIZABETH FERRIS born October 18, 1838 and died July 15, 1924 Butte, Silver Bow, MT; married three times: 1st Wilber Clark; 2d Elmer White; and 3d Lemuel Carter

( ELIZA MATILDA FERRIS (Photo) (1840-) married James Bowen; and born to them was:

( BETTY BOWEN (Photo) married a Mr. Trout

( CAROLINE FERRIS (Carey) (Photos) (1842-) married Dr. Slick [Jim - I don’t know if I would go to a Doctor named Slick. :-}]

( ORSAMUS FERRIS, JR., (1844-1847)



( LAURA LOUISA FERRIS (1851-) married Arthur Thompson (nephew of Minor above), a successful carpenter builder in Fairfax City VA

( CHARLES ALBERT FERRIS (Photo) born August 20, 1852 and died November 5, 1935 at the Soldier’s Home, Washington DC.; married 1st Ada Cornelia Davey (Wall) and 2d Florida Thompson. From an obituary, Forsyth, Rosebud County, Montana, July 5, 1924: It was a shock to the people of Forsyth and vicinity to learn last Friday morning of the death of Mrs. Charles A. Ferris, at the ranch home on lower Armells valley. Following an operation at the Miles City hospital, two months ago she was removed to her home and her condition was thought to be improving, but a turn for the worse was taken and her death came as a surprise. She suffered from cancer of the stomach for nearly five years, but was never considered serious until last fall, preceding the operation. All that could be done, was done, promptly, and cheerfully, but to no avail, and the end came peacefully, ending many days of agony for her and mental suffering for her family and friends. Ada Davey born May 6, 1861, near Utica NY and grew to young womanhood at that place. She was united in marriage to Charles Ferris December 27, 1894 and they lived on the ranch, when death overcame her Friday, May 30, 1924 at age 63 years and 24 days. She was a good woman and her loss is reflected through the entire community. Many are those who loved her - deeply and sincerely - and her passing will be keenly felt. To her grief-stricken family, her vacant chair can never be occupied. Miss Davey was the daughter of a civil war veteran and married a veteran of the Indian wars, as Mr. Ferris came west nearly 60 year ago, and saw considerable army service on the frontier. Besides her husband, Mrs. Ferris is survived by three children: Mary - Mrs. Raymond Williams, of Elk, Washington; Kenneth and Alice at home. Interment was made in the Forsyth cemetery (Photo);

Born to Charles and Ada were:

( MARY FERRIS married Raymond Williams



( JAMES TITUS C. FERRIS born September 18, 1854 and died 1928


( ALICE VIRGINIA FERRIS born September 8, 1858 Fairfax Co VA and died there 1926; married April 11, 1878 David (Daniel) Thompson [son of John Allison & Julia A. (Kidwell) Thompson] born in August 1849 Fairfax Co VA and died there August 31, 1929 (or October 29, 1929); and born to them were:

( JULIAN DALTON THOMPSON born October 15, 1878 Fairfax Co VA and died there January 29, 1936; married April 30, 1901 Ester M Wells [dau of James A. & Mildred H.] born March 27, 1884 Fairfax Co and died January 8, 1958 Herndon VA; and born to them were:



( BERTRAM MAYFIELD THOMPSON born June 3, 1880 Fairfax Co VA and died November 17, 1923; married, presumably, 1st, January 13, 1904, Ella E. Shimmel (1882-); married, presumably, 2d, Mamie Croson (they were married in the 1920 census); and born to him and Ella were:



            Born to Bertram and his 2d wife, Mamie, were:

( VIRGINIA THOMPSON – wonder if this is Florida V as per the 1920 census – she was 4y

( DOROTHY THOMPSON (twin) – apparently died prior to 1920 census, not listed

( DONALD THOMPSON (twin) – apparently died prior to 1920 census, not listed

( MILDRED REBECCA THOMPSON – 1y old in 1920 census

( CLYDE ELTON THOMPSON (twin) born February 1884

( CARL ALTON THOMPSON (twin) born February 1884

( ELDRED ALBERTUS THOMPSON born August 28, 1886

( LESLIE LEROY THOMPSON born April 6, 1889


( ENOLA FERRIS (Photos) born April 17, 1863 Saratoga Springs NY and died October 29, 1948; buried with her husband at the Chestnut Grove Cemetery, Herndon, Fairfax, VA (Photo). [One source has Enola’s middle name as Kathleen, but family says it was Jane, so no Kathleen].  Enola was born premature and only weighed a few pounds at birth. Her family carried her around on a pillow because she was so fragile. Enola was the youngest of 14 kids, and was spoiled by all. They say that is why she was so spoiled and demanding all her life! She married, circa 1881/82, John Andrew Herrell born May 28, 1851 and died August 11, 1895, of blood poisoning when gangrene set in after a severe leg injury; he was directing someone backing up farm equipment, when his leg was injured by a grass cutting blade; buried Herndon VA.  Enola’s obituary reads as follows: Funeral services for Mrs. Enola Kendall Herrell, 85, who died Friday at her home, 1854 Ingleside Terrace NW, will be held at 1 p.m. Monday at the S.H. Hines funeral home, 2901 14th St, NW. Burial will be in Herndon VA. Mrs. Herrell had been in ill health since she suffered a shoulder injury in a fall in her home five months ago. She was a native of Saratoga Springs NY but moved to Fairfax County VA, in her childhood. For many years her father, Orsanas Ferris, operated a brickyard at Fairfax Courthouse. Mrs. Herrell’s husband, John A. Herrell, a farmer, near Herndon VA, died about 54 years ago; Mrs. Herrell had been a resident of the District for about 40 years and had lived about 32 years at the Ingleside Terrace address. She was a member of the Calvary Methodist Church. She is survived by two children, Mrs. Lillian A. Morris and Charles Harvey Herrell, both of Washington; five grandchildren and four great-grandchildren. Born to them were:

( CHARLES HARVEY HERRELL (Photos) born November 23, 1883; married 1908 Myrtle {maiden name unk} and born to them was:


( LILLIAN ARLEY HERRELL (Photos) born December 8, 1885 Howard Co MD - 9 years old when her father died and died January 21, 1978; buried with her husband at the Chestnut Grove Cemetery, Herndon, Fairfax, VA.  Because of hard times after her father’s death, she was doing domestic work by the age of 13; eventually she started waitressing. She became a very independent young woman for her time. One day on the way to the bank, a man told her that if she would put 50 cents in a savings account each week, one day she would have quite a nice little nest egg. She thought about this, and it made sense to her, so she put this plan into action. She worked as a waitress in several restaurants in Washington, D.C., helping to support her mother. They were living together in various parts of the city in rooming houses according to the old city directories. Sometime in her late 20's, she had the opportunity to purchase a restaurant of her own, and she did. She married, 1916, when she was 30 years old, Chester William Morris born April 21, 1917 and is still living in 2000.  He was originally from Pennsylvania and came to DC to be the superintendent of the Washington Branch of the Autocar and Truck Company. After they married Enola sold the restaurant and began to raise a family. When Will married Lillian, he also got a live-in mother-in-law - Enola lived with them until she died. Born to them were:

( CHESTER WILLIAM MORRIS born April 21, 1917 Washington, D.C. and is still living -2000; married Viola Vruman and born to them were:



( HAZEL E. MORRIS born April 30, 1919 Washington, D.C., and died September 12, 1920; buried Chestnut Grove Cemetery, Herndon, Fairfax, VA

( KARLTON FRANCIS MORRIS (Photo) born November 23, 1921 Washington, D.C. and died December 28, 2005; real estate broker, Champion Realty, Karlton F Morris & Associates Realtors, Arnold MD (Annapolis MD); married Louise Alberta Woodfield and born to them were:

( KARLTON FRANCIS MORRIS, Jr., born November 29, 1950

( WILLIAM ALBERT MORRIS born December 20, 1951

( RICHARD HENRY MORRIS born November 14, 1955

( MADGE EARNESTINE MORRIS born August 19, 1923 Washington, D.C. and is still living – 2000; married Fred Johansen and born to them were:





( MYRTLE ADELL MORRIS born March 4, 1926 Washington, D.C., and is still living -2000; married August 19, 1944 in Washington, D.C., Bedford Forrest Witherspoon, Jr., born April 7, 1924 Madison Co TN and is still living - 2000. Born to them were:

( CAROLYN ADELL WITHERSPOON born January 21, 1947; married Hugo L. Black - - Carolyn is the provider of the updated information and wonderful photographs for this twig - thanks Carolyn!

( BEDFORD FORREST WITHERSPOON III born August 21, 1949; married Doris L. Hayes

( BONNIE IRENE WITHERSPOON born February 28, 1952; married Michael E. Drayer

( SILAS DEUEL FERRIS born 1805 Washington Hollow, Dutchess, NY and died January 10, 1881; unmarried

( A SON FERRIS unmarried, 1840 and living with his brother, William

( SUSANNAH FERRIS married November 25, 1801 James Derbyshire [son of Benjamin and Abigail, of Stillwater, Saratoga Co]

( HANNAH FERRIS (SOV9-7X) (possible) born c1737; married Samuel Haight born April 20, 1730 and died November 1809; was of Washington Precinct, Dutchess, NY  

(3.1.10) HANNAH FERRIS (8RLL-9Q) born 1713/14 probably at Greenwich; married March 27, 1740 at Stamford, John Smith; and born to them were:

( HANNAH SMITH born December 29, 1740 Stamford CT

( SARAH SMITH born October 16, 1741 Stamford CT

( JOHN SMITH born January 17, 1742/43 Stamford CT

( RHODA SMITH born January 30, 1744/45 Stamford CT

( JABEZ SMITH born April 17, 1747 Stamford CT; baptized May 30, 1747

( JAMES SMITH born October 13, 1749 Stamford CT; baptized November 12, 1749; and died June 7, 1818; served as a Private between 1776-77; married September 14, 1780 Hannah Lockwood born 1754 and died August 20, 1811; and born to them was:

( JAMES SMITH (1786-)

( JOHN SMITH born November 5, 1787 and died December 7, 1872

( ABIGAIL SMITH born January 3, 1753 Stamford CT; baptized February 11, 1753

( ISAAC SMITH born May 9, 1756 Stamford CT; baptized June 6, 1756; and died July 4, 1829 Greenwich CT; served as a Private between 1777-80; married 1st c1777 Jemima Studwell [dau of Thomas] died 1820; married 2d November 23, 1822 Mary Marshall (1775-); and born to  him and Jemima were:

( FANNY SMITH born March 24, 1777





( ESTHER SMITH born November 22, 1758 Stamford; baptized December 31, 1758


(3.2) PETER FERRIS (8RLK-HM) born November 6/8, (September 6) (June 20) 1660,  Stamford (Greenwich?) and died, unmarried, at Greenwich, January 23/31,1690. {There is contention he married, December 12, 1686, Mary, maiden name unknown.}


(3.3) JAMES FERRIS [Jr.,] (8RLK-JS) born c1662/63 Stamford (Greenwich?) and died in July 1727, Greenwich.  He was not a voter on the 1688 list, which might indicate his birth date was as late as 1667/68. On land deeds, he was referred to as James, Jr.  James married, circa 1705/14/16, at Greenwich, widow Rachel (Brown) Mead, widow of Nathaniel Mead. [There is a question if James’s marriage to Rachel was his first marriage, considering he would have been 52-54 years old when he is purported to wed.] [also cannot verify that Rachel’s maiden name was Brown]. They resided in Greenwich and were Congregationalists. Born to them were (and possibly others):

(3.3.1) ELIZABETH FERRIS born December 1, 1716 Greenwich; married Silas Selleck [son of Nathaniel and Sarah (Sands) Selleck] born June 1715 Stamford CT and died 1772; and born to them were:

( SILAS SELLECK, JR., born October 29, 1740

( SARAH SELLECK born April19, 1741 Stamford CT

( HANNAH SELLECK born July 1, 1750

( GOLD JOHN SELLECK (Gould John) born August 4, 1752 and died February 5, 1812; married Elizabeth Miller born March 6, 1755 and died December 9, 1847; and born to them were:

( SILAS SELLECK born February 11, 1775 and died April 6, 1830; married Azubah Cole [dau of Ebenezer & Mary (Ogden) Cole] born June 26, 1777 Philipstown NY and died October 2, 1853. Born to them were:

( WILLIAM C. SELLECK born 1800 (October 7, 1801) and died March 15, 1848 Putnam Valley, Putnam, NY; 1834 donated a ¼ acre of land to the Trustees of the Methodist Episcopal Church, Craft’s Corners for a church; married Susan Smith born July 30, 1804 and died July 2, 1882; both buried Selleck Cemetery, Craft Corners, Putnam Co NY; and born to them were:

( WILLIAM SELLECK born May 3, 1828 Putnam Valley, Putnam, NY and died there the next day; buried there Selleck Cemetery

( MARY J. SELLECK born October 6, 1834 Putnam Valley, Putnam, NY and died there July 15, 1909; buried there Selleck Cemetery

( WILLIAM C. SELLECK born April 7, 1837 Putnam Valley, Putnam, NY and died there April 3, 1895; buried there Selleck Cemetery

( JOHN W SELLECK born January 19, 1838 Putnam Valley, Putnam, NY and died there April 6, 1843; buried there Selleck Cemetery

( ELIZABETH SELLECK born May 9, 1840 and died May 30, 1840; buried Selleck Cemetery, Craft Corners, Putnam Co NY

( JAMES EMORY SELLECK born December 15, 1840 Putnam Valley, Putnam, NY and died March 13, 1920 Craft Corners, Putnam, NY; married 1st Eva Amelia Barker (1843-1873); married 2d June 25, 1876 Susan M. Croft born March 22, 1855 and died January 21, 1902; all buried Selleck Cemetery, Craft Corners; and born to him and Eva were:

( MARY L SELLECK (1863-1871) buried Selleck Cemetery, Craft Corners, Putnam, NY

( JESSE SELLECK (1867-1871) buried Selleck Cemetery, Craft Corners, Putnam, NY

            Born to James and his 2d wife, Susan, were;



( EBENEZER SELLECK born October 18, 1847 and died November 14, 1854; buried Selleck Cemetery, Craft Corners, Putnam, NY

( ALLANSON SELLECK (Rev.) (changed his name to Alonzo Farrington Selleck) born January 4, 1806 NYC and died August 28, 1889 Brooklyn, Kings, NY; married November 24, 1827 Clarissa Seaman born April 1, 1808 and died April 30, 1893; both buried Selleck Cemetery, Putnam, NY.

Alonzo went to New York as a young man, and became a member of the Willett Street Methodist Episcopal Church in New York. He removed to Poughkeepsie and in 1828 to Hyde Park on the Hudson. He was one of the organizers of the Methodist Church there in 1833. In 1834 he was received on trial in the New Methodist Conference and appointed to the Cortland Circuit, New York under the Reverend David Holmes as his colleague. His home was then in Carmel, Putnam County, New York. Alonzo was a Methodist Epicopalian Minister who served the towns of Somers [1834, 1835] of the Bedford Circuit. At the conference in 1835 he was appointed as Senior Preacher to the Beford Circuit, located mostly in Westchester County. He rented part of a house on what was named Mt. Pisgah in the Town of North Castle. In 1836 he was admitted to the Conference and ordained Deacon and returned in charge of the Bedford Circuit. He lived this year in Cross River, Westchester County, New York. At the 1837 Conference he was appointed to the New Milford Circuit in Connecticut and settled in Pleasant Valley, four miles south of New Milford Center. He served Gaylordsville [of the New Milford area, 1837,1838]. At the Conference of 1838 he was ordained Elder and re-appointed to the New Milford Circuit. In 1839-1840 he was appointed to the Johnsville Circuit in Dutchess County, New York; in 1841-1842 to the Amenia Circuit, Dutchess County; in 1841-1842 Pleasantville Church; in 1845-1846 to the Cortland Circuit, residing in North Salem. He also served North Castle [1845] in Westchester County, New York. In 1847 to Fishkill West; in 1849-1850 to Cold Spring where they were found to be living for the year 1850; 1851 to the Catskill Circuit; 1852-1853 he was at Saugerties, New York on the west bank of the Hudson; 1854 at Delhi, County Seat of Delaware County; 1856-1857 at Coeyman's Hollow, New York; 1862 at West Camp and Asbury, New York, and bought about three acres of land there; 1864 he obtained a superannuated relation; 1877 he moved to 170 St. James Place, Brooklyn, New York and became Assistant Pastor of the Summerfield Methodist Epicopal Church in Brooklyn.

Born to them were:


( ANN M SELLECK born 1829 NY

( JULIA F SELLECK born 1831 NY

( JOSEPH C SELLECK born April/August 23, 1811 and died February 27, 1902; buried Galesburg, Knox, IL; married December 25, 1832 Mary Ann Horton [dau of John & Ann (Steele) Horton] born November 29, 1810 and died July 4, 1893. Born to them were:

( EBINEZER/EBENEZER C. SELLECK born September 4, 1833 and died February 4, 1912; buried Sandwich, DeKalb, IL

( ANNA A. SELLECK (AZUBAH) born February 18, 1835 and died September 5, 1909; married April 24, 1862 in Warren Co IL, Charles Waste born February 15, 1830 and died February 9, 1905; buried Galesburg, Knox, IL; and born to them were:

( CLARA WASTE born September 1, 1865 and died April 11, 1946; married Chrles Bourne

( EMILY WASTE born February 19, 1869 and died March 4, 1930

( FRANK WASTE born January 31, 1873 and died September 28, 1936

( SON SELLECK born and died April 17, 1836 Craft Corners, Putnam Co NY

( MARY C SELLECK born October 27, 1837 and died January 29, 1842; buried Craft Corners, Putnam Co NY

( GEORGE H. SELLECK born February 14, 1840 and died January 13, 1912; married March 27, 1867 Mary J. Beale born  May 20, 1844 and died January 18, 1912; both buried Hillside Cemetery, Peekskill, Westchester, NY

( CHARLES F. SELLECK born January 24, 1842 and died March 12, 1931; married June 20, 1874 in Knox Co IL, (Abby) Abigale Amelia Vance [dau of William & Julia (Nickerson) Vance] born July 23, 1847 and died October 14, 1879; and born to them were:

( MABEL EVELYNE SELLECK born August 11, 1877 and died June 27, 1959; married June 29, 1899 in Knox Co IL, Edward E. Hyde born January 19, 1876 Galesburg, Knox, IL and died 1913; he graduated Knox College 1896, B.A., M.D. from U of Illinois 1900; physician and assistant editor Journal of American Medical Association, Chicago; and born to them were:

( DOROTHY E HYDE born June 17, 1902

( MARY K. HYDE born November 26, 1912; married Bill Heidner born August 7, 1910; and born to them was:

( JOHN HEIDNER born May 6, 1934

( ELEANOR JULIA SELLECK (Nellie) born January 21, 1879 and died January 29, 1953; married Emerson Clark Hall [son of William Cephus & Hattie (Bennett) Hall] born March 13, 1875 and died November 28, 1960; and born to them were:

( LUCILLE MARGARET HALL born July 2, 1898 and died December 26, 1999; married John Wesley Stevens born May 25, 1899 and died November 4, 1981; and born to them were:

( LAVERNE WESLEY STEVENS born January 17, 1920; married Evelyn May Haines born February 23, 1920

( DUANE L. STEVENS born 1925 and died July 5, 1927

( DELORES MARGARET STEVENS born August 5, 1929; married Ralph Arthur McDowell born January 31, 1923 and died June 30, 1996

( PERCY RAY HALL born November 11, 1902 and died March 15, 1961; married Hazel V. {maiden name unk}; and born to them were:

( BEVERLY HALL married a Mr. Mernin


( DON D. HALL born May 14, 1910 and died  November 18, 1969; married 1st Helen {maiden name unk}; married 2d Evelyn {maiden name unk}; and born to Don and Helen were:

( DONNA JEAN HALL born May 21, 1934

( PATTI HALL born September 3, 1937; married Robert Grayhowski

( MARJORIE LAVERNE HALL born July 28, 1912 and died July 28, 1998; married 1st  Harry Rhode born May 11, 1902 and died September 24, 1975; married 2d Hershey James born October 20, 1907 and died April 12, 1995; married 3d George Julius Blume born April 23, 1902 and died April 5, 1967 [son of Ottonius A. & Clara B. (Bogner) Blume] – marriage sequence correct? – and born to her and George was:

( DONALD ALLAN BLUME born April 14, 1932; married 1st Barbara Rae Seely [dau of Benson Horace & Dorcas Elizabeth (Bohling) Seely] born March 4, 1937; married 2d Carol Christina Frick [dau of William Ezra & Elizabeth Wilhelmensa (Scholz) Frick born December 25, 1937. – Don is the provider of the updated information for this twig – thanks Don!!!

( EVERETT CHARLES HALL born March 28, 1916 and died May 8, 1984; married 1st Lois {maiden name unk}; married 2d Anita B. {maiden name unk}; and born to Everett and Lois were:

( BARBARA L. HALL born October 6, 1942; married a Mr. Hawkins

( SHARON K. HALL born January 8, 1944; married a Mr. Miller

( NANCY M. HALL (1947-) married a Mr. Chavez

( BONNIE S. HALL born May 7, 1949; married a Mr. Monzelowsky

( DORIS H. HALL born March 30 ** and died July 8, 1952; married 1st Frederick William Rauter born November 9, 1895 and died in October 1981; married 2d George Lauer. Born to Doris and Fred was:

( BARBARA MARIE RAUTER born April 18, 1944; married 1st Jerry Fisher; married 2d Danny Lee Hardman born December 29, 1950

            Born to Doris and her 2d husband, George Lauer, were:



( DORIAN HALL died July 5, 1927

( CYRUS GAY SELLECK born June 7, 1845 and died September 13, 1907; buried Galesburg, Knox, IL; married March 28, 1878 in Galesburg IL, Maria Gallup Brown [dau of Solomon & Harriet T (Chadsey) Brown] born January/June 20, 1847; and born to them were:

( MAMIE SELLECK born November 10, 1879 Galesburg, Knox, IL and died July 14, 1972 Los Angeles Co CA; 1902 graduate Knox College Conservatory; married October 1, 1902 Harry A Drake who died February 6, 1948 age 78y Los Angeles Co CA; he was a painting contractor; 1963 Mamie resided Pasadena CA

( ALBERT J. SELLECK born March 3, 1884 and died February 5, 1955; married Laura Beale/Strickler; and Mayme Malcom – sequence unk

( SON SELLECK born July 5, 1847 and died July 21, 1847; buried Craft Corners NY

( ANTOINETTE SELLECK born December 13, 1851 and died January 23, 1942; married November 28, 1889 in Knox Co IL, George T. Brown born March 22, 1852 and died January 23, 1941; and born to them was:

( MILDRED FLORENCE BROWN (Florence M Brown) born September 27, 1890 and died July 19, 1979; married Floyd D. Lent born March 15, 1894 and died August 15, 1935

( CHARLES G. SELLECK born November 7, 1814 and died March 23, 1903; they resided Putnam Valley, Putnam, NY; married January 28, 1837 Lucretia Cole [dau of Ebenezer & Elizabeth (Chapman) Cole] born June 3, 1819 and died June 28, 1894; and born to them were:

( ESTHER SELLECK born August 30, 1838

( LORANNA SELLECK born June 1, 1840; married Charles C Crowther

( ELIZABETH SELLECK born April 4, 1842; married Frank Carlton

( OPHELIA SELLECK born April 25, 1844; married Marcellus Emlitch

( EBENEZER SELLECK born April 24, 1850; married Emma D Austin



( MARY ANN SELLECK married May 25, 1842 Danbury CT John Whitlock born May 13, 1821; and born to them was:

( STURGES S WHITLOCK born January 28, 1844 Ridgefield CT and died October 24, 1914; married 1st October 16, 1867 in Derby CT, Mary Olive Singer [dau of Isaac] born October 1848 and died August 1898; married 2d June 2, 1902 Inez M Wakefield [dau of Charles Everett & Louise D (Wentworth) Wakefield]; and born to him and Mary were:

( CHARLES WHITLOCK born November 1868 and died June 6, 1869

( OLIVE VIOLETT WHITLOCK born c1870 New Haven CT; married Walter Randall and they had offspring

( MARY LILLIAN WHITLOCK born April 1872; married Alton Truman Terrell born October 1872; and born to them was:

( STURGES TERRELL born November 1900


( CLARK J SELLECK born c1784 and died December 28, 1806; married Anna {maiden name unk) born 1799 and died February 4, 1870; buried Bennett’s Farms Cemetery, Ridgfield CT; and born to them were:

( NATHAN S SELLECK born October 1824 and died March 2, 1825; buried Philipstown, Putnam, NY

( RUTH H SELLECK born December 1828 and died July 1, 1829; buried Philipstown NY

( NATHAN SELLECK born 1784 and died February 19, 1859; married 1st name unk (1796-1856); 2d Sarah M {maiden name unk} (1805-1892); all buried Shrubb Oak Cemetery, Yorktown NY

( ELIZABETH L. SELLECK born October 1787 and died December 27, 1811; buried Shrubb Oak Cemetery, Yorktown NY

( GOULD JOHN SELLECK died after 1823; married Phebe {maiden name unk} (1787-1860); both buried Shrub Oak Cemetery, Yorktown, Westchester, NY; and born to them were:

( ESTHER SELLECK (1813-1826) buried Shrubb Oak Cemetery, Yorktown NY

( MARY SELLECK born January 31, 1818 and died November 1, 1865; buried Shrubb Cemetery, Yorktown NY

( LEVENIA SELLECK (1820-1826) buried Shrubb Oak Cemetery, Yorktown NY

( JAMES WILEY SELLECK born November 18, 1821 Putnam Valley, Putnam, NY and died November 15, 1898; married 1843 Maria W Romer born November 19, 1823 and died November 23, 1904; both buried Hillside Cemetery, Peekskill, Westchester, NY; and born to them were:

( EMIGENA SELLECK born January 18, 1845 and died December 20, 1848; buried Hillside Cemetery, Peekskill NY

( WHELMER SELLECK born July 24, 1847 and died August 8, 1848; buried Hillside Cemetery, Peekskill NY

( JAMES WILEY SELLECK Jr born July 23, 1848 and died January 19, 1918; married Eleanor L Trotter born April 27, 1854 and died October 2, 1898; both buried Hillside Cemetery, Peekskill NY

( P POMER SELLECK born September 7, 1851 and died November 6, 1872; buried Hillside Cemetery, Peekskill NY


( SYLVANUS SELLECK born January 30, 1759 Stamford CT (Greenwich CT) and died May 5, 1844 Greenwich; married (Betsey) Elizabeth Lockwood born January 17, 1763 Greenwich. Born to them were:

( MARIA SELLECK born March 26, 1790 Greenwich CT and died there December 18, 1871; married c1823 Jeremiah Merritt born March 23, 1789 and died October 9, 1834 Greenwich; both buried there King’s St. Yard, Glenville; and born to them were (all born in Greenwich):







( SYLVANUS SELLECK Jr born between 1791-94 Greenwich CT; married December 17, 1809 in Greenwich, Demaris Palmer; and born to them were:

( ABBY JANE SELLECK born November 22, 1811 and died February 25, 1842; married Joseph E Page born June 22, 1812 Greenwich and died October 23, 1900; both buried Christ Episcopal Cemetery, Greenwich

( RALPH SELLECK born March 11, 1795 Greenwich CT and died September 13, 1841; buried First Presbyterian Church Cemetery, White Plains, Westchester, NY (Photo); married Nancy Horton born November 6, 1800 and died June 7, 1855

( ABIGAIL SELLECK (Abby) born c1796-1800 Greenwich CT; married Nathaniel Dayton

( MATILDA SELLECK born c1796-1800 Greenwich CT

( SANDS SELLECK born 1801 Greenwich, Fairfield, CT and died there July 2, 1872; buried there Selleck Plot at Round Hill Community Cemetery (Photo); married name unk and born to them was:

( ABIGAIL JANE SELLECK born March 18, 1827 Greenwich  and died November 28, 1905; married March 8, 1848 in Pound Ridge NY, Abraham Mead born July 5, 1801 Greenwich and died January 22, 1866; both buried Second Congregational Church Cemetery, Greenwich (Photo); and born to them were:

( HENRY C MEAD born July 3, 1850

( ELSIE MEAD born March 14, 1852

( SAMUEL MEAD born September 4, 1853

( EMELINE MEAD born October 27, 1855

( ABRAHAM LINCOLN MEAD born October 28, 1858

( WILLIAM C MEAD born September 4, 1862

( FREDERICK MEAD born January 5, 1865

( ANN SELLECK born c1802-05 Greenwich CT; married David Brown

( CLARA SELLECK born c1802-05 Greenwich CT; married William Finch

( CAROLINE SELLECK born May 13, 1806 Greenwich CT and died there August 25, 1896; married July 15, 1829 in Greenwich, Solomon Peck (; both buried Sound Beach, Greenwich – see him for offspring

( GOLD SELLECK born 1807 Greenwich and died there July 28, 1866; married March 11, 1845 in Greenwich, Mary Elizabeth Hobby born 1807 and died September 23, 1875; buried Round Hill, Greenwich


( MARY SELLECK (birth date unk but obviously out of sequence) married February 1765 in Stamford CT, John Nicholas and born to them were:

( SARAH NICHOLAS born December 18, 1765 Greenwich CT

( SILAS NICHOLAS born November 14, 1767 Greenwich CT

( JOHN NICHOLAS born September 23, 1769 Greenwich CT

(3.3.2) JAMES H. FERRIS,(Jr.?), born March 22, 1720 Greenwich and died c1777 Poundridge, Westchester, NY; March 6, 1739, James choose Captain John Mead as his guardian; married Mary {maiden name unk} who died October 13, 1803 age 77. They joined the New Canaan CT Congregational Church, 1747, and later moved to Poundridge. Born to them were:

( SARAH FERRIS was baptized September 20, 1747 New Canaan CT; married June 18, 1766 Stephen Chapman

( MARY FERRIS (Molly) baptized April 20/23, 1749 New Canaan CT and died c1820; married Joseph Fancher [son of John & Eunice (Bouton) Fancher] (born July 23, 1749 Stamford) baptized April 23, 1749, Stamford and died c1820-23 Poundridge NY.  Born to them were (plus two unnamed daughters):

( BETSEY FANCHER born July 24, 1782 Poundridge, Westchester, NY and died June 12, 1856 Darien CT; married March 3, 1799 in Poundridge, Peter Stevens born June 24, 1777 Darien CT and died there October 26, 1865.

( DANIEL FANCHER born November 27, 1784 Pound Ridge NY; married Mary Smith



( RACHEL FERRIS born October 23, 1751 New Canaan (Ridgefield) CT and died October 22, 1800 Poundridge NY, of Huntington’s Disease; married c1771 at Ridgefield CT, Jesse Bouton, Sr., [son of Ebenezer & Abigail (Crampton) Bouton] born October 23, 1748, New Canaan CT and died c1823 (1800), Poundridge, Westchester, NY. Jesse was one of the largest owners of real estate in Poundridge. The Bouton/Boughton Family says Rachel born in Ridgefield CT, of English parents. She was a young woman highly respected and lived to have a large family of children, but later in life was afflicted with that terrible disease of the nerves then known as ‘magroms’ (inherited, as has been said, from the English ancestry, and has appeared in the descendants of the Ferris family here and there to the present day.) [??]   Born to them were:

( LEWIS BOUTON born January 7, 1773 Poundridge NY and died c1820

( JAMES BOUTON (Captain) born in September 27, 1774 Poundridge NY [James is not listed in Descendants of John Bouton I, but will leave here for now.]; married lady’s name unk but born to them was:

( WILLIAM WARREN BOUTON who married Elizabeth Price and born to them was:

( WILLIAM HENRY BOUTON born September 26, 1854; married August 18, 1875, Harriet Elizabeth Mead and born to them were:

( JOSEPH WILLIAM BOUTON born September 21, 1877 S. Norwalk CT

( HOWARD SHEFFIELD BOUTON born February 16, 1879 S. Norwalk CT

( ALBERT MEAD BOUTON born October 26, 1880 S. Norwalk CT

( JESSE BOUTON, JR., born September 27, 1775/76 Poundridge NY and died there February 22, 1822; married September 26, 1795 in Ridgefield, as her second husband, his 1st cousin, Sally Boughton [dau of Timothy & Martha (Scott)of Ridgefield CT] born May 2, 1773 Ridgefield CT and died there July 2, 1858. Born to them were:

( PERMELIA BOUTON born February 16, 1798 Ridgefield CT and died February 13, 1876 Wilton CT; married January 13, 1819 in Ridgefield, Benjamin Wheeler [son of Simeon] born June 17, 1801 Wilton CT. Born to them were:

( BETSEY ANN WHEELER born December 10, 1821 Ridgefield CT and died May 14, 1888 Norwalk CT; buried Monroe CT; married April 7, 1841 in Wilton CT, Rev. Alonzo Bradley Pulling born November 28, 1818 Ridgefield and died January 12, 1878; and born to them were:


( CARRIE E PULLING married Warren W Bliss and born to them were:



( CHARLES HENRY WHEELER born August 26, 1829 Ridgefield CT; married April 13, 1853 in Lewisboro NY, Ann Eliza Canfield born January 12, 1833 Lewisboro; and born to them were:

( EVELYN WHEELER born January 31, 1855 Norwalk CT; married September 15, 1880 in Norwalk, Seaman Willis Haines born January 12, 1854 Scipio, Cayuga, NY; and born to them were:




( ARTHUR CANFIELD WHEELER married Susie Cozzens and born to them was:


( CARRIE VIOLA WHEELER married Charles W Littell

( JOHN BOUTON WHEELER married Charlotte F Dykeman and born to them were:



( THOMAS BURR BOUTON born February 11, 1800/01 and died April 27, 1883; buried Green Farm Yard (not sure if this is Green Farm Barre Center, Orleans, NY); married September 22, 1823 Cynthia Lockwood ( – her 1st marriage was to Philo Thatcher (; and born to him and Cynthia were:

( CHARLES LOCKWOOD BOUTON born March 17, 1823 Pound Ridge NY – which doesn’t track with folks wedding date – married Lydia Ann Scofield born 1829 NY; and born to them were:

( CYRUS BOUTON (1842-)


( EMELINE BOUTON born September 1847 Pound Ridge NY; married 1862 David R Pinney born February 1842 PA; and born to them were:

( MARY ESTHER PINNEY born October 26, 1865 Pound Ridge NY

( FRANK R PINNEY born December 24, 1869 New Canaan CT

( ALICE L PINNEY born January 8, 1872 Vista NY

( MARTHA ELIZABETH BOUTON born 1852 NY; married Charles W Finch

( KATE BOUTON born 1858 Pound Ridge, Westchester, NY

( MARY ELIZABETH BOUTON born 1827 Pound Ridge NY; married Hiram Bouton ( – see him for offspring

( SALLY ANN BOUTON born May 7, 1826 Pound Ridge NY and died March 24, 1872 South Salem NY; married May 16, 1845 in Pound Ridge, Charles Dann born May 30, 1822 Ridgefield CT; and born to them were:

( MARY LOUISA DANN born February 21, 1846 Pound Ridge NY; married Smith Remington ( – see him for offspring

( EMMA CORNELIA DANN born May 21, 1848 Pound Ridge NY; married Albert Benjamin and born to them were:







( HARRIET CYNTHIA DANN born August 8, 1850 Pound Ridge NY and died October 1887 Elmwood, Hartford, CT; married John M Shaw and born to them were:



( CHARLES ODLE DANN born January 1, 1852 Pound Ridge NY

( KATE MARIE DANN born September 28, 1854 Pound Ridge NY; married Martin Van Buren Avery

( EDWIN WILBUR DANN born April 14, 1856 Pound Ridge NY; married Jennie Williams

( ESTELLE VANDALIA DANN born July 21, 1859 Pound Ridge NY

( ANN ELIZABETH DANN born September 18, 1860 South Salem NY

( FREDERICK LINCOLN DANN born September 13, 1862 South Salem NY

( MINNIE ALETTE DANN born March 3, 1864 South Salem NY

( ADDISON ELDREDGE DANN born August 9, 1865 South Salem NY

( GEORGE ELMER DANN born November 17, 1866 South Salem NY

( HESTER CATHARINE BOUTON born Pound Ridge NY; married William Benjamin Shaw and born to them were:

( JOHN THOMAS SHAW married Emma Jane Brown and born to them were:





( HELEN CYNTHIA SHAW married Mark Lee Parsons and born to them were:



( SARAH G SHAW married Delmar A Parsons and born to them was:


( CATHARINE SOPHIA SHAW married Allen A Clark

( CHARLES BOUTON SHAW married Annie McGrier and born to them were:



( HESTER ANN SHAW married Charles J Graves and born to them were:



( SOPHIA JANE BOUTON born c1830 Pound Ridge NY; married Henry C Richards [son of Elihu & Hannah J (Child) Richards] born January 17, 1826 (November 11, 1826) Providence RI and died September 4, 1902 Stamford CT; buried Stanwich Congreational Church Cemetery, Greenwich, Fairfield, CT (Photo)

( CAROLINE MINERVA BOUTON born April 26, 1840 Pound Ridge NY and died September 28, 1901; buried with Henry at Stanwich Church Cemetery, Greenwich; married 1859, her brother-in-law, Henry C Richards; and born to them were:

( HANNAH PAMELIA RICHARDS born July 3, 1859 North Castle NY and died after 1930 Stamford CT; married November 25, 1879 Edward Bishop Palmer born February 22, 1852 Stanwich CT and died 1922 Stamford; buried there Long Ridge Union Cemetery; shipmaster 1900-10; and born to them were:

( RICHARD FRANKLIN PALMER born May 5, 1883 Stamford CT; 1910 machinist; 1917 worked for YMCA in NYC - unmarried

( INDIA E PALMER born October 4, 1900 Stamford CT and died there May 11, 1956; married 1929 Isaac R Miller born 1899 LA and died November 5, 1978 Norwalk CT

( JOSEPH F RICHARDS born January 11, 1861 Stanwich CT and died November 2, 1937; married March 28, 1888 Mary R Close born May 9, 1869 and died March 29, 1951; both buried Stanwich Church Cemetery, Greenwich; and born to them were:

( MARY GERTRUDE RICHARDS born September 10, 1899 Stamford CT and died December 14, 1927; buried Stanwich Church Cemetery, Greenwich

( HENRY CLOSE RICHARDS (1892-1981) married Jessie G Woods [son of Herbert W & May E (Phelps) Woods] born April 4, 1898 Worcester MA and died December 28, 1992 Stamford; both buried Stanwich Church Cemetery, Greenwich

( ELBERT O RICHARDS born December 1863 Stanwich CT; 1900 butcher; 1910 meat salesman; 1930 shoe salesman; married 1st October 2, 1888 Fanny Warren; 2d 1899 as her 2d husband, Harriet D {mnu}

( MARTHA LOUISA BOUTON born in Pound Ridge NY; married Seth Bouton Remington (; see him for offspring

( SALLY BOUTON born September 10, 1803

( ELIZA BOUTON born December 29, 1805

( CLARISSA HYATT BOUTON born August 26, 1811 Ridgefield CT; married February 26, 1829 in Ridgefield, William Northrop born February 13, 1805 North Salem NY and died August 23, 1872 in Silvermine (Norwalk) CT. Born to them was:

( SARAH ANN NORTHROP born October 28, 1831 Ridgefield CT and died Norwalk CT; married June 18, 1854 at Silvermine CT, William Beekman Warren.

( ENOCH BOUTON born April 9, 1815 Ridgefield CT and died June 30, 1886; married October 20, 1840 Phoebe Brown

( JARED BOUTON born January 1778 Poundridge; married Polly (Boughton) Brace [dau of Levi & Hannah (Waterbury) Boughton] born July 27, 1781 (1776 West Stockbridge MA and died in Victor NY); and born to them were:





( AMANDA BOUTON born March 5, 1814 Pound Ridge, Westchester, NY and died November 5, 1898 Stamford CT; buried there Long Ridge Cemetery; married Gabriel Platt [son of Frederick & Mehitable (Palmer) Platt] born 1824 CT; he was a shoemaker 1850; and born to them were:

( JOHN WESLEY PLATT (1848-1925) was a florist 1885; married Emma J Tipper (1852-1885); both buried Long Ridge Cemetery, Stamford; and born to them was:

( CHARLES W PLATT born April 15, 1885 Stamford CT and died there May 2, 1885; buried there Long Ridge Cemetery

( ORLANDO B PLATT born March 11, 1850 Stamford CT and died there October 30, 1879; buried there Long Ridge Cemetery


( EMMA PLATT (1855-)


( RACHEL BOUTON born February 22, 1780 Poundridge NY and died in 1850 New Preston CT; married August 16, 1800 at Poundridge, Isaac Brown born June 5, 1780 and died in June 1838 at Poundridge. Born to them were:

( GEORGE W. BROWN born January 9, 1802 Poundridge NY and died in December 1850; married September 18, 1822 at Mount Pleasant NY, Charlotte Galloway and born to them were:

( TOWNSEND BROWN born June 3, 1823 Kensico, Westchester, NY

( SALLY ANN BROWN born April 12, 1825 Kensico NY and died after 1888. She married Richard Taylor and born to them were:




( GEORGE W. TAYLOR born December 25, 1850






( PHEBE JANE BROWN born June 1, 1827 Kensico NY and died in 1831

( RUTH ANN BROWN born September 1, 1829 Kenisco NY and died March 2, 1869 Hawthorne (or Tarrytown), Westchester, NY; married 1st May 6, 1858 George Barnes; married 2d May 6, 1859 Alfred Slagle born January 7, 1821; and born to her and Alfred were:


( REULL H. SLAGLE born October 17, 1861 Tarrytown, Westchester, NY

( EVERETT B. SLAGLE born April 21, 1864 Tarrytown NY

( WILLIAM HENRY BROWN born August 25, 1832 Kensico NY and died in 1841

( SAMUEL MELLOWS BROWN born October 15, 1834 Kensico NY; married, February 11, 1856 at Greenboro NY, Amanda Jane Tompkins and born to them was:

( OSCAR TOMPKINS BROWN born April 30, 1857 Dobbs Ferry, Westchester, NY; married Sarah Frances Tompkins

( AMANDA JANE BROWN born February 24, 1837 Unionville NY and died in 1854

( EMMA L. BROWN born December 8, 1840, Sing Sing NY; married Joseph Slagle and born to them were:








( MARIETTA L. BROWN born December 12, 1844 Sing Sing NY; married, first, John Mead; second, Richard Henry Lane; and born to Marietta and John was:

( FRANK MEAD born November 14, 1862 NYC

Born to Marietta and her second husband, Richard, were:

( FLORENCE MAY LANE born March 28, 1880

( CONSTANCE BYRNINA LANE born August 3, 1883 and died February 10, 1885

( RICHARD HENRY LANE (1886-1886)

( HARRY O. BROWN born March 7, 1803 (?), Poundridge NY and died April 28, 1885 Portage NY; married, September 26, 1827 at Pike NY, Olive Everest and born to them were:

( HURLBURT E. BROWN born July 2, 1831 Portageville , Wyoming, IL; cashier of bank at Mount Morris NY and resided there in 1889; married Helen M. Thomas and born to them were:

( FRANK STONEY BROWN born September 25, 1860 and died June 13, 1862 Belfast, Allegany NY

( DAISY MADELINE BROWN born October 29, 1871 Danville, Livingston, NY

( HORACE BROWN (twin) born May 26, 1835 Portageville , Wyoming, NY; married November 19, 1860 Harriet E. Wood and born to them were:




( HENRY BROWN (twin) born May 26, 1835

( EMMA S. BROWN born October 11, 1842; married 1st Richmond I. Place; 2d Seely McCready; resided Cedar Rapids IA 1889.  Born to Emma and Richmond were:



Born to Emma and her second husband, Seely, was:


( MARY E. BROWN born August 25, 1848; resided Cedar Rapids IA 1889; married June 25, 1874 John H. Harmon and born to them were:





( RACHAEL BROWN born September 1, 1803/04 (?) Poundridge NY and died May 30, 1879, Greenwich, Fairfield, CT; buried there Union Cemetery (Photo); married April 19, 1826 at Greenwich, Daniel Merritt born June 9, 1803 NY; and born to them were:

( JOHN HITCHINGS MERRITT born March 9, 1828 NYC and died November 10, 1883 Greenwich CT; a merchant, owned a vegetable market (1860 Greenwich) and fish store (Oyster Bar, 1880, Greenwich); known as Captain Merritt (why?) and was Greenwich’s oldest free mason when he died; married February 19, 1850 at Greenwich, Lucinda Waterbury Silleck [dau of Shadrach & Annie (Waterbury) Silleck] born February 13, 1818 Warwick NY and died September 6, 1899 Greenwich; both buried Union Cemetery, Greenwich (Photo): and born to them were:

( CHARLES ELBERT MERRITT born January 7, 1851 Greenwich, Fairfield, CT and died there December 4, 1938; buried there Putnam Cemetery (Photo); was the proprietor of the John Dayton Shoe Store, Greenwich; was involved in fire fighting; treasurer of Amogerone Fire Company No. 1, Greenwich, over 55 years; married September 22, 1886 at Port Chester NY, Ida E. Bruecher [dau of Francis & Mary] born June 21, 1864 NY; and born to them were:

( LILLIAN B. MERRITT born December 25, 1887 and died August 9, 1921

( MARIE LOUISE MERRITT born June 10, 1889 and died November 29, 1954

( CHARLES DAYTON MERRITT born December 25, 1890 Greenwich CT and died March 23, 1940 New York City; a salesman with the Braendly Dye Works, New York City; resided at Cos Cob – Greenwich; WWI veteran served in France; married May 12, 1917 at Greenwich, Marie Gerard - no known offspring

( FRANCIS BRUECHER MERRITT born January 13, 1893 Greenwich CT and died February 10, 1967 Wallingford CT; unmarried; worked at John McHugh Tailors and Cleaners, Greenwich; WWI Veteran

( GEORGE SELLECK MERRITT born November 20, 1895 Greenwich CT and died c1988 Southport CT; WWII Vet; married 1st February 12, 1923 at Stamford CT, Florence Durant; married 2d Doris Tredwell; and born to George and Florence were:



Born to George and his second wife, Doris, was:


( ADELAIDE V. MERRITT (twin) born May 15, 1897 Greenwich CT and died there March 14, 1957; a bookkeeper at the Putnam Trust, Greenwich; married June 23, 1920 at Greenwich, Carl Berg - no offspring

( MATILDA MERRITT (twin) born May 15, 1897 and died September 4, 1961; married Anthony Shreders

( CHARLOTTE LUCINDA MERRITT born October 26, 1899 and died January 26, 1962; married Edward J. Thomas

( IDA ELIZABETH MERRITT born May 11, 1901 Greenwich CT; married December 22, 1922 at Greenwich, Norman Clark Mansur and born to them were:

( NORMAN CLARK MANSUR, JR., born June 9, 1924 and died January 4, 1927

( ELBERT MANSUR married 1st Helen Lyons; 2d Patricia Emery.  Born to Elbert and presumably Helen, were:

( THEA MANSUR married Gregory Todd

( JANE ANN MANSUR married Rejo Tyre Va Nen

( TERRY SUSAN MANSUR married Jody Smith and born to them were:




( JOAN MANSUR married June 11, 1955 at Belfast ME, Royce Tibbetts and born to them were:

( JONATHAN ERIC TIBBETTS born December 17, 1957

( CHRISTOPHER ROYCE TIBBETTS born November 29, 1959

( NANCY BETH TIBBETTS born July 8, 1961 Belfast ME; married April 5, 1980 Michael A. Mercer and born to them were:



( JANNA SUSAN TIBBETTS born May 8, 1968

( FREDRICK AGUSTAVE MERRITT born November 24, 1902 and died April 3, 1988; married Vera Collinge

( HELEN BOLES MERRITT born July 30, 1906 Greenwich CT and died March 7, 1980 Stamford CT; married December 29, 1926 at Bedford Hills NY, Herbert Clow Lester [son of Roderick Clow & Ida May (Van Dyke) Lester] born December 20, 1906 Mt. Vernon NY and died August 26, 1970 Norwalk CT; both buried Fairfield Memorial Park, Stamford; electrical contractor “Lester Electric”; and born to them were:

( HERBERT ROY LESTER born September 23, 1929 Stamford CT; attended Darien CT High School between 1944-47; attended Wentworth Institute, Boston, 1950; served in the military between 1951-54; electrical contractor in Darien; retired 1994; married October 14, 1950 at Stamford, Carol Jeanne Cook [dau of Charles Frank & Alexanderia A. (Haas) Cook] and born to them were:

( CHRISTOPHER DWIGHT LESTER born February 22, 1957 Stamford CT; married April 23, 1984 at Manchester CT, Monica Mary Ann Gonder and born to them were:

( CLINTON DAVID LESTER born August 6, 1987

( CAITLYN DEANNA LESTER born March 3, 1994

( CLAUDIA DAWN LESTER born February 9, 1958 Stamford CT; married October 28, 1989 at Darien CT, Marc D’Iorio and born to them was:

( MARCUS ALEXANDER D’IORIO born May 23, 1991 

( KATHRINE MERRITT born May 11, 1908 Greenwich CT and died July 1, 1975 Stamford CT; married December 26, 1942 Franklin Russell and born to them was:

( RONALD MERRITT RUSSELL born 1944 Stamford CT and died June 19, 1995 Sebastian FL; USMC 1961-64 - Vietnam Veteran; firefighter in the Norwalk CT Fire Department for 22 years retiring as Lieutenant; moved to Sebastian c1990; married August 7, 1965 at Greenwich, Carol Ann Raymond and born to them were:




( JOHN GEIKIE MERRITT born May 7, 1853 Greenwich CT and died there April 11, 1921; painter and Greenwich Borough Police Officer.  John, his wife, and two kids died of TB.  He married 1887 Catherine O’Brien and born to them were:

( FLORENCE MARION MERRITT born September 24, 1887 and died September 18, 1905

( FREDRICK JOHNSON MERRITT born November 19, 1888 and died July 21, 1909

( FRANCES R.MERRITT (Fanny) born February 1892; married a Mr. Hull

( SARAH ELIZABETH MERRITT born January 31, 1856 Greenwich CT and died there April 14, 1938; married John H. Knapp and born to them were:



( WILLIE L. MERRITT born August 1, 1860 and died November 23, 1862

( FREDERICK K. MERRITT born March 29, 1862 and died March 22, 1942

( LEWIS MERRITT born 1828 New York City and died before 1900; a mariner; married Julietta FERRIS(*) and born to them were:






( ALICE MABEL MERRITT (1870-) married a Mr. Benedict


( ANNA AGUSTA MERRITT born November 24, 1832 New York City and died October 13, 1923 Greenwich CT; at the time of her death, she was the oldest woman in Greenwich; member of the First Methodist Episcopal Church for 75 years; married William McFarland Howard and born to them were:

( CLARRIA HOWARD (1852-c1929) married George Held and born to them was:


( HANNAH M. HOWARD (c1853-1930)

( GERTRUDE HOWARD (1855-) married J. L. Perry and born to them were:



( EMMETT PERRY married a Miss Potter

( WILLIAM HOWARD (1860-c1921) married Catherine {surname name unk} and born to them was:

( WILLIAM F. HOWARD apparently died before 1923

( CHARLOTTE HOWARD (1867-) married Charles Peare and born to them were:




( MARY MERRITT (1838-) married, c1858, Hubbard Barrell and born to them were:




( ANGELINE K. MERRITT (1845-) married Abraham M. Worden. 

( SALLY BROWN born April 28, 1806 Poundridge NY and died after 1888; married Stephen Raymond; moved to MI 1868, then returned to South Norwalk CT

( BARBARY BROWN born April 27, 1807 and died March 1888; married Curtis Leveridge

( BETSY A. BROWN born November 27, 1809; married Lewis Sherwood

( WILLIAM BROWN born July 22, 1813 and died 1815

( ISAAC BROWN born November 11, 1815 Poundridge NY and died November 15, 1868 New Preston CT; married Sarah A. Bishop and born to them were:

( MARY A. BROWN born November 30, 1840 and died July 1843

( FRANK S. BROWN born March 18, 1844 Washington CT; married Hannah Cramsey and born to them were:

( LOTTIE BROWN (1874-)

( KATIE BROWN (1882-)

( AUGUSTA E. BROWN born April 6, 1846; married Gilbert W. Corning and born to them was:


( HENRY W. BROWN born April 21, 1849

( HANNAH BROWN born November 6, 1818 Poundridge NY and died April 24, 1888 Danbury CT; married January 15, 1838 Daniel Dean and born to them were:

( HORACE E. DEAN born July 6, 1840 Ridgefield CT and died October 15, 1886 Danbury CT

( MARY FRANCES DEAN born January 3, 1855 Ridgfield CT

( AMANDA BROWN born October 22, 1822 Poundridge NY and died August 28, 1858 Birmingham CT; married Daniel Bouton Hoyt and born to them were:

( NANCY JANE HOYT born May 14, 1845 Ridgefield CT; married William B. Coulter

( FRIEND WARREN HOYT born August 21, 1847; married Mary E. Jones

( MARY EMMA HOYT born June 11, 1849; married George L. Barnard

( CHARES LEWIS HOYT born July 14, 1851; married Sarah Garlich

( GEORGE HENRY HOYT born November 26, 1853 and died April 3, 1856

( AMANDA HOYT born June 9, 1855 and died March 25, 1857

( ENOCH BOUTON born July 1782 Poundridge and died there; married Fanny Griffin born December 25, 1785 and died December 23, 1865. Born to them were [there must have some type of epidemic in 1829]:

( DEBORAH BOUTON born c1807 Pound Ridge, Westchester, NY and died young

( ENOCH BOUTON born April 16, 1808 Cross River, Westchester, NY; married 1st Polly Stevens; 2d 1835 in Rochester NY, Augusta Brown and born to him and Augusta were:

( MINA BOUTON born October 23, 1838; married James S Garlock and born to them were:

( ELLA A GARLOCK born August 18, 1861 Rochester, Monroe, NY; married William H Beach and born to them was:

( MINA GARLOCK BEACH born March 10, 1886 Rochester NY

( CHARLES BOUTON GARLOCK born April 3, 1865 Rochester NY and died September 17, 1866

( CHARLES E BOUTON born 1843 Seneca Falls, Seneca, NY

( ALEXANDER BOUTON born March 16, 1811 Bedford NY and died October 9, 1875 Stamford CT; married Mary Mead - resided Rochester NY

( JERMEIAH BOUTON born June 5, 1813 and died February 2, 1829 

( HARRIET BOUTON born November 26, 1815; married Alanson Ganung

( WILLIAM BOUTON born May 19, 1817 Bedford NY and died March 4, 1829

( HARVEY BOUTON born May 17, 1821 Pound Ridge, Westchester, NY and died February 28, 1829

( ANDREW BOUTON born June 17, 1824 Pound Ridge and died February 16, 1829

( RHODA H. BOUTON born September 5, 1827 Pound Ridge; married Benjamin S. White

( LUCY BOUTON born March 21, 1829 Pound Ridge; married George Allen

( BETSEY BOUTON born in February 1785 Poundridge NY and died at Bedford NY; married Richard Miller born April 16, 1784 Bedord; they resided in Bedford NY and born to them were:

( SALLY ANN MILLER born March 1, 1804 Bedford, Westchester, NY and died October 16/19, 1866 Greenwich CT; married Jacob Birdsall born December 2, 1797 Dutchess Co NY and died October 25, 1861 Greenwich CT; buried there; and born to them were:

( ROBERT BIRDSALL born July 11, 1814 Greenwich CT and died there October 16, 1818 [dates cannot be right as his mother would have been 10y when he born]

( ERASTUS M BIRDSALL born January 2, 1825 Greenwich CT (NY) and died there August 13, 1900 (Round Hill NY); married after 1845 in Greenwich, Mary E Lowden born August 29, 1827 and died July 15, 1905 Round Hill, Greenwich CT; both buried Old Burying Grounds, North Greenwich CT; and born to them were:

( SELAH BIRDSALL born December 30, 1850 and died February 15, 1916; married Emily Wood and born to them were (twins?):

( CHESTER A BIRDSALL born January 19, 1890

( BENJAMIN F BIRDSALL born January 20, 1890

( MARY O BIRDSALL born April 17, 1860 born April 17, 1860 and died October 22, 1895; married Edward F Warren

( HARRIET BIRDSALL (1862-) married William G Ferris (*)

( HENRY BIRDSALL born March 10, 1873 and died February 28, 1936; married Marie Dargan

( DAVID BIRDSALL born 1827 Greenwich CT and died there September 2, 1832

( BETSEY BIRDSALL born 1834 Greenwich CT

( JAMES BIRDSALL born April 26, 1837 Greenwich CT (Bedford NY) and died November 23, 1901/02 Round Hill, Greenwich, CT; buried Old Burying Grounds, North Greenwich; married 1st after 1857 Amanda M Lane born July 4/10, 1836 and died October 13, 1862; married 2d c1863-66 Sarah Ann Yerks [dau of John & Mary] born 1836 Lake Mahopac NY and died April 11, 1872 Greenwich; buried Old Burying Grounds, North Greenwich; married 3d Adelaide Dunn; and born to him and Amanda were (note name spelling change):

( THOMAS BIRDSELL born February 28, 1857 and died November 7, 1954; married Lydia Pugsley (1864-1916) [dau of William & Phoebe] and born to them were:

( ELMER BIRDSELL born July 13, 1882 and died March 17, 1886

( THOMAS P BIRDSELL born August 6, 1884 and died June 24, 1944; married Gladys Estelle Cooke and born to them was:


( ANNIE BIRDSELL born June 23, 1886

( ORVILLE BIRDSELL born January 1858; married Annie Pugsley (Sarah) [sister of Lydia above] born March 1870 and born to them were:

( WALTER BIRDSELL born September 1882; married Marie Burning

( LYDDIE ANN BIRDSELL (1887-) married Robert Mitchell

( FRANCES BIRDSELL born December 25, 1890; married Arthur Wilson

( MILDRED BIRDSELL born February 1898 Auburn NY and died May 1961 Middletown CT; married Henry Mead and born to them were:



( NEWCOMB HARRY MEAD born July 8, 1919 Greenwich CT and died there 1979

( SALLY ANN BIRDSELL (1860-) married Alvin H Wood born February 1852

            Born to James and his 2d wife, Sarah, were:

( MARY L BIRDSELL born 1866 Greenwich CT and died 1928; married Amos Selleck

( FREDERICK BIRDSELL born August 12, 1870 Greenwich CT and died there July 4, 1946; buried Old Burying Old, North Greenwich; married September 27, 1890 in Armonk NY, Caroline Isabelle Louden [dau of Henry & Henrietta (Turner) Louden] born May 4, 1876 Rye NY and died June 29, 1953 Stamford CT; buried Quaker Ridge, Greenwich; and born to them were:


( JAMES ELLSWORTH BIRDSELL born July 26, 1892 Greenwich CT and died February 4, 1977 Port Chester NY; married September 28, 1911 in Greenwich, Frances Sarah Mandeville [dau of James Joseph & Rose Ellen (Smith) Mandeville] born July 28, 1895 White Plains NY and died September 5, 1987 Bedford NY; buried Middle Patent Cemetery; and born to them were 9 kids, 7 of which were:

( CHARLES ELLSWORTH BIRDSELL born August 3, 1912 Greenwich CT and died September 22, 1990 Emmaus PA; buried there St. Ann’s Cemetery; married June 1, 1949 in West Palm Beach FL, Cecilia Frances Catherine Marzione born January 26, 1910 NY and died June 1987 PA; and they had 2 kids

( ROSE ELLEN BIRDSELL born October 25, 1914 Greenwich CT; married Herbert Duncan born July 26, 1908 Harrisville OH and they had 2 kids

( FREDERICK JAMES BIRDSELL born May 23, 1916 Greenwich CT and died there January 10, 2007; buried Putnam Cemetery; married Angelina Reale [dau of Joseph & Carmella] born November 1925 Greenwich; and born to them was:

( DEBRA BIRDSELL married Steven Wortman – 2007 resided Port Chester NY; and born to them were:



( MARY LOUISE BIRDSELL born February 26, 1921; married October 10, 1957 Lyman Purdy Horton [son of Lyman P & Annie (Lockwood) Horton] born November 3, 1918 CT and died there March 14, 1981; buried Middle Patent Cemetery, North Castel NY

( THOMAS EDWARD BIRDSELL born September 6, 1923 Greenwich and died there September 23, 1992

( EILEEN FRANCES BIRDSELL born October 11, 1925 Greenwich; married April 24, 1943 in Cos Cob, Greenwich CT, Andrew Joseph Kovach [son of Andrew John & Eleanor (Widowich) Kovach] born February 27, 1919 Newark NJ and died September 15, 1989 New Brunswick NJ; buried Holy Cross Cemetery, South Brunswick; and they had 2 kids

( RITA BIRDSELL born October 11, 1925 Greenwich and died the next day

( ANNIE BIRDSELL born September 21, 1894

( CHESTER BIRDSELL born March 16, 1897 CT and died May 1969; married Johanna Kohlert born 1901 NY and died July 14, 1994 CT: and born to them was:


( MARY E BIRDSELL born April 1899 CT; married William Henningsen born January 15, 1897 and died November 1986; and born to them were:




( CHARLES FREDERICK BIRDSELL born August 19, 1901 and died September 20, 1909


( STANLEY BIRDSELL born 1905 Greenwich; married Alice Livingston and they had 4 kids

( CLIFFORD FRANCIS BIRDSELL born November 11, 1911 Greenwich and died March 27, 1992 Branford CT; married Alexina Cockburn born October 22, 1902 Dundee, Scotland and died March 17, 1973 Greenwich; and they had 9 kids, 1 of which was:

( CLIFFORD F BIRDSELL born September 26, 1931 and died December 2001 FL; buried Middle Patent Cemetery, North Castel NY; married Catherine Rhaeta Brandt and they had 5 kids, 1 of which was:

( GARY ROBERT BIRDSELL born August 28, 1955 and died November 1994 CA


( ERASTUS BIRDSELL born November 7, 1871 Greenwich CT and died there April 7, 1950; buried Old Burying Grounds, North Greenwich; married Mary Eva Beisinger born 1873 Greenwich; and born to them were:




            Born to James and his 3d wife, Adelaide, were:

( JOHN E BIRDSELL born February 7, 1879


( JAMES BIRDSELL born February 21, 1880 and died November 21, 1880

( JACOB BIRDSALL born 1839 Greenwich CT

( HARRIET BIRDSALL born 1842 Greenwich CT

( ROBERT BIRDSALL born July 24, 1844 and died October 16, 1848

( JAMES MILLER born September 5, 1805 Bedford NY and died there August 20, 1891; married 1st Delinda Conklin born August 26, 1806 and died March 14, 1839; married 2d Eleanor S. Hubbard [dau of Nathaniel & Mary (McKay) Hubbard] born October 10, 1812 and died May 9, 1899; and born to him and Delinda were:

( EMELINE MILLER born 1831 Bedford NY

( A. ELIZABETH MILLER born 1833 Bedford NY

( LYDIA MILLER born 1837 Bedford NY

            Born to James and his 2d wife, Eleanor, were:

( ARCHIBALD HUBBARD MILLER born June 22, 1841 Bedford NY and died May 9, 1878

( JANE B. MILLER born 1843 Bedford NY and died 1929; married after 1863 William H. Duval born March 19, 1832

( NATHANIEL H. MILLER born 1845 Bedford NY and died 1905; married aftert 1874 Effie Lamont born May 8, 1854

( JAMES H. MILLER born November 17, 1848 Bedford NY and died there September 2, 1897; married Mary Dennis and born to them was:

( IDA MILLER born November 16,1890 Bedford NY and died there May 31, 1898

( JULIA F. MILLER born 1852 Bedford NY and died 1931; married after 1872 William Ludwig Youngman (1850-1933)

( IDA L. MILLER born September 19, 1854 Bedford NY and died March 23, 1917

( BENJAMIN FRANKLIN MILLER born 1855 Bedford NY and died July 24, 1951; married after 1875 Ida Ogden

( JESSE MILLER born January 19, 1807 Bedford NY and died there August 22, 1879; married Celestia Smith born August 12, 1807 and died August 24, 1877; buried Bedford; and born to them were:

( JAMES MILLER born 1830 Bedford NY

( EZRA MILLER born 1835 Bedford NY

( JOHN MILLER born 1842 Bedford NY

( FRANK MILLER born 1845 Bedford NY and died August 20, 1861

( ELECTRA MILLER born 1847 Bedford NY

( RUTH AUGUSTA MILLER born June 7, 1849 Bedford NY and died February 23, 1891; married Alfred Partridge Miller (; - her cousin – see him for offspring.

( BETSEY MILLER born March 28, 1809 Bedford NY and died there February 3, 1849; married Jacob Zarr [son of Parker & Sarah] born 1807 and died March 9, 1893; and born to them were:

( JOSEPH ZARR born October 22, 1830 Bedford and died there May 25, 1851

( SAMUEL ZARR (1833-) Bedford

( PARKER ZARR, JR. (1836-1913) married after 1856 Estella Jane Mosher

( LOUISA ZARR (1838-) Bedford

( DAVID ZARR (1843-) Bedford

( EMELINE ZARR (1845-) Bedford

( MARY H. ZARR (1847-) Bedford

( RICHARD R. MILLER born c1811 Bedford NY and died there January 29, 1881; married c1840 in Bedford, Belinda {maiden name unk} born 1820 and died October 26, 1887; and born to them were:

( JOHN L. MILLER born May 12, 1841 Bedford NY and died there February 23, 1913

( ELIZA J. MILLER born 1843 Bedford; married Charles H. Barrett (1845-1873) [son of Squire & Mary (Miller) Barrett] and born to them was:

( ALONZO B. BARRETT born 1872 Bedford

( ALONZO MILLER born 1846 Bedford

( NANCY M. MILLER born February 14, 1849 Bedford and died December 28, 1907; married after 1869 Mr. Tompkins

( AMELIA F. MILLER born August 25, 1852 Bedford and died April 2, 1913; married 1st after 1872 Mr Brooks; married 2d after 1873 Mr Storms

( WILLIAM MILLER born 1854 Bedford

( GEORGE B. MILLER born 1862 Bedford

( WILLIAM MILLER born c1813 Bedford NY; married Ann {maiden name unk} and born to them were:

( AUGUSTUS MILLER born 1835 Bedford

( HACKALIAH MILLER born 1837 Bedford

( WILLIAM MILLER born 1840 Bedford

( SUSAN MILLER born 1842 Bedford

( ALFRED PARTRIDGE MILLER (1844-1914) married his cousin, Ruth Augusta Miller (; and born to them were

( ALFRED MILLER born 1871 Bedford NY

( ELLA LOUISE MILLER born c1872 Bedford NY

( JOSEPH MILLER born 1874 Bedford NY

( JOSEPHINE ALICE MILLER born 1849 Bedford

( RUFUS MILLER born 1815 Bedford NY and died after 1850 New Milford CT; married Betsey Ann {maiden name unk} and born to them were:

( HENRY A. MILLER born 1837 Bedford

( MARIA L. MILLER born 1839 Bedford

( RUFUS G. MILLER born 1842 Bedford

( ELIZABETH MILLER born 1844 Bedford

( MARY MILLER born c1817 Bedford NY and died in OH; married before 1842 William Crissey/Crissy and born to them were:

( SUSAN J. CRISSY (1842-)


( DAVID MILLER born November 11, 1819 Bedford NY and died there February 6, 1845; married Emeline Miller [dau of Increase] born 1823 and died in Scranton PA; and born to them were:

( CORNELIA J. MILLER born 1843 Bedford

( DAVID W. MILLER born 1845 Bedford; married Emily {maiden name unk} and born to them were:


( SUSAN MILLER (1872-)

( JANE MILLER (1875-)

( SUSAN MILLER born c1821 Bedford NY; married Aaron G. Benedict [son of Hiram & Jane (Griffen) Benedict] born May 6, 1827 and died May 8, 1884; and born to them were:

( JANE A. BENEDICT (1848-)

( RICHARD M. BENEDICT born June 1, 1851 and died October 7, 1896


( AMANDA A. MILLER born 1822 Bedford NY and died there 1880; buried North Castle, Westchester NY; married Joseph Reynolds born 1815 Bedford and died February 22, 1890 AZ; and born to them were:

( SUSAN E. REYNOLDS born 1841 Bedford and died January 16, 1901; married after 1861 Jonathan Mosher

( STEPHEN AUGUSTUS REYNOLDS born June 26, 1842 Bedford and died November 3, 1912 Mount Kisco, Westchester, NY; married Mary Jane Merritt [dau of Reuben & Sally Ann – who was a Mohawk Indian] born February 4, 1843 North Castle NY and died December 11, 1937 Mt. Kisco; and born to them were:

( ELMORE L. REYNOLDS born August 3, 1865 and died August 7, 1917; married after 1885 Aner S. Fisher

( LEWELL VERGENNA REYNOLDS born September 28, 1866 and died June 4, 1922; married after 1886 Jotham M. Carpenter

( ARCHIBALD CARLYLE REYNOLDS born September 1, 1870 Armonk NY and died June 7, 1948 Mount Kisco NY; married April 21, 1896 Minnie Irene Stiles [dau of Edward & Harriett (Billington) Stiles] born August 5, 1877 Rye NY and died August 11, 1954 Mt. Kisco; and born to them were:

( CARLYLE ELLSWORTH REYNOLDS born September 8, 1897 Westchester NY and died June 14, 1970; married 1st Laura Margurite Shepard; married 2d Rose Doris Springer; married 3d Miss Schmid

( MILLARD VICTOR REYNOLDS born October 15, 1902 Mount Vernon, Westchester, NY and died September 7, 1968 Mt Kisk NY; married Miss Bullock and they had 4 kids

( ELSIE VICTORIA REYNOLDS born October 11, 1876 and died December 23, 1900

( MILLARD STEPHEN REYNOLDS born July 15, 1879 and died October 31, 1900; married Carrie B. Merrit

( CAROLINE E. REYNOLDS born 1843 Bedford and died April 16, 1872; married John Craft

( DAVID REYNOLDS born June 20, 1846 Bedford and died January 7, 1924; married Elizabeth Riddle

( ANN ELIZABETH REYNOLDS born March 16, 1849 Bedford and died June 11, 1917; married Timothy William Downs

( FRANCES A. REYNOLDS born August 18, 1851 Bedford and died September 10, 1914; married Eli C. Caney

( EMILINE REYNOLDS born June 8, 1853 Bedford and died August 19, 1935; married Charles Hunt

( MILLARD FILMORE REYNOLDS born March 30, 1856 Bedford and died November 9, 1929; married Caroline Robbins

( CLIFFORD REYNOLDS born July 17, 1858 Bedford and died April 24, 1939; married Susan Amelia Morrell

( GEORGE REYNOLDS born 1860 Bedford and died March 29, 1880

( LEWIS JOHN REYNOLDS born September 13, 1861 Bedford and died May 10, 1934; married Jessie Rosell

( SETH BOUTON born August 1787 Poundridge NY and died there; married c1806 Rhuma Waterbury and born to them were:

( JOHN BOUTON born April 26, 1807 Poundridge NY and died there in 1851; married Lydia Ferris ( and born to them were (not in birth sequence):

( MARY ESTHER BOUTON born c1831 Poundridge NY; married Frederick Saville and they settled in High Ridge where they were living in 1888

( FRANCIS BOUTON born c1838 Poundridge NY 

( ISAAC H. BOUTON born February 11, 1842 Poundridge and died 1913; married February 12, 1865 Frances A. Buckbee [dau of Levi & Mary (Cree) Buckbee] born November 11, 1842 Whitlock NY and died 1930; both buried Spring Grove Cemetery, Darien CT; and born to them were:

( GEORGE BOUTON born 1866 CT

( ADEZETTA BOUTON born July 22, 1869 Darien CT; married June 30, 1906 in Darien, John Appleby Weed born 1873 Wheeling WVA; and born to them were:

( JOHN B WEED born 1907 Darien CT

( BENJAMIN A WEED born June 1909 Darien CT

( PHEBE BOUTON born 1871 Darien CT

( MARY BOUTON born 1873 Darien CT

( FREDERICK BOUTON born 1875 Darien CT

( IRENE BOUTON born 1878 Darien CT

( BETSEY BOUTON born February 9, 1822 Poundridge NY and died there c1848; married John Gould Ferris ( See him for offspring.

( MARY ANN BOUTON born March 12, 1810 Pound Ridge, Westchester, NY and died there September 29, 1887; buried Pound Ridge Cemetery; married c1829 Anson Remington born May 8, 1785 NY and died May 15, 1864 Pound Ridge; and born to them were:

( STEPHEN REMINGTON (Stephen H) born (December 1829) 1830 Pound Ridge, Westchester, NY and died 1911 Stamford CT; married c1854 Ann Maria Ferris (*) born 1832 Pound Ridge NY and died 1904 Stamford CT; both buried there High Ridge Cemetery; and born to them was:

( CARRIE A. KNAPP REMINGTON (1866-1900) buried High Ridge Cemetery, Stamford



( SETH BOUTON REMINGTON (c1838-) married Martha Louisa Bouton (; and born to them was:


( SMITH REMINGTON (1841-) married Mary Louisa Dann (; and born to them was:



( LYDIA ANN REMINGTON (1846-1924) (born May 1847 NY) buried High Ridge Cemetery, Stamford CT; married c1867 William Jones (1838-1907) [son of Zalmon & Phebe (Taylor) Jones] and born to them was:

( PRESTON ZALMON JONES born March 6, 1874 Stamford CT and died there October 25, 1960; 1900 undertaker; married 1894 Cornelia P. Taff [dau of Charles Henry & Elizabeth Mead (Scott) Taff] born September 5, 1876 Stamford and died August 16, 1956 Norwalk CT; both buried High Ridge Cemetery, Stamford; and born to them were:

( CYRUS D. JONES born October 1895 Stamford and died there July 23, 1896; buried High Ridge Cemetery, Stamford

( PAUL L JONES born September 1898 Stamford and died 1949; married c1917 Amelia Carman (1896-1950); both buried High Ridge Cemetery, Stamford 

( DOUGLAS P JONES (1902-1974) buried High Ridge Cemetery, Stamford

( DANIEL BOUTON born February 28, 1812 Pound Ridge NY; married c1837 Sarah Stevens (c1816-) and born to them were:

( CAROLINE AUGUSTA BOUTON born April 16, 1844 Pound Ridge NY; married c1865 Aaron Bishop (c1840-)

( MARY AMANDA BOUTON born September 15, 1850 Pound Ridge NY; married c1867 Levi Bishop (c1846-) – sisters married brothers ?

( CLARISSA BOUTON born 1815 Pound Ridge NY; married c1836 Enos Reynolds (c1811-)

( ELIZA BOUTON born March 20, 1817 Pound Ridge, Westchester, NY and died 1852; married 1st c1838 William Thatcher (c1813-); 2d Edmund Van York Davis and born to her and Ed were:









( DAVID BOUTON born August 17, 1790 Poundridge, Westchester, NY and died there c1870; married 1st c1815 Betsey Waterbury; and 2d c1820 Rebecca Raymond born June 3, 1794 Poundridge.  Born to David & Betsey (?) were:

( JULIA BOUTON (c1814-) not listed as offspring of David’s in Descendants of John Bouton I.  – birth date is suspect considering date of parents marriage

( HARRIET BOUTON (c1816-) (Harriet M) (born 1818 Westchester Co NY and died 1894 Pound Ridge NY) not listed as offspring of David’s in Descendants of John Bouton I; married Alexander Piatt (1830-1895); both buried Buck Hill Cemetery, Lewisboro NY; and born to them were:

( DEBORAH PIATT born 1852 Westchester Co NY

( JAMES E PIATT born 1857 Pound Ridge, Westchester, NY; married Susan Olivia Ferris (; and born to them were:

( HARRIET L. PIATT born c1889 Pound Ridge, Westchester, NY; married September 20, 1911 Everett B. Knapp [son of George E. & Mary J. (Buick) Knapp] who was the Town Clerk of Pound Ridge for many years; and born to them was:

( PAULINE KNAPP born 1917 Pound Ridge NY

( EVERETT PIATT born 1892 Pound Ridge NY; married Elsie L {maiden name unk} born 1900 Westchester Co NY; and born to them were (these kids were living with their Aunt Harriet in 1930):

( EDWARD W PIATT born 1919 Pound Ridge NY

( NORMAN PIATT born 1922 Pound Ridge NY

( RALPH PIATT born 1925 Pound Ridge NY

( EDWARD PIATT born 1899 Pound Ridge NY

( FERRIS BOUTON (c1818-) married Fanny Slauson; 1850 census Bedford, Westchester Co NY shows Ferris Bouton age 31 a shoemaker; Abby M. Bouton age 25 and George H. Bouton 2m [Jim - maybe, Abby, was his second wife - or is Abby a nickname for Fanny?] Buried in the Poundridge Cemetery are: Abbey M., wife of Ferris Bouton, died March 9, 1872, age 47 years, 5 months, 6 days; Lydia A., dau of Ferris & Abbey M. Bouton, died August 30, 1870, age 16 years, 3 months, 28 days; and George Henry Bouton, son of Ferris & Abbey M. Bouton, died September 1, 1851, age 1 year, 1 month, 10 days.  He is not listed as offspring of David’s in Descendants of John Bouton I.

            Born to David and presumably his 2d wife, Rebecca, were:

( HIRAM BOUTON born September 9, 1825/27 NY; was a clerk in a store in Westchester Co NY 1870-80; married Mary Elizabeth Bouton (; and born to them were:

( WILLIAM HENRY BOUTON born 1850 Lewisboro, Westchester, NY

( MARY ELIZA BOUTON born 1854 Lewisboro NY; married Samuel Resco; and born to them were:






( ISAAC BOUTON born October 18, 1829 (c1825-)

( WILSON BOUTON (1833-) not listed in all sources

( POLLY BOUTON born January 25, 1792 Poundridge NY and died there; married Sherman Ferris ( See him for offspring.

( WILSON BOUTON born c1795 Poundridge NY and died there; married Matilda Brown; and born to them were:




( JAMES FERRIS was baptized May 20, 1753 New Canaan CT; married February 24, 1774 Anna Hait

( ELIZABETH FERRIS was baptized July 13, 1755 Church of Christ, Salem, Westchester, NY; married April 11, 1782 at South Salem, Westchester Co, John Waterbury [son of Daniel & Anna (Bouton) Waterbury] born May 8, 1763 Poundridge, Westchester, NY and died July 23,1819.  Possibly born to them was (purported 7 daughters):

( ANNA WATERBURY born June 7, 1789 Vista, Westchester, NY and died April 20, 1869; married April 10, 1810 Jonathan Beers [son of Edmund & Jemima (Abbott) Beers] born May 22, 1789 and died October 20, 1868. Born to them were:

( AMBROSE ABBOTT BEERS born October 30, 1812 and died June 11, 1897 Lewisboro, Westchester, NY; resided in Lewisboro and was a shoemaker in 1834 & 1850; married 1st August 20, 1834 in Lewisboro, Loretta Brown born c1813 and died April 5, 1845 Lewisboro; 2d January 30, 1850 Betsy Ann Monroe born September 22, 1825. Born to him and Loretta were:

( OSCAR F. BEERS born January 30, 1836; married March 20, 1853 Mary Esther Bouton (Mary Waterbury?) born c1834; he was a shoemaker and she was a shoefitter. Born to them was:


( ALONZO J. BEERS born November 15, 1838 and died October 15, 1849

( LESTER M. BEERS born February 24, 1842 and died June 13, 1862; “intended for the ministry but died in the army unmarried at Newberne NC”

( EMMETT G. BEERS born July 27, 1844 – resided Poundridge 1880 – married September 20, 1868 Lucy J. Caldwell born c1842 NY and born to them were:

( EDITH LORETTA BEERS born September 24, 1871 NY; married William Mackay and born to them was:


( ERNEST E. BEERS born November 8, 1878

            Born to Ambrose and his 2d wife, Betsy, were:

( EMOGENE WATERBURY BEERS born March 7, 1851; married April 21, 1873 Alexander St. George and born to them were:

( ELMER LELAND ST. GEORGE born June 6, 1874; married September 7, 1896 Ada Street

( HAROLD BEERS ST. GEORGE born July 15, 1888

( HARRIET FRANCES BEERS born December (18) 28, 1852 Lewisboro, Westchester, NY; married August 29, 1878 in Ridgefield CT, George Edward Raymond [son of Charles & Louise (Bateman) Raymond] born June 11, 1854 New Canaan CT and died February 5, 1920. Born to them were:

( PERCY EDWARD RAYMOND (Photo) born May 30, 1879 CT and died May 17, 1952 Lexington, Middlesex, MA; graduated Cornell, BA, 1902 and Yale, PhD, 1905 and honorary MA, Harvard, 1942; assistant curator in charge of certebrate paleontology in the Carnegie Museum in Pittsburgh 1904-10; was invertebrate paleontologist with the Geological Survey of Canada 1910-12; Professor of Invertebrate Paleontology U. of Pittsburgh 1909-11; became assistant Professor at Harvard 1912; associated professor 1917; and Professor Emeritus of Paleontology at Harvard 1929; hobby was pewter, collecting and investigating the history of early pewters, founder and first president of the Pewter Club of America; other info on ‘Net; married August 3, 1904 at Worchester NY, Eva Grace Goodenough [dau of Birney & Clarissa Abiel (Mayham) Goodenough] born February 27, 1879 Worcester NY and born to them was:

( RUTH ELSPETH RAYMOND born November 5, 1909 Wilkensburg PA and died January 1979; attended Mount Holyoke, Radcliff and Harvard; WWII veteran was at the Radio Research Lab, Harvard for 3 years doing secret work on radar counter measures.

( HOWARD BEERS RAYMOND born April 10, 1881

( CLARISSA ADA BEERS born December 8, 1854 and died September 23, 1875

( IDA LAVINIA BEERS born March 13, 1857; married July 18, 1883 Elmer Ellsworth Holly and born to them were:

( BESSIE IDA HOLLY born August 24, 1886

( ANNA MAY HOLLY born June 27, 1889

( ALICE WINIFRED HOLLY born October 21, 1891

( FRANKLIN BABBIT BEERS born May 1, 1859 (died September 18, 1915 Boston ?); married in October 1888 Mary Jane Livesay and born to them were:

( MABEL CLARISSA BEERS born December 1889

( EARL LIVESAY BEERS born December 1895 Danbury CT

( JULIA ANN BEERS born November 16, 1861; married December 6, 1885 Herbert William Kemp and born to them were:

( HERBERT OLIVER KEMP born October 14, 1886; married Ethel Russell and born to them were:



( HERBERT OLIVER KEMP JR born January 15, 1917 Schenectady NY and died June 30, 1999; married Rita Constance Luista born October 7, 1916 and died November 14, 2002; and born to them was:

( RANDALL STEWART KEMP born March 8, 1949; married Camme Conrad born April 4, 1950; Randy has provided this updated info – thanks Randy!; and born to them was:


( JULIA MARJORIE KEMP born March 8, 1889

( ARTHUR A. BEERS born July 1, 1864

( LESTER IRVING BEERS born July 10, 1869; married February 1890 Ida M. Keeler and born to them was:

( MYRTLE BEERS born June 6, 1891

( ALBERT BEERS born November 4, 1815 Vista, Westchester, NY and died June 25, 1891 Danbury CT; married December 22, 1870 in Danbury, widow Arsina (Judd) Gregory born April 24, 1922 Newtown, Fairfield, CT. Albert was a farmer in 1850 but was called a shoemaker in 1880 and was ‘divorced’.

( ALFRED BEERS born September 26, 1817 New Canaan CT and died March 12, 1886 Bridgeport CT; married 1st September 15, 1840 Mary E. Bishop [dau of Leander & Maria (McDonald) Bishop] born February 21, 1821 and died May 15, 1864; married 2d January 11, 1866 Anne Jeanette Smith born September 8, 1834 Norfolk CT and died November 7, 1908. Alfred was a conductor on the Naugatuck Railroad for 32 years; a resident of Bridgeport from 1851 until mid-1806s; remainder of his life was spent in West Stratford. He was twice elected Warden of the Borough of West Stratford; also Senior Warden of St. Paul’s Church in Bridgeport. Born to him and Mary were:

( LEANDER J. BEERS born September 18, 1841 Rye, Westchester, NY and died September 1, 1904; married October 15, 1863 Elizabeth Davis born June 1, 1847 NJ and died June 30, 1933. He was a railroad conductor but for the New York, New Haven and Hartford line; resided at New Haven, Hartford and later Milford. Born to them was:

( ALFRED DAVIS BEERS born June 4, 1864 Bridgeport CT and died June 14, 1931 NYC – a commercial traveler

( CHARLES W. BEERS born March 17, 1843 New Rochelle, Westchester, NY and died August 13, 1910; married January 1, 1866 Sarah A. Crossley [dau of James] born January 15, 1843 CT and died January 15, 1927. They resided in Bridgeport where he was employed by the railroad as clerk, baggage master, and mail agent until c1890 when he became the bookkeeper for a leather company.

( ALFRED BISHOP BEERS (Photo) born April 22, 1845 New Rochelle NY and died March 30, 1920 Bridgeport CT; married February 29, 1872 Caroline Theresa House born April 3, 1850 Little Meadows, Susquehanna, PA and died November 11, 1940 Bridgeport. He enlisted (age 16y) September 3, 1861 in Company I, 6th Connecticut Volunteer Infantry and participated in many battles in SC, NC, GA, and VA and was wounded at the Battle of Deep Run (August 16, 1864). In 1864 he was promoted from 1st Sergeant of Company I to Captain of Company B in the same Regiment, which rank he held at the time of his honorable discharge, August 21, 1865. He studied law and weas admitted to the CT Bar 1871; that year he began a partnership with Judge David B. Lockwood of Bridgeport in the firm of Lockwood & Beers that continued until Judge Lockwood’s death in 1897. He was later associated for many years with Judge Carl Foster in the firm of Beers & Foster, and still later, with his son Ralph T., in Beers & Beers. He was appointed clerk of the city court of Bridgeport 1872; Assistant City Attorney 1875; served as Judge of the Bridgeport City Court 1877-93; and as Corporation Counsel for the City of Bridgeport 1897-1900. He played an active role in the Grand Army of the Republic, serving the Elias Howe, Jr Post of Bridgeport as Commander, 1870; Commander for the State of Connecticut 1880-82; and was elected Commander-in-Chief of the national organizatin 1912. Judge Beers was a member of the Fairfield County, the Connecticut, and the American Bar Assn; was a director of several prominent firms of the day, and he had a particular interest in the Bridgeport Public Library which he assisted in founding. He was a Republican, a Mason, a Shriner and a member of Christ’s Protestant Episcopal Church, where he served as a vestryman from 1880 until his death. Born to them were:

( ALFRED BISHOP BEERS, Jr., born February 16, 1873 Bridgeport CT and died there in October 1940; married June 30, 1905 Daisy J. Conklin. He was a mechanical engineer and a foreman with the Crane Co in Bridgeport; no offspring.

( HENRY HOUSE BEERS, M.D., born March 27, 1876 Bridgeport CT and died April 24, 1933 NYC; married June 3, 1914 Julia Wright McCormick born January 7, 1887 Ithaca NY and died there January 15, 1972 and they had 1 child. He was an eye, ear, nose and throat specialist in NYC. Julia was a graduate of Cornell U., 1909.

( RALPH TURNER BEERS born November 6, 1885 Bridgeport CT and died there in November 1932; married December 26, 1914 Anna E. Bernstein born March 4, 1888 New Haven CT and they had 1 child. He was a graduate of Yale and Yale Law School; partner in Beers & Beers with his father and continued the practice after his father’s death.

( MARY ELIZABETH BEERS born September 22, 1887 Bridgeport CT and died there December 8, 1891 of scarlet fever

( EMMA C. BEERS born April 11, 1847 and died in March 1909; married September 13, 1866 John H. French; no offspring

( JULIA M. BEERS born February 14, 1852 and died November 20, 1926; married April 1876 Eugene Wheeler (1850-1930); resided in Bantam in the town of Litchfield and both buried Bantam Cemetery. Born to them were:








( MARY IDA BEERS born September 30, 1855 and died May 3, 1921; married December 25, 1874 in New Rochelle, Westchester, NY Thomas Leavenworth born c1851 and died May 1918

( HARRIET ELIZABETH BEERS born November 18, 1819 and died January 8, 1900; married May 5, 1840 in S. Salem, Westchester, NY Clark Smith Keeler [son of Daniel & Grace (Dauchy) Keeler] born December 5, 1817 Ridgefield CT and died January 30, 1896. They lived in South Hero VT from 1850-1875 where he was the proprietor of a hotel called Island House; both buried Mountain Grove Cemetery in Bridgeport CT. Born to them were:

( JOSEPH E. KEELER born March 18, 1841 Ridgefield CT – sometime after 1875 he moved to Ottawa IL where he was living as late as 1893; married 1st December 25, 1863 in S. Hero, Marian A. Fletcher; married 2d 1866 Sarah Martin.

( ABNER BEERS KEELER born June 2, 1850 S. Hero VT; married October 23, 1875 Canton MA, Esther Bell Mason – resided in Bridgeport CT

( ANNA MARIA BEERS born March 10, 1822 South Salem, Westchester, NY; married May 25, 1841 Taylor Bates born March 29, 1816 and died July 19, 1895. Born to them were:

( RUTH ANN BATES born March 11, 1842 and died September 22, 1859

( JAMES EDWARD BATES born February 6, 1844; married August 9, 1865 Hannah M. Searles

( ARRON TAYLOR BATES born November 11, 1846

( MARY FRANCES BATES born September 17, 1850 Ridgefield, Fairfield, CT and died 1925; married October 1, 1871 George W. Barhite (1850-1897).  Born to them was (and possibly more):

( ANNA M. BARHITE born August 27, 1873 Ridgefield, Fairfield, CT and died December 24, 1945 Sarasota FL; married September 17, 1896 Henry Wakeman Coley [son of Horace Bradley & Abigail A. (Gray) Coley] born January 8, 1867 Westport, Fairfield, CT and died there August 28, 1952. Born to them was (and possibly more):

( HENRY WAKEMAN COLEY born September 30, 1897, Westport, Fairfield County CT and died October 7, 1968, Easton, Fairfield County CT. He married, June 17, 1948, Naugatuck, New Haven CT, Grace Louise Booth [dau of Winfred George & May (Noble) Booth] born September 18, 1914, Naugatuck, New Haven CT and died November 3, 1964, Weston, Fairfield County CT.  Born to them was:

( WILLIAM BOOTH COLEY born December 31, 1949 Norwalk, Fairfield, CT; married May 20, 1978 at Naugatuck CT, Margaret Mary Carey.  Bill is a member of the Connecticut Society of Genealogists and has provided this twig of the Tree - thanks Bill.]

( MARIE ELIZABETH BATES born July 4, 1855; married Benjamin F. Bradley

( FREDERICK SMITH BATES born November 18, 1861; married October 9, 1884 Jennie C. Cornwall and born to them were:






( CARLTON BATES married Helen Clark and they had 2 kids



( AMANDA BEERS born November 16, 1824; married April 18, 1847 E. A. Slosson and born to them were:

( JEREMIAH SLOSSON born December 18, 1848; married November 24, 1870 Hannah J. Gray

( EMMA E. SLOSSON born October 30, 1855; married January 25, 1875 John H. Waters

( AMOS SMITH BEERS born March 15, 1827 S. Salem, Westchester, NY and died December 14, 1889 Bridgeport CT; married 1st November 23, 1848 Susan Olmstead (#4736 – of the Richard Olmsted line)[dau of John & Ann (Holmes) Olmstead] born February 26, 1827 and died March 9, 1860 Waterbury CT; married 2d October 3, 1864 Rachel H. Thompson (c1829-1893). Amos was a shoemaker in New Canaan 1850 and is said to have worked in NYC as a shoe clerk before 1854 when be began what was to be a lifetime career as a conductor on the Naugatuck Railroad. His first wife and dau Susan are buried in Parade Ground Cemtery in New Canaan; he and Rachel and dau Mary and son Jonathan are buried in Mountain Grove Cemetery, Bridgeport (Photo). Born to him and Susan were:

( HERBERT SMITH BEERS born September 22, 1849 New Canaan CT and died May 10, 1918 Warren, Worcester, MA; buried in the Cemetery at Beacon Falls, Haven County CT; married 1st Martha E. {maiden name unk} (c1859-); married 2d Minnie E. {maiden name unk]; and 3d September 22, 1868 Eliza J. Lounsbury (c1841-). From at least 1872-82, he was a conductor the New Haven and Derby Railroad. Born to him and Eliza was:


( WILLIAM HOWARD BEERS born February 24, 1854 and died October 26, 1929; married September 14, 1881 Martha Jane Peck born November 11, 1855 and died April 19, 1948. In 1880 he was employed in the shipping department of the Gilbert Clock factory in Winsted CT and in 1890 when his father’s estate was divided he lived in Watertown CT. The couple with their dau and son Harold are buried in Evergreen Cemetery, Watertown, Litchfield, CT (Photo). Born to them were:

( WILLIAM HERBERT BEERS born July 18, 1883 Winsted, Litchfield, CT and died January 18, 1944; married December 21, 1907 Tullulah Elizabeth Mullikin and they had 2 kids.

( HELEN P. BEERS born February 20, 1885 and died 1919; buried Evergreen Cemetery, Watertown

( FREDERICK HOWARD BEERS (1887-1974) married June 26, 1917 Eula Jane Cook (1887-1952) and they had 4 kids

( HOWARD A. BEERS (1892-1919) buried Evergreen Cemetery, Watertown

( JONATHAN EDWARD BEERS born August 3, 1857 and died March 25, 1889 Bridgeport, Fairfield, CT; buried there Mountain Grove Cemetery; married March 2, 1881 in Bridgeport, Minnie C. Reed born June 8, 1861 Madison WI

( SUSAN E. BEERS born February 21, 1860 and died May 18, 1860

            Born to Amos and his 2d wife, Rachel, was:

( ANNA MARY BEERS born May 20, 1867 and died June 15, 1887

( ANSEL JOY BEERS born July 19, 1829 Vista, Westchester, NY and died July 5, 1903 New Haven CT; married September 16, 1850 Hannah Frances Brown [dau of Isaac Sturges Brown] born May 6, 1832 Weston CT and died March 10, 1904. He was a shoe cutter in New Canaan 1870 and soon moved to New Haven where he became a foreman for J. L. Joyce & Co. Born to them was:

( EMMA FRANCES BEERS born April 13, 1851 New Canaan CT; married June 18, 1872 David Henry Clark born July 24, 1850 Stratford CT and born to them was:

( HARRY J. CLARK born February 14, 1886 New Haven CT; married 1916 Florence M. Smith

( MARY ANTOINETTE BEERS born September 6, 1832; married 1st June 7, 1853 Stephen D. Fancher; married 2d August 6, 1866 George Bates born September 11, 1808 and died November 22, 1886; and born to her and Stephen was:


( GOULD FERRIS born August 2, 1757 Poundridge NY and died there June 8, 1839 age 81y; buried Poundridge Cemetery. His home was near the old Ponus-Heckett wigwam sites, now Trinity Lake vicinity; he enlisted for one year on January 1, 1776 in Captain Joseph Hoyt’s Company, Colonel Charles Webb’s Regiment; served at Boston, White Plains, Trenton, and New York; also served for three months in 1778 in Town Guards at Stamford under Captain Charles Smith and was a Private in Captain Reueben Scofield’s seacoast guards from April 1, 1780 to January 1, 1781; married 1st September 17, 1780 Lydia Nichols who died February 21, 1813 age 56; buried Poundridge Cemetery; and 2d Hannah Waring (Warner) (Warren) (1768-1851); and born to Gould and Lydia were:

( JOHN GOULD FERRIS born May 1, 1782 and died August 3, 1830 age 48y 3m 3d; buried Poundridge Cemetery; baptized November 15, 178* Church of Christ, Salem, Westchester Co NY; married Hannah {maiden name unk} who died July 28, 1878

( LEWIS FERRIS born September 14, 1783 Poundridge NY; baptized November 15, 1786, Church of Christ, Salem NY; and died February 1856, Springfield WI; married 1st Amelia {maiden name unk}; and 2d Samantha Crosby. Born to Lewis and his wives (?), were:

( ANGELINE FERRIS born 1808 Putnam Co NY and died 1831 Tyrone NY; married 1825 in Steuben Co, Jonathan L. Wolverton.

Tyrone Township, Livingston Co MI (1880)

Jonathan L. Wolverton was for many years one of the prominent men of the town. He came, in the spring of 1837, from the town of Tyrone, Schuyler Co., N.Y., and settled on the southeast quarter of section 7, where he built a house a few rods west of the section corner. For many years the corners and school-house located there bore his name, and it is not now by any means obsolete. In politics he was a Democrat, and this agreeing with the sentiment of the majority in the town he was frequently called to official positions. He was one of the first Justices of the peace, and held the office for a period of nine years, being re-elected in 1839 and in 1843. He was also overseer of the poor for a number of years. About fourteen years ago he sold his farm and moved to Fenton. Five or six years later, having unfortunately lost his property, he went to Ingham County, where he is now living with, his son Lewis. Two of his sons --Sylvanus and Andrew J.--are still residents of Tyrone.

Born to them were:

( CAROLINE WOLVERTON born July 9, 1826

( LEWIS F. WOLVERTON born June 26, 1828 Tyrone NY

( RUHAMA WOLVERTON born August 3, 1830 Tyrone NY; married William H. Whitehead



( JULIA ANN FERRIS born 1810 Putnam Co NY and died 1894 MI; married Rice Tompkins [son of Joseph & Hannah] born 1804 Somers, Westchester NY and died Tyrone NY; and born to them were:


( MARY TOMPKINS born September 29, 1832 Wayne NY and died February 1876 North Dansville, Livingston, NY; married February 28, 1852 Robert Lottridge Dorr (Lawyer) [son ofRussell & Palsapianna (Bull) Dorr] born August 7, 1812 Chatham, Columbia, NY and died February 20, 1880 North Dansville; and born to them were:

( ROBERT GRISWOLD DORR born March 21, 1854 North Dansville, Livingston, NY

( HORACE TRACY DORR born October 30, 1856 North Dansville, Livingston, NY

( REUBEN HYDE WALWORTH DORR, L.L.D, born February 15, 1860 North Dansville NY

( HORACE TOMPKINS born July 3, 1838 NY

( RUHAMA FERRIS born 1812 Putnam Co NY and died April 25, 1893 Maywood, Cook, IL; married September 16, 1832 at Tyrone NY, Livingston Compton (1811-1896)

( ISAAC GOULD FERRIS born February 1815; married Hannah Ellis

( GEORGE WASHINGTON FERRIS born January 9, 1818; married Ann Hudnut

( HANNAH FERRIS (1820-1823)

( LYDIA FERRIS born April 12, 1823; married Thomas W. Hill

( AMELIA KEZIAH FERRIS born November 1826 Steuben Co NY; married at Lyons MI, Spencer Johnson

( SETH FERRIS born August 12, 1785 Poundridge NY; baptized November 15, 1786, Church of Christ, Salem NY; and died July 14, 1863; married November 16, 1809 at the Church of Christ, Salem NY, Mary Keeler [dau of Stephen and Hannah (Marvin) Keeler] born, 1787; apparently resided in Wilton CT.  Born to them were:

( STEPHEN GOULD FERRIS (Stephen Gregory Ferris) born November 23, 1810 and died February 14, 1893; a pioneer hatter and banker; deacon of the First Church of Norwalk; resided in South Norwalk; married April 5, 1838 at Wilton CT, Mary Ann Beers [dau of Samuel and Esther (Keeler) Beers] born March 13, 1813 and died July 20, 1906 Norwalk; both buried Hillside Cemetery, Wilton; and born to them were:

( MARY A. FERRIS (Mary Augustus Ferris) born March 4, 1839; schoolteacher; married, as his 2d wife, Rev. Joseph Judah Woolley [son of Joseph & Fannie (Burroughs) Woolley] born September 17, 1832 Bridgeport CT, a Methodist minister; He studied for the ministry in the M. E. Church, and joined the New York East Conference in 1856, and was stationed at South Norwalk, Conn. When the war broke out in 1861, he was commissioned as chaplain in the 8th Regiment, Conn. Volunteers, and was connected with the Burnside expedition into North Carolina, being actively engaged in the battles of Roanoke Island and Newbern. Constant exposure for weeks brought on an attack of typhoid fever, and he came home in the spring of 1862. Immediately after his recovery he pre­sented the cause of the Chaplain's aid Commission in this State; and it was while engaged in this work, that he was invited to become the Pastor of the Center Congregational Church in Meriden, Conn., where he was installed October 22, 1862; having been previously ordained by Bishop Simpson in the Methodist Church. Mr. Woolley was brought up in the Congregational Church under the pastorate of Dr. N. Hewitt, but was converted in the Methodist Church, which will account for his connection with that church, for which he still cherishes the warmest affection. Mr. Woolley has been twice married. His first wife was the daughter of Charles Briscoe of Bridgeport, Conn., with whom he lived five years; during four years of which she was an invalid, being confined to her room the greater part of the time. She died May 6th, 1860, leaving no children. In Dec. 1861 he married the daughter of Deacon Stephen G and Mary A Ferris of South Norwalk, Conn., by whom he has two children, a son and daughter; and the daughter was:

( MARY EMMA WOOLLEY (Dr.) (May) (Photo) born July 13, 1863, S. Norwalk CT and died September 5, 1947 Westport, Essex, NY; formal education begain in the basement of her father’s church and continued under the tutelage of various women throughout her elementary years; at her father’s insistence, her high school education was split between Providence High School and Wheaton Female Seminary, from which she graduated in 1884; retured to the Seminary to teach 1885-90; while teaching there, she decided to continue her education and with the help of her father, she was one of the first six women officially to enter Brown University in 1891; Graduate of Brown University, A.B.,1894; A.M., 1895; Litt.D., 1900; L.H.D., Amherst, 1900; L.L.D., Smith College, 1910; A.M., Yale, 1910; LL.D., 1923; LL.D, Denison, 1931. Instructor at Wheaton Seminary 1895-96, Assistant Prof., Bibl. History; 1896-99, Professor and head department, Bibl. History and Literature; President of Mt. Holyoke, 1900-37; Author; “one of the greatest women in American history”; a noteworthy advocate for the educational equality of women and an influential pacifist. See Who’s Who for more information; also plenty of information on the Internet; resided Westport NY - her “companion” of 50y was Jeannette Augustus Marks

( FRANK FERRIS (Frank A. Ferris) born February 7, 1841; married Mary J. Abbott (1838-1882). Frank made the famous Ferris hams and bacons so well known to the trade according to the Bridgeport News, 1936

( EMMA JANE FERRIS born October 18, 1852 and died June 17, 1890; married September 12, 1877/78 Nelson Dickerman [son of Ashel & Harriet Ann (Downs) Dickerman] born November 4, 1849; and born to them was:

( GRACE EMMA DICKERMAN born September 27, 1878 

( LOCKWOOD KEELER FERRIS born November 22, 1812; a carpenter of Danbury CT; a Lockwood K. Ferris m. Emeline Hickock (dau of John & Betsey) – Lockwood was of Wilton CT – no offspring – don’t know if this is the same one, but his date of birth fits with Emeline’s parents marriage

( MARY MARION FERRIS born August 18, 1818 Wilton CT and died May 18, 1903 East Norwalk CT; married February 12, 1866/67, as his 2d wife, Truman Trowbridge [son of Reuben & Susan (Benedict) Trowbridge] born April 27, 1802 Danbury CT and died there February 14, 1884. Truman was a hatter by trade, acquired a handsome property, traveled extensively in Europe and resided in Danbury CT. He and his first wife had 8 kids, the youngest being approximately 23 years old when he marrried Mary.

( JOSIAH FERRIS was baptized June 20, 1787 Church of Christ, Salem NY

( NATHAN FERRIS born March 15, 1789 and died March 17, 1870 (headstone photo says 79y old); Pound Ridge Cemetery

( ALANSON FERRIS (twin) born November 17, 1794 Poundridge NY and died December 6, 1851 age 57y 1m 19d; married Hannah {mnu} born 1792 and died December 19, 1859 age 67y 11m 19d; both buried Poundridge Cemetery. Born to them was:

( ANGELINE FERRIS (c1832-) married May 12, 1854 Benjamin Weed Benedict [son of Anson and Mary (Bouton) Benedict] born November 23, 1832 New Canaan CT and died April 6, 1861, Lewisboro NY.  Born to them was:

( GEORGE B. BENEDICT born February 23, 1858 South Salem NY; married January 15, 1885 Lulu Paulina Barnum; George was a salesman and they resided at Brulyeport CT.  Born to them were:

( RICHARD FERRIS BENEDICT born April 26, 1886; married October 15, 1912 Sabina J. Moyniham

( NELLIS BARNUM BENEDICT born June 6, 1888; married July 9, 1910, F.S. Hanley and born to them was:

( PHILIP BENEDICT HANLEY born May 13, 1911

( SHERMAN FERRIS (twin) born November 17, 1794; married Polly Bouton ( Born to them were:

( LYDIA FERRIS born 1811 Poundridge NY and died 1887; married John Bouton ( See him for offspring.

( ALFRED FERRIS born c1813 Poundridge NY

( JANE FERRIS born c1815 Poundridge NY and died 1871; married James Elmore

( RUTH FERRIS born c1817 Poundridge NY; married John Timpson

( JOHN GOULD FERRIS (c1820-c1850) Poundridge NY; married Betsey Bouton ( [Jim -As Chaplain Ferris notes, if the death dates of John and 3 of his children are correct, there must have been an epidemic or a tragedy of some type hit this family.] Born to them were:

( AMANDA FERRIS born c1839/44 and died 1850

( CAROLINE FERRIS born c1841/46

( CYRUS FERRIS born c1843/48 and died 1850

( CLARISSA FERRIS born c1849/50 and died 1850  

( JESSE FERRIS born February 14, 1822 Poundridge NY and died May 23, 1895; married Mary Jane Remington [dau of Anson & Mary Ann (Bouton) Remington][brother-in-law and sister-in-law were brother and sister] born May 23, 1832 Poundridge NY. Born to them were:

( MARTHA JANE FERRIS born November 1853 Poundridge NY

( WILLIAM EDGAR FERRIS born December 20, 1862 Poundridge NY; possibly married Maria Clark

( SETH FERRIS born January 24, 1864

( LUELLA FERRIS born 1871 and died May 12, 1875

( ANNA MARIA FERRIS born 1824 Poundridge NY and died 1904; married April 1848 Stephen H. Remington [son of Anson and Mary Ann (Bouton) Remington - both of whom are buried Poundridge Cemetery) born December 29, 1829 Poundridge NY.  Born to them was:

( CARRIE A. REMINGTON born February 3, 1866 High Ridge

( HANNAH FERRIS born October 22, 1759 and died May 27, 1857 age 97y 7m 5d; married October 25, 1782 Nathan Slawson [son of Eleazar and Sarah (Raymond) Slawson] born January 9, 1753, New Canaan and died December 18, 1844, in his 92d year at Poundridge NY; both buried Poundridge Cemetery. Born to them was:

( HANNAH SLAWSON born May 13, 1794 Pound Ridge, Westchester, NY and died there May 20, 1893; married as his 2d wife, John Fancher [son of John & Susanna (Monroe) Fancher] born April 16, 1790 Pound Ridge and died there July 25, 1849; brought 2 kids with him for his 1st marriage

( ANNA FERRIS was baptized August 12, 1764 Salem NY; married Daniel Nichols of Poundridge and born to them was:

( MARY NICHOLS born February 16, 1799 Poundridge NY; married November 21, 1818 in Fishkill, Daniel Bennett [son of Josiah & Rachel (Osborn) Bennett] born August 11, 1794 Ridgefield CT; War of 1812 Vet SELLECK FERRIS was baptized June 21, 1769 Church of Christ, Salem NY 


(3.4) MOSES FERRIS (8RLK-L5) born c1664/66 Stamford (Greenwich?) and died c1748 Greenwich CT; married, probably at Greenwich, Eunice Waterbury (?doubtful surname) (Winchell?); resided in Greenwich and were Congregationalists. Moses owned land in various parts of Greenwich and in New York in Forenear Purchase; also several parcels of land described as part of Ferris’ Great Lot on west side of Mianas River above main county road; also land at Cos Cob. Born to them were:

(3.4.1) JONATHAN FERRIS born Greenwich date unk; living Greenwich 1759; a Jonathan Ferris of Greenwich was on tax list, 1762, but not on later ones

(3.4.2) DAVID FERRIS born Greenwich date unk and died there unmarried 1762

(3.4.3) JOSEPH FERRIS born c1690/8 Greenwich and died there before 1762; married possibly, Elizabeth Reynolds and born to them were [this family has a lot of unanswered questions] [Chaplain Ferris has the offspring below as the offspring of Joseph (3.5.1)]:

( JOSEPH FERRIS born February 22, 1737/38

( JESSE FERRIS born January 14, 1739 [not listed by Chaplain Ferris]

( HANNAH FERRIS (twin) born March 4, 1742 [not listed by Chaplain Ferris]

( DAVID FERRIS (twin) born March 4, 1742 (??Jim ‑ more specula­tion here because of dates; a David Ferris of North Castle married Mary Reed of Norwalk on December 6, 1769??)

( JEREMIAH FERRIS born November 19, 1744 [not listed by Chaplain Ferris]

( ELIZABETH FERRIS born December 21, 1746 [not listed by Chaplain Ferris]

( JABEZ FERRIS born February 23, 1748 [not listed by Chaplain Ferris]

( WILLIAM FERRIS born January 30, 1750 [not listed by Chaplain Ferris]

( EZEKIEL FERRIS born May 24, 1753 [not listed by Chaplain Ferris]


(3.4.4) MOSES FERRIS, Jr., born c1700 Greenwich; living there 1757; possibly married April 20, 1759 Sarah Kellog [Jim - questionable as a first marriage]

(3.4.5) JOSHUA FERRIS born c1702 Greenwich and died c1768 [Jim - speculation - there was a Joshua Ferris, who was commissioned ensign of the east militia company, town of Greenwich, May session, 1729 - probably this guy.]; married {Sarah Kellogg - questionable}, and born to them were:

( JOHN FERRIS born c1730 Stamford and died c1788 Columbia NY (or KY or OH?); served during the Revolutionary War, enlisting at age 45 with his sons, John Jr., and Silvanus, in the 4th New York Regiment; a farmer; a cordwainer; 5' 6" tall with light eyes; married February 23, 1755 at Stamford, Ruth Brown born September 6, 1734. [another source has his wife as Hannah, daughter of Elisha Mead – that John is (] He resided in Bedford, Poundridge, and Albany Co NY.  Born to them were:

( MARY FERRIS born April 5, 1756, Stamford – because of same birth date, Mary

( is also listed as a dau of John & Hannah (Mead) Ferris – probably same Mary – will leave in both places for now, pending…..

( JOHN FERRIS, JR., born April 20, 1760, Poundridge NY and died September 22/23, 1841, Huntington, Lorain County OH; buried there Huntington Center Cemetery.  While residing in Bedford, Westchester County NY in the summer of 1776, he enlisted in early January 1776 (at age 15?), along with his father and brother, Silvanus. .  His father returned home in the summer of 1776, but John, Jr., continued in service as a Private in Captain Daniel Mills Company of Colonel Van Schick’s New York Regiment, until he contracted smallpox and remained in the hospital until September 1776, when he was discharged, having served more than 7 months. Soon after, he enlisted again with his father and brother, Sylvanus, and served 3 months as a private in Captain Isaac Titus’ company of rangers raised in the Town of Bedford NY. He enlisted in the spring of 1777 and served as a private in Captain Woodard’s New York company and while at White Plans was taken with measles and returned home about three weeks before his three-months term of enlistment expired and did not return to his company. He enlisted in August or September 1777 and served for five months, then for three months as a private in Captain Zephaniah Mill’s New York company as guard of prisoners stationed at Bedford. He enlisted in the spring of 1778 and served four months as private in Captain Richard Sackett’s company, Colonel Graham’s New York regiment; September 6, 1778 he was enlisted to drive a team. He enlisted in June or July 1780 and served three months as private in Captain Benjamin Stevens’ [possibly Stevenson’s] company, Colonel Thaddeus Crane’s New York regiment. He volunteered in January 1781 and served more than a month as a private in Captain Samuel Lewis’ New York company.  In the Town of Bedford, Westchester County NY, Historical Records, Volume VII, a John Ferris is listed who served with the 1st Regiment, New York Line and the 2d Regiment, Westchester County Militia - this is probably that John.   He married, in September, 1784, Jerusha Lockwood [?dau of Reuben & Elizabeth (Stevens) Lockwood] born November 23, 1760 and died January 17, 1837. They resided in Westchester County, Poundridge and Bedford until 1783/88; then to Rensselaerville, Albany County until 1792; then to Catskill, Albany County until 1800; was in Ohio County VA, 1800-05; then to Shalersville, Portage County OH, where he lived until his two youngest sons entered the ministry in 1831.  John was allowed an annual pension of $80.00, Certificate # 29568, at the time residing in Shalersville OH.   Born to them were:

( CLARA FERRIS born March 14, 1786; married in Catskill NY, Thomas Bright born 1779 in Maryland; and born to them was:


( MARGARET FERRIS (Peggy) born September 28, 1787 and died May 31, 1842, Huntington, Lorain, OH; buried there Huntington Center Cemetery; married July 13, 1806 John Chapman [son of Dennie and Mabel (Godfrey) Chapman] born January 12/27, 1783 Westport CT and died March 11, 1837 near Toronto, Canada (1840, Huntington OH). This family lived in Huntington OH until about 1825, when they moved to the vicinity of Toronto Canada (Scarborough). When he died, he left the care of the family to an invalid mother.  Soon after John’s death, a daughter and three sons returned to Huntington OH, where they married and prepared homes for the dependent family (their mother and younger siblings).  The two unmarried daughters, Laura and Lorena nursed their suffering mother who died of Cancer. Margaret’s death left two unmarried daughters and three orphan boys.  Born to them were:

( HANNAH CHAPMAN born September 9, 1807 Huntington, Lorain, OH and died October 18, 1877 Menard Co IL; married February 1, 1827 in Toronto, Canada, Thomas Kennedy [son of John & Nancy (Wasson) Kennedy] born March 19, 1796 Schenectady NY and died January 31, 1890 Rock Creek Precinct, Menard Co IL; both buried there Farmer’s Point Cemetery.  Thomas moved to the vicinity of Toronto with his father’s family, where he met Hannah and they removed to Menard County IL c1840. Born to them were:

( SAMUEL L. KENNEDY born December 15, 1827 near Toronto, Canada and died January 12, 1899 Menard Co IL; married January 30, 1851 Minerva J Graham who died November 12, 1865 age 36y 6m 4d; both buried Farmer’s Point Cemetery, Menard Co IL; and born to them were:

( ALBERT B. KENNEDY born January 15, 1852 and died March 18, 1907; buried Farmer’s Point Cemetery

( MARY E. KENNEDY (1854-1881)

( INFANT SON KENNEDY died February 17, 1856; buried Farmer’s Point Cemetery

( WILLIAM V. KENNEDY (1857-1892)

( CHARLES O. KENNEDY died March 10, 1862 age 2y 6m 9d; buried Farmer’s Point Cemetery

( LILLIAN KENNEDY died October 30, 1862 age 1y 5m 1d; buried Farmer’s Point Cemetery

( MARTHA J. KENNEDY died March 25, 1865 age 1y 2m 19d; buried Farmer’s Point Cemetery

( MARGARET FERRIS KENNEDY born December 30, 1830 near Toronto, Canada and died November 3, 1851 Menard Co IL; married March 25, 1847 in Menard Co, Jesse Maltby. Born to them were:

( JANE MALTBY (1849-)

( NANCY MARIA MALTBY (1850-1911) (headstone has Maria) married January 20, 1870 in Sangamon IL, Henry Clay Batterton [son of William & Elizabeth (Gaines) Batterton] born November 12, 1843 Petersburg, Menard, IL and died December 12, 1916 New Salem, Menard, IL; both buried Hickory Grove Cemetery, Menard Co IL; and born to them was:

( IDA MAY BATTERTON born c1871 Salisbury, Sangamon, IL and died July 9, 1957 Pine Co MN; married March 4, 1891 in Menard IL, Charles Greene McNeal  born September 30, 1867 IL and died September 12, 1921 Pine Co MN; and born to them were:

( WILLIAM GLEN MCNEAL born August 31, 1892 Menard Co IL and died November 9, 1959 Pine Co MN; married c1913 Grace Michael born June 7, 1893 IA and died July 1977 Chisago Co MN

( LEONARD C MCNEAL born April 16, 1894 Menard Co IL and died May 12, 1974 Pihne Co MN; owned a barber ship in Pine City MN; married c1916 Ruby {maiden name unk} born June 12, 1898 IL and died August 6, 1981 Pine Co MN

( ELLA B MCNEAL born October 2, 1897 Menard Co IL and died January 28, 1969 Mora, Kanabec, MN; married c1917 Albert Edward Anderson born March 31, 1897 MN and died April 11, 1981 Mora

( FRED H MCNEAL born April 15, 1900 Menard Co IL and died February 25, 1991

( WILMA MCNEAL born March 25, 1902 Menard Co IL and died December 11, 1982 Mora MN; married c1924 Robert Leigh Ardner born c1901 MN

( ADA MAY MCNEAL born December 29, 1903 Menard Co IL and died December 1, 1998 Mora MN; married a Mr McCarthy/McCart

( MARIE MCNEAL born c1906 IA

( GLADYS V MCNEAL born c1909 IA

( MARGARET MALTBY (1851-1918) married Frank Douglas

( NANCY WASSON KENNEDY born January 15, 1833 and died May 21, 1857

( JOHN CHAPMAN KENNEDY born July 7, 1835 near Toronto, Canada and died March 15, 1899 Payson IL; married 1st October 20, 1857 Mary Ann Davis who died September 19, 1858 age 20y in childbirth; buried Farmer’s Point Cemetery, Menard Co IL (Photo); married 2d October 20, 1859 Mary Ann Davis (a first cousin to his first wife) born December 6, 1841 and died August 4, 1870, also buried Farmer’s Point Cemetery (Photo); and married 3d September 25, 1871 Sarah C. {maiden name unk} born January 20, 1847 and died October 31, 1914. Born to John and his first wife, Mary Ann, was:

( MAY KENNEDY born September 19, 1858 and died September 22/28, 1858; buried Farmer’s Point Cemetery, Menard Co IL

Born to John and his second wife, Mary Ann the 2d were;

( IDA E. KENNEDY born January 31, 1861 and died June 19, 1868; buried Farmer’s Point Cemetery, Menard Co IL

( NANCY LOUELLA KENNEDY born August 17, 1862 and died after 1920; married March 30, 1892 Alvin P. Richards (1857-1930)

( ANDREW COLLIN KENNEDY born January 28, 1866 and died January 23, 1947 IL; married 1st February 27, 1889 Katie Becker born May 14, 1865 and died December 30, 1903 in the Iroquois Theatre fire in Chicago IL; 2d Frances A. Palmer (1871-1930). Born to Andrew and Katie were:

( RAYMOND COLLIN KENNEDY born July 14, 1890 Freeport IL and died July 1969 LaPorte IN; married April 20, 1919 in Covington KY, Minnie Jane Robinson [dau of James Robert & Mary (Baker) Robinson] born August 15, 1892 Garrard Co KY and died 1988 Bristol CT. Born to them were:

( MARY KATHERINE KENNEDY born January 23, 1902 LaPorte IN; married July 25, 1945 in Chicago IL, Austin John Buchanan

( ELEANOR KENNEDY born September 24, 1921 LaPorte IN; married December 17, 1941 John Burns

( NANCY LEE KENNEDY born January 21, 1924 LaPorte IN and died September 1928

( JOHN COLLIN KENNEDY born August 5, 1930; married December 17, 1952 1st Margaret {maiden name unk}; and 2d Jane {maiden name unk}

( JEAN ELIZABETH KENNEDY born September 25, 1901; married February 4, 1920 Carl Philip Lebetsamer

Born to John and his third wife, Sarah were:

( LAURA BELLE KENNEDY born October 12, 1873; married June 9, 1892 Henry A. Fuller (1862-)

( DAVID EDWIN KENNEDY born July 15, 1875; married 1st Bird Gordon (1884-); 2d Margaret Becker (1870-1903)

( HOMER BYRANT KENNEDY born December 1, 1877 and died December 19, 1924; married July 7, 1902 Naomi Miller (1876-)

( FRANK BLAINE KENNEDY born June 3, 1879; married January 24, 1896 Edith Rasbach (1879-)

( GRACE OLIVE KENNEDY born February 8, 1881; married September 8, 1900 A. L. Derby

( GEORGE RALPH KENNEDY born March 6, 1883; married February 6, 1883 Myrtle B. Gibbons (1881-)

( JOHN ILES KENNEDY born March 13, 1885; married March 13, 1906 Evelyn E. Earl (1885-)

( THOMAS EDGAR KENNEDY born March 19, 1887

( FLAVIUS WARD KENNEDY born March 17, 1889 [2 days after his father died]; married August 10, 1910 Vernie Fay Taylor (1890-)   

( THOMAS L. KENNEDY born December 5, 1837 near Toronto, Ontario, Canada and died June 15, 1915, Petersburg IL; Civil War Vet with Co K, 33d Illinois Inf Regt; married, December 27, 1882 at Bates, Sangamon County IL, Addie Maltby (related to her brother-in-law, Jesse?) born August 26, 1856 and died March 14, 1939; both buried Farmer’s Point Cemetery, Menard Co IL (Photo); and  born to them was:

( ROBERT S. KENNEDY (1883-1964) married Nellie A. Smith (1887-1963); both buried Farmer’s Point Cemetery, Menard Co IL (Photo)

( LYMAN TRUMBLE KENNEDY born November 7, 1840 and died May 21, 1901; married September 20, 1864 Louisa Jane Smith (1845-). Born to them were:

( SHERMAN T. KENNEDY (1865-1898)

( ELLEN SMITH KENNEDY (1867-) married Albert Elias Barnes

( BRYON W. KENNEDY (1869-1899)


( LYMAN OSCAR KENNEDY (1872-1930) married Hattie L. Wallingford (1871-)


( DWIGHT M. KENNEDY (1883-1897)

( JAMES BRUNSON KENNEDY born July 9, 1845 near Petersburg, Menard County IL and died February 2, 1917. He married, September 29, 1864, Mary Warren Watkins (1847-1929). Born to them were:

( HANNAH ANN KENNEDY (1865-) married William Monroe Langston (1854-1927)

( CHARLES WARREN KENNEDY (1868-) married Sarah Jane Fuller

( HARVEY JAMES KENNEDY (1870-) married Hattie Jane Henniger (1875-)

( ADA ETHEL KENNEDY (1873-1923) married Columbus C. Hill (1873-)

( ORON DENNY KENNEDY (1877-) married Tessie Estella Barnes (1876-1911)

( LYMAN NEWTON KENNEDY (1880-) married Nellie Maud White (1880-)

( LILLIE MAY KENNEDY (1884-) married Edward Lee Langston (1869-1917)

( LAURA JANE KENNEDY born December 25, 1849 and died April 15, 1888; married December 14, 1873 Elizah M. Davis (1856-1922) and born to them was:


( JERUSHA CHAPMAN married a Mr. Vanhorn.


( LUCINDA CHAPMAN married Wilbur {surname unk}

( LORENA CHAPMAN born June 24, 1824 and died August 29, 1896; married July 17, 1845 Josiah B. Lang






( RUTH FERRIS born December 17, 1789 Catskill NY and died October 9, 1853 Ellisville, Fulton, IL; married February 27, 1816 at Jefferson OH, Martin Williams [son of Asher]. Born to them were:

( CHILD WILLIAMS drowned while very young

( CHARLES ASHER WILLIAMS born August 15, 1818 Geauga Co OH; married Angelina Hall and born to them was:


( LOVILLA WILLIAMS born November 24, 1820 Geauga Co OH; married 1845 John Reynolds who died November 9, 1892 Lacon IL

( AURELIA WILLIAMS born August 1823 Geauga Co OH and died January 22, 1857 Henry IL; married November 1, 1845 at Ellisville IL, as his 2d wife, Dr. Charles Davis [son of George & Martha (Aylswroth) Davis] born June 1, 1814 Columbia, Herkimer, NY; graduated 1850 M.D., Cincinnati OH; and born to them were:


( MARIA LOUISA DAVIS born February 3, 1848

( OSSIAN CARROLL DAVIS born March 13, 1851; resided in Racine WI; married February 20, 1878 Maria Louisa Kirkwood, of Chicago IL

( CHARLES LAWRENCE DAVIS born May 1, 1854; resided in Wyoming, Stark, IL

( ARINDA WILLIAMS born November 22, 1825 Geauga County OH and died February 1876 Cathage IL; married at Abingdon IL, Amos Sanford. [Jim - there was an Amos Sanford, who attended the Knox Academy in Galesburg IL, 1855-56; don’t know if same guy.]

( LAURA A. WILLIAMS born August 12, 1834 Portage Co OH; married 1867 at Fulton IL, U. W. Dickson (1813-1895)

( CHARLES GRANDISON FERRIS born October 12, 1791 Catskill, Greene, NY and died, it is said by suicide, March 17, 1867 Mantua, Portage, OH; buried there at West Lawn Cemetery.  He went by the name Grandison; a Methodist minister; married March 6, 1813 at Mantua, Mary ‘Polly’ Card born January 12, 1797 Blanford (Granville) MA and died 1862 Portage Co OH; and born to them were:

( OLIVE FERRIS born March 11, 1814 Shalervsille, Portage, OH and died February 10, 1880; married July 14, 1829, John W. McIntosh

( ORRIN FERRIS (Dr.) born February 2, 1817 Shalersville, Portage, OH and died May 8, 1876, Upper Sandusky OH; married 1st June 2, 1843 at Upper Sandusky, Olive Flower; and 2d widow Mary Herschill born c1841 and died June 26, 1926 Rosebud OR [there is a Dr. Orrin Ferris mentioned in the History of Marion County OH; he was a member of the first Marion County Medical Society organized in 1850.] Born to Orrin and Olive was:


Born to Orrin and his second wife, Mary, was:

( IDA MAY FERRIS born January 16, 1861 OH

( OSMAN FERRIS born February 20 (?), 1819 Shalersvile, Portage, OH and died October 10, 1884 Mantua OH; buried there at West Lawn Cemetery; a physician and a farmer in Mantua; married 1st July 5, 1842 Lydia (Mary) Streeter (Streator) [dau of John and Nancy (Perkins)] born March 9, 1822 and died June 1, 1843 during childbirth, buried in Streator lot, Hillside Cemetery, Shalersville; and 2d  March 14, 1848, Maria P. Reed (1821-1898) [dau of Chester].  Born to Osman and Lydia was:

( OSMAN STREATOR FERRIS born June 1, 1843 Versailles, Wyandot, OH; a lawyer in Garretsville OH; married November 9, 1876 Ellen Rhinehart [dau of Samuel and Elizabeth] born October 9, 1853 Union, Cass, MI; and born to them were:

( ARTHUR R. FERRIS (Arthur Rhinehart?) born September 4, 1879

( MARK S. FERRIS (Mark Streator?) born April 27, 1884

Born to Osman and his second wife, Maria, was:

( HELEN MARIA FERRIS (1850-) married 1879 John Gould, of Aurora, Portage, OH [son of John W. & Eliza (Post)] born 1844 Twinsburg OH; led much the life of any farmer’s son going to township schools, and for several winters was under the tutorship of the Rev. Graves; being a very studious turn of mind, he added to his limited school advantages a general fund of information gleaned from an extended reading of books, magazines, and the best papers. In 1870 he became connected with the Cleveland Herald and in 1873 was advanced to the position of traveling agent of the paper. The year following he became a staff correspondent, and in that position made extended tours, his travels in one year taking him into nearly a score of states. When the temperance movement began, he was delegated his paper to report it, and for over 3 months this was his exclusive duty. When he married Helen, he gave up journalism and they located to Aurora Station OH and John began farming, but in 1880, upon the reorganization of the editorial staff of the Herald, he again became connected with the editorial force of that paper, with special assignment to its agricultural department. The same year, he became dairy editor of the Ohio Farmer, and for years his writings for that journal over the pseudonym of “Sam”, were widely read. When Secretary Chamberlain, of Columbus, organized the lecture course known as “Farmers’ Institutes”, John was early assigned to a prominent place as a special lecturer upon dairy and kindred subjects, and during the winters of 1882-83 and 1884, he visited nearly every part of the State in that capacity. He wrote articles for the New York Tribune, Rural New Yorker, County Gentleman, Coleman’s Rural, Prairie Farmer, etc. When the Herald folded in 1885, John accepted a position on the editoral staff of the Cleveland Plain Dealer; apparently no offspring  

( CHARLES GRANDISON FERRIS JR (Rev.) born March 12, 1824 (July 8, 1827) Shalersville, Portage, OH and died September 1, 1888 Jackson Township, Van Wert Co OH; a traveling minister and a Chaplain with the 123d Ohio Volunteer Infantry, Civil War; married 1st at Delphos OH c1849, Sarah Huber born 1829 Hardin Co OH and died 1860 OH; married 2d February 5, 1861 in Kenton, Hardin, OH, Sally Ward born September 18, 1842 OH and died January 23, 1903 OH. He was granted a pension April 11, 1879. He was expelled from the Central Ohio Conference of the Methodist Church in 1866 and reinstated in 1868. Born to Charles and Sarah were:

( FRANK CHARLES FERRIS born 1851 Delphos OH; married 1873 Ellen Mullins

( MARY FERRIS born 1854 Upper Sandusky OH and died there 1894; married c1852 James E. Pike of Fort Wayne IN

( CHARLES FERRIS born 1858 Freemont OH

Born to Charles and his second wife, Sally, were:

( HATTIE WARD FERRIS born September 15, 1862 Crestline, Crawford, OH and died March 13, 1913 Shelby, Richland, OH; buried there Oakland Cemetery; married September 15, 1881 OH, Arthur Robert Wilson [son of Charles Richard & Sarah Ann (Watkinson) Wilson] born July 7, 1857 Van Wert Co OH and died January 14, 1934 Berwick, Columbia, OH; buried with Hattie; and born to them were:

( GRACE LUELLA WILSON born March 2, 1882 OH; married about January 10, 1901 in Shelby OH, Albert George Adams born August 20, 1876 OH and died February 19, 1967 Shelby; buried there Oakland Cemetery; and they had 2 kids, 1 of which was:

( DORIS V. ADAMS born October 3, 1908 Shelby, Richland, OH and died January 1992 Westerville, Delaware, OH

( CHARLES WILLIAM WILSON born May 20, 1885 Shelby, Richland, OH and died there August 31, 1955; buried there Oakland Cemetery; married 1st November 4, 1905 in Shelby, Bessie V. Horner [dau of Lorenzo Dow & Mary Marie (Klinkle) Horner] born August 22, 1883 Shelby and died there April 22, 1925 – divorced – buried there Oakland Cemetery; married 2d c1920 in OH, Laura E. Bistline [dau of Samuel David & Elizabeth (Truelove) Bistline] born December 1890 OH and died October 23, 1935 Shelby; buried there Oakland Cemetery; married 3d in OH, Clara Gallaghar born Bucyrus, Crawford, OH; married 4th October 20, 1947 in Mansfield OH, Eulalia Lucy Pauline Reinemeyer [dau of Wilhemus Francisus Antonius & Thersia Marie (Hanf) Reinemyer] born February 14, 1898 Delphos, Allen, OH and died September 11, 1988 Bucyrus, Crawford, OH; buried there Holy Trinity Catholic Cemetery; and born to him and Bessie were:

( CHARLES NED WILSON born April 4, 1916 Shelby, Richland, OH and died there April 22, 1917; buried with parents at Oakland Cemetery

( BILLY WARD WILSON born March 22, 1918 Shelby, Richland, OH and died there January 18, 1996; buried there Oakland Cemetery; married a Miss Seaman and they had 3 kids

            Born to Charles and his 2d wife, Laura, was:

( CHARLES WILLIAM WILSON Jr born December 19, 1929 Shelby, Richland, OH and died there April 26, 1981; buried there Oakland Cemetery; married a Miss Stephan and they had 3 kids

( FRANK NEWTON WILSON born December 18, 1888 Shelby, Richland, OH and died there March 6, 1909; buried there Oakland Cemetery

( FRED ELMER WILSON born July 6, 1890 Sharon Township, Richland Co OH and died September 17, 1956 Los Angeles Co CA

( EDITH ELEANOR WILSON born September 15, 1893 Jackson Township, Richland Co OH and died April 26, 1932 Shelby, Richland, OH; buried there Oakland Cemetery

( ROBERT ELLSWORTH WILSON born April 11, 1896 Jackson Township, Richland Co OH and died January 14, 1934 Richland Co OH; buried there Oakland Cemetery; married Mary {maiden name unk} born October 14, 1900 OH

( CLAUS FERRIS WILSON born August 29, 1897 Jackson Township, Richland Co OH and died August 12, 1966 Fremont, Sandusky, OH; buried there; married before 1917 Esther {maiden name unk} born c1897 OH and died post-1966; and they had 2 kids

( LILLIAN GERTRUDE WILSON born August 19, 1900 and died January 14, 1993 Lewisburg, Union, PA; married after July 1920 Herbert S. Entz born May 10, 1902 and died September 1984 Lewisburg PA; and they had a child

( CLAUDE ELMER FERRIS born June 19, 1865 Ross Co OH and died April 17, 1949 Van Wert Co OH; married March 29, 1891 in Van Wert Co OH, Lydia Bell Adams [dau of Harvey & Catherine (Bowersock) Adams] born December 10, 1871 OH and died May 8, 1959 Van Wert Co OH

( PHEBE LUELLA FERRIS (Phoebe) born May 27, 1868 Sylvania, Lucas, OH and died before September 12, 1947; married February 25, 1886 Paris Brewer born May 27, 1868 (same birthday?)

( FREDERICK M FERRIS born July 1, 1872 probably Fulton Co OH and died February 1938 Richland Co OH; buried there Oakland Cemetery

( NEWTON O. FERRIS born August 19, 1875 Wood or Ottawa Co OH and died 1947; buried Woodland Cemetery, Pleasant Township, Van Wert Co OH (there are 2 Woodland Cemeteries in Van Wert Co, not sure which one); married December 23, 1894 in Van Wert Co OH, Jennie DeLong (1877-1941) [dau of Isaac & Elizabeth] buried with Newton; and born to them was:

( ARTHUR N. FERRIS born February 16, 1897 Shelby, Richland, OH and died September 18, 1926; buried Woodland Cemetery, Van Wert Co OH (Ditto)

( ELLSWORTH DOLPH FERRIS born May 15, 1878 Van Wert Co OH and died September 11, 1947 Shelby, Richland, OH; buried there Oakland Cemetery; married 1st December 23, 1901 in Shelby, Maude Leone Wilson [dau of Charles Richard & Rebecca E. (Tousley) Wilson] born April 15, 1880 Van Wert Co OH and died November 27, 1931 Shelby OH; buried there Oakland Cemetery; married 2d after November 28, 1931 Blanche E. Wilson [dau of John Collinwood & Lucy Elizabeth (Tousley) Wilson] born 1879 probably Ft Wayne/Swan IN and died 1965 Shelby OH; buried there Oakland Cemetery; and born to him and Maude were:

( GLADYS E. FERRIS born October 16, 1902 Shelby, Richland, OH and died after November 29, 1931 IN or MI; married after 1919 Russell W. Fewell (c1900-1931) and they had a child

( CHARLES E. FERRIS born February 11, 1905 Shelby, Richland, OH and died there June 22, 1905; buried there Oakland Cemetery

( WALTER NEWTON FERRIS born 1909 Shelby, Richland, OH and died there June 2, 1909

( EUNICE GENEVA FERRIS born June 28, 1912 Shelby, Richland, OH and died post-1955; graduate Shelby High School, Shelby OH, 1930; married name unk and had a child

( JOHN DOLPH FERRIS born February 10, 1916 Shelby, Richland, OH and died there July 8, 1927; buried there Oakland Cemetery

( KEMP B. FERRIS born May 22, 1918 Shelby, Richland, OH and died there March 9, 1919; buried there Oakland Cemetery

( BLANCHE ESTELLA FERRIS born c1880 Van Wert/Putnum Co OH and died about July 25, 1965 Richland Co OH; buried there Oakland Cemetery

( FRANKIE FERRIS born August 30, 1880 Putnum Co OH and died there November 9, 1880

( NEWTON S. FERRIS born September 9, 1831 Shalersville OH and was killed in action, July 30, 1864, Petersburg VA. Newton served with the 38th Wisconsin Infantry Regiment, whose Companies A, B, C, and D were mustered in at Madison WI April 15, 1864; moved to Washington DC, May 3-7; camped at Arlington VA until May 30, when they moved to White House VA; Regiment involved in siege of Petersburg and the Mine Explosion, which took place on July 30 – don’t know if Newton was involved in that.  Chaplain Ferris has him as a Colonel - unit history has him as a Captain with Co E; was also a lawyer. He married Charlotte Bridge and born to them were:

( BRECKENRIDGE FERRIS born before 1864

( NEWTON FERRIS, JR., born before 1864

( JENNIE FERRIS born before 1864; married a Mr. Leslie

( MARY LOCKWOOD FERRIS born August 22, 1840 Shalersville OH and died March 4, 1903; married, May 28, 1862 at Mantua OH, Chauncey C. Hickox born May 26, 1836 and was murdered March 27, 1902, while gathering sap in his sugarbush; buried in Garrettsville, Portage Co; no offspring.  Another source has Mary marrying Dr. Samuel Burch born circa 1835 in Canada and dying in Ohio. Dr. Burch may have been her second husband.(?)

( HENRY RANSON (RANSOM) FERRIS born July 16, 1793 Catskill, Greene, NY and died October 21, 1843 Walnut Grove, Knox, IL; buried Methodist Church Cemetery, Hermon IL (Photo); a Veteran of the War of 1812 and a Wesleyan Methodist minister; moved from Mantua OH to Wellington, Loraine County OH c1820; married March (February) 21, 1815 at Randolph, Portage, OH, Lodema Culver born May 10, 1798 Wells, Rutland, VT and died January/June 6, 1882 Huntington, Smith, KS (age 83y 8m 26d) where she was living with her daughter Lovina; buried Twelve Mile Cemetery, Smith Co KS (Photos); they organized the first M.E.Church in Huntington, Lorain, OH; farmed in Portage Co OH and Loraine Co OH, until they moved to Knox Co IL in the spring of 1838. As was the custom at that time, they ‘pitched their tent’ on the banks of Spoon River, Chestnut Township until they built their home. The surrounding country was one of unbroken prairie and vast forest spreading out on every side. Lodema is listed among the pioneer women of Huntington KS; as a very intelligent woman and a zealous Methodist. Born to them were:

( LOVINA FERRIS born February 10, 1816 Suffield, Portage, OH and died November 19, 1891 Huntington, Smith, KS; married 1844 in Knox Co IL, as his 2d wife, Rev. Reuben Markham (1818-1897) who was a special student at Knox College 1841-43; both buried Twelve Mile Cemetery, Smith Co KS; and born to them were:

( MARY LODEMA MARKHAM born March 22, 1845 Ft. Madison IA and died February 14, 1919; she was a music teacher; married 1st, October 13, 1871 in Newark IL, Addison Melvin Halbert [son of Levi & Abigail (Lathrop) Halbert] born July 26, 1842 Union Valley, Chenango, NY and died December 22, 1881 Smith Center, Smith, KS – Civil War Vet Company C, 7th Ohio; store clerk and farmer; married 2d after 1881 in KS, a Mr. Sherman; and born to Mary and Addison were:

( LEVI H. HALBERT born May 22, 1873 Pontiac IL

( LEROY ALLEN HALBERT (Rev.) born June 23, 1875 Pontiac IL

( HATTIE MAY HALBERT born November 29, 1876 Twelve Mile KS

( LETTIE HALBERT born February 2, 1880 Twelve Mile KS and died young

( HATTIE BEECHER MARKHAM born January 18, 1848 Kishwawkee IL and died January 12, 1888 Stockton KS; married Floyd Emerson Sherman born November 15, 1850 Burrillville RI and died December 21, 1881 Twelve Mile KS

( MASILLA M. FERRIS (Marillia) born March 14, 1818 Rootstown OH and died July 14, 1840 Spoon River, Knox, IL; buried Methodist Church Cemetery, Hermon IL (Photo); married October 24, 1839 in Knox Co IL, Rev. Reuben Fuller Markham [son of Jeptha & Lovina (Vaughen) Markham] born July 3, 1818 OH and died August 9, 1897 Markham, Morgan, IL; after her death, he married his sister-in-law, Lovina.

( LYMAN BUCHER FERRIS born February 15, 1820 Huntington, Loraine, OH and died May 16, 1884 (1881) Oneida, Knox, IL [Jim - speculation here on his wife/wives and their offspring.  Based on dates, Lyman’s first wife [they married in Fulton Co IL] was Harriet A. Newcomb who died February 11, 1863 age 35y 10m 9d; he apparently married 2d December 7, 1865 in Knox Co IL, Fidelia Child (1828-1906) [which means Chaplain Ferris’ death date above is wrong]. Lyman and these two ladies are buried at the Oneida Cemetery, Oneida IL.  Born to Lyman and Harriet were:

( AMELIA L. FERRIS (speculation) (1849-1903); buried Oneida Cemetery, IL (See Photo)

( WALTER L. FERRIS (Rev.) (Photo) born July 31, 1852 Oneida, Knox, IL and died November 11, 1925; married 1st August 9, 1882 in Dundee, Kane, IL, Harriet McEwen [dau of of Ezra & Mary] born September 6, 1857 Big Grove Township, Kendall Co IL and died September 26, 1887; married 2d after 1887 Margaret Morrison; plenty of weddings and funerals performed between 1889-95 by Rev Ferris in Cherokee Co IA as per ‘Net


Cherokee County Biographical History - 1889, pp 424, 425:

REV. WALTER L. FERRIS, the present pastor of the Congregational Church of Cherokee, Iowa, born at Oneida, Knox County, Illinois, July 31, 1852, and is a son of Lyman B. and Harriet A. (Newcomb) Ferris, who were among the early settlers of that county. He was reared to farm life, and till the age of twenty-one years he worked for the neighboring farmers by the day and month, attending the Oneida public schools in the winter. It was not until he had attained his majority that he entered Wheaton College; there he found himself all but penniless, but he was filled with an intense desire to do something in the world, and he set to work with a fixed determination to go through at all hazards. His hardy farm life here came in play; he plowed and husked corn, trimmed hedges, sawed wood, did anything to earn the fifteen cents an hour paid the students for their labor. In June 1879 he graduated in the regular classical course of this institution. The following eight months he supplied the pulpit of the Congregational Church of Wataga, Illinois, teaching at the same time a district school near by called the "Hard Scrabble School," and justly reputed one of the most difficult to control. In September 1880, Mr. Ferris began a course of theological studies at Union Park Theological Seminary, Chicago. The first years of his seminary course he filled the pulpit of the Congregational Church at Prospect Park, Illinois. Then for a year and a half he was pastor of the Northwest Branch of the First Congregational Church of Chicago. All the while he was learning the practical with the theological. At the close of his three years' seminary course he was called to the pastorate of the Congregational Church of Dundee, Illinois. This he considered his first permanent work. Though his labors had been blessed for nearly four years he could now feel that at last the time had come when he could devote all his time to his chosen calling. He spent over six years at Dundee, and the church was blessed with several revivals; during this pastorate 130 united with the church, many of them being heads of families. In May of 1889 Mr. Ferris received a call from the church in Cherokee, and began work here the first Sabbath in July 1889. He has ever been a radical temperance worker; while at Dundee he was repeatedly called to speak to the various Prohibition clubs, and other temperance organizations in the towns about him. He is a man of deepest sincerity and exceeding earnestness of purpose and begins the work in his present field with very encouraging prospects. The congregations are large, the membership united; the Sabbath-school is prosperous; the outlook seems propitious. Mr. Ferris was untied in marriage August 9, 1882, to Miss Harriet McEwen, daughter of Ezra and Mary McEwen. Two children were born of this union, Millie and Hattie. Mrs. Ferris was called from this earth September 26, 1887.

Born to Walter and Harriet were:

( MILDRED AMELIA FERRIS ‘Millie’ born April 14, 1884 Englewood, Cook, IL and died May 24, 1948; married Rev. Alvin Smith who died in Denver CO. Alvin was an Army Chaplain in WWII and Pastor in Rogers Park IL. Born to them was:

( MILDRED SMITH (Photo) married Jim McMahon

( HARRIETTE EVELYN FERRIS ‘Hattie’ born September 12, 1887 Dundee, Kendall, IL and died c1955; married Donald Coates and born to them were:



            Born to Walter and his second wife, Margaret, were:

( JESSIE FERRIS died c1945; married David Haeger who died c1940. Born to them were:

( ROGERT HAEGER married Twinks Sweeney

( HELEN HAEGER married Tom Angell who died c1995

( DONALD FERRIS (Photo) married Fay {maiden name unk} born TX.

( MABEL LILLIAN FERRIS born February 28, 1896 and died February 16, 1994 Sun City CA; buried Wheaton, DuPage, IL; married c1921 Carlton Louis Fischer [son of William & Geraldine (Blanchard) Fischer) born 1894 and died 1959 Wheaton, DuPage, IL. Carlton was a WWI Vet France. Born to them were:

( STANLEY KEITH FISCHER born August 16, 1922; married 1st Ruth Payens; 2d Ursula Berghaus; 3d a Ms. Beck; and 4th Grace Burtis


A letter he sent to his niece, Annette:

Oct. 13, 1997

Dear Annette,

        I was involved in a play, "Gilgamesh", when you wrote.  I was playing an old man who had lived forever (type casting).  My name was "Utnapishtim".  He made a lot of long speeches, and it was more than I could memorize.  Too bad. I dropped out.  Then I had time to get together the stuff you asked for.  Jack will likely send you most info about the Fischers, but I'll send some of the info they gave us at the Blanchard family reunion.  It was in 1985, the 125th anniversary of the founding of Wheaton College (by your great great grandfather, Jonathan Blanchard.  His wife was Mary Avery Bent Blanchard, and your great grandmother Geraldine Blanchard Fischer was their 12th child.

        A lot more is known about the Blanchards & Fischers than the Ferris's, but I'll fill you in on as much as I know.  Your father (and I) were equal quarters German (Fischer), Welsh (Ferris), English (Blanchard), and Scotch (Morrison).  Rev. Walter L. Ferris was a minister in Iowa.  Not much is known about his 1st wife, except that she died shortly after having two daughters, Millie & Harriette (Hattie).  Rev. Ferris then married Margaret (Maggie) Morrison (my grandmother).  They had 3 children, Jessie, Mabel (mother), and Donald. Millie & Hattie were half sisters of Jessie, Mabel, and Don.

        Rev. Ferris was a Congregational minister in Cherokee, Iowa, when he received a call to minister to a Congregational Church in Pekin, Illinois (close to Peoria).  The whole family moved there, and Mother (Mabel Ferris) went to high school there.  Then Rev. Ferris received a call to become Chaplain of Wheaton College, and minister of Wheaton College Congregational Church.  He conducted chapel services in the college chapel every school day, then he held church services in the same chapel on Sundays.

        After Rev. Ferris passed away, his widow (our Grandmother) came to live with us for the rest of her life.  She loved to play cards with Lizzie, and when Roger came along he became a third for their card games of Flinch, Rook, and Rummy.

        Mother's half sister Millie married Rev. Alvin Smith.  He was a pastor at a church in Rogers Park, a suburb of Chicago.  They had one child, Mildred.  She married Jim McMahon, and they still live in Florida.  They had twins, who are grown & married now. Rev. Alvin Smith became an Army Chaplain in World War II.  He was sent to an Army base in Denver, but the altitude didn't agree with him, and he died of a heart attack in Denver.  Millie died shortly thereafter.

        Millie's sister Hattie married Donald Coates, and they lived in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  They had two children, Stanley & Donald.  I've often thought Mother got my name from Hattie.  Hattie's husband died before his children grew up, and the family moved to Wooster, Ohio.  I went to school at Wooster College my Freshman year.  I don't know what happened to Stan & Don after that.

        Mother's sister Jessie married David Haeger, who owned the second largest pottery in the U.S.  They lived in Aurora, Illinois, about 15 miles from Wheaton.  Uncle Dave's pottery factory was in Dundee, a short way from Aurora.  Dave & Jessie had 2 children, Bob & Helen (Honey).  The stock market crash of 1929 hit the pottery factory of Uncle Dave hard (as it did most businesses).  The company went bankrupt, and Uncle Dave lost everything.  He had to give up his house in Aurora, and the family moved to an apartment house in Hyde Park, South Chicago.  Uncle Dave became the manager there, and they struggled through the depression.  The Haeger Pottery reorganized and began production again, but without Uncle Dave.  He was quite bitter.  He & Jessie divorced in the late 1930's, and Dave died shortly afterwards.  Aunt Jessie died about 5 years after that.  Bob & I were very good friends (still are), and I used to visit him for 2 weeks in Hyde Park every summer.  We used to collect autographs together - our prize - CONNIE MACK.  Dick was a good friend of Helen (Honey).  Bob & Honey came to visit us summertimes at our home on Lake Geneva.  Bob got a job working for Sam Langdon, who had the only insurance company in Wheaton.  Bob was a straight A student all the way through school, and he picked right up on the insurance business.  He moved up from helper to partner, and when Sam Langdon died, Bob took over the business.  He was sole owner of a large insurance company.  I've always thought that somewhere, Uncle Dave is very proud his son had become the successful businessman that he once was.  Bob married Twinks Sweeney, a girl I used to go with.  She lived just down the street from our house out on Jewel Road. Bob & Twinks met at a bridge party I had at our house.  They have 2 boys, and one of them took over the insurance business.  Honey married Tom Angell, and they lived in Wheaton most of their married life.  They had 3 girls and a boy.  Tom passed away a couple of years ago, and Honey lives in Florida.  She was a longtime librarian at Wheaton Library.  She still visits there.

        Don Ferris was Mother's brother.  By the way, I'm pretty sure all of Rev. Ferris's 5 children graduated from Wheaton College.  Don married a Texas girl named Fay, while he had a job in Texas.  He was always overweight (see his picture), and he died of a heart attack in his early forties.  They had no children.  Don was a typical fat person - always joking & jolly.  He had a wonderful personality, and Mother says he was the most popular guy in Wheaton College.  I used to have a picture of famous football player Red Grange. It was inscribed, "To Don Ferris - the greatest bull-shipper in the world."  I left that picture in Denver when I moved to Hawaii, along with my autograph from Connie Mack.  Wish I had them back.

        That's about all I know of the Ferris family.  As far as I know, nobody had bothered to research the Ferris's, as they did the Fischers & Blanchards.

        There's one item I left out.  Rev. Walter L. Ferris had one sister, Dr. Mary Ferris (see picture).  She never married, and when she retired she lived with a retired school teacher, Miss Brereton.  After Miss Brereton died, Aunt Mary came to live with us for awhile, out on Jewel Road.  There she took Grandma Ferris's place in the card game with Roger & Lizzie.

        Becky keeps herself busy every day working in the yard & garden.  She also sews a lot, and helps Maria with her homework.  She started reading to Maria when she was still a baby, and Maria is still a bookworm.  She devoured 240 books during summer vacation.  She's just starting out in 3rd grade.  She's always been #1 in her class, and she loves school (I loved only recess).  Hope all is going well for you, Ray, and family.  Say hello, and give my best wishes to Ray.  I still think of him as that Marine who came to visit you at Christmastime.



Born to Stan and Ruth was:


            Born to Stan and his second wife, Ursula, were:



( RICHARD NEIL FISCHER born December 8, 1924; married Evelyn {maiden name unk}

( CARLTON LOUIS FISCHER, Jr., born September 19, 1927; married Julie Ann McBurney and born to them were:

( VALERIE ANN FISCHER born December 7, 1957; married Greg Reich and born to them were:

( JUSTIN REICH born July 21, 1982

( JESSICA REICH born July 21, 1982

( BETHANY REICH born August 13, 1984

( WILLIAM ANDREW FISCHER born August 20, 1959

(  BONNIE JEAN FISCHER born May 18, 1962

( DANIEL KEVIN FISCHER born February 22, 1965

( ROGER FERRIS FISCHER born March 31, 1934 Wheaton, DuPage, IL; married March 5, 1966 in Wheaton, DuPage, IL Marguerite Enid Graham [dau of John & Ella (Dieken) Graham] born January 24, 1934 Kunming, Yunmam Province, China. Roger was a preacher with the Christian Missionary Alliance. Marguerite graduated Wheaton College 1956, BA Elementary Ed. Born to them were:

( JENNIFER ELAINE FISCHER born February 28, 1967 Belvedere IL; married June 23, 1990 in Salem OR, Arlie Marcel Hoefling born May 1, 1965. Born to them were:

( DARCY CARA HOEFLING born September 1, 1992 Oregon City OR

( TRAVIS THOMAS HOEFLING born January 11, 1994 Oregon City OR

( JUSTIN WYATT HOEFLING born January 17, 1997 Oregon City OR

( ANNETTE FAITH FISCHER (Photos) born June 30, 1968 Wheaton, DuPage, IL; married July 18, 1992 in Pratum OR, Raymond Robert Fordyce [son of Robert & Norma (Weissbeck) Fordyce] born March 27, 1967 Salme OR. Raymond is a USMC Vet – Gulf War. He is a mucis teacher/director/farmer. This updated information has been provided by Steven Fordyce, brother of Raymond – thanks, Steven! Born to them were:

( GRAHAM FERRIS FORDYCE born April 29, 1994 Salem OR

( ELLA JEAN FORDYCE born May 17, 1996 Salem OR

( ROBERT BRUCE FORDYCE III born June 10, 1998 Salem OR

( EVANGELINE MAE FORDYCE born July 31, 2000 Pratum OR

( SARAH LYNN FISCHER born February 8, 1970 Wheaton, DuPage, IL; married January 2, 1999 in Billings MT, Thomas Lloyd Filmore born May 7, 1972 ND. Born to them was:

( CYRUS LLOYD FILMORE born June 10, 2001 Billings MT

( SALLY JEAN FISHER born March 11, 1971 Wheaton, DuPage, IL

( RICHARD WATSON FERRIS died October 27, 1877 age 23; buried Oneida Cemetery, IL


( LYMAN S. FERRIS (1859-)


            Born to Lyman and his second wife, Fidelia, was:

( MARY FERRIS, M.D (1868-)

( LODEMA A. FERRIS born August 22, 1821 Huntington OH and died January 4, 1847 Knox Co IL; married Rev. Whittam

( LORENZO DOW FERRIS born February 17, 1824 Huntington, Loraine, OH and died August 17, 1904 Monmouth, Warren, IL, while living with his daughter Eva and her family. Lorenzo was one of the more successful farmers on Section 31, Walnut Grove Township, residing one and one-half miles east of Oneida, Knox County IL. He farmed 160 acres, which he purchased in 1866 and later additional acreage he purchased in Oneida Township. He married March 2, 1848 in Chestnut Township, Knox County, Cynthia R. Carpenter [dau of Stephen and Jerusha (Rose) Carpenter] born March 2, 1829 Ithaca, Tompkins, NY and died April 2, 1886 Galesburg IL, with funeral services being held at the Congregational Church in Oneida. Cynthia was a member of the Congregational Church of Oneida.  He was a Mason, belonging to the lodge at Oneido; a Republican and was a Chestnut Township Supervisor, 1866. Born were buried at the Oneida Cemetery, Oneida, Knox County IL (Photo).  Born to them were:

( HENRY STEPHEN FERRIS (Photos) born February 18, 1850 Walnut Grove, Knox, IL and died April 2, 1931 Diagonal, Ringgold, IA. For several years, Henry’s father had offered him money to help finance a college education or a farm. The question was settled when Henry met Rebecca. He married, December 30, 1880 in Altona, Knox, IL at the home of the bride’s mother, Rebecca Virginia Stuckey born November 14, 1858, PA and died January 16, 1921 Lorimore, Union, IA; both buried there Lorimor Cemetery.  He was a farmer and resided near Murray IA. Rebecca’s health began to fail, so in 1903, they sold the farm and moved into Lorimor. Henry worked as a bookkeeper for a local lumber company and Rebecca was near a doctor and close to old friends. In 1905, Henry was appointed postmaster of Lorimore and held that position until 1908 when he retired because Rebecca suffered a crippling stroke. After Rebecca’s death, Henry sold the house in Lorimor and lived for a time with each of his daughters. Henry appreciated education even though he had not gone beyond high school. He was well read and had a poetic spirit. Rebecca was artistic and musically talented. Born to them were:

( LORENZO STUCKEY FERRIS (Photos) born October 16, 1881 on the farm 3 miles from Lorimore IA and died September 24, 1937 Gooding, Gooding, ID; attended the local school as did all the Ferris children; helped his father until the farm was sold and the entire family moved into the town of Lorimor when he was 23 years old. He became an excellent carpenter and builder and was well known in the community. In 1906 he moved to Hill City KS where he established himself as a professional carpenter and builder. He married April 8, 1908 in Shannon City IA Nelllie Pearl Mounts [dau of James A. & Jennie (Burlington)] who was 21 years of age when she married and who apparently died prior to 1930-37. They moved to Gooding ID in 1909 and spent the remainder of their life there. He developed an excellent reputation in the community as a building contractor, having supervised the construction of 18 of the local business houses. “Mr. Ferris built carefully and solidly to insure the maximum of long life for his structures which stand as monuments to the work of a master builder.” He remarried in c1936, name unk.  

( DEFOREST VICTOR FERRIS (Photos) born January 26, 1882 on a 160-acre farm east of Lorimor IA and died June 29, 1935 Diagonal, Ringgold, IA; attended Iowa State Teachers College in Cedar Falls IA for two years and then taught school for one year; married December 25, 1908 in Lorimor at the bride’s parent’s home, Bessie Belle Dufur [dau of Ezra T. & Mary M. (Bacon) Dufur] born June 24, 1886 Lorimor IA and died March 19, 1954 Long Beach CA; remains returned to be laid beside her husband at Diagonal. She attended Drake University and worked in her father’s bank as a young lady. Deforest was bank manager in Diagonal, his father-in-law’s bank. Born to them was:

( ESMOND DEFOREST FERRIS (Photos) born March 6, 1926 Des Moines, Polk, IA; after his father’s death, Es and his mother moved to El Paso TX in 1936; . U.S. Army WWII Veteran 1944-46, a Medic with the 71st Division; attended Drake University in Des Moines and started his mortuary apprenticeship and then Es and his mother moved to the Los Angeles CA area, where he completed his training in January 1951 and passed the California State Board examination. He secured a position with the White and Day Funeral Chapels headquarters in Hermosa Beach CA.  He attended the Church Divinity School of the Pacific in Berkeley CA and was ordained as an Episcopal Priest February 16, 1960.  He married, September 29, 1957 in the All Saints’ Chapel at the Seminary, Berkeley CA, Joyce Ballard.  She graduated from St. Margaret’s House with a Masters in Religious Education.

.... Resided in Costa Mesa CA and now Palm Desert CA. Author of Parallels to the Diagonal, An ‘Accounting’ of a Ferris and Dufur Family (recommended reading) from which much of this information and photos have been extracted - Thanks Esmond!  Born to them were:

( MICHAEL ANDREW FERRIS born August 3, 1960 at the Good Samaritan Hospital, Los Angeles CA;married November 13, 1982 Cindee Lester born Whittier CA. Born to them were:

( SHAUN MICHAEL FERRIS born February 7, 1984 Fullerton CA

( JUSTIN SCOTT FERRIS born November 14, 1987 in St. Joseph’s Hospital, Santa Ana CA

( MARY KATHERINE FERRIS born May 24, 1966 Anaheim CA; worked at Torrey Pines State Park near San Diego as a Ranger Naturalist and then went to cosmetology school, getting her license. She met Phil Worseman and they had Tasha. She married Don Archuleta who works at the Anaheim Marriott Hotel.

( TASHA ARCHULETA born July 29, 1989 at the Palomar Hospital, Escondido CA

            Born to Mary and Don were:

( TYLER SCOTT ARCHULETA born in November 1991 in Fountain Valley CA

( THOMAS SHANE ARCHULETA “Tommy” born January 9, 1998 at Riverside Community Hospital, Riverside CA

( WINFRED L FERRIS born February 23, 1885 on the farm 3 miles from Lorimor, Union, IA and died December 8, 1890; buried Lorimor Cemetery, Lorimore, Union, IA (Photo).

( MERTON E FERRIS born September 17, 1886 on the farm 3 miles from Lorimor IA and died October 12, 1887; buried Lorimor Cemetery (Photo)

( PLUMA VIVIAN FERRIS born May 25, 1889 on the farm east of Lorimor IA and died 1959; buried Sunnyside Cemetery, Long Beach CA. She attended the local country school, graduating from Lorimor High School 1906. She attended Capital City Commercial Colllege in Des Moines IA and then worked in Des Moines several years. About 1910 she followed her brother Lorenzo to Gooding ID and there married Patrick Moreland, the local agent for the Union Pacific Railroad. This was his second marriage and he was at least 15 years older than her. Pat retired from the railroad during the mid-1930s. Both of them had excellent business heads and as a result had a very comfortable retirement. He died just before WWII, and immediately following the War, Pluma moved to Long Beach CA where she remained until her death.

( WINNIFRED MARGARET FERRIS (Photos) born December 18, 1891 on the farm and died March 18, 1953, Long Beach CA. She attended the local country school and graduated from Lorimor High School 1908. She went to live in Des Moines IA attended the Capital City Commercial College. She quickly learned the ways of the newer business machines that were coming into use in the 1920-30s. She returned to Diagonal in 1933 and worked at her brother’s bank when the bank added the new business machines. Shortly after her brother’s death in 1935, she moved to Long Beach CA securing an excellent job there for several years. In 1940 she returned to Des Moines to work for an insurance company. She lived with her younger sister Ann and remained there until the late 1940s. She was the first to break the family’s strong Methodism. She joined the Christian Science church in the 1920s and remained with that church throughout the balance of her life. Her cremated remains were returned to Iowa where her sister Ann placed them in the Ferris family plot in the Lorimor Cemetery.   

( ANNE REBECCA FERRIS (Photo) born November 8, 1894 on the farm and died December 17, 1977, Long Beach CA; buried Sunnyside Cemetery, Long Beach, beside her sister Pluma. She attended the country schools with her sisters. She graduated from Lorimor High School 1911 and began a semester at Simpson College in Indianola IA, studying music. She was gifted musically, like her mother, and studied piano while at Simpson. Anne dropped out of school to help her father care for her mother in 1912. Following her mother’s death in 1921, she followed her sister Winnie to Des Moines where she also attended business college and went to work. During the 1930s she went to work for the Keith Furnance Company in Des Moines where she stayed for almost 20 years. She then went to work for the State of Iowa Health Department. She quit work in 1954 and went to live with her sister Pluma in Long Beach CA. Throughout her retirement, Anne became involved in volunteering work, particularly with the American Cancer Society; she received many awards for her service.

( ELIZABETH M. FERRIS “Lizzie” born November 14, 1852 and died September 26, 1891; buried in the family plot at Oneida Cemetery IL; a schoolteacher; never married

( KATHRYN L. FERRIS “Katie” born 1853 and died May 24, 1917 Galesburg, Knox,  IL; buried Oneida Cemetery, Knox Co IL; a member of the Central Congregational Church and Eastern Start; a member of the White Shrine; a schoolteacher; never married

( EVA LEONA FERRIS (twin) born March 24, 1857 Hermon, Knox, IL and died March 19, 1947 Monmouth, Warren, IL; married in Knox Co, J. Edwin Day; resided at Roodhouse, Green Co IL and Monmouth.  She was a member of the Eastern Start; Presbyterian Church and DAR.  She was educated at St. Mary’s School, Knoxville.  She had three grandchildren and five great-grandchildren.

( EMMA L. (LEONA?) FERRIS (twin) born March 24, 1857 Hermon, Knox, IL; married in Knox Co IL, William E. Webb; resided in Clarinda IA until her declining years when she lived with her twin sister in Monmouth

( GENEVIEVE MAE FERRIS “Jenny” born Center Point, Knox Co IL c1866 and died January 12, 1902 Galesburg, Knox, IL; buried Linwood Cemetery, Galesburg; married June 3, 1889 at Oneida IL, as his first wife, Walter D. DeLong [son of Marshall P. & Mary Angeline (Harding) DeLong] born July 29, 1865 Center Point and died July 15, 1929(1945) Galesburg; also buried at Linwood.  The boyhood and youth of Walter were passed on his father’s farm in Sparta Township, where the family had then resided for forty years. In the acquirement of his early educated he attended the district school, but he later supplemented his by a business course in the one of the commercial colleges.  He subsequently returned to the home place in the operation of which he assisted until his father became superintendent of the poor farm in 1886, when he took over management of the home place.  He continued to operate the entire farm until after the death of his father in 1892, when he inherited one hundred acres, that he cultivated together with some land be rented from the other heirs. In 1902, Walter disposed of his property and moved to Galesburg and embarked in the business of transfer and storage. {Note here about Marshall P. DeLong - he was one of the first settlers in Knox County and was Supervisor of Sparta Township in 1874 and represented his Township at different times in various offices; a farmer of note; an active member of the Knox County Agricultural Society for over 15 years, serving as its President for three of those years; Justice of the Peace for at least four three-year terms.} Walter was a member of the Congregational Church and was also affiliated with the Galesburg Club. He was a member of the executive board of the Knox County agricultural association for 13 years and served as its Treasurer for 1 year.  Walter married, second, Margaret (Maggie) Wilson {they had 4 children) and third, Carrie W. Tood.  Born to Walter and Jenny was:

( HAROLD VERNON DELONG born May 18, 1896 Center Point, Knox, IL and died July 9, 1983 Knoxville, Knox, IL; buried Linwood Cemetery, Galesburg; married August 28, 1920 at Annapolis MD, Milred Ellis Dubree [dau of Elmer E. & Maggie Louise (Brant) Dubree] born November 9, 1899 Canton, Fulton, IL and died July 3, 1968 Galesburg IL; buried Linwood Cemetery.  Harold was a meat cutter and meat manager of the former A&P grocery store on North Broad Street, Galesburg, for 25 years, retiring in 1961.  He was a member of the Ralph M. Noble American Legion Post 286 and Meat Cutters Union Local 431.  He was in the Navy armed guard for four years as a boatsman mate during WWI.  Born to them were:

( LESTER DELONG born March 7, 1922 Galesburg, Knox, IL and died there March 24, 1922; buried Linwood Cemetery

( MELBA GENEVIEVE DELONG born August 31, 1923 Galesburg, Knox, IL; married 1st June 7, 1947 at Galesburg, Robert Stanley Stinson [son of Harold S. & Ethel G. (Guenther) Stinson] born March 1, 1927 Galesburg and died there November 28, 1978; they divorced; married 2d July 5, 1968 Roy Sloan. Robert was a locomotive engineer for Burlington Northern for 30 years; member of Trinity Luthern Church.  He spent four years in the Navy and 14 years in the Navy Reserve. He married, second, July 5, 1959, Dorothy Parke. Born to Melba and Robert were:

( CHERYL LYNN STINSON born February 21, 1947 Galesburg, Knox, IL; married 1st August 13, 1965 Carl John Serven - divorced; married 2d as his second wife, June 24, 1978 at Galesburg, Robert Eugene Adams, Sr. [son of John & Edna Mae (Baker) Adams] born September 27, 1936, Cedar Rapids IA. [Cheryl has provided the information for this ‘twig’ of the tree - thanks Cheryl.] Cheryl and Robert reside in Galesburg. Born to Cheryl and Carl were:

( CARLA JOANN SERVEN born December 23, 1965 Galesburg; married June 28, 1997 at Galesburg, Tony Lee Lorethy; and born to Carla and Larry Morrison was:

( TASHA NICHOLE SERVEN born February 15, 1986 Galesburg

Born to Carla and Charles Allen were:



( CHERYLE LEE SERVEN (ADAMS) born June 27, 1969 Galesburg; married at Galesburg, Robert Keith - divorced

( CARL JOHN SERVEN, JR., born January 4, 1971 and died the next day; buried Memorial Park Cemetery, Galesburg

( JAMES VERNON STINSON born October 19, 1948 Galesburg, Knox, IL; married June 2 [year unk] at Knoxville IL, Kathy Mae Byer born January 9 [year unk] Galesburg IL - divorced. Born to them was:

( RAYMOND LEE STINSON married Connie Kelso - divorced. Born to them were:



Raymond Stinson has married at least one more time, and has several offspring from this additional wife, and other girlfriends.

( JAMES WALTER DELONG born November 11, 1924 Galesburg, Knox, IL

( DONNA DELONG born August 21, 1932 Galesburg, Knox, IL; married at Galesburg, James Peterson




( JOHN WESLEY FERRIS born September 1, 1826 Huntington OH and died January 22, 1875 Oneida, Knox, IL; married lady’s name unk (in Knox Co, Harriet M. Stevens) and born to them were:

( ETHAN FERRIS born February 26, 1860 Oneida, Knox, IL; married December 10, 1891 Edith M. Hewitt






( ALMEDA FERRIS born May 12, 1795 and died December 14, 1875 Wellington OH; married December 7, 1820 Zephaniah Sprague [son of Moses & Ruth] born August 14, 1799 Worthington MA and died July 2, 1878; they moved from Portage Co OH to Washington, Loraine, OH 1828. Born to them was (and probably others):

( LYMAN B. SPRAGUE born August 3, 1822; married 1st November 21, 1844 Mary Rounds [dau of Jonathan] who died July 11, 1860; married 2d March 21, 1861 Anna Nesbit; and born to Lyman and Mary was (and probably others):

( HENRY RANSOM SPRAGUE born July 10, 1854 Huntington OH; married December 16, 1875 Fonda NY, Jenny K. Breckenridge; and born to them was (and probably others):

( ARTHUR L. SPRAGUE born December 4, 1877 Wellington, Loraine, OH and died April 24, 1928; married Mattie Thompson; and born to them was (and probably others):

( DOROTHY G. SPRAGUE born March 9, 1916 and died 1984; married Raymond Liebold; and born to them was (and probably others):

( DEBORAH LIEBOLD (1949-) married Robert Keith MacKenzie (1947-) 

( POLLY FERRIS born February 20, 1797 and died July 1813

( JERUSHA FERRIS born August 3, 1799 Newton CT and died June 27, 1874 New Haverhill, Grafton, NH; married February 1, 1817/18 in Portage Co OH, John McIntosh [son of Ebenezer & Elizabeth (Chase) McIntosh] born December 20, 1791 Havershill Township, Grafton NH and died August 24, 1852, Mantua Township, Portage Co OH; buried there Pioneer Cemetery (Photos). Born to them were:

( JOHN HENRY MCINTOSH born February 13, 1825 Manatu Township, Portage Co OH and died May 1912 Ridgeville Corners, Henry, OH; buried there Locust Grove Cemetery (Photos); Civil War Vet with Company B, 184th Ohio Infantry Regiment Feb – Sep 1865; married Maria Tilden born September 24, 1829 in Portage Co OH; and born to them were:

( ALICE MCINTOSH born 1853 (?) Ridgeville Corners, Henry Co OH

( FLORA E. MCINTOSH born February 16, 1855 Ridgeville Corners, Henry, OH and died there September 12, 1855;  buried there Locust Grove Cemeter

( MARY G. MCINTOSH born August 16, 1863 and died June 2, 1895; buried Ridgeville Corners Cemetery

( MILEY H. MCINTOSH born February 4, 1870 and died December 9, 1877 Ridgeville Corners, Henry, OH; buried there Locus Grove Cemetery

( CARL TILDEN MCINTOSH born November 16, 1872 Ridgeville Corners, Henry Co OH and died June 14, 1941 Wauseon, Fulton, OH; married Helen Pearl Fauver [dau of Heiro Alkali & Martha Jennie (Beckham) Fauver] born October 4, 1878 Ridgeville Corners, Henry, OH and died December 14, 1916 Wauseon OH; both buried there Wauseon Union Cemetery (Photo); and born to them were:

( INFANT SON MCINTOSH born October 31, 1898 Ridgeville Corners, Henry Co OH and died there November 3, 1898; buried Locust Grove Cemetery

( INFANT CHILDREN MCINTOSH born 1899 (?) Ridgeville Corners OH and died there 1899; buried Locust Grove Cemetery

( HENRY NEIL MCINTOSH born January 8, 1901 Ridgeville Corners, Henry Co OH and died July 16, 1988 Wauseon, Fulton, OH; school teacher for a while and also worked for the county driving a road grader; married Zylpha Lucinda Spring [Virgil Sylvester & Effie Emma (Handy) Spring] born February 22, 1903 Tedrow, Fulton, OH and died January 9, 1968 Delta, Fulton, OH; both buried Ottokee Cemetery, Dover Township, Fulton Co OH; and born to them were 6 kids, 5 of which were:

( BRUCE DONALD MCINTOSH born September 13, 1922 Fulton Co OH and died 1982 Henry Co OH; buried Ottokee Cemetery, Fulton Co OH; WWII USN Vet for 6 weeks; married Margaret Janette Shondel born July 16, 1918 and died 1992 Napoleon, Henry, OH; buried with Bruce; and born to them were 3 kids, 1 of which was:

( CARLA SUE MCINTOSH born November 30, 1951 Fulton Co OH and died December 27, 2001 Maumee, Lucas, OH; buried Ottokee Cemetery, Fulton Co OH; never married

( ROBERT NEIL MCINTOSH born July 25, 1924 Wauseon, Fulton, OH and died November 8, 1997 Swanton, Fulton, OH; married March 23, 1949 in Winameg OH, Pauline May Lambert born June 30, 1931 Delta OH and died May 1, 1960 Wauseon OH from childbirth; and born to them were 6 kids, 2 of which were:

( MARVIN LEE MCINTOSH born June 27, 1949 Wauseon OH; US Army Vet 1966-69; married July 11, 1971 Becky Sue Hoffman [dau of Arthur Eugene & Juanita Mary (Lambert) Hoffman] born July 21, 1953 Henry Co OH; and born to them were:

( MICHELLE LYNN MCINTOSH born May 5, 1972 Napoleon, Henry, OH; married Tom Burres – divorced 1999; married Jeff Pegorch – divorced; married February 14, 2002 in Napoleon OH, John Martin William Zimmann born October 26, 1968 Dayton OH; and born to Michelle and Jeff were:

( NATASHA PEGORCH born June 29, 1996

( MIRANDA PEGORCH born June 12, 1998

            Born to Michell and her 3d husband, John, was:


( RYAN NEIL MCINTOSH born October 5, 1973 Napoleon, Henry, OH; US Army Vet 2001-; married October 14, 1995 Jeanette Lynn Gormley born September 1974; and born to them were:

( DEVYN MICHAEL MCINTOSH born March 13, 1996

( QUINN RYAN MCINTOSH born October 7, 1997

( KELVIN NEIL MCINTOSH born January 8, 1952 Wauseon OH; married August 19, 1972 Liberty Center, Henry, OH, Patricia Ann Clapp and they had 3 kids; he was a missionary in the Phillippines, Minnesota and other locations

( CLARE EUGENE MCINTOSH born May 25, 1927 Ottokee, Fulton, OH; US Army Korean War Vet – served as a Military Policeman; never married

( CHARLES RICHARD MCINTOSH born November 26, 1932 Wauseon, Fulton, OH and died there October 24, 2001; buried Ottokee Cemetery; US Army Vet; married name unk and they had 3 kids

( DORIS ELAINE MCINTOSH born October 27, 1941 Ottokee, Fulton, OH and died Delta, Fulton, OH; buried Winameg Cemetery, Fulton Co OH; married a Mr. Kurfiss and they had 4 kids

( HELEN MAY MCINTOSH born May 25, 1902 Ridgeville Corners OH; married Daniel Kaiser born November 18, 1882 and born to them were 3 kids, 2 of which were:

( ROLAND KAISER born May 27, 1929 and died July 22, 1929

( JOHN CARL KAISER born February 27, 1939; married a Miss Braun and they had 2 kids

( RUSSELL GEORGE MCINTOSH born August 25, 1905 Ridgeville Corners OH; married Persis Jordan

( MAURICE MCINTOSH born February 3, 1908 Wauseon, Fulton, OH; married October 4, 1948 Margaret Brandau Leimbach born August 16, 1909 Lima OH

( LORENA MCINTOSH born in February 1819 Manatu Township, Portage Co OH and died August 13, 1839 OH; married January 7, 1837 in Portage Co, Erastus Young [son of George & Elizabeth (Montgomery) Young] born April 2, 1813 Hiram Township, Portage Co OH; after Lorena’s early death, Erastus remarried and had 3 more kids; and born to Lorena and Erastus was:


( RANSON EBENEZER MCINTOSH born March 10, 1821 Portage Co OH and died February 20, 1896 Shalersville Township, Portage Co OH; married November 6, 1849 in Portage Co Affa Nickerson born February 26, 1825 Manatu Township, Portage Co and died February 29, 1896; and born to them were:

( OATES MCINTOSH born 1850 Portage Co OH


( MILLY MCINTOSH born 1864 Portage Co OH

( CORA MCINTOSH born 1867 Portage Co OH

( CAROLINE MCINTOSH born February 21, 1823 Portage Co OH and died there June 24, 1825

( JOSEPH MCINTOSH born April 12, 1829 Portage Co OH and died August 2, 1873

( CAROLINE LORINDA MCINTOSH born October 25, 1830 Portage Co OH and died September 14, 1863

( GEORGE R.MCINTOSH born May 12, 1837 Portage Co OH and died October 22, 1924 Longmont, Boulder, CO; married July 21, 1872 in CO, Amanda Jane Lee [dau of Joseph & Melinda] born May 6, 1841 Grove Township, Davis Co IA and died October 28, 1913 Longmont, Boulder, CO; both buried there Mountain View Cemetery; and born to them were:

( MARK MCINTOSH born 1872 CO


( GEORGE R. MCINTOSH born c1875 CO

( MINNIE G. MCINTOSH born May 28, 1877 Longmont CO

( NEWEL N. MCINTOSH born January 17, 1843 Portage Co OH and died May 12, 1871

( JOHN LOCKWOOD FERRIS born April 1, 1801 and died Juneau, Dodge, WI; married February 26, 1828 Sally/Sarah Hill; John moved from Portage Co OH to Loraine Co OH 1827, then to Dodge Co WI

( ELIZABETH FERRIS (Betsey) born April 18, 1803 and died 1854 Knox Co IL; married April 4, 1828 Lemuel Bronson

( JOSEPH S. FERRIS born July 20, 1804; married April 3, 1828 in Portage Co OH, Savella (Savilla) Round born in MA and died in CA; they moved from Portage Co OH to Huntington OH 1830; and born to them was:

( SAVILLA FERRIS married Amos Foote

( SYLVANUS FERRIS born August 16, 1762 Pound Ridge, Westchester, NY and died October 13, 1828 Clarkson, Monroe, NY; buried in Prosser lot 66, Garland Cemetery, east of Clarkson; will dated August 9, 1823 and probated November 13, 1827; served with the New York forces in the Revolutionary War; was wounded at North Castle NY, September 5, 1781 by a musket ball in the left cheek which broke his jaw and lodged under his ear. He was a farmer; married 1st (Patty, a nickname) Martha Prosser born 1759 and died September 12, 1813; buried Prosser lot 54, Garland Cemetery; Martha’s father was Dr. Jonathan Prosser (c1729-1811), the “half-Indian” doctor; and 2d February 14, 1815 Lydia Sargeant Towel born August 12, 1771 New Hampshire and died September 30, 1858 Clarkson; also buried at Garland Cemetey; and born to Sylvanus and Patty was:

( MORRIS LONDREE FERRIS born date unk Stephenstown NY and died 1840 Clarkson NY.  He was reared in his native county and resided there until 1822 when he moved to Monroe Co NY; married 1822 in Monroe Co NY, Rhode (Rhoby) Harris [dau of Dr. Nicholas & Phoebe (Tibbetts) Harris] born July 31, 1798 Rhode Island and died August 15, 1857 Barry IL. She was from a prominent Rhode Island family, back to Roger Williams. Clara Harris, a cousin, was in Lincoln’s box at the Ford Theatre that fateful night. Born to them was:

( LONDREE NICHOLAS FERRIS born June 3, 1821 Stephenstown NY and died April 14, 1897 Barry, Pike, IL. Londree passed his early life in his native town and acquired a good education, as he attended school quite steadily until 1839. In that year accompanied by his aunt Almira Harris and sister, he started West. In 1840, after his father’s death, his mother and sister (unidentified) came to Pike County and they both died there. Londree came to Illinois by the way of the Eric Canal to Buffalo, and thence by lake to Cleveland, from there by the Ohio Canal to Portsmouth, and from Cincinnati by the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers to Pike County. He bought 160 acres of land, paying $600.00 for the tax title and $150.00 for the patent. He built a frame house, obtaining a part of the timber from Quincy IL, and the relatives who accompanied him remained with him until death parted them, his sister dying at the age of 26 years. Londree lived on his farm until 1886, and in the meantime placed it under substantial improvement and good cultivation, and then sold it and removed to the city of Barry, where he resided until his death. He was a pioneer of Pike County IL, a good citizen who is well considered by all who knew him; a Democratic in politics and was elected Justice of Peace in 1858, county coroner for one term, and was Justice, or still Justice, in 1889. He married, March 19, 1846 in Pike County IL, Mary Piper [dau of John] born July 22, 1822 at Hillsborough NH and died December 28, 1891 at Barry IL. She came to Illinois in 1842. Uniting with the M. E. Church in 1843, she remained a faithful consistent Christian to the day of her death; buried in the Barry Cemetery. Born to them was:

( WILLIAM HARVEY FERRIS born April 15, 1851 Barry, Pike, IL and died 1929 Portland OR; a Methodist and July 14, 1874 at Barry IL, married Nancy Virginia Hudson (Jennie) [dau of William Showell & Julia Ann (Powell) Hudson] born October 15, 1852 Berlin, Worcester, MD and died February 27, 1945 Portland OR. William bought the Weber grocery store in Barry in 1888; in 1890 leased the east room of the Churchill building for his grocery store. Born to them were:

( HUBERT CHARLES FERRIS (Photos) born August 8, 1875 Barry, Pike, IL and died May 13, 1955 Long Beach CA; a pipe organ manufacturer and a musician; a talented musician and played woodwinds, brass and keyboard; played and built pipe organs and traveled extensively. He went to Germany and when he returned, he installed the first electrically powered organ in the U.S. He married October 7, 1896 at Jacksonville, Morgan, IL, Annabel Allen Markoe [dau of Samuel & Elizabeth Hardin (Hall) Markoe] [The History and Genealogy of the Cock-Cocks-Cox Family, 1912 says that Annabel was the dau of Samuel and his first wife, Rebecca Louise (Dunlap)] born December 9, 1872 Jacksonville IL and died January 18, 1954 Garden Grove CA.  Annabel graduated from the Academy forYoung Women, Jacksonville IL 1892. Both Hubert and Anabel buried Diamond Grove Cemetery, Jacksonville, Morgan, IL. Born to them were:

( ALLEN HARVEY FERRIS born July 26, 1897 Illinois and died September 20, 1954 Los Angeles Co CA; married - no offspring; WWI US Navy Veteran served July 29, 1918 to March 10, 1922; buried Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery, San Diego CA, Section O, Site 171

( VIRGINIA MARKOE FERRIS “Ginny” born January 18, 1903 Paris, Lamar, TX and died December 26, 1992 Paradise, Butte, CA; ashes buried at Diamond Grove Cemetery, Jacksonville IL; married three times; 1st c1923 Nathan Cabot Hale, Sr., born September 25, 1901 Knoxville TN and died November 6, 1968 Los Angeles CA – divorced [son of Nathan Wesley & Laura Adeline (Sebastian) Hale]; 2d Redmond Aretus Stevens “Steve” [son of Oscar Allen & Mima (Redman) Stevens] born June 26, 1907 Arkansas and died c1957 Albuquerque NM; struck by a car and killed while walking down a road; buried Montecito Park Cemetery, San Bernardino CA - divorced; and 3d Arthur Wilder Scammon and their primary home was in Long Beach CA. Virginia was a R. N. and later a high school teacher in Lakewood. Arthur worked at Shell Oil in Wilmington. When they retired they moved to Lower Lake CA where Arthur died. Born to Virginia and Nathan were:

( MARJORIE EDITH HALE (c1924-) married 1st Marvin Kempf; 2d Douglas Marx born February 11, 1920. Born to Marjorie and Marvin were:


( MARTIN KEMPF born February 2, 1946

( MARSHA KEMPF (Photo) born December 24, 1951 – Marsha Bentley Hale – assumed her mother’s maiden name – providing updated info. Marsha’s area of expertise is the history of display mannequins – “I have the largest archive dealing with these plastic people”. Marsha is the founder of the Mannequin Museum Foundation. She has been researching mannequins since 1978. She is a photographer, a writer and an archivist.  See Internet.

( MARK KEMPF born November 12, 1954

            Born to Marjorie and her second husband, Douglas, were:

( MARTHA MARX born April 23, 19**

( MARY MARX born April 30, 1961

( NATHAN CABOT HALE, JR., Ph.D, N.A., FNSS (Photo) - from www.agesofman.org “My name is Nathan Cabot Hale. I born July 5th, 1925 at Los Angeles, California. I have been told that at my birth my family was worth about five million dollars in various properties, such as oil, mining, real estate, and a ten thousand acre ranch. But all this was lost in stock market crash of 1929. Neverthe less, I was fortunate to grow up with marvelous parents, an interesting assortment of aunts and uncles, and two sets of remarkable grandparents. My heritage from my fathers side were stirring tales of adverturous forebears..and a house full of fascinating paintings and sculpture that had somehow survived the crash. From my mothers side was a devoted grandmother who knew art and literature..and a grandfather who was a master-builder of pipe organs. He could play many instruments, and as a six year old I can recall him playing Bach from memory in his vast and empty organ factory. These things made me aware that true wealth comes from human ability and character. When I was seven, circumstances put me into an orphan’s home where I remained for two years. In that place I was subjected to the most brutal treatment imaginable (believe this), but I survived with my essential spirit unbroken. So I entered into the world with great questions about human behavior and human destiny. The forces of art within me saved my life.” See Internet for other info.  He married Barbara {maiden name unk} and born to them was:

( LISA HALE married a Mr. Rose and born to them were:

( MAYA CAITLIN ROSE born July 5, 1991

( MAX NATHANIEL ROSE born November 28, 1986

Born to Virginia and her second husband, Redmond, were:

( THERESA ANN STEVENS born January 27, 1936 Riverside Co CA; several of Theresa’s daughters assumed other names – Theresa re-took the Stevens surname; married 1st Edward Garcia Lorente; married 2d Howard Theodore Johnson Salinas. Born to Theresa and Edward were:

( DAVID EDWARD LORENTE born July 6, 1957; married Rhonda Jean Kaker and born to them were:

( RACHEL VIRGINIA LORENTE born October 13, 1986


( BRUCE AARON LORENTE born November 9, 1958; married Rowena M. Bruce and born to them was:

( BRIAN CASIMIR LORENTE born October 17, 1987

( SHERI KRISTINE LORENTE born November 26, 1959; married Gregory Paul Norwood and born to them were:

( REBECCA JEANETTE NORWOOD born November 14, 1977; married Efrain Mendoza and born to them was:


( ANDREW ASHLEY NORWOOD born November 4, 1979

( LINDSAY LEIGH NORWOOD  - Valley High School cheerleader, track team high-jumper, and dancer in the millennium ending La Grande Parade de Paris, Paris, Francis

( JULIE DIANE LORENTE born July 20, 19**; married April 5, 1986 David Brian West and born to them were:

( BRANDY RYAN WEST born November 17, 1986

( TREVOR NOEL WEST born January 26, 1990


( LISA SUZANNE LORENTE born August 6, 1963; married 1st Morris Etibo born in Nigeria, Africa and died January 26, 1986 Chico CA; married 2d February 2, 1985 Michael Crawfod Gilliam. Born to Lisa and Morris was:

( DANIEL ERICK LORENTE ETIBO born November 4, 1983

            Born to Lisa and her second husband, Michael, were:




( MARIA JILL LORENTE born January 20, 1965; married Robert Bare

            Born to Theresa and her second husband, Howard, was:

( KELLEY NOELLE SALINAS born May 24, 1967; married Robert Lee Ross and born to them was:

( GAVEN LEIGHE ROSS born June 23, 1984 – may have been adopted by Sheri and Greg Norwood

( JOHN REDMOND STEVENS (Photos) born March 20, 1937 Los Angeles CA; married 1st 1965 in St. George UT, Stephanie Edna Pollerana [dau of Edward Raymond & Edna (Gutierrez) Pollerana] born November 23, 1949 Los Angeles CA – divorced; married 2d January 1997 in Costa Rica, Estrella Murillo Barrera born 1950 Playas del Coco, Costa Rica. 2003 – resides in Costa Rica. Much of this information, and photographs, have come from John’s webpage – thanks, John! Born to John and Stephanie were:




( HELENE DELIGHT STEVENS born January 29, 1939 Los Angeles CA; married 1st Jackie Brown born July 20, 1933; married 2d Douglas Alan McCombs. Born to Helene and Jackie were:

( DONALD BROWN born September 29, 1956; married Gaby Bell and born to them were:

( MILES AARON BELL-BROWN – named in honor of jazz trumpeter Miles Davis

( ARI MARISSA BELL-BROWN born August 8, 1987

( JUDITH ANN BROWN born June 17, 1959; married 1st Glen Fieckart – divorced; married 2d Gregory Herbert

( KAREN MARIE BROWN born November 13, 1962; married Michael Lieser and born to them was:


( AMY LYNN BROWN born March 3, 1963

( SUSANNE LYNETTE BROWN born June 10, 1967; married Jesse James Seales III [a descendant of slaves from Mississippi and other parts of the American South]. Susanne is the provider of this twig of info - thanks, Susanne!

Born to Virginia and her third husband, Arthur, was:


( JOHN MARKOE FERRIS “Cookie” born April 22, 1905 Oregon and died November 11, 1987 Los Angeles Co CA; wrote a pamphlet entitled, “The Exploits of John Markoe Ferris”. From the pamphlet: “Accomplishments of John M. Ferris – Since 1942 the writer has personally planned, organized and escorted more than 250 group tours to points within the United State, Canada and Alaska. This figure includes no less than 80 special train operations. Using ALL FORMS of transportation these tours catered to those who desired only the best in off-the-beaten path adventures. Many of these events opened new paths for others to follow, many have never been repeated, many can NEVER be repeated. In addition to my personal endeavours in the group tour field I have enjoyed 22 years service with THE PULLMAN COMPANY (former operators of America’s sleeping car system) in road, yard, commissary and stores departments. 10 years service with the old LOS ANGELES RAILWAY MOTOR COACH DIVISION, as a student instructor and dispatcher, and a stint as a supervisor with SANTA FE TRAILWAYS rounds out a rather full career in the field of passenger transportation. Further, the writer is an accomplished motion picture photographer and is well versed in public relations and advertising. All brochures necessary to the successful conclusion of the events sponsored were produced by the writer.” “Memories of a Pullman Conductor: innumerable trips to New Orleans via Southern Pacific’s work-horse The Argonaut; Troops trains galore from Fort McArthur (San Pedro) to Fort Dix, New Jersey; working San Diego and Arizona Eastern’s daily train, San Diego to Yuma; Navy trains galore from San Diego to Great  Lakes Naval Training Center; unforgettable trips to Chicago via Santa Fe’s Grand Canyon Limited; and one of my favorites, Southern Pacific’s wonderful old West Coast Limited, a through train Los Angeles to Portland.” He married Ruth {maiden name unk} and born to them were:




( ELIZABETH LOUISE FERRIS born August 10, 1907 Portland OR and died July 10, 1984 Huntington Beach CA; married 1st June 30, 1934 at Van Nuys CA, Coert DuBoise Van Decarr born December 10, 1906 Passaic NJ and died June 29, 1978 San Diego CA - they divorced 1941; married 2d August 2, 1941, L.T. Baldwin - they divorced 1960. Born to them was:


( NORMAN VAN DECARR (BALDWIN) (adopted) born August 1, 1935 Los Angeles CA.   He used the surname of Baldwin.

( DAVID BALDWIN (adopted) died very young of cancer.

( WALTER L. FERRIS – born to him and his unnamed wife were:

( EMILIA MALVINE FERRIS married Mr. Kronberg and born to them were 2 daughters, one of which was:

( MERRILY KRONBERG married Douglas Graham


It’s a small world – note from Merrily, granddaughter of Walter, noting the connection with the Knox County Ferris’.
”I grew up in Carson City, no direct line from the early Ferris settlers. My "Ferris" mother was from Portland.  I was born in Reno because during WWII private aviation was restricted within 200 miles of the West Coast.  My dad was managing 3 airports in Calif. when the war broke out. He ended up in Reno around 1943 after spending a year up in Northern Calif. (Beckworth) fighting fires. He dropped supplies to the fire fighters.  These fires were started by Japanese hot air, "explosive" balloons which descended on our forests. That information came out after my father passed away; he didn't know how those fires were started, but he had plenty of fires that season up in the Trinity Range.  The rest of the War he was chief pilot of a Navy flight training program in Ely, Nevada (on the East). He and my mother married in 1936. So she spent the war years in Reno, as a weather station person at the Reno Airport. She drew weather charts and made predictions, sending up the weather balloons and so forth. My sister and I were born after the war ended, in 1949 and 1950. So we were born in Reno and moved to Carson City in 1960, when I turned 10. My father started a flight training school in the Carson Valley - Agricultural Aviation Academy, located at the Minden Airport.  So if you connect the dots with the research on the Carson Valley Ranchers...the Dangberg Family in particular, there is a relationship between the flight School and the Dangberg family.  They needed their alfalfa crops sprayed for aphids, and my father (who was one of the first 50 crop dusters in the U.S.) did this for them when he first started the Academy.  In return, the Dangberg "okayed" the use of their large fields for aerial application training.  In other words, the students and instructors were permitted to train off the Dangberg property, which was the largest ranch in the Carson Valley. The Academy became the largest flight training school in the world during the 1960's and 1970's.  Students came from all over the world to attend.  But my father always had a very good relationship with the Dangberg family.  In fact, my first horse was from the Dangberg Ranch, an old mare who was a driving horse for the Ruth Dangberg.  We purchased her from the Achords...Ruth's married name.  The mare's name was Rene.  (pronounced Reanie).  As we know, horses go way back in our family tree... and continue to flow in our veins. Then there is another link that I had not realized... my roommate in college was Hazel Rabe.  Her mother was Martha Schultz Rabe, also mentioned in this documention...the Schulz name.  This was also a large land holding between Carson City and Lake Tahoe. Interesting as it sounds... Carson City (located in Eagle Valley) and the Carson Valley, the valley just to the South, was home to me for many years.  I passed the Ferris Mansion on my way to school, and never thought anything of it. Doug and I were married in Genoa - in the Carson Valley, the oldest town in Nevada, historically known as Morman Station.  Our reception was in the second oldest structure in the State, now occupied by the Pink House Restaurant.  That ceremony took place 20 years ago and the Supreme Court Justice of the time, Judge Mobray presided.  My dad taught his sons to fly.   My first job after receiving a bachelor's degree at University of Nevada, Reno, was for the Carson River Basin Council of Governments.  That agency studied the entire Carson River Basin, where George Washington Gale Ferris studied the water wheel on the Carson River at Cradlebaugh Bridge, his early child hood memories that resulted in his concept of a ride on a wheel.”
( ROSALIND FERRIS married Mr. Gast and born to them were:







( POLLY M. FERRIS born 1787 NY; moved to OH after 1827, presumably to visit her Aunt Deborah; married June 17, 1830 at Ashtabula OH, as his second wife, Thomas Wallace born October 1795 and died March 27, 1869; Wallace was from Kingsville OH


( MARTIN P. FERRIS born 1796 and died July 8, 1824; buried Prosser lot 28, Garland Cemetery, east of Clarkson, Monroe, NY

( HARRIET FERRIS married Joseph H. Herrington/Harrington of Stephentown NY.

Born to Sylvanus and his second wife, Lydia, was:

( STODDARD S  FERRIS born 1816 and died May 24, 1834; buried Prosser lot 18, Garland Cemetery, east of Clarkson, Monroe, NY

( JOSEPH FERRIS born c1765/67 Poundridge NY and died July 23, 1839 St. George VT age 72; “One-eyed Joseph”; married c1794 Flavia Phelps and born to them were:

( HORACE FERRIS born January 22, 1795 St. George VT and died May 20, 1868 Oakfield WI; resided Burlington VT; married Hannah Lockwood who died January 19, 1856 St. George VT; both buried Lamartine Cemete ry, Lamartine, Fond du Luc, WI (Photos). Born to them were:

( LUCIA R. FERRIS born September 19, 1818 and died June 4, 1819

( RALPH HORATIO FERRIS born February 13, 1820 St. George VT; married January 1, 1846 Caroline Bragg born July 18, 1820 St. George VT; and born to them were:

( RUTH EMMA FERRIS born August 13, 1847

( LUCIA ROXANA FERRIS born May 15, 1849

( HORACE EDWIN FERRIS born November 9, 1852

( RAY CARLTON FERRIS born May 30, 1822; married December 26, 1847 Nancy Pike born March 3, 1826

( JOHN R. FERRIS born January 4, 1824 and died September 8, 1826

( RUTH HELEN FERRIS born December 24, 1829; resided in Fond-du-lac WI; unmarried

( GEORGE HORACE FERRIS born September 1, 1834 St. George VT and died December 30, 1915 Chicago IL; went to Oakfield WI, 1848 with his father; moved to Lamartine, Fond-du-lac County WI, which he represented in the State Assembly, 1886-1887; Larmatine (previously called Seven Mile Creek) Postmaster, Town Clerk and Justice of Peace; married January 21, 1859 at Lamartine WI, Annette Stowe (granddaughter of Joseph).

Obituary for Annette (Stowe) Ferris from the Daily Commonwealth of November 18, 1903: Mrs. Annette Ferris, wife of George H. Ferris, died at the Hotel Plum [61 Forest Avenue, Fond du Lac] where the family have been living for some time at 7:40 p.m. Tuesday evening. Death came after a sickness of ten weeks during which the patient was confined to her room and was caused from cancer of the liver. Mrs. Ferris born at St. Louis [Missouri according to the 1880 census, other census records said Wisconsin], May 31, 1844. She came with her parents to Fond du Lac County in 1848 and was married at Lamartine January 24, 1859. With her husband she has been a resident of this city for 16 years. She was a member of the First Baptist Church and was an untiring worker in all of its activities. Besides her husband, she is survived by two sons and two daughters, Rev. E.E. [Elmer Ellsworth] Ferris of LaCrosse; Rev. George H. Ferris of New Haven, Conn; Mrs. C. K. Avery of Merrill, and Mrs. A. H. Adams of Port Townsend, Washington. Her two daughters were with her at the time of her death having been here for several weeks. The sons are expected to arrive soon. The funeral will be held from the First Baptist Church at 10 a.m. Friday morning with interment in Lamartine Cemetery. The remains will lie in state at the Hotel Plum from 4 to 5 p.m. tomorrow afternoon. Rev. E. E. Ferris of LaCrosse is expected to arrive this afternoon and Rev. G. H. Ferris of New Haven, Conn. will arrive tomorrow morning. After the funeral: The funeral services were conducted by Rev. H. C. Miller. The casket was covered with flowers, showing in a measure, something of the love and esteem in which Mrs. Ferris was held by her many friends.


On Tuesday December 9, 1913, this was written about George H. Ferris: George H. Ferris who has been ill for some weeks and who went to Chicago last week is reported to be getting along nicely. He stood the trip to Chicago well and is now able to be dressed and up most of the day. Mr. Ferris, who is 79 years old has made his home in Fond du Lac County since he was 15 years of age and has lived in this city for the past 26 years. For the past several years he has made his home at the Dewey house on East Second Street. He now makes his home with his daughter, Mrs. A. H. Adams at 5524 Cornell Avenue, Chicago. Another daughter, Mrs. C. K. Avery returned to Chicago today after being here to pack up her father's good. His obituary appeared in the Daily Commonwealth [FDL, WI] on Thursday, December 30, 1915: George H. Ferris, one of the well known pioneer residents of Fond du Lac who took a great deal of interest and pride in the doing of the pioneer Fond du Lac people, died at 6 a.m. this morning in Chicago where he has lived the past two years. Mr. Ferris has been in poor health for some time and a telegram today announcing his death was not altogether unexpected by friends who have continued in intimate friendship with him. Mr. Ferris was a prominent member of the Baptist Church, a member of the Wisconsin assembly in 1887, and for many years was active in support of the republican party, having taken active part for years in the conduct of local campaigns. He was deputy oil inspector for several years and on retiring from that work went to Chicago to make his home with his daughter, Mrs. A. H. Adams. Mr. Ferris born in St. George, Vermont in 1834 and came to his oft requested claim that he was one of the really pioneer residents of Fond du Lac. Mr. Ferris kept a store in Lamartine for a good many years. He is survived by two daughters, Mrs. Adams and Mrs. C. K. Avery of Chicago; two sons, Rev. George H. Ferris, Philadelphia and Elmer Ferris, East Orange, New Jersey. The body is to be brought to this city Saturday for burial services. Arrangements for the funeral and burial will be announced in more complete form later.  Will arrive in this city at 12:15 p.m. Saturday afternoon from Chicago and will be taken immediately to the Baptist Church for funeral services. Burial will be taken to the Lamartine Cemetery.

Born to them were:

( ELMER ELLSWORTH FERRIS (Rev) born October 11, 1861 Lamartine (Seven Mile Creek) WI – grew up in Seven Mile Creek and Fond du Lac; (where did he died and where is he buried?) graduated Wayland Academy, Beaver Dam, Wisc. 1881; took elective studies U. of Chicago 1886‑7; also 2 summer semesters 1899‑1900; married July 6, 1888, Minnie F. Lum of Waterloo WI (born in Marshall and grew up in Waterloo).  He was admitted to bar 1888, and practiced at Hastings and Lincoln, Neb. until 1898; ordained Baptist minister 1899; pastor Ashland, Neb. 1899‑1900; 1st Church, LaCrosse, Wis 1900‑04; Tabernacle Church, Milwaukee, Wis. 1904‑07; 1st Church, East Orange NJ 1907‑09; retired from pulpit on account of ill health; became traveling salesman; VP, Calument Tea & Coffee Co; salesman for Alexander Hamilton Institute; lecturer in sales training courses for American Gas Association, also for NY Edison Co.; general sales manager Phenix Cheese Co.; professor NY U.School of Commerce, Accounts and Finance, (Professor of Salesmanship)1920‑30; trustee Wayland Academy 1904‑06;  Author of Pete Crowther, Salesman, 1913; The Busi­ness Adventures of Billy Thomas, 1915; Jerry of Seven Mile Creek, 1938 {the compiler has a first edition of this book - it is dedicated to his kids, Helen and Frederick}; Jerry at the Academy, 1940; Developing Sales Personality, co-authoried with George Collins, Salesmanship, 1924, Selling Ocean Travel (1934), and others;  contributed sociological articles concerning life in western Canada and com­mercial traveler sketches to "The Outlook";  in 1945 resided at 114 Morningside Dr., New York City. [Jim - if I had to guess, I would say Elmer was named after Colonel Elmer Ellsworth, Commander of the 11th New York Fire Zouaves, who was killed by a Confederate civilian in May 1861 after he removed a Confederate flag from a hotel in Alexandria VA.] “Jerry Was a Real Boy in Seven Mile Creek – I born in a small village called Seven Mile Creek, located in the township of Lamartine County of Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. And I lived right there in Seven Mile Creek until I was fourteen, experiencing the many adventures that small boys then encountered. In after years my two children, Helen and Frederick, clamored for stories of my boyhood days, for they lived in a city, and the things that I had done in Seven Mile Creek seemed curious and fascinating. Still later, my grandchildren demanded the same stories. And to them, those other days when there were no telephones or automobiles were even more strange. When at the age of seventy, I retired from my University teaching, my children urged me to write down the stories of my boyhood days and thus preserve them. I finally yielded, and so it was that I, a grandfather, seventy-five years of age, began my first book for boys and girls about Jerry Foster, who is really myself. Often as I went along with Jerry toward his goal of owning a drum, I closed my eyes and saw before me Seven Mile Creek, that village just past its pioneer days. And I remembered my friends, the games we played and our band. All the adventures in Jerry of Seven Mile Creek actually occurred, and I have told them as accurately as I could after a lapse of sixty-three years. And I found my task so enjoyable that when I finished the last chapter, I did so reluctantly. Very soon I began another story which will carry Jerry through his Academy days.” {Thanks to the Johnsons for sending me this info.} Born to them were:

( HELEN JOSEPHINE FERRIS born November 19, 1890 Hastings NE and died September 28, 1969 Putnam NY; cremated Ferncliff Crematory, Hastings NY; lived in Milwaukee during her high school years; referred to herself as a Great Granddaughter of Wisconsin; A.B. Vassar, 1912, Phi Beta Kappa. She married February 12, 1924, Albert B. Tibbets born Lincon NE and died age 82y Putnam; graduated U. of Nebraska; served in the Nebraka House of Representatives, 1915-16 and WWI Army Vet; reporter for the The World in New York; joined the National Lead Co in New York, 1910; retired sales manager of the National Lead Co; former president of the Producers Council, Inc; former chairman of the committee on organization and extension of the Great New York Council, Boy Scouts and received the Silver Beaver Award, 1947 . Helen’s first publication appeared in the Wisconsin Audubon Magazine where she was eleven. She was with the educational department of John Wanamaker Stores 1912‑18; War Work Council 1918‑19; editorial department Camp Fire Girls of America 1921‑23; editor, The American Girl, 1923‑28; associate editor, The Youth's Companion, 1928‑29; Editor-in-Chief of the Junior Literary Guild 1929-59; trustee North Sale NY Public Library; Author: "Girls Clubs: Their Organization and Management", 1918; "Producing Amateur Entertainments", 1921; and many others. Lec­turer on children's reading. In 1947, resided at 114 Morningside Drive, New York City; later at R.F.D. Brewster NY and at her death, resided on Hardscrabble Road, Croton Falls NY. She is listed in Who’s Who as Helen Tibbets

( FREDERICK LUM FERRIS Obit: Somerville – Frederick L. Ferris, who founded the Rider College journalism department in 1928 and headed it for 10 years, died yesterday in Somerset Hospital after a short illness. He born in Hastings, Neb., 74 years ago, the son of Elmer Ellsworth and Minnie Lum Ferris, and spent his life teaching history and journalism, and practicing the latter. He was a former editorial page director of The Evening Times, and served on the papers staff from 1926 until 1959. Mr. Ferris married Myrtle Adele Grimm in 1918 and they celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary last June. Mrs. Ferris died suddenly on December 7. Since her death, Mr. Ferris, whose home was at 10 East Welling Avenue in Pennington, had been staying with his daughter, Mrs. Helen F. Michaux, in Somerville. In addition to Mrs. Michaux, wife of Dr. Macon C. Michaux, Mr. Ferris leaves a son, Frederick L. Jr.; a sister, Helen Ferris Tibbets, and five grandchildren. His son had been living in Concord, Mass, but was planning to move to Florida. Mr. Ferris graduated from the Peddie School in Hightstown and Brown University, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in 1915 and a master’s in 1917. Last May, he was honored by nearly 100 students, alumni and friends at the end of his 43 years of service at Rider College during the annual initiation of Pi Delta Epsilon, the college’s undergraduate honorary journalism fraternity. James Kerney, Jr., editor and publisher of the Trenton Times Newspapers, paid special tribute to Mr. Ferris then. In 1928, Mr. Ferris established the journalism department as part of the Rider College curriculum. Concurrently serving with his paper, he was a reporter and editorial writer before becoming editorial page director. From 1919-26, he was head of the history department at Peddie. From there he became a lecturer, associate professor and chairman of Rider’s journalism department from 1928-68. He also had been a special lecturer at Rutgers U and a consultant to the U.S. Department of Health, Education and Welfare. Mr. Ferris, a member of the National Conference of Editorial Writers and the American Press Institute, is listed in the current edition of Who’s Who in America. While a member of the Evening Times Staff, he wrote a chapter on the battles of Trenton in A History of Trenton, edited by the late Dr. Hamilton Schuyler and Judge James Kerney, then publisher of the Times Newspapers.

See this website for his chapter: http://freepages.history.rootsweb.com/~trenton/

Mr. Ferris also wrote a number of articles in national magazines including The Nation, Harper’s Parents’ and the American Mercury. Members of the 1966 graduating class at Rider dedicated The Shadow, the college yearbook, to Mr. Ferris as “a man who instilled into his students his own spirit and initiative” and whose “wide range of associations and affiliations has helped many journalism majors get their start in this field”. He served with the Intelligence Service of the U.S. Navy during WWI, and was a member of the American Association of Teachers of Journalism, Sons of the DAR, Delta Kappa Episilon, Delta Sigma Phi, the Kiwanis, and the Shrine Band and was a 32d degree Mason. Private services were held this morning under the directions in Mr. Ferris’ memory at Home, 21 North Main Street, Pennington. Contributions in Mr. Ferris’ memory may be made to Rider College. Obit: Mrs. Myrtle Grimm Ferris, 75, of 10 East Welling Avenue, Pennington, died Saturday in Helene Fuld Hospital. Wife of Frederick L. Ferris, retired editorial page director of the Evening Times, she was the Pennington correspondent for the Evening Times for over 30 years. Mrs. Ferris was an active member of the DAR and was regent of the Penelope Heart Chapter of Pennington. She also was a member of the House Committee for the Continental Congress of the National Society of the DAR and the state chairman of Conferences for the New Jersey Society of the DAR for two years; state chairman for press relations for the New Jersey Society, state librarian, and state chairman of the Good Citizens Committee; also recording secretary of the Society of the Daughters of the Colonial Wars. The past president of the Pennington Women’s Club; she was a member of the Woosamonsa Heart Group and was widely known for restoration and decoration of antique furniture. In 1928, Mrs. Ferris was awarded the Carnegie Medal and the American Legion Medal of Merit for rescuing a child from the old water tower at Laclede Avenue. Mrs. Ferris and her husband recently celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. Surviving, besides her husband, are one daughter, Mrs. Helen Ferris Michaux of Somerville, a son, Frederick L. Jr. of Concord, Mass; one sister, Mrs. George Halliwell of Providence RI and five grandchildren. Arrangements are being completed by the Blackwell Memorial Home. The family requests that flowers be omitted. Contributions may be made to the Watson House, state headquarters for the DAR in Trenton. Born to them were: HELEN DOROTHY FERRIS (Photo) born December 31, 1923 Hightstown, Mercer, NJ and died August 21, 2002 Bridgewater, Somerset, NJ. She born and raised in Pennington and lived in Bridgewater NJ since 1967. She graduated from Trenton State Teachers College as a special education teacher and taught school in Trenton and Balboa, Panama Canal Zone. She worked with her husband, Dr. Macon Craig Michaux (born July 10, 1921 and died July 1987 Bridgewater) in his dental practice in Keyport for many years. She was a member of the DAR for many years, which she served on several committees; also a member of the Raritan Valley Country Club. Her husband preceded her in death. Born to them were:

( MACON CRAIG MICHAUX married Angela – of Reaford NC 2002

( HOLLY MICHAUX married Allison Peter Enders – of Pasadena MD 2002; and born to them were:



( BARBARA ANNE MICHAUX of Bridgewater 2002

( FREDERICK LUM FERRIS JR born September 25, 1919 NY and died June 9, 1973 VA/FL; married a Miss Tenney and born to them were:

( FREDERICK LUM FERRIS III, M.D., (Photo) Director, Division of Epidermiology and Clinical Research, National Eye Institute, National Institutes of Health, Bethesada MD; on Board of Trustees, The Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology – see Net for more info and awards/papers

( KIMBALL H. FERRIS (Photo) of Portland OR 2002 – Yale B.A., 1969 (History); U of Mass, M.L.A, 1975, Landscape Architecture, M.R.P, 1974, Regional Planning; Williamette U, College of Law, J.D., 1978 – admitted to Oregon Bar and U.S. District Court, District of Oregon 1978; see www.bullivant.com/showbio.asp?Show=392

( LUTHER PEEK FERRIS born 1863 and died January 3, 1878 Oakfield WI; buried Lamartine WI with his parents.

( GEORGE HOOPER FERRIS (Rev) born June 5, 1867, Lamartine WI and died September 16, 1917, Philadelphia PA.  Graduated Wayland Academy, Beaver Dam WI, 1887; Brown University, B.A., 1891; M. A., 1893; Graduated Union Theological Seminary, 1896; D.D. Brown University, 1907; ordained Baptist minister, 1896; pastorates in Tarrytown NY, 1896-99; Calvary Church, New Haven CT, 1899-1905; First Church, Philadelphia starting in 1905 and was there in 1913.  He married, January 1, 1892, Carrie Sivyer.

( HELEN L. FERRIS born 1869 and died February 20, 1940 Chicago IL; buried Fond du Lac WI; resided in Port Townsend WA, 1903; Chicago 1913; married Alva Hamlin Adams died January 25, 1920 at age 58y; buried Fond du Lac; and born to them was (maybe more):

( HOWARD FERRIS ADAMS – was alive when parents died

( LUCIA ANNETTE FERRIS born May 29, 1872 at Lamartine, Fond du Lac Co WI and still alive in 1940; resided Merrill WI, 1903; married February 14, 1895 at Fond du Lac WI, Charles Kinney Avery [son of John Snell & Electa (Kinney) Avery] born April 19, 1872 Ripon WI. He was a traveling salesman and they resided in Chicago, 1912-13. Born to them was:

( FERRIS RAWSON AVERY born November 11, 1896 Appleton WI and died September 13, 1907 Denver CO

( JAMES FERRIS born April 7, 1797 Shelburne Falls VT and died February 4, 1864, Lawrenceville NY.  James was Supervisor and School Commissioner, Lawrence Township, St. Lawrence County NY.   He married October 21, 1821 Fanny Judson born April 14, 1801 and died July 5, 1885.   Born to them were:

( A SON FERRIS born and died September 1, 1822

( ADELIAH MARIA FERRIS born July 30, 1824 and died April 22, 1833

( GUY FERRIS born June 26, 1829 and died May 21, 1866 Lawrenceville NY; married October 4, 1856 at Ft. Covington NY, Eleanor Hard [dau of Alvin] born 1829 and died May 26, 1894. Born to them were:

( JENNIE MARIA FERRIS born February 2, 1852 Lawrenceville NY; married November 20, 1877 Zachary Taylor Savage and born to them were:




( CORA GENEVIEVE FERRIS born September 30, 1854 Lawrenceville NY; married October 30, 1875 Daniel Lemuel Coolidge, who was originally a Hammond, but took the name Coolidge, by adoption; and born to them were:





( HORTENSE EUGENIA FERRIS born August 2, 1856 Lawrenceville NY; unmarried

( ELLA (ELEANOR) GRACE FERRIS born February 14, 1859 Lawrenceville NY and died August 26, 1876

( SARAH BECKWITH FERRIS born March 9, 1860 Lawrenceville NY and died July 29, 1940; married three times: 1st December 25, 1887 Schuyler C. Harmon - divorced; 2d Dayton Patrow; and 3d August 27, 1930 Eugene A. Hicks.  Bornto Sarah and Schuyler was:

( GUY HARMON born October 29, 1888

( LUCIA FERRIS born February 4, 1834 and died October 23, 1838

( FLAVIA ANN FERRIS born March 5, 1837; married March 3, 1858 widower James Chase Ellis and born to them were:




( JOHN FERRIS born c1800 Shelburne VT and died June 28, 1876; was Commissioner of Highways, Lawrence Township, St. Lawrence Co NY; married Mehitable Craig born c1801 and died 1890 Melone NY.  Born to them were:

( CHARLES FERRIS born c1831 Melone NY and died 1891; married Cordelia {maiden name unk} (-1892) - apparently no offspring

( JANE FERRIS died May 12, 1833 age 8m 5d

( RANSOM FERRIS died May 26, 1842 age 5y 6m

( DOLLY P. FERRIS born September 17, 1801/02 VT and died July 1876; married March 6, 1825 Henry Chandler [son of Abijah and Sarah (Mann)] born 1798 and died September 19, 1872 Nicholville, St. Lawrence , NY.  Born to them were:

( HECTOR CHANDLER (1826-1832)

( HELEN MARR CHANDLER married Edson J. Wilson

( FREDERICK BREWSTER CHANDLER married 1st Rosalia Ellithorp; and 2d Susan L. Brock

( MARION WALLACE CHANDLER married Aruna H. Brunson

( HARRY TRUSSAL CHANDLER married Frances A. MacCargan.

( LUTHER FERRIS born 1804 VT and died September 24, 1884 Lawrenceville, St Lawrence, NY; buried Nicholville NY Cemetery; married 1st Clarissa H. Bush born c1809 and died July 31, 1843; and 2d widow Lury L. Calvin born c1814 and died June 12, 1894. Luther was a carpenter in Lawrence Township NY, 1873; he was unmarried, 1850, probably in between marriages, living with the Chandlers.  Born to Luther and Clarissa were:

( HARRIET EVALINE FERRIS born August 31, 1828/29 Lawrenceville NY and died c1910; was living with her uncle, Tiras A. Hall 1850; married November 1, 1853 at Peru NY, William Clark Blish [son of David & Mary (Whitney) Blish] born November 30, 1825 Peru NY and died 1906; no offspring

( EDWIN E. FERRIS (1831-1895) of Nicholville, St. Lawrence, NY; married February 3, 1856 at Essex VT, Lucy Ann Whipple  

( LEMUEL PHELPS FERRIS born 1807/09 VT and died September 2, 1887 Lawrenceville NY; married March 22, 1833 at Williston VT, Anna Penfield Hall born c1810 Williston VT and died June 7, 1876.  Born to them were:

( TIRAS HALL FERRIS born February 12, 1834 Williston VT and died December 1897 Chicago IL; was a School Commissioner for the 3d Assembly District, St. Lawrence Co NY 1856-57; Supervisor, Town of Lawrence 1866-69; Chairman of Board of Supervisors of St. Lawrence Co NY 1867-68; County Clerk, St. Lawrence Co 1870-76; starting in 1879 he was an attache to the Offices of Secretary of State and Department of Public Instruction, Albany NY; married c1865 Charlotte E. Stowell

( HARRIET E. FERRIS born 1833/35 and died 1859 Lawrenceville NY; married c1857 George Farrar or Ferrer and born to them were:



( MARY ELVIRA FERRIS (1837-1839) Williston VT

( LYMAN FERRIS born August 6, 1838

( ANNETTE CELESTIA FERRIS born May 3, 1840; married December 1, 1868 Myron Winslow Lyman born August 6, 1838; and born to them were:

( WILLIS H. LYMAN resided Chicago


( LEMUEL VERNON FERRIS born July 15, 1843 Lawrenceville NY and died January 1, 1942 Maywood IL; graduated from Middlebury College 1867. Lemuel was a teacher at Windsor and Williston VT; Principal of Windsor High School 1867-71; Superintendent of Troy OH Schools 1871-74; a lawyer in Chicago starting 1874; married December 22, 1870 at Williston VT, Anna M. Stone. Born to them were:

( VERNON TIRAS FERRIS born March 28, 1879 Maywood IL; married April 15, 1907 Mary Alice Shumaker/Shoemaker [dau of George Brinton & Anna Rebecca (Ritter) Shoemaker] born November 27, 1885; resided Billings MT; and born to them were:

( VERNON TIRAS FERRIS born August 22, 1908

( WILLIAM SHUMAKER FERRIS born November 5, 1910

( MARY ALICE FERRIS born February 9, 1913

( WILLIAM S. FERRIS died November 1956 Casper WY

( A DAUGHTER FERRIS married Walter R. Kuehnle of Winnetka IL 

( LOUISA FERRIS (1810-1892) married Frederick Brewster and born to them was:

( LOUISA BREWSTER married Henry T. Sanford, a lawyer, from Albany NY

( HENRY NOBLE FERRIS born 1812 VT and died March 5, 1855; buried Nicholville Cemetery NY; married 1841 Laura A. Day born 1821 and died June 11, 1881. Born to them were:

( HENRY H. FERRIS died November 15, 1846 age 5y 2m

( J. WARREN FERRIS born 1843 and was killed in action June 1, 1864 at the Battle of Coal Harbor VA (Civil War); enlisted August 12, 1862 in Company H., 106th New York Infantry Regiment

( FLORENCE E. FERRIS born March 7, 1848 Lawrenceville, St Lawrence, NY; married September 5, 1876 Luman Wilson [son of Samuel], an undertaker in Nicholville, St Lawrence, NY; and born to them was:

( LAURA EMILY WILSON born August 26, 1879 Nicholville NY; married Dr. E. B. Wells; no offspring

( SOPHIA ANN FERRIS born April 8, 1814 VT and died 1899; buried Lawrenceville NY Cemetery; married April 18, 1833 at Williston VT, Tiras Adams Hall born October 8, 1809 and died, 1857. Born to them were:

( JANE E. HALL born October 1, 1837 and died May 21, 1872; married 1st Roswell P. Wilson (1830-1862); and 2d H. L. Ward

( JOTHAM T. HALL (1843-1872)

( TIRAS ADELBERT HALL born November 8, 1847; married December 25, 1877 in Potsdam NY, Annette Eliza Kellogg [dau of Harvey Ebenezer & Laura Abiah (Austin)] born September 4, 1852; no offspring

( EDWIN F. HALL (1849-)

( MARY HALL (1852-) married Samuel H. Roberts 

( RUTH FERRIS died 1816 Erie PA; married Luman Webster born February 5, 1781 Litchfield CT and died April 3, 1853 Kingsville OH [brother of Daniel below]; and born to them was:

( GILBERT WEBSTER born November 28, 1795 CT; married Polly Webster

( DEBORAH FERRIS born 1772 NY and died November 4, 1863 Jefferson, Ashtabula, OH; married November 22, 1794 in Catskill, Greene, NY Daniel Webster [son of Michael & Elizabeth (Clark) Webster] born March 24, 1776 Litchfield CT and died June 9, 1852 Jefferson OH; both buried Hickok Cemetery, Jefferson Township, Ashtabula Co OH; they resided Catskills NY but probably moved before their second child born in Franklin (Bradford?), Delaware Co NY; and then c1808 to Jefferson Co OH.    Born to them were [talk about family planning - 7 of the 8 kids that we have birth dates for were born in either Feb, Mar, or April!! Reckon that is a coincidence?]

( HORACE WEBSTER born April 29, 1800 Franklin, Delaware, NY and died November 19, 1826; married September 28, 1824 in OH, Lydia Lorinda Leavitt; and born to them were:

( PANTHEA LORINDA WEBSTER born July 5, 1825 Warren, Trumbull, OH and died October 22, 1869; married David Tracy Stowe

( STELLA LEAVITT WEBSTER born April 16, 1827 Warren, Trumbull, OH and died August 8, 1848

( FERRIS WEBSTER born February 2, 1802 Franklin, Delaware, NY and died August 24, 1880 (Northfield) Webster Township, Rice Co MN; there was a well known film editor, Ferris Webster (1912-1989) – wonder if he is descended from/related to this guy/family?; married 1st June 12, 1824 in Ashtabula, Susan Abbott born c1803 NY; 2d c1830 in Jefferson OH, Adeline Frances Mitcham born c1806 Franklin NY; and 3d April 25, 1847 in Ashtabula Co OH, Roxanna Carpenter born 1811 VT; 1850 they resided Kingsville, Ashtabula, OH; 1870-80 in Webster, Rice, MN; and born to him and Adeline were:

( SALMON ISAAC WEBSTER born October 20, 1833 Jefferson, Ashtabula, OH and died November 28, 1917 Lyon Co MN; Civil War Vet served as a Private in Company D, 11th Minnesota Infantry Regiment; the 11th was organized at Fort Snilling MN in August-September 1864 and then moved to Chicago, St. Louis, and Nashville TN, Company D was at Sandersville; mustered out June 26, 1865 at St Paul MN; married June 23, 1856 in Redwing, Goodhue, MN Frances DeEtte Humphrey (1838-); and born to them was:

( ADA WEBSTER (c1855-)

( RANSOM FERRIS WEBSTER born August 21, 1837 Jefferson, Ashtabula, OH and died February 7, 1900 MN; Civil War Vet served as Private in the same Company as his brother Salmon; married January 14, 1857 in Webster Township, Rice Co MN, Laura E Swift born 1839 NY; and born to them were:

( ARTHUR WEBSTER born 1859 Webster Township, Rice Co MN

( EDGAR S WEBSTER born 1860 Webster Township, Rice Co MN

( IDA M WEBSTER born 1866 Webster Township, Rice Co MN

( ELLEN WEBSTER born 1871 Webster Township, Rice Co MN

( BERTHA WEBSTER born 1874 Webster Township, Rice Co MN

( OSCAR JOY WEBSTER born August 23, 1840, Jefferson, Ashtabula, OH and died December 19, 1932 Seattle, King, WA; Civil War Vet served in Company A, 7th Minnesota Infantry Regiment as Musician; see ‘Net for history of 7th MN, a more active unit than his brother’s 11th; 1870 resided Chippewa Co WI; 1880 resided Codington Co, Dakota Territory; 1900 resided St Paul MN; 1910 resided Seattle WA; member of John F Miller Post, GAR; married Hannah Maria {mnu} (c1841-); both buried Grand Army of the Republic Cemetery, Seattle WA (Photo), which has an interesting history itself, see ‘Net; and born to them were:




            Born to Ferris and his 3d wife, Roxanna, was:

( ADALINE WEBSTER born 1847 Kingsville, Ashtabula, OH

( ELVIRA WEBSTER (Alvira) born February 14, 1804 Franklin, Delaware, NY; married October 18, 1826 in Ashtabula Co OH, John Goff and born to them was:

( HORACE GOFF born 1832 OH

( LORENA WEBSTER born April 22, 1808/9 Jefferson, Ashtabula, OH and died July 24, 1893 Beaver Centre, Crawford, PA; married February 1831 in Jefferson OH, Elisha Gifford Haines born April 13, 1809 Southeast, Putnam, NY; and born to them was:

( DEBORAH CORNELIA HAINES born August 26, 1835 Dorset, Ashtabula, OH and died October 19, 1920 Rock Rapids, Lyon, IA; married April 15, 1855 in Lodi IL, Edgar Hamilton Partch (Daniel Merrit & Adeline (Blackman) Partch] born March 10, 1833 and died January 10, 1909 Rock Rapids IA; both buried there Riverview Cemetery; and born to them was (there are a couple of Partch buried at Riverview Cemetery that could be their kids):

( LORENA ANN PARTCH born December 4, 1871 Elkader IA and died July 25, 1953 Rock Rapids, Lyon, IA; buried there Riverview Cemetery; (she is listed under her maiden name) married April 25, 1900 in Rock Rapids, Charles Homer Leichliter [son of Albert Marsden & Christiana (Grim) Leichliter] born February 16, 1876 Springfield PA and died May 10, 1941 St Petersburg FL; buried there Memorial Park; and born to them was:

( ANN LORENA LEICHLITER born May 24, 1901 Riverside (Rock Rapids), Lyon, IA and died March 2, 2000 Naples FL; buried Ames Municipal Cemetery, Ames IA (Photo); she taught art and design at Iowa State College and was a secretary with the Ames City Planning Commission; a founding member of Ames International Orchestra Festival Association and a member of DAR, Order of the Knoll, PEO, and Book and Basket Club and Playmakers; served as an Iowa representative to the United Nations; and was given the Key to the City of Ames 1963; married 1st 1927 Hiram Munn [son of Alfred Hershel & Grace Abigail (Axtell) Munn] born October 21, 1900 Ames IA and died there July 8, 1961; buried Ames Municipal Cemetery; 2d April 10, 1965 in Ames, Roland Lawton McCormack born December 20, 1899 Norway ME and died March 14, 1981 Naples FL; and born to her and Hiram were:

( ALFRED MUNN (Fritz) – duplicated below?

( DEBORAH ANN MUNN born August 24, 1931 Battle Creek MI; married 1st April 10, 1954 in Ames IA, Robert Kent Larson who died September 25, 1991 Ames IA; 2d 1980 in Bradenton FL, Peter Doran (-1983); resided Palm Harbor FL (2000); and born to her and Robert were:

( CINDY LARSON born May 8, 1955 Ames, Story, IA; married July 25, 1981 in Ames, John Falk Ambroson born February 17, 1956 Mason City IA; and born to them were:



( SUSAN LARSON born October 25, 1956 Ames, Story, IA; married 1st August 7, 1982 in Jordan River UT, Richard Ernest Walker born September 26, 1952; 2d October 11, 1997 in Palm Harbor FL, William Henry Allen (Buddy) born January 16, 1948 Miami FL; and born to her and Richard was:


( LINDA LARSON born July 4, 1959 Ames, Story, IA; married June 26, 1982 in Longboat Key FL, Alan Dale Cron born November 17, 1957 Toledo OH; and born to them were:



( REBECCA KAY LARSON born June 29, 1962 Ames, Story, IA and died July 11, 1970

( ELIZABETH MUNN born June 10, 1934 Ames IA; married 1st December 22, 1956 in Ames IA, Richard Alan Vanderloo born April 5, 1933 Dubuque IA and died June 13, 1974 Marco Island FL; 2d September 1, 1975 in Elizabethtown NY, Charles Poletti – resided Marco Island FL (2000)

( ALFRED HOMER MUNN born March 27, 1929 Battle Creek MI and died March 1, 1983 Ames IA; buried there Ames Municipal Cemetery; married March 27, 1953 Joy Ringham; and born to them were:




( ISAAC WEBSTER born and died February 14, 1810 Jefferson, Ashtabula, OH

( SARAH WEBSTER born March 14, 1811 Jefferson, Ashtabula, OH and died September 3, 1852

( HARRIET WEBSTER born March 13, 1813 Jefferson, Ashtabula, OH and died January 23, 1899

( LUMAN WEBSTER born February 27, 1824 Jefferson, Ashtabula, OH

( REUBEN FERRIS, born...., removed to Dutchess Co N.Y.

( EBENEZER FERRIS, born..., remained in Fairfield County

( ISAAC FERRIS, born....., died in Greenwich

( BENJAMIN FERRIS, born.., removed to Stamford. [Jim - there has been some confusion that this Benjamin was (3.8.1) – don’t think so.]


(3.4.6) SARAH FERRIS born c1715 Greenwich; married November 9, 1742 Nathan Bishop [son of Benjamin and Susannah (Pierson) Bishop] born September 13, 1711 Stamford; and born to them were:

( SARAH BISHOP (1743-)



( ENOS BISHOP (1749-)


(3.5) CALEB FERRIS (AFN:8RLK-R1) born c1670/1677/79 Stamford (Greenwich) and died 1752 Greenwich were he was buried; owned land in Cos Cob and resided in Greenwich and was a Congregationalist; married, probably at Greenwich, (possibly) Elizabeth Adams (AFN:8RLL-JX) born c1677. Born to them were [many unanswered questions on this family]:

(3.5.1) JOSEPH FERRIS born c1739/40 Greenwich [twenty‑one in 1761] (Jim ‑ this means his father, Caleb was 61 when Joseph born - one could assume that this birth date might be wrong; then again, maybe not!) [Chaplain Ferris notes that he places Joseph’s offspring, solely on the flimsy coincidence of the name of Jabez.  To be consistent then, if these are his kids, then his birth date is definitely wrong, considering the birth dates of the kids.  Mead places the offspring with Joseph (3.4.3), which is where I have them listed, right or wrong, for now.]

(3.5.2) ELIPHALET FERRIS was of age in 1749 and died after 1772. There was a Private Eliphalet Ferris, Captain Hait’s Company, 9th Regiment Connecticut Militia, 1776 – don’t know if this is correct one.

(3.5.3) JABEZ FERRIS born before 1728 and died after 1774; possibly had sons, Lemuel born c1769 and Solomon, Jr

(3.5.4) PACH (PACK)(PARK) (PATCH) FERRIS born c1739 CT; served in French and Indian Wars, 1756 with 5th Company, 4th Regiment; 1757 with 6th Company, 1st Regiment; and 1762 with 5th Company, 2d Regiment; married lady unk and born to them were:

( SCHUBEL FERRIS married c1787 Sybil (Seiba) Palmer born 1766 and died September 29, 1829; a miller and later a farmer in the North Cos Cob district of Greenwich. Born to them were:

( DANIEL M. FERRIS born August 17, 1793 Greenwich and died there September 15, 1881; buried Congregational Church Cemetery, Greenwich; a farmer; served in the War of 1812; moved to Pelham NY, then to New Rochelle NY and then back to Greenwich and settled in Sound Beach, 1834.  He married Maria Marshall [dau of Captain Andrew and Mary (Hobbs) Marshall] born March 14, 1797 and died September 10, 1882, Greenwich.  Born to them were:

( JULIA A. L. FERRIS born March 11, 1821 and died November 16, 1906; buried Congregational Church Cemetery, Greenwich; married 1839 Petrus VonFleming Jessup [son of Samuel and Susan (Dibble) Jessup] born October 10, 1817 and died April 13, 1900; resided in North Cos Cob CT. Born to them was:

( SARAH JANE JESSUP born May 24, 1847 and died March 27, 1940; buried Congregational Church Cemetery, Greenwich; married Joseph Lafayette Colegrove born June 20, 1846 and born to them was:

( JOSEPH LAFAYETTE COLEGROVE, JR., born September 6/18, 1888 Norwalk CT and died 1954; married Ethel Mae Ferris ( Born to them were:

( CHARLOTTE A. COLEGROVE born June 18, 1910 Greenwich CT

( ALLAN W. COLEGRAVE born October 3, 1911 Greenwich CT; married February 17, 1940 Carolyn Grant born February 6, 1919; First Congregational Church Easter 2005, Easter Memorial Flowers for Allan by Carolyn, Sally and Jonathan; and born to them were:

( SARAH ANN COLEGRAVE born February 13, 1953 Greenwich

( JONATHAN ALLAN COLEGRAVE born November 2, 1955 Greenwich

( HARRIET JANE COLEGRAVE born October 12, 1913 Greenwich; married John D. Jones and born to them were:

( PENELOPE JONES born June 2, 1951 Asbury Park NJ

( GREGORY JONES born November 2, 1958 Asbury Park NJ

( THELMA JO COLEGRAVE born September 29, 1918 Greenwich – First Congregational Church Easter 2005, Easter Memorial Flowers by Thelma J Colegrave for her Mother and Father, two sisters and brother

( EBENEZER J. FERRIS born c1822; of Stamford

( ALEXANDER FERRIS born June 30, 1823 and died May 28, 1901; married Maria Tapner born June 2, 1825 and died February 26. 1900; resided Round Hill

( SUSAN FERRIS (c1825-) married Ebenezer Beardsley. Born to them was:

( CHARLOTTE MARIE BEARDSLEY born 1858 Lewisboro (?) NY

( PARIS ALONZO FERRIS (tombstone photo) born May 29, 1829 Westchester Co NY and died August 22, 1905 Fairfield Co CT; buried First Congregational Church Cemetery, Old Greenwich; went by the name Alonzo; married Matilda Palmer [dau of Walter and Polly (Scofield) Palmer) born October 28, 1828 and died April 26, 1898. Born to them were:

( CHARLES ALBERT FERRIS born May 30, 1850 Sound Beach CT and died November 24, 1914; married June 17, 1869 Josephine Flood [dau of Samuel and Catherine (Finch) Flood and born to them was:

( MATILDA C. FERRIS born August 4, 1886

( ORA A. FERRIS married John W. Stivers and born to them was:


( ELIAKIM M. FERRIS born c1836 and died March 15, 1892 Belle Haven; a carpenter

( CORENLIA A. FERRIS married John Wilson, of Stamford


( BYRON A. FERRIS (c1849-) [Jim - this family has a 28-year span between first child and last - mother would have been 52 years of age at last childbirth - makes one question the information.]

( HENRY FERRIS was a farmer in Greenwich Township

( WILLIAM FERRIS died early but left a family

( EDWARD FERRIS died young

( LUCY FERRIS at the age of 60 was living with the Jessup family


( IRENE FERRIS married John Ward

( ELIZA FERRIS married Samuel Burley of Stamford


(3.5.5) MARTHA FERRIS (8RK1-WD) born November 8, 1708 and died November 6, 1797; married March (November) 18, 1728 Benjamin Mead [brother of Sarah, wife of John (3.1.1)] [son of Benjamin and Sarah (Waterbury) Mead] born March 18, 1701 and died October 22, 1788/83 (See Mead-Ferris Paper). They moved from Cos Cob to Quaker Ridge, Greenwich about time of their marriage.  Born to them were [the below differs from several other sources, but will stay with Chaplain Ferris, pending further research] [According to Chaplain Ferris this Martha has, in the past, been erroronously placed as a daughter of Joseph (3.6)].  Born to them were:

( BENJAMIN MEAD (8RK1-XK) born August 15, 1729 Greenwich and died there March 5, 1815; married in November 1751 Mary M. Reynolds (8RKF-GS) [dau of James & Phebe (Fowles) Reynolds] born June 30, 1732/33 and died November 24, 1816/17 Greenwich. Born to them were:

( MARY MEAD born November 2, 1770 Greenwich; married January 26, 1790 in Greenwich, Samuel Peck ( – see him for offspring

( ANNA MEAD (1753-) married first, David Mead [son of Nathaniel & Prudence (Wood)] born October 27, 1747 and died August 29, 1808; and second, James Bailey.

( THEODOSIA MEAD born August 2, 1756 and died October 11, 1827; married February 15, 1776 Edmund Mead (1752-1799) (; see him for offspring.

( OBADIAH MEAD (1759-1779) KIA in the Rev. War; unmarried; was engaged to Charity, dau of Nathaniel Mead, who afterwards married Joshua Knapp

( PHOEBE MEAD born in 1774 and died March 29, 1850 in her 77th year; married Jehiel Mead Jr., [son of Jehiel & Deborah (Mead)] who died October 28, 1846 in his 78th year; both buried Old Cemetery at North Greenwich CT (Quaker Ridge Cemetery). Born to them were:

( LEWIS MEAD born July 12, 1795 and died May 7, 1830 at age 34y 9m 25d; buried Old Cemetery at North Greenwich CT.

( HARRIET MEAD born May 9, 1797 and died July 1, 1870 at age 73y 1m 22d. She married January 2, 1816 Silas H. Mead born December 12, 1796 and died December 14, 1878 at age 82y 2d. Both buried at Old Cemetery at North Greenwich CT. Born to them were:

( SARAH M. MEAD born February 18, 1817; married September 3, 1838 Selah Savage and born to them were:

( WILLIAM L. SAVAGE born August 10, 1842; married 1st 1865 Sarah E. James who died September 1881; 2d 1884 Ella Stickles

( ROXY M. SAVAGE born July 8, 1855 and died May 1892; married May 1884 E. Lewllyn Palmer [son of James L]

( SILAS D. MEAD born January 31, 1819 and died 1896; buried at Old Cemetery at North Greenwich CT; married September 22, 1840 Emily L. Close and born to them were:

( SARAH C. MEAD died September 28, 1850 age 1y 8m 18d; buried Old Cemetery at North Greenwich CT

( SILAS E. MEAD born March 15, 1840; Civil War Vet 10th Regiment Connecticut Vols; married September 12, 1867 Cornelia M. Wilcox (Nellie W.) and born to them were:

( SILAS F. MEAD born December 7, 1868 and died September 20, 1872 age 3y 9m; buried Old Cemetery at North Greenwich CT

( MABEL W. MEAD (Mabel F in cemetery records) born September 4, 1870 and died August 3, 1882 age 11y 11m; buried Old Cemetery at North Greenwich CT. Listed as dau of Silas E and Nellie W.

( LOUISE E. MEAD (Louise C.) born October 6, 1871; graduated Mt. Holyoke College 1900

( MYRTILLA P. MEAD born November 4, 1841; married September 2, 1873 Livingston Disbrow and born to them were:



( CLARKSON A. DISBROW born July 12, 1872

( EMILY CORNELIA MEAD born November 22, 1846 and died unmarried April 24, 1898; buried Old Cemetery at North Greenwich

( HORATIO B. MEAD, of Dakota, born August 3, 1851; married 1890 Lora E. Stickwell and born to them were:






( HARRIET A MEAD born January 7, 1854 and died February 13, 1895; buried Old Cemetery at North Greenwich CT; married Brockholst Livingston Mead ( - see him for offspring

( EZEKIEL C. MEAD born June 4, 1856; married September 22, 1893 Jennie Bahr and born to them was:

( DOUGLASS S. MEAD born February 17, 1895

( MARY MEAD (1799-1802)

( WILLIAM MEAD born 1799 and died October 29, 1801 in his 3d year; buried Old Cemetery at North Greenwich CT

( MARY ANN MEAD died September 25, 1815 in her 15th year; buried Old Cemetery at North Greenwich CT

( WILLIAM E. MEAD (1806-1834)

( CALEB MEAD (1808-1887)

( POLLY MEAD died May 12, 1802 at 4 years; buried Old Cemetery at North Greenwich CT. This Polly is listed as a dau of Jehiel and Phebe Mead in the cemetery records, but is not listed in most sources with this date.

( THADDEUS MEAD (8RK1-ZQ) born November 16, 1730 and died December 6, 1803 (1790) Salem NY; married Tamar (Sarah) Hobby (8RKG-N0) born c1732/33 and died February 20, 1802 North Salem NY age 69. Born to them were:

( EDWARD MEAD, of Somers NY, born 1758 and died January 31, 1797 (1807); married Mary Finch born 1762 and died February 24, 1846. Born to them were:

( SQUIRE MEAD (c1787-)

( JOHN MEAD born December 6, 1789 and died February 11, 1862 Somers, Westchester, NY; buried there Ivandell Cemetery; married Sarah {mnu} born 1794 and died March 15, 1843. Born to them were:

( ELIZABETH MEAD married Henry Lane

( CLARISSA MEAD married Mead Sutherland (





( WILLIAM MEAD born March 28, 1815 and died March 7, 1880 Somers NY; married Adeline Truesdell born October 10, 1819 and died December 6, 1900 Somers NY; both buried there Ivandell Cemetery; and born to them were:

( LEWIS MORGAN MEAD died November 26, 1853 Somers NY; buried there Ivandell Cemetery

( DISOSWAY MEAD born March 31, 1856

( BELLE MEAD born September 27, 1864

( META MEAD born April 8, 1869





( SARAH MEAD married David Horton

( JACKSON MEAD born May 15, 1827

( SARAH MEAD (1760-) married Stephen Sutherland and born to them were:

( MEAD SUTHERLAND married Clarissa Mead (




( SARAH SUTHERLAND – married – “and shortly after the birth of her oldest child, Mrs. Benjamin Mead (I) (Sarah Waterbury), went 20 miles to see it, a child of the 5th generation from herself as follows: Benjamin (2), Thaddeus, Sarah, Sarah, infant.”





( DANIEL SUTHERLAND died in infancy

( DANIEL SUTHERLAND died in infancy


( MARY MEAD born 1762 and died August 22, 1841; (A Mary Lyon is buried at the Burying Grounds across from Maplewood Cemetery, Genoa NY; died August 21, 1841, age 82y – if this is the correct one, then her birth date is apparently wrong); married March 29, 1781 Noah Lyon born March 16, 1756 and died September 20, 1820. (A Noah Lyon is buried at the Burying Grounds across from Maplewood Cemetery, Genoa – he died September 23, 1820, age 64y 6m; probably this guy – DAR says he born March 16, 1756 and died September 20, 1820).  Born to them were:

( ISRAEL LYON born December 16, 1781 and died June 3, 1826; married Polly Hubbard – an Israel Lyon is buried at the Burying Grounds across from Maplewood Cemetery, Genoa NY – he died June 3, 1826 at age 44y 6m 17d; probably this guy; and born to them was:

( NOAH LYON born April 30, 1820 and died May 1, 1895; married March 2, 1842 Catherine Stillwell [dau of Jacob & Elizabeth (Quick) Stillwell] born May 28, 1820 and died January 22, 1909; and born to them was:

( EDGAR JAY LYON born August 21, 1843 and died after 1933; married Susan Hamilton Benham born March 21, 1846 and died March 2, 1903; and born to them was:

( MARY BELLE ELIZABETH LYON born November 4, 1880; married Paul Joseph Faba born August 15, 1878 Austria

( THADDEUS LYON born March 29, 1785 and died April 23, 1851, age 66y 24d; buried Kings Ferry Cemetery, Genoa NY; married Amy Marshall who died January 6, 1855 at age 73y; buried with Thaddeus

( MATILDA LYON born February 2, 1788 and died November 10, 1840; (A Matilda Lyon is buried at the Burying Grounds across from the Maplewood Cemetery, Genoa NY – died November 10, 1840, age 53y 9m 8d.)

( RUTH LYON born May 30, 1799; married Ira Curtis

( EBENEZER MEAD born June 14, 1765; married January 11, 1791 Abigail (Elizabeth) Chapman born October 25, 1772; and born to them were:

( HARVEY MEAD born (September 9, 1792 Westchester Co NY) November 9, 1792 and died January 14, 1853 Somers, Westchester, NY; buried there Ivandell Cemetery; married Aner/Amy Brown [dau of Stephen & Deborah Ann] born c1794 Somers; and born to them were:

( GEORGE MEAD born January 19, 1818 Somers NY and died there April 21, 1818; buried there Ivandell Cemetery

( MARY MEAD born February 18, 1833 Somers NY and died there November 22, 1849; buried there Ivandell Cemetery

( WHITMAN MEAD born October 12, 1794 and died June 29, 1869 Somers NY; married Delicy Sutherland born December 27, 1807 and died July 27, 1853 Somers; both buried there Ivandell Cemetery

( EDWARD MEAD born October 26, 1796 Somers NY and died there November 8, 1821; buried there Ivandell Cemetery

( SOLOMON MEAD born December 6, 1798; married Nancy Ferris (

( DORINDA MEAD born October 12, 1801 and died June 17, 1887 Somers NY; buried there Ivandell Cemetery

( NANCY MEAD born March 4, 1804 and died April 28, 1839; married Eisenhart Purdy [son of Micah & Hester (Bailey) Purdy] born July 20, 1799 Somers NY; and born to them was:


( HORACE MEAD born February 26, 1806

( BETSY MEAD born April 4, 1808

( NORMAN MEAD born September 26, 1810 and died September 15, 1884 Somers NY; married Mary J {mnu} born January 8, 1808 and died February 13, 1884 Somers; both buried there Ivandell Cemetery

( CLARRISSA MEAD born December 30, 1812 and died May 10, 1839 Somers NY; buried there Ivandell Cemetery

( GEORGE MEAD born July 20, 1818; married January 8, 1849 Mary J. Purdy and born to them were:

( WILLIAM E. MEAD January 3, 1850

( ARAMINTA MEAD born August 15, 1851

( CLARISSA D. MEAD born May 25, 1853

( WHITMAN MEAD born July 29, 1855

( GEORGE MEAD born April 1, 1857

( SARAH E. MEAD born January 8, 1859

( ABRAHAM L. MEAD born January 12, 1861

( GILBERT MEAD born August 8, 1864

( AMAZIAH MEAD (1767-) married Abigail Jessup and born to them were:

( WILLIAM M MEAD born October 15, 1797 NY and died March 11, 1858 Gorham, Ontario, NY; farmer, fruit grower; married 1st October 19, 1831 Mabel Sterling [dau of James & Mabel (Chester) Sterling] born November 3, 1810 Lima, Livingston, NY and died November 7, 1861; 2d Sally Baker; and born to him and Mabel were:

( MARY E MEAD born April 10, 1834 NY; married H M Lilly

( JAMES MEAD born April 30, 1836 NY; married Mary A Dickerson

( LEWIS MEAD born February 8, 1838 NY; buried Council Grove, Morris, KS; married 1st Sarah Marks born October 31, 1845 MI and died March 8, 1886; buried Council Grove; 2d c1889 Josephine Marks born February 1854 MI – sisters?; and born to him and Sarah were:



( LUCY MEAD born July 3, 1843 NY and died November 26, 1874; married George Kellogg and born to them was:


( JOSEPHINE MEAD born July 8, 1845 NY and died June 22, 1873; married A M Baker and born to them was:

( CLARA BAKER (c1871-)

( ABBY JANE MEAD born March 2, 1849 NY and died April 1867



( MARTHA MEAD (1771-) married Andrew Quick.

( BENJAMIN MEAD born February 17, 1774 and died August 6, 1847; married November 27, 1801 Sarah Mead ( and born to them were:

( POLLY MEAD born October 2, 1803 and died April 11, 1831; married John Wilson

( ANNA MEAD born August 29, 1805 and died January 2, 1873

( EDWIN MEAD born October 20, 1807 and died 1863; married May 24, 1832 Eleanor S. Spies who died December 24, 1863; and born to them were:

( WILLIAM S. MEAD born July 15, 1833; married June 29, 1859 Fanny E. Cox and born to them were:

( ARTHUR E. MEAD born June 7, 1860

( FRANK S. MEAD born June 7, 1864

( EDWIN MEAD born January 7, 1836

( JOSEPHINE MEAD born May 2, 1839 and died February 19, 1844

( JULIA C. MEAD born July 2, 1845

( ALFRED P. MEAD born April 28, 1848

( SOLOMON MEAD born March 1, 1810 and died August 21, 1829

( THEODOSIA MEAD born July 19, 1812 and died October 2, 1831

( TAMMY MEAD (Tamson Mead) born November 12, 1814 Somers, Westchester, NY and died May 8, 1876 Norwalk, Fairfield, CT; married as his 2d wife, August 23, 1834 Charles Kellogg born June 13/17, 1800 Norwalk CT and died there July 1888; and born to them were:

( SARAH MEAD KELLOGG born June 11, 1836 Norwalk CT and died September 20, 1875 Ripon, Fond du Lac, WI; married April 10, 1866 in Ripon, Julian Rivers born April 17, 1814 San Valentine, Canada and died September 20, 1875 Ripon WI (October 3, 1892 Ripon; buried Reed’s Corners, Fond du Lac; and born to them were:

( J H RIVERS born c1868 Ripon WI

( ARTHUR H RIVERS born c1869 Ripon WI

( FANNIE MEAD RIVERS born January 13, 1867 Ripon WI and died May 16, 1926 Weston, Fairfield, CT; married April 18, 1900 in Darien CT, as his 2d wife, Gilvia Burr Kellogg [son of John Spaulding & Mary Jane (Fanton) Kellogg] born March 20, 1866 Weston CT and died there July 23, 1947; both buried Willowbrook Cemetery, Fairfield Co CT; and born to them was:

( ARTHUR RIVERS KELLOGG born July 22, 1907 Weston, Fairfield, CT and died December 16, 1949 Norwalk CT; buried Weston

( THEODOSIA KELLOGG born August 3, 1838 Norwalk CT; married March 31, 1863 Somers Sherwood [son of Daniel & Diantha (Dyer) Sherwood] born c1834 Norwalk and died January 29, 1895 Ripon WI; a farmer and dairyman, member of the First Congregational Church; resided Ripon; sold ½ acre of land 1859 for the Round Prairie Cemetery, Metomen, Fond du Lac Co WI; 1860 census shows him as a farmer in Metomen; and born to them were:

( ELLEN SHERWOOD born December 30, 1863

( RALPH MEAD SHERWOOD born January 16, 1866; resided Ripon WI

( BENJAMIN M. KELLOGG born December 22, 1840 Norwalk CT and died March 6, 1855

( CHARLES KELLOGG born June 13, 1843 Norwalk CT

( ANNIE ELIZABETH KELLOGG born September 4, 1845 Norwalk CT; married William E. Starr

( EDWIN M. KELLOGG born January 28, 1850 Norwalk CT

( LUCIA KELLOGG born July 24, 1852 Norwalk CT

( RALPH MEAD KELLOGG born October 10, 1855 Norwalk CT

( RALPH MEAD born April 28, 1817; married August 15, 1844 Fanny McD. Bates

( THADDEUS MEAD born November 10, 1820 and died August 7, 1825

( STAATS E. MEAD born November 25, 1822; married November 10, 1851 Elizabeth Brundage [dau of Joseph & Thirza (Mead)] who died May 27, 1874. Born to them were:

( HENRY HERBERT MEAD born February 1854 NY and died after 1920; married July 5, 1878 Carrie Henly born September 1858 NY; and born to them were:

( EDWARD H MEAD born November 1879 NY

( ANNA E MEAD born November 1881 NY

( ADA B MEAD born November 1883 CT

( CARRIE L MEAD born August 1885 CT

( THIRZA B. MEAD born 1856 NY

( ANNIE J. MEAD born 1860 NY

( OBADIAH MEAD born December 15, 1824 and died March 23, 1859; married Maria W. Reeve

( TAMAR MEAD (Tamson Mead) born February 14, 1776 Greenwich; married January 24, 1799 Benjamin Jessup [son of Silvanus & Abigail Randall (Finch) Jessup] born February 14, 1776 Greenwich and died November 18, 1867; and born to them were:

( SALLY JESSUP born April 1, 1801

( BETSEY JESSUP born May 31, 1803

( MARY JESSUP born April 3, 1806

( ABIGAIL JESSUP married Charles Hatch and born to them was:

( ORAMIL CURTIS HATCH born June 15, 1840 NYC and died June 10, 1918 Montclair NJ; married December 14, 1865 in NYC, Harriet Judson born January 30, 1841/48 NYC and died October 14, 1935 Montclair NJ.  Born to them were:

( ADA HATCH born October 4, 1869 and died December 2, 1948 Elizabeth NJ; married Warren Dunn Buchanan, Sr., and born to them was:

( WARREN DUNN BUCHANAN, JR. married 1st Francine Elizabeth LaPointe (; divorced 1965 Stamford CT; married two more times. Warren is a founding, charter officer of the Connecticut Professional Genealogists Council and he has provided updated information on this ‘twig’ - thanks Warren. Born to Warren and Francine were:

( JEAN ELIZABETH BUCHANAN born October 14, 1954 Amsterdam NY Unmarried; resides West Haven CT

( MARY REID BUCHANAN born March 15, 1957 Schenectady NY; married April 5, 1865 in Denver CO, Douglas Schneider and born to them were:




( DONALD BRUCE BUCHANAN born October 5, 1959; married Patricia E. Tierney; reside Fairfield CT.  Born to them were:

( MARY ELIZABETH BUCHANAN born September 6, 1990


( JEFFREY FERRIS BUCHANAN born May 20, 1964 Stamford CT; married April 15, 1989 NYC, Jan Alison Doty [Mayflower direct line]; reside Shelton CT. Born to them were:

( EMILY KATHERINE BUCHANAN born December 6, 1990 Stamford CT


( WILLIAM JUDSON HATCH born April 6, 1867 NYC and died October 15, 1931 Montclair NJ; married July 12, 1902 in NYC, Ada Fodell

( AMY JESSUP born May 6, 1811

( ALEXANDER JESSUP born June 30, 1816

( EDWARD FINCH JESSUP born May 3, 1819

( MARTHA MEAD (8RK2-0V) born July 18, 1732 Greenwich and died January 1809 South Salem, Westchester, NY; married c1762-63 Hon. Nathan Rockwell (8RKG-P5) born c1730 and born to them were:

( WILLIAM ROCKWELL baptized October 11, 1767 South Salem NY and died February 20, 1820; married December 7, 1786 Huldah Boughton/Bouton [dau of Gould & Elizabeth (Gilbert) Bouton] born May 3, 1767 South Salem NY and died 1827; and born to them was:

( MARTIN ROCKWELL born 1780 South Salem NY and died there 1820 during an epidemic; married c1813 in South Salem, Hancy Mead [dau of Enoch & Jemima (Mead) Mead] born February 10, 1792 and died February 17, 1858 – she remarried after Martin’s death

( STEPHEN ROCKWELL (Dr.) baptized September 24, 1769 South Salem NY and died May 12, 1805 NYC; married November 27, 1794 Elizabeth Lawrence (1776-1843)

( BENJAMIN ROCKWELL (Dr.) baptized April 5, 1771 South Salem NY and died April 1, 1815; married November 27, 1796 Rebecca Foot/Foote born December 8, 1775

( THOMAS ROCKWELL baptized February 16, 1777 South Salem NY and died August 20, 1857; of Cleveland OH; married January 25, 1807 Sally Tyler born January 8, 1786 and died July 10, 1874

( MARGARET ROCKWELL died August 1, 1812; married c1796 Dr. Malachi Foot born c1758 and died c1824 GA

( SARAH MEAD (8RK2-12) born August 10, 1735 Greenwich and died December 21, 1822; married Joshua Peck ( – see him for offspring

( ELIZABETH MEAD (8RK2-27) born in October 1737 Greenwich; married James Brown (8RKG-SN) born c1735 Somers, Westchester, NY

( SYLVANUS MEAD (8RK2-3D) (Captain) born January 19, 1739 Greenwich and died 1780 Mianus CT; served in the French and Indian War as a Corporal in Captain Thomas Hobby’s Company, 3d Connecticut Regiment in the campaign of 1759 against Crown Point and Fort Ticonderoga.  At the commencement of the Revolutionary War, he received a commission as ensign in Captain Ebenezer Hill’s Company, 7th Connecticut Regiment, Continental Line and was at the siege of Boston and promoted to First Lieutenant in Captain Samuel Keeler’s Company, May, 1776. Sylvanus was stationed during the greater part of the summer and early fall of 1776 at Bergen Heights (now Jersey City), and in October of that year was ordered up the river to the vicinity of Fort Lee. In November, most of the regiment, including Lieutenant Mead’s Company was sent across the river to assist in the defence of Fort Washington, which on the sixteenth day of November 1776, was captured with its entire garrison among whom was Sylvanus. He was afterwards exchanged and promoted to Captain of a company of rangers raised by order of the General Assembly at the May Session, 1777. On the fourth day of August 1777, by order of the Governor and the Council, the company of rangers raised in the Town of Greenwich, commanded by Captain Sylvanus Mead, both officers and men, were discharged and returned to the companies to which they belonged.  At the annual town meeting held on the fourteenth day of December 1778, Captain Sylvanus Mead was chosen one of the Committee of Safety and also Barrackmaster.  Sylvanus was constantly hounded by the ‘cowboys’ and they finally, during the early part of 1780, traced him to the old Ralph Peck place at Mianus and one of them knocked at the door. He called out from within “who’s there?” when one of them answered by firing through the door.  The ball struck Sylvanus, wounding him fatally, and he died the following day.  He married June 2, 1763 Sybil Wood (8RKG-RH) [dau of Jonah], of Huntington, Nassau Island, now Long Island and born to them were:

( WHITMAN MEAD born May 3, 1764 Greenwich and died there in January 1795; married December 1, 1787 (c1783 in Greenwich) Rachel Mead [dau of Deliverance & Abigail (Howe)] born August 25, 1763 and died September 25, 1831. Born to them were:

( MARY MEAD born February 14, 1788 Greenwich and died August 24, 1824; married January 12, 1809 John Sackett [son of Justus & Ann (Lyon) Sackett] (1788-1864). Born to them were:

( HENRY L. SACKETT born November 24, 1809/10 and died September 15, 1895; unmarried

( RACHEL ELISABETH SACKETT born December 19, 1811 and died July 18, 1885; married, December 31, 1838 Charles Mead [son of Jonas & Hannah] whow born February 4, 1812 and died December 10, 1898. Born to them were:

( SARAH ANN MEAD (1839-) married Benjamin P. Brush (1836-1875) and born to them were:

( HENRY M. BRUSH (1862-) [imagine the middle initial stands for Mead]

( CHARLES M. BRUSH (1864-1883)

( JOSEPH BRUSH (1866-)


( WHITMAN B. BRUSH died in infancy 1870

( ANNIE L. BRUSH (1873-1897)

( WHITMAN SACKETT MEAD born April 17, 1841; married February 9, 1871 Sarah Mead Sackett [dau of Justus Ralph & Mary Elizabeth (Mead) Sackett] born September 11, 1845. Born to them were:

( JULIA BELDON MEAD born September 30, 1874

( CLARA BELCHER MEAD born September 2, 1877

( HELEN FRANKLIN MEAD born October 11, 1882 and died July 18, 1900

( MARION ELISABETH MEAD born February 20, 1887

( MARY ELIZABETH MEAD (1843-) married Zophar Mead (1845-1891) and born to them was:

( BERTHA M. MEAD (1876-)



( WHITMAN M. SACKETT born November 2, 1813 and died September 30, 1835

( ABIGAIL S. SACKETT born December 4 (26), 1816 and died June 14, 1882; married February 15, 1836 Gilbert Lent

( MARY ANN SACKETT born May 8, 1820 and died March 5, 1900; married August 26, 1840 Charles H. Seaman who died June 21, 1899; and born to them was:

( MARY A. SEAMAN born January 13, 1845; married November 22, 1871 Edwin Lyon [son of Isaac & Eliza W (Mead) Lyon] born February 21, 1842 and died July 12, 1892

( WILLIAM H. SACKETT born April 18, 1822 and died February 13, 1903

( THOMAS SACKETT born August 5, 1824

( ZOPHAR MEAD, of NYC, born December 20, 1790, died October 3, 1838. He married, April 26, 1820, Martha Seaman [dau of David] born February 14, 1799 and died May 29, 1869. Born to them were:

( ARAMINTA MEAD born March 6, 1821 and died May 1, 1871

( MARIE A. (AMELIA) MEAD born June 7, 1822, died young

( MARY E. MEAD born October 18, 1823 and died April 12, 1891; married March 1, 1855 Isaac Howe Mead [son of Ephraim & Azuba (Mead)] born July 4, 1823 and died December 13, 1889. Born to them were:

( EPHRAIM MEAD born September 7, 1856; married April 15, 1891 Katie McKinley born October 30, 1861; and born to them were:

( MARY E. MEAD born March 19, 1892

( CLARKSTON H. MEAD born July 7, 1893

( RICHARD O. MEAD born February 6, 1895

( ELBERT I. MEAD born September 11, 1857 and died in infancy

( CLARKSTON S. MEAD, M.D., born February 19, 1859; Graduate of Columbia U. of NYC, Class of 1882, and of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of NYC, Class of 1885; practiced medicine at Portchester NY

( WILLIAM H. MEAD, of Fort Steele WY, born April 26, 1860; married September 1887 Kate McCann, of Saratoga WA, and born to them were:

( MARY E. MEAD died in infancy c1890

( GLADYS P. MEAD born March 19, 1892

( MILDRED H. MEAD born June 8, 1897

( NORMAN MEAD born July 21, 1900

( SPENCER P. MEAD, of NYC, born March 23, 1863; graduate of the New York Law School, Class of 1893 and a member of the New York Bar. Is this the Spencer P. Mead, author of the Mead Book and others?

( THOMAS M. MEAD born May 25, 1865; married February 18, 1891 Williaminia E. Clapp [dau of Rev. William T. & Charlotte S. (Webb)] born May 16, 1865; and born to them was:

( CLAUSEN DEM. MEAD born October 8, 1894

( AMOS H. MEAD born February 1, 1869; married June 23, 1897 Julia Belle Barnes [dau of Charles & Elizabeth O. (Close)] born April 4, 1870

( SARAH A. MEAD born September 16, 1826 and died January 1, 1901

( WHITMAN MEAD JR., born August 5, 1792 and died September 10, 1833; married June 8, 1821 Grace Cornell born December 4, 1802 and died September 15, 1879 [in the Mead book, Grace’s surname has been crossed out and penciled as Cornwall?]. Born to them were:

( ELIZABETH MEAD born June 8 1822 and died June 23, 1822

( GRACE W. MEAD born April 24, 1823; married December 13, 1842 Hon. Cornelius Minor born March 25, 1821; he was Surrogate of NYC. Born to them were:

( HENRIETTA L. MINOR born October 10, 1844; married November 11, 1863 Silas Finch, of Greenwich CT

( C. ELLIOTT MINOR born December 10, 1850

( MARY B. MINOR born August 18, 1852 and died October 4, 1854

( GRACE C. MINOR born September 15, 1859; married J. Harrison Bates

( HENRIETTA MEAD born December 18, 1825 and died October 6, 1848

( PLATT MEAD born June 16, 1768; married July 24, 1790 Deborah Peck (; resided Rye NY; and born to them were:

( SACKETT MEAD born December 17, 1791; a station agent for DL & W Railroad; resided at Oxford, Chenango, NY

( SYLVANUS MEAD born January 7, 1794 and died 1832 of cholera in Washington, D.C

( SARAH MEAD born March 25, 1796 and died February 16, 1828; married November 25, 1813 John Robbins born July 27, 1788 and died February 6, 1828. Born to them were:

( SACKETT MEAD ROBBINS born May 28, 1815; married Barbara Noble

( HANNAH M. ROBBINS born December 10, 1816; married James M. Hoyt

( JULIA A. ROBBINS born December 7, 1818; married March 18, 1845 in Greenwich, William Edgar Ferris ( – see him for offspring

( WILLIAM HENRY ROBBINS born May 17, 1821; married Abby Kimball Lyman [dau of James Bloyd & Abigail (Holt) Kimball]. Born to them was:


( CORNELIUS ROBBINS born April 22, 1825; married Janette Gandell/Gandol and born to them was (and maybe more):

( LORING CLARK ROBBINS born May 29, 1859 Iraquois CO and died January 8, 1925 Purdy, Barry, MO; married November 14, 1881 Samantha Ann Goodnight [dau of John Henry & Mary Margaret] born March 27, 1859 Greene Co MO and died December 7, 1946 Los Angeles CA; both buried Goodnight Cemetery, Boyle Co KY; and born to them were:

( BERT ROBBINS born October 31, 1882 and died May 17, 1978 Joplin MO; lifelong resident of the Monett and Joplin MO areas; a registerland land surveyor and engineer, employed by the Missouri State Highway Department for 30y retiring from there 1950; served as Barry Co Engineer and City Engineer of Monett and Joplin for many years; married 1st August 5, 1903 in Pioneer MO, Louella Harper born February 26, 1878 Beverly, Randolph, VA and died August 3, 1913; buried Goodnight Cemetery, Boyle Co KY; married 2d December 14, 1914 Jettie Morris Heath born October 2, 1879 and died February 22, 1939 Monett MO; married 3d Lena Oldham; and born to him and Louella were:

( ANNA KATHERINE ROBBINS born May 20, 1905 and died 1981

( RUTH JEANETTE ROBBINS born June 28, 1907 and died February 17, 1995

( EDNA LOUISE ROBBINS born June 19, 1909; married Ulysses P Wood born August 24, 1903

( MARY BERNISE ROBBINS born April 22, 1912; married Robert Jones

            Born to Bert and his 2d wife, Jettie, was:

( BERT ROBBINS JR born May 24, 1918; married Kary Hames

( AMY BELL ROBBINS born August 2, 1884 and died November 1986 Monett MO; buried IOOF Cemetery; married 1904 Luther David Vermillion born May 3, 1881 and died June 25, 1961 Monett MO; and born to them were:




( MARY C ROBBINS born December 11, 1889 and died 1892; buried Goodnight Cemetery, Boyle Co KY

( JULIA ROBBINS born May 3, 1892 and died May 1, 1960 Bethel; married Floyd Inman born August 11, 1891 and died February 14, 1961 Bethel

( FLORA ELSIE ROBBINS born February 17, 1895; married September 25, 1925 Bernice Hayes Stills born August 30, 1903 and died August 25, 1962 Cassville MO

( DELLA ROBBINS born March 12, 1898

( GEORGE NORMAN ROBBINS born July 3, 1902 and died July 4, 1983 Monett MO; married Lena M Leary born July 18, 1902 and died August 7, 1971

( HANNAH MEAD born March 7, 1799 Greenwich CT; married May 25, 1814 in Greenwich Daniel Peck ( – see him for offspring

( HARRIET MEAD born May 30, 1802 and died 1837; married Bradley Redfield (1795-) and born to them were:

( PLATT MEAD REDFIELD born 1824 Rye, Westchester, NY and died Sanilac MI; married December 13, 1850 1st Sarah W McKinzie/McKenzie; 2d Sara Pierce; and born to him and the 1st Sarah were:




            Born to Platt and his 2d Sara was:

( MANLEY LOUIS REDFIELD born 1867 Port Huron  MI and died 1930 Wilmette IL; married December 15, 1886 Dollie James [dau of William Dwight & Emma (Bryce) James] born 1868 Port Huron MI and died 1953 Chicago IL; and born to them were:

( NATALIE REDFIELD married Dorman Anderson born Dixon IL; and they had 3 kids

( WALTER REDFIELD married Lillian {maiden name unk} and born to them was:


( JAMES SANBORN REDFIELD born February 14, 1893 Chicago IL and died September 20, 1950 Chicago IL; married March 26, 1915 in Valparaiso IN, Ileen Moore [dau of George Cuthbert & Esther Marie (Marlowe) Moore] born November 3, 1895 Chicago IL and died February 26, 1983 Douglasville GA - divorced; and born to them were:

( PATRICIA NATALIE REDFIELD born December 7, 1915 Chicago IL and died July 12, 1999 Douglasville GA; married May 29, 1937 in Chicago, John Hugh Cahill born December 16, 1909 Dixon IL and died September 20, 1967 Miami FL; and they had 6 kids, 1 of which was:

( JOHN HUGH CAHILL born February 23, 1938 Dixon IL and died November 19, 1998 Douglasville GA; married Miss Gutierrez and they had 6 kids

( JOHN CHARLES REDFIELD born July 6, 1917 Chicago IL

( QUIDA REDFIELD (1898-1912)

( SIMEON REDFIELD died in infancy

( SARAH REDFIELD married Joseph Reynolds

( MARY REDFIELD married Samuel Robbins


( EDWIN REDFIELD born 1827 Greenwich CT; married 1852 in Greenwich, Lavinia A Merritt

( BRADLEY REDFIELD born March 13, 1836 Rye, Westchester, NY and died in Greenwich CT; married Frances G Phillips and born to them were:

( ADA REDFIELD born October 20, 1856 Greenwich CT

( EUGENE B REDFIELD born February 1858 Greenwich CT

( PERRY LINCOLN REDFIELD born September 17, 1863 Greenwich CT

( GIDEON MEAD born October 8, 1804 and died February 24, 1884; married November 17, 1835 Elizabeth T. Lord born February 28, 1811 and died December 21, 1842. Born to them were:

( JOSEPHINE A. MEAD born August 26, 1836; married September 8, 1857 John M. Masterton and born to them were:

( ALLAN W. MASTERTON born January 7, 1859

( FLORENCE MASTERON born May 20, 1863

( ADA MASTERON born July 30, 1864

( BESSIE L. MASTERTON born April 20, 1866

( JOHN M. MASTERTON born July 7, 1878

( JOSEPH N.MEAD born October 2, 1838 and died February 11, 1863; Lieutenant, NY Volnteers; KIA Civil War

( GIDEON H. MEAD born September 14, 1840; married April 30, 1867 Frances S. Adriance born December 26, 1841; and born to them was:

( CHARLES A. MEAD born April 1, 1870; married December 27, 1893 Isabella H. Boyd born August 10, 1868; and born to them were:

( BESSIE MEAD born January 27, 1895

( GEORGE A. MEAD born January 9, 1898

( NATHAN S. MEAD born September 18, 1808 and died unmarried September 25, 1876

( GIDEON MEAD born November 1, 1771 and died October 28, 1851; married Mary Miller born June 14, 1774 and died October 12, 1832. Born to them were:

( SARAH M. MEAD born July 5, 1798 and died December 14, 1866; married May 23, 1819 William Banks, of Bainbridge NY, born September 27, 1783; and born to them were:

( JAMES M. BANKS born October 19, 1820; married Sophia M. Juliand

( SAMUEL L. BANKS born March 26, 1823 and died September 22, 1853

( MARY L. BANKS born April 23, 1826; married Rev. Israel Foote, D.D.

( CHARLES BANKS born July 7, 1831 and died January 3, 1832

( JOHN BANKS born May 8, 1836; married Frankie Somers

( ANDREW MEAD born July 5, 1802 and died November 14, 1851; married January 6, 1830 Lydia A. Dickinson born September 1, 1802 and died July 18, 1870. Born to them were:

( WHITMAN H. MEAD born July 1, 1831 and died April 28, 1834

( MARY E. MEAD born October 10, 1835

( SARAH M. MEAD born November 22, 1838; married December 31, 1857 Joseph J. Hull, of Oxford NY, born May 10, 1835

( SYLVANUS MEAD born July 5, 1802 and died August 19, 1882; married October 31, 1839 Lucretia C. Barton born May 6, 1817 and died September 4, 1875. Born to them were:

( PHILO S. MEAD born March 2, 1843; married May 24, 1876 Alverdo R. Minor, of Manhattan KS, born September 15, 1848

( WILLIAM B. MEAD born September 16, 1849; married December 14, 1869 Adelia Podgett born April 21, 1850 Oxford NY; and born to them were:

( EMMETT C. MEAD born February 20, 1871 and died in infancy

( HATTIE L. MEAD born December 31, 1872 and died in infancy

( JAMES MEAD born October 15, 1804 and died February 22, 1871; married September 28, 1828 Nancy Cooley born September 17, 1804 and died January 23, 1874. Born to them were:

( MARY MEAD born April 15, 1830; married March 3, 1857 Edward Newell, of Clay Centre KS, born March 22, 1830; and born to them were:

( JAMES M. NEWELL born July 17, 1858 and died in infancy

( FRANK M. NEWELL born January 29, 1860 and died in infancy

( FLORA A. NEWELL born June 21, 1861 and died in infancy

( FANNY NEWELL born December 30, 1867

( EDWARD M. NEWELL born August 19, 1869 and died in infancy

( WILLIAM B. MEAD born February 22, 1833; married February 23, 1854 Harriet Carlton born April 17, 1833 and died June 12, 1867; and born to them were:

( FANNY A. MEAD born July 14, 1857

( ALBERT E. MEAD born December 14, 1861

( HARRIET M. MEAD born June 12, 1867 and died October 26, 1867; was adopted by her uncle Edward Newell

( MORRIS B. MEAD (Listed as Morris C., in the Mead Book) born April 27, 1835; married October 25, 1858 Mary A. Bradley of Laurens NY

( DAMON H. MEAD born July 27, 1837; married January 23, 1861 Laura Hathaway of Laurens NY; and born to them were:

( LELIA MEAD born November 8, 1861

( MARY N. MEAD born August 18, 1863

( JAMES H. MEAD born October 10, 1868

( ALBERT H. MEAD born September 19, 1839; married 1st September 10, 1862 Mary A. Roberts who died January 23, 1864; 2d Louisa S. Ireland, of Bainbridge NY born February 12, 1865. Born to Albert and Mary was:

( JULIAN MEAD born January 4, 1864 and died in infancy

Born to Albert and his second wife, Louisa, were:

( MARY R. MEAD born November 10, 1866

( MOTT MEAD born March 26, 1869

( FANNY MEAD born December 4, 1872

( FRANCES A. MEAD born October 25, 1841; married November 2, 1868 Judson Parce

( IDA A. MEAD born June 25, 1844; married William Burgoyne, of Manhattan KS. Born to them were:



( WHITMAN MEAD born September 22, 1806 and died April 14, 1874; married October 15, 1835 Jane M. Hanson born December 13, 1811; and born to them were:

( CHARLES H. MEAD (Rev.) born July 18, 1836

( HELEN A. MEAD born July 11, 1836 and died November 5, 1873

( GEORGE N. MEAD (Rev.) born August 3, 1841; married April 6, 1874 widow Jennie T. Roberts

( ANNA A. MEAD born September 3, 1843 and died July 1845

( JAMES B. MEAD (Rev.) born September 19, 1847; married June 11, 1884 Margaret E. Fielding born October 4, 1855; and born to them was:

( FIELDING W. MEAD born August 5, 1885

( STELLA MEAD born November 12, 1849 and died December 11, 1877

( JOSEPH W. MEAD born June 3, 1853 and died in infancy

( HENRY MEAD born July 28, 1808 and died October 10, 1872; married November 27, 1838 Sarah M. Waterman born March 25, 1817 and died April 13, 1870 Oxford NY. Born to them were:

( ADELAIDE C. MEAD born May 16, 1842

( POLLY A. MEAD born March 12, 1844

( HENRY W. MEAD born July 11, 1849; married December 31, 1871Mary E. Cone born September 21, 1848

( GEORGE MEAD born September 5, 1856

( UNDERHILL MEAD born February 12, 1811 and died March 3, 1875; married 1860 Catherine E. Waterman, of Oxford NY, born July 31, 1827 [sister to Sarah above?]. Born to them were:

( ELIZA A. MEAD born December 6, 1860

( SMITH A. MEAD born December 14, 1863

( SACKETT MEAD (Sackett H Mead) born June 20, 1865 Oxford, Chenango, NY; 1910 RR Station Agent; married 1896 Marion Davis born July 1871 NY; and born to them were:




( GEORGE E MEAD born c1908 Oxford, Chenango, NY

( CHARLES S MEAD born c1910 Oxford, Chenango, NY

( JAMES W. MEAD born October 3, 1867

( MERRITT E. MEAD born December 14, 1869

( SACKETT MEAD born August 6, 1815; married March 14, 1843 Anna A.Collins born 1825 Covington KY; and born to them were:

( WILLIAM WHITMAN MEAD born February 8, 1845 and died 1930; married May 22, 1879 Julia B. Watts born July 29, 1855; William graduated from the Annapolis Naval Academy 1865 and entered the Navy

( OMAR C. MEAD born February 9, 1848

( THOMAS C. MEAD born May 12, 1849 and died July 14, 1850

( ASEL MEAD born May 1, 1774 and died August 15, 1822; married February 19, 1798 Anna Mead [dau of Henry & Eunice (Rogers)] born May 18, 1782 and died February 3, 1859. After Asel’s death, Anna married James Travis and had 2 more kids. Born to them were:

( MARTIN MEAD born November 15, 1798 and died in OH; married Polly Travis and born to them were:

( ALVAH MEAD died on a steamer




( POLLY MEAD born July 30, 1800 and died January 26, 1854; married January 18, 1819 Stephen Bailey born April 3, 1798 and died February 7, 1855. Born to them were:

( ESTHER BAILEY born August 22, 1820; married William H. Buxton

( ABRAHAM B. BAILEY born August 1, 1822; married Susan Pardee

( HANNAH BAILEY born May 5, 1824; married Coleman Dudley

( MARY BAILEY born May 5, 1826; married Morris Baxter

( ELIZA J. BAILEY born May 17, 1828; married Lewis Hill

( SARAH BAILEY born June 11, 1830 and died July 2, 1833

( LEVI BAILEY born October 19, 1832; married 1st Malvina Green; 2d Anna Mckeel

( EUNICE A. BAILEY born December 23, 1835; married John S. Moon

( WILLIAM H. BAILEY born February 3, 1839; married Bessie W. Lange

( EISENHART BAILEY born June 30, 1843; married Sarah M. Downs

( HENRY MEAD born May 11, 1803; married January 16, 1828 Abigail Smith born 1811 and died May 7, 1873. Born to them were:

( WILLIAM H. MEAD born August 3, 1834; married May 7, 1860 Mary E. Brundage and born to them were:

( IDA L. MEAD born March 9, 1861; married January 1, 1883 Arthur P. Benedict and born to them were:




( ANNA C. MEAD born May 14, 1863 IL

( SARAH A. MEAD born October 4, 1864; married February 1888 in NE, Stephen W. Bailey and born to them were:



( CHAUNCY MEAD born September 18, 1868; married name unk in IL, and they had one child

( ARTHUR H. MEAD born May 21, 1870

( HERMAN F. MEAD born June 12, 1881

( DAVID W. MEAD born November 25, 1838; a Lieutenant, 17th Regiment Connecticut Volunteers; joined Company I, 17th CT August 1, 1862; promoted to 2d Lieutenant April 18, 1863 and discharged with disability December 26, 1863; married name unk and went West; had one child who married and had one child

( HANNAH MEAD born July 5, 1806; married John Corlyn and born to them were:








( LEVI MEAD born March 23, 1812; married November 24, 1836 Lucy B. Hough born July 27, 1819; and born to them was:

( HELEN J. MEAD born October 7, 1837; married April 8, 1858 Gilbert P. Finch born October 27, 1831; and born to them were:

( LUCY H. FINCH born September 28, 1862 and died in infancy

( GILBERT M. FINCH born March 11, 1867

( ABRAHAM P. MEAD born August 2, 1819 and died August 20, 1820

( ASEL MEAD born May 27, 1822 and died September 17, 1822

( GIDEON MEAD (8RK2-4K) born April 18, 1741 Greenwich and died 1781 (1771); married unknown lady (widow of Dr. Caleb Lindsay) and born to them were:

( GIDEON MEAD born c1770 and killed by a cart passing over his head

( ANNA MEAD born February 5, 1774; married 1835 Isaac Nichols

( ABIGAIL PARMELIA MEAD born March 14, 1775; married 1st Caleb Lindsay born January 25, 1762 and died October 18, 1801; and 2d Dr. Thomas Lyon ( -see him for offspring.  Born to Abigail and Caleb were:

( WILLIAM M. LINDSAY born September 25, 1794; married his brother Joseph’s widow, Aletta Johnson

( JOSEPH B. LINDSAY (1797-) married Aletta Johnson

( ROBERT P. LINDSAY born June 22, 1799; married Mary A. Faircloe

( CALEB F. LINDSAY born March 2, 1801; married Maria Brownlee

( WILLIAM MEAD born October 18, 1776 and died April 4, 1806; married October 9, 1799 Betsy Hoyt born January 21, 1777 and died June 1837. Born to them were:

( PHEBE ANN MEAD born February 13, 1801 and died April 1, 1838 NYC; married February 20, 1819 Harvey Raymond ( - see him for offspring

( JERUSHA A. MEAD born August 3, 1804; married September 9, 1821 John G. Forbes born August 1804

( MARY MEAD (8RK2-5Q) born September (10?) 29, 1743 Greenwich and died July 12, 1822 Salem (Lewisboro), Westchester, NY; married ( SYLVANUS FERRIS; see Sylvanus for offspring [Jim - my g.g.g.g. Grandparents]; both buried in the old Presbyterian Churchyard at South Salem (Photos)

( RACHEL MEAD (8RK2-6W) born August 29/31, 1745 Greenwich and died there June 19, 1821; married February 20, 1765 Caleb Lyon, Jr. (3P64-37) [son of Caleb] born December 4, 1744 Greenwich and died August 16, 1832 age 87y 8m 2d. Caleb was a farmer and blacksmith, like his father.  Caleb served in the Rev. War in Fourth Regiment, Westchester Co Militia, his family being driven from their home by the invading British Army. After the War was over they returned to the abandoned homestead, but in 1799 removed to Cayuga County NY where Caleb purchased land in Milton Township, now Genoa. Born to them were:

( MARY LYON born February 22, 1766 Greenwich CT and died May 18, 1828; married March 18, 1790 Solomon Peck ( – see him for offspring

( THOMAS LYON, Dr., born August 28, 1768 Greenwich CT and died April 24, 1849 Morristown NJ. He studied medicine and practiced first in Genoa NY, afterwards in New York City and finally took up his residence in Morristown; generated much of the Lyon Genealogy; married 1st name unk; 2d as her second husband, Abigail P. Mead ( Born to Thomas and his first wife were:

( WILLIAM M. LYON born September 25, 1794; married his brother Joseph’s widow

( JOSEPH B. LYON born May 2, 1797; married Aletta Johnson

( ROBERT P. LYON born June 22, 1799; married Mary A. Fairaloe

( CALEB F. LYON born March 2, 18??

Born to Thomas and and his second wife, Abigail were:

( EDWARD THOMAS LYON born March 12, 1813 New York City and died October 9, 1862; married Mary W. Canfield

( GEORGE AUGUSTUS LYON born December 12, 1815 and died January 9, 1817; buried in churchyard of Trinity Church NY

( RACHEL LYON born October 5, 1770 Greenwich CT and died November 28, 1833; age 63y; married Eliphalet Peck (

( CALEB LYON born December 22, 1772 Greenwich CT and died July 1, 1856 Genoa, Cayuga, NY; a farmer and blacksmith; married November 24, 1795 Amy Peck (; Spring of 1798 they moved from Greenwich to Milton, now Genoa NY, 21 days on their journey, slept one night in an Indian wigwam near Utica; and born to them was:

( ELIZA LYON born October 17, 1798 Genoa, Cayuga, NY and died March 24, 1847; married April 5, 1814 Wines Palmer born May 18, 1795 and died July 26, 1859 (?)

They lived on the farm with Deacon Caleb Lyon. An obit notice in the NY Observer speaks of Eliza’s “nobility of character and the fidelity with which she discharged her obligations in every relation of life.” Born to them were:

( ANN AUGUSTA PALMER born July 8, 1815; married July 20, 1836 Philo Clark; resided Kings Ferry NY

( AARON LYON PALMER born August 8, 1817

( AMY RUNDLE PALMER born March 5, 1820 and died June 20, 1885

( RACHEL MEAD PALMER born March 6, 1822 and died March 25, 1857 (?)

( ESTHER BATES PALMER born June 19, 1836; married February 5, 1867 Henry Beardsley Hunt born May 22, 1840 Fulton Co NY

( LUTHER LYON born May 23, 1774 Greenwich CT (Genoa NY) and died June 5, 1832 Genoa NY; married November 16, 1797 Ruth Peck ( Born to them were:

( THEOPHILUS LYON (Theophilus Peck Lyon) born June 18, 1800 Genoa, Cayuga, NY and died August 27, 1870; married 1st November 22, 1822 Mary Peet born November 28, 1797 and died August 31, 1830; 2d February 15, 1832 Amy Clock born August 13, 1802 and died September 24, 1844; and 3d September 29, 1847 Margaret Randoph (of Ithaca) born September 16, 1798. Born to Theo and Mary were:

( LUTHER PEET LYON born December 23, 1823

( CALVIN LYON born September 27, 1826; married August 25, 1847, Cornelia Hart, of Ithaca, born December 10, 1827. Born to them were:



( HARRIET AMANDA LYON born January 4, 1830; married September 6, 1864 Thomas Miller born May 13, 1813 and died February 24, 1902. Born to them was:

( CHARLES HENRY MILLER born February 11, 1871

            Born to Theo and his second wife, Amy, were:



( HARLAN PAGE LYON born May 1, 1840

( CHARLES HENRY LYON born November 18/28, 1843; married August 18, 1866, Amarilla P. Allen; they adopted Lillian Mae 

( EZBON LYON (ESBON) born February 26, 1806 Genoa NY and died February 3, 1887; buried Maple Wood Cemetery, Five Corners, Genoa, Cayuga, NY; married c1842 Elizabeth Bower (Barnes) born February 22, 1808 and died December 10, 1886. Born to them was:

( EDWARD FRANKLIN LYON (Edward E Lyon) born March 7, 1843 and died 1907; married May Ellen Beckwith (1852-1936); both buried Maple Wood Cemetery, Five Corners, Genoa, Cayuga, NY

( REBECCA LYON born February 3, 1810 Genoa NY; maried January 18, 1826 David Bower born September 4, 1804 and died March 4, 1839 – he was a farmer. Born them were:

( RUTH PECK BOWER born April 29, 1828; married May 14, 1850 Charles N. Holden born August 10, 1825

( LUTHER LYON BOWER born January 30, 1832

( CAROLINE BOWER born March 11, 1835

( HARRIET REBECCA BOWER born October 17, 1857

( DAVID EDWIN BOWER born May 22, 1839

( ENON LYON born August 15, 1776 Greenwich CT and died December 19, 1819 Lansingville, Tompkins, NY; married November 19, 1799 Elizabeth Webb [dau of Stephen & Elizabeth (Hoyt) Webb] born August 27, 1776 Greenwich and died May 8, 1833 Lansingville. They moved from Greenwich to Cayuga County, settling finally in Lansingville. Both husband and wife were devotedly pious. Born to them were:

( ELIZABETH LYON born December 10, 1800 and died November 22, 1819

( NATHAN ROCKWELL LYON born November 16, 1803 near Five Corners, Genoa Township, Cayuga, NY and died September 7, 1885 High Forest MN; married September 1, 1829 at Five Corners, his second cousin, Sophia Crocker Lyon [dau of Israel & Polly (Hubbard)]. Nathan was a farmer and a shoemaker and lived successively in Geona, Geneva and Rochester NY. For many years he was in charge of the shoe-cutting department in the State Prison at Auburn. He moved in 1854 to High Forest MN where he died. Born to them were (also adopted niece Sarah Elizabeth Conrad):

( ORSON ISRAEL LYON born June 10, 1830 Genoa Township and died November 16, 1893; married September 13, 1853, Sarah Ann Wood of Homer NY. Born to them were:

( ANNA SOPHIA LYON born February 10, 1855 and died 1905; married a Mr. Bourquin and resided in Minneapolis MN – had several kids

( ELLA MAY LYON born December 27, 1857; married a Mr. Muzzy and they resided in Thief River Falls MN. They had 2 kids.

( FRANK WOOD LYON born October 15, 1864

( GRACE LYON born November 22, 1870; deaf mute; married and resided near Rochester MN

( ALBERT LYON born February 7, 1833 and in 1906 resided Rochester MN; married May 14, 1862 Rebecca Dickinson Mead born April 20, 1844 and died 1905. Born to them were:

( HERBERT MEAD LYON born June 14, 1865; married – resided in Minneapolis MN and had several kids

( NATHAN RODNEY LYON born January 18, 1869 and resided Fairmount MN

( WINFRED TRUMAN LYON born May 21, 1870 and died August 22, 1872

( ENON IRWIN LYON (ERWIN ENON LYON) born September 11, 1838; married May 27, 1864 Harriet Adelia West [dau of Oliver Judson & Adelia (Chadwick)]; resided Oberline OH 1906 – manufacturer of liquid slating; and born to them were:

( LLEWELLYN ERWIN LYON born August 21, 1865; married Electa Houck – resided in Wellington OH – had 3 kids and Electa was a widow 1905 Oberlin OH

( LORENA ADELIA LYON born October 19, 1866; Graduate of Oberlin College; teacher in Newark NJ, 1906

( FLOY EMILY LYON born September 2, 1874 and died c1882

( DOREN LYON born April 23, 1880 – unmarried 1906 when he was an engineer in water works in Oberlin OH

( WILLIAM FRANKLIN LYON born June 27, 1842 near Holmes Center, Genoa Township, Cayuga Co NY; 1854 he moved with his parents to High Forest MN; 1864 he enlisted in the 9th Regiment Minnesota Volunteer Infantry. He was taken prisoner at Brice Cross Roads in Mississippi by Forrest’s men and was in Andersonville prison 5 months and 9 days. Of that memorable experience, he published a graphic account. He was a teacher of penmanship and was in charge of that department for many years in the public schools of Detroit MI. He married December 19, 1865 in Fitchville OH, Emily Jane West [dau of Oliver Judson & Adelia (Chadwick)] (sister of Harriet above). Born to them were:

( OLIVER WEST LYON born April 6, 1868 Oberlin OH and died September 4, 1869 Irving KS

( WILLIAM FRANKLIN LYON, JR., born October 7, 1870 High Forest MN; married Nellie Russell [dau of Judge Russell of Hart MI]; they resided in Hart MI 1906. Born to them was:


( SOPHIA LORENA LYON born September 11, 1872 Mancato MN

( JAY EDGAR LYON born November 10, 1874 Oberlin OH and resided in Detroit 1906 where he was connected with the National Express Co; married Edna Palmiter of Hart MI. Born to them were:

( LAURA LOUISE LYON born July 4, 1900

( EDWIN FRANKLIN LYON born March 7, 1904

( CARROLL CHADWICK LYON born April 7, 1878 Oberlin OH and resided in Hart MI 1906

( JUDSON WEST LYON born February 6, 1880 Oberlin (Norwalk) OH and resided in Norwalk OH 1906; married August 23, 1905 Donna Wisner of Lowell MI. He was a booker with the A.B. Chase Piano Company

( HARRY ADELBERT LYON born December 28, 1881 LaCrosse WI and resided in Ann Arbor MI 1906; bookkeeper in Saur Lumber Co

( CHESTER ROCKWELL LYON born March 9, 1845 Genoa Township NY; married Abbie Knapp and born to them were:

( MARY S. LYON born June 4, 1869

( EVA M. LYON born October 14, 1871

( NATHAN RAY LYON born November 7, 1878

( LAURA ANGELINE LYON born November 3, 1882

( ELMER WILSON LYON born June 16, 1886

( HELEN JAY LYON born September 20, 1888 and died May 6, 1892

( RACHEL PECK LYON born November 16, 1805 Five Corners, Cayuga, NY and died June 3, 1887; married December 26, 1827/28 Benjamin W. Husted [son of William & Mary (Lyon)] born January 15, 1808 Greenwich CT and died November 28, 1896; and born to them were:

( JULIA HUSTED born August 12, 1830 and died September 20, 1830

( ISRAEL GEORGE HUSTED born April 27, 1832

( THEOPHILUS PECK HUSTED (twin) born December 8/9, 1836 and died young

( ELPHALET PECK HUSTED (twin) born December 8/9, 1836; married Caroline Brown and born to them were:



( WILLIAM ENON HUSTED born March 12, 1840; married a Miss Merritt

( NATHANIEL LYON HUSTED born January 8, 1844; married Mary Brundage

( MARY ELIZABETH HUSTED born January 31, 1846; married Alexander G. Knapp

( RHUNA LYON born June (or July) 28, 1811 Five Corners, Cayuga, NY and died February 11, 1844; married John Conrad – a farmer of Lansing NY. Born to Rhuna and John were:

( THERON CONRAD married December 29, 1853 in East Maine, Broome, NY Harriet Malinda Councilman [dau of Henry & Susan (Wilkenson) Councilman] died June 3, 1912 Glenwood, Pope, MN; and born to them were:

( ELLA B CONRAD born November 22, 1854

( CLIFFORD CONRAD born May 21, 1869

( CADY CONRAD born October 2, 1871


( SARAH ELIZABETH CONRAD born October 11, 1834; married Daniel Cady Jackson. Sarah was adopted by her Uncle Nathan R. Lyon – above.



( ANGELINA LYON born May 15, 1815 and died July 6, 1822

( MARY LYON born August 12, 1819 Five Corners, Cayuga, NY; married January 16, 1842 Joseph Conrad (brother to John above?) born May 8, 1810 – they lived in Lansing NY. Born to them were:

( FANNY ELIZABETH CONRAD born November 19, 1843

( ORIN CONRAD born June 7, 1845 and died September 19, 1851

( ANNA LYON born November 14, 1779 Greenwich CT and died January 1, 1870 Scipio, Cayuga, NY; living in Moravia NY 1847; married 1st April 11, 1799 Stephen Webb, Jr. (; 2d March 23, 1823 John Adee who died Moravia NY March 30, 1827. Anna and Stephen settled in Scipio, Cayuga County NY and were both charter members of the First Church organized in that place. Both Anna and Stephen buried in Kings Ferry Cemetery (West Genoa Cemetery), Genoa, Cayuga, NY. Born to Anna and Stephen were:
( MARY WEBB born May 21, 1800 Genoa, Cayuga, NY and died January 6, 1825; married June 2, 1817 Oliver Reynolds, Jr., born February 27, 1795. They resided in Scipio NY. Born to them were:

( RICHARD LANSING REYNOLDS born August 26, 1819

( RACHEL LYON REYNOLDS born September 24, 1821

( STEPHEN WEBB REYNOLDS born May 26, 1824 and died August 26, 1852

( RACHEL WEBB born July 9, 1802 Genoa, Cayuga, NY and died July 4, 1804; buried Kings Ferry Cemetery, Genoa NY – listed as Rashel

( ZACHARIAH LEWIS WEBB born May 22, 1805 Genoa, Cayuga, NY and died March 30, 1878 Auburn, Cayuga, NY; buried there North Street Cemetery; married July 22, 1835 Polly Hoffman born November 1816 Cayuga Co NY and died September 15, 1865; buried Soule Cemetery, Fairveiw Section, Sennett NY; resided in Moravia NY; and born to them were:

( ANNA MARIA WEBB born June 9, 1840


( LEWIS HOFFMAN WEBB born March 1846


( JULIA DAY WEBB (1851-)

( ANN MEAD WEBB born June 10, 1807 Genoa, Cayuga, NY and died September 6, 1809; buried Kings Ferry Cemetery, Genoa NY

( SETH ROMINE WEBB born October 8, 1810 Genoa, Cayuga, NY and died January 7, 1896; buried Kings Ferry Cemetery, Genoa NY – listed as Seth Romeyn

( DAVID WEBB born June 2, 1812 born Genoa, Cayuga, NY; there is a David Webb (1813-1900) and his wife, Adelia M. (1829-1916) both buried at Kings Ferry Cemetery, Genoa NY – probably this guy.

( LYDIA WEBB born September 15, 1817 Genoa, Cayuga, NY; married August 2, 1835 James C. Sayers, a carpenter; resided Moravia NY; and born to them were:

( MARY SOPHIA HOLMES SAYERS born October 29, 1837 and died April 2, 1854

( WILLIAM HOLMES SAYERS born December 20, 1839

( CHARLOTTE ANGELINE SAYERS born November 24, 1843

( SARAH BOCHFORD SAYERS born January 25, 1846

( JAMES COOPER SAYERS born February 8, 1850

            Born to Anna and her second husband John Adee was:

( DEBORAH ANN ARDEE born December 13, 1824 and died March 28, 1903

( MARTIN LYON born September 28, 1782 Greenwich CT and died after 1849; resided Genoa NY; married 1st January 23, 1805 Sarah Chadwick born 1788 and died July 23, 1827 Genoa; 2d Rachel Haight (of Geneva NY, formerly of CT) born 1793 and died July 13, 1840; and 3d January 16, 1849 Harriet Northway born January 16, 1801 (of Ithaca NY). Born to Martin and Sarah was:

( SAMUEL CHADWICK LYON born May 31, 1810 Genoa, Cayuga, NY and died September 13, 1870; buried Kings Ferry Cemetery, Genoa NY; married May 11, 1840 Emily Adams born October 30, 1819 and died March 9, 1907; buried with Samuel. In 1906, Emily lived in Grand Rapids MI with her daughter Ellen. Samuel was Postmaster for Five Corners in 1851 and in later years. Born to them were:

( HENRY LYON born October 27, 1850 – resided in Syracuse NY in 1906

( ELLEN AUGUSTUA LYON born July 6, 1852

            Born to Martin and his second wife, Rachel, was:

( CAROLINE HALL LYON born August 18, 1832 and died August 4, 1890 Schenectady NY; married July 5, 1858 Charles Porter Mosier born January 21, 1837 Carbondale PA; a mechant; and born to them was an only child:

( LILLIAN VERGINIE MOSIER born July 14, 1867 Phelps NY

( BENJAMIN LYON born January 10, 1784 Greenwich CT and died April 18, 1837 Bronson OH. He moved from Greenwich to Genoa, Cayuga County NY where he lived for 28 years. In 1835 he sold his property in Genoa and moved to Bronson, Huron County OH. He married September 17, 1807, Deborah Lawrence (; and born to them were:

( ANSON MEAD LYON born March 9, 1810 Genoa, Cayuga, NY and died there 1893; buried there Maple Wood Cemetery, Five Corner; went with his father in 1835 to Ohio but returned to Genoa; a carpenter and a painter; married Elizabeth Kibler (Betsey Reebler) born c1812 PA and died October 9, 1866 Genoa, Cayuga, NY; and born to them were:






( TIMOTHY S LYON born March 24, 1843

( ABIGAIL LYON (c1847-)

( RACHEL LYON (c1849-)

( TIMOTHY LYON born August 13, 1812 Genoa NY; married Mrs. Catherine (Caroline) Beebe who had 2 children from previous marriage – resided in Syracuse NY. Timothy was a clerk. Born to them was:


( RUTH MARIA LYON born June 15, 1822 and died May 20, 1849; married 1841 Barna Johnson – resided in Peru, Huron, OH. Born to them was:


( ABIJAH (ABIA) (ALICE) LYON born July 31, 1787 Greenwich CT and was living in Ithaca NY 1847; married January 1, 1807 Hoyt Webb [son of Stephen & Elizabeth (Hoyt)] (brother of Stephen)] born December 12, 1783 and died July 27, 1838 Ithaca. Born to them were:

( THOMAS LYON WEBB born November 19, 1807 and died November 10, 1833

( CHARLOTTE WEBB born December 19, 1808

( RANSOM WEBB born August 24, 1810; a tanner and currier; married Emeline Helen Brown – resided in Lexington OH

( MARVIN H. WEBB died November 21, 1824

( RACHEL WEBB born February 19, 1818 and died January 21, 1837

( ABIA WEBB born May 30, 1820

( CALVIN WEBB born July 13, 1826; married July 15, 1851 Prudy Ann Robinson born April 2, 1831; and born to them was:

( WILLIS HOYT WEBB born November 8, 1853

( MOSES LYON (twin) born April 2/3, 1790 Greenwich CT and died February 27, 1874; buried King Ferry Cemetery (West Genoa Cemetery), Genoa NY.  He came with his parents to Genoa Township, Cayuga County in 1799 and made his permanent home there, becoming a prosperous farmer.  Moses, his brother Caleb and their father, Caleb, were all decons in Congregational or Presbyterian Churches. He married 1st Hester Peet born January 1793 and died April 8, 1824; 2d October 3, 1826 at Groton NY, Laura Briggs (Riggs) born Ballston Spa NY [dau of Miles & Suse] who died November 6, 1844; buried King Ferry Cemetery, Genoa; and 3d February 28, 1846 Clarissa (Bradley) Eaton [dau of Major Bradley] – third marriage for both of them; buried with Moses. Born to Moses and his second wife, Laura, were:

( MARCUS LYON born September 23, 1827 Genoa NY and died September 18, 1899. Marcus was a graduate of Yale, 1852 and moved to Ithaca, the same years, where he began the study of law with Judge Boardman. He was admitted to the Bar in 1854 and in 1856 was elected District Attorney and reelected in 1860. Soon after this Judge Lyon removed to the West, resigning his position. Returning he resumed his practice of his profession, and was appointed Postmaster in 1869. In 1873 he was elected County Judge and twice re-elected making 21 years he was connected with the bench of Tompkins County. He was prominently identified with the public schools of the county and served one term as school commissioner for the second district. He was a member of the Masonic order and a Knight Templar. He married September 17/23, 1855 in Ithaca, Susan Mann Schuyler [dau of Philip]born May 6, 1834 and died September 17/19, 1896 in Ithaca. Born to them were:

( LUCY LYON born July 9, 1858 Ithaca NY; married December 27, 1883 in Ithaca, Walter Craig Kerr [son of Rev. A. Hervey & Elizabeth (Craig) of Rochester MN]; resided in 1905 at “The Beeches”, Dongan Hills, Staten Island. Born to them were:

( ELEANOR KERR born February 8, 1885 Brooklyn NY

( DONALD CRAIG KERR born December 28, 1889 Brooklyn NY

( MARJORY KERR born April 13, 1892 New Brighton, Staten Island NY

( PHYLLIS SCHUYLER KERR born September 6, 1894 New Brighten, S.I. NY

( LAURA LYON born October 28, 1865 Ithaa NY and died in March 1894; graduate of Wellesley College 1887; married in November 1889, Otis Lincoln Williams who died in March 1894. Born to them were:





( PHILIP SCHUYLER LYON born September 30, 1867 and died June 1, 1890 in a cable car accident in Chicago; Cornell U., 1889, M.E

( MARY LYON born September 7, 1870; married June 1897 John Howard Southward and born to them was:


( NEWELL LYON born September 20, 1874 Ithaca NY and died c1919; attended Ithaca Academy graduating 1892; entered Cornell 1893, graduated A.B., 1897; New York Law School, 1899. Attorney in NYC – business address 220 Broadway (Hart, Stout, & Lyon); a Newell Lyon is referred to as a “Penobscot source” – age is right – not sure this is same guy; married September 30, 1901 in NYC, Della Ward Ferous [dau of LaFayette C. & Mary Elizabeth (Ward) of NYC] and they resided in New York City. Born to them were:

( RICHARD NEWELL LYON born June 6, 1903, NYC and died the next day

( PHILIP SCHUYLER LYON born May 25, 1906

( NEWTON LYON born January 11, 1829 and died April 14, 1832; buried Kings Ferry Cemetery (West Genoa Cemetery), Genoa NY.

( BRAINERD LYON born August 1, 1830 in Five Corners, Genoa NY and in 1906 resided Kings Ferry, Cayuga, NY; buried Kings Ferry Cemetery (West Genoa Cemetery), Genoa NY – tombstone records show his name as Brainard and (1830-1908); educated in the public schools and Horner Academy; a farmer; trustee, elder and deacon of the Presbyterian Church; married 1st Harriet Tollotson born April 28, 1831 and died October 24, 1862; buried with Brainerd; married 2d Melissa Cobb and she also lived but a short time; buried with Brainerd; and married 3d October 4, 1876 at Poplar Ridge NY, Candace Maria Vaughan [dau of John & Candace Maria (Wheeler)] born October 4, 1842 and died 1931; buried with Brainerd. Born to Brainerd and Candace were:

( HENRY VAUGHAN LYON born September 1877 and died October 15, 1877; buried Kings Ferry Cemetery, Genoa NY

( ANNA WEBB LYON born October 31, 1879 and in 1909 resided King Ferry NY

( HELEN VAUGHAN LYON born September 2, 1883 and died 1920; buried Kings Ferry Cemetery, Genoa NY

( NEWELL LYON born February 18, 1832 and died August 2, 1903 Portland ME; buried Kings Ferry Cemetery (West Genoa Cemetery), Genoa NY; he was a merchant doing business in Boston MA; married in Portland ME, Mrs. Mary P Close who died January 31, 1904

( WILLIAM RICHARDS LYON born May 6, 1834 Genoa Township, Cayuga Co NY and resided St. Joseph, Berrien, MI 1906; 1858 graduate of Williams College; attorney at law; married November 3, 1864 at St. Joseph MI, Frances Emeline Jones [dau of Hiram & Charlotte Ann (Ellis)]

( LAURA ELIZABETH LYON born September 27, 1836 and died June 6, 1892 Watervliet MI; buried Kings Ferry Cemetery, Genoa NY; married July 3, 1856 in Geneva NY, Rev. William B. Dada; pastor of Plymouth Congregational Church, Minneapolis MN; and born to them was:

( ARTHUR HERMAN DADA born November 21, 1861 Clear Water MN and died March 27, 1887; buried Kings Ferry Cemetery, Genoa NY. He left a widow and son:

( PERCY A. DADA born August 21, 1886

( LEWIS EDWIN LYON born June 30, 1838 Geneva NY; a merchant; married June 7, 1864 in Auburn NY, Jane (Jennie) Hunt – resided Auburn 1906

            Born to Moses and his third wife, Clarissa, was:

( JOHN JAY LYON born August 14, 1849 and died October 21, 1889; buried Kings Ferry Cemetery (West Genoa Cemetery), Genoa NY

( AARON LYON (twin) born April 3, 1790 Greenwich, CT and died c1792

( WILLIAM MEAD (8RK2-73) born October 14/15, 1747 Greenwich and died February 1, 1829; married Phebe Farrant born October 30, 1741 and died October 21, 1776. Born to them were:




( EDWARD MEAD (1749-)

(3.5.6) RUTH FERRIS married 1729 Nathaniel Rogers

(3.6) JOSEPH FERRIS (Jr.?) (8RKH-G3) born March 31, 1683 [LDS has c1663, which may be more accurate] Greenwich (Stamford) and died there April 7 (17?), 1733; married at Stamford, Abigail Smith born December 12, 1686. Born to them were:

(3.6.1) JEREMIAH FERRIS died 1748 Greenwich; married Abigail {maiden name unk - Ferris?} born July 12, 1723 and died December 16, 1760.  Upon Jeremiah’s death, Abigail was appointed guardian of her children, all under the age of 14.  Abigail remarried, Josiah Ferris (*). Born them were:

( JEREMIAH FERRIS, Jr., born c1740 and died March 2, 1794; his estate distributed, December 5, 1805, to his widow and children, Joseph Jr, Abigail, Sarah, Ruth, Charles and Betsey; served in the Revolution in the Connecticut Line; married September, 1769 Nancy Ann Knapp born August 13, 1743 {baptized November 13, 1769, St. Johns Episcopal Church, Stamford} and died August 20, 1842 age 99y; January 30, 1837 at the age of 90+ years, living in Greenwich, Nancy applied for and received Jeremiah's pension (W17897). Nancy’s will was dated August 30, 1839 and probated August 31, 1842; the will mentioined her son Joseph, all to her daughter Ruth Davis, widow of Walter Davis, and appointed her and Peter Ferris executors; and born to Jeremiah and Nancy were:

( JOSEPH FERRIS JR (use of Jr here is unusual – named for his g.grandfather?) born c1766 apparently Greenwich (date of birth is questioned as it c3y before his parents marriage); baptized August 27, 1794 at St. Johns Episcopal Church, Stamford by his mother; married Sybil Wood Palmer (; and born to them were:

( HANNAH FERRIS born 1802 and died August 22, 1806; 3y 11m 20d

( WALTER FERRIS died June 9, 1857 at age 52

( JOHN WOOD FERRIS born October 27, 1808 and died May 8, 1875; buried First Congregational Church Cemetery, Greenwich; married 1st Jane Whiting (; 2d widow Addie Wright. This was Addie’s third marriage; both previous husbands had children before she married them, so there were 3 sets of children in this family.  Born to John and Jane were:

( JOHN WESLEY FERRIS born September 29, 1830 and died October 3, 1860

( JOSEPH FERRIS born 1826 and died August 23, 1853

( AMELIA FERRIS unmarried

( DELIA JANE FERRIS born April 10, 1833 and died April 30, 1833

( ISABELLA FERRIS married a Mr. Greene who was killed by a train.  Isabella is reported to have ‘felt greatly abused because she had to wait on the children of Addie’. Born to them were:

( CHARLES GREENE married, unknown lady, but ‘she would not allow Charles to speak to his mother’


( JOSEPH FERRIS (tombstone photo) born c1809 and died January 28, 1853

( JAMES FERRIS died in infancy

( ROSWELL FERRIS born January 21, 1819 Greenwich and died November 22, 1874; married Julia A. {maiden name unk} born June 1, 1824 and died December 31, 1893.  Born to them was:


( JAMES O. FERRIS born June 17, 1822 and died October 31, 1873 

( ABIGAIL FERRIS (Abby Maria) (known as Abigail 1805) born January 1, 1775 apparently Greenwich and died September 8, 1850; was baptized August 27, 1794 at St. Johns Episcopal Church, Stamford by her mother; married John Fields

( SARAH FERRIS died apparently before 1794 since she was not in her father’s will – apparently not true, since she is listed 1805 in estate distribution

( RUTH FERRIS married Walter Davis – she is listed in her mother’s will, probated 1842, as a widow

( CHARLES FERRIS died apparently before 1794 since he was not in his father’s will – apparently incorrect since he was listed in estate distribution 1805


( ANN FERRIS died apparently before 1794 since she was not in her father’s will

( JOSHUA FERRIS (c1742-1776) married Mary Johnson ( After Joshua’s death, apparently at Greenwich, Mary married Thomas Peck (; see him for their offspring; and after Thomas’s death she married Nathaniel Ferris (5.3.8). Born to Joshua and Mary were:

( MARY FERRIS born March 28, 1773 probably at Greenwich and died September 30, 1805; married Gideon Kimberly (1762-1819), an Uncle of David (

( JOSHUA FERRIS, Jr., born 1775 and died September 7, 1853 Greenwich; married widow Letitia Lockwood (; and born to Joshua and Letitia were [not in birth sequence][Joshua Beal Ferris is the only child of Joshua and Letitia assigned in the Lockwood Book]:

( LETITIA FERRIS married James Skelding and they had a son, Arthur - see      (] – this James may very well be (, son of James & Mary (Hoyt) Skelding.

( JOSHUA BEAL FERRIS (Hon.) born January 13, 1804 Greenwich and died June 8, 1886; graduated Yale 1823; commenced life in Stamford as a teacher, and afterwards, when admitted to the bar, opened an of­fice at Stamford. He was successful in his








profession, taking high rank as an advocate among Connecticut lawyers; was elected a State Senator from Stamford in 1850.  He was for years judge of probate and State's Attorney; a Whig and a Republican; one of the corporators of the Stamford Savings Bank and member of Board of Directors; married in 1823 Sally Hannah Peters [daughter of William B. Peters, Esq. and granddaughter of Rev. Dr. Peters, of Hebron] born 1805 and died April 26, 1885.  Their children were (not in birth sequence):

( HARRIET FERRIS born 1824 and died December 5, 1827

( SAMUEL J. FERRIS was lost at sea; unmarried

( ISADORE W. FERRIS ‘possibly’ 1850 CA census living Calvaras County

( JOSHUA BEAL FERRIS, Jr., born 1835 and died May 6, 1842; drowned

( ELIZABETH JARVIS FERRIS born 1834 Stamford and died there May 10, 1874; died 6 days after giving birth to her 8th child in 18 years; married October 29, 1855 in Stamford, as his 1st of 2 wives, William Robbins Fosdick born 1817 Long Island NY and died December 11, 1891 New Brighton, Richmond, NY; banker 1874-79; both buried Woodland Cemetery, Stamford; and born to them were:

( SAMUEL PETERS FOSDICK born 1856 Stamford and died there May 15, 1930; buried there Woodland Cemetery; married c1881 Louise Julius

( WILLIAM FOSDICK born August 1858 Stamford; married 1892 Lavinia {maiden name unk} born August 1868 CT; and born to them was:

( ELLIOT W FOSDICK born April 1893 NY

( ROBERT ALDRICH FOSDICK born July 9, 1861 Stamford; married after 1880 Poppy DeLaney who died November 7, 1907; both buried Woodland Cemetery, Stamford

( HARRIETTE J FOSDICK born April 2, 1864 Stamford

( ELIZABETH F FOSDICK born May 3, 1866 Stamford and died 1947; married 1890 Frederick J Baldwin born May 1853 NY and died 1910 Staten Island NY; 1900 wholesale dry goods; both buried Woodland Cemetery, Stamford; and born to them were:

( ELIZABETH J BALDWIN born May 27, 1891 Staten Island NY and died there May 1969; buried Woodland Cemetery, Stamford

( FREDERICK R BALDWIN born May 1896 Staten Island NY and died 1912 Staten Island NY; buried Woodland Cemetery, Stamford

( JOSHUA B FOSDICK born 1868 Stamford

( ALICE DODGE FOSDICK born August 23, 1869 Stamford and died before 1880

( ELLERY R FOSDICK born May 4, 1874

( MARY LETITIA FERRIS born c1839; married apparently as his 2d wife, Rev. Edward Octavus Flagg, DDLD (Photo) [son of Henry Collins & Martha (Whiting) Flagg] born December 13, 1824, Georgetown SC, of New York and died 1911; poet; one of several priests who served the Church of the Good Shepherd at Raquette Lake during the summer months 1886-94; Rector of the Grace Church (Episcopal) NYC; and born to them were:



( SAMUEL PETER FERRIS (Photo) born c1840 and died February 4, 1882; buried Woodland Cemetery, Stamford CT (Cemetery Photo); graduated from West Point June 1861 (West Point #1963); entered West Point 1 September 1857; 2d Lieutenant 24 June 1861; 1st Lieutenant 19 February 1862; Brevet Captain 14 June 1863 for gallantry and meritorious service in the campaign against Port Hudson, La., and Major 28 October 1864 for gallantry and meritorious service in the battle of Hatcher's Run, VA.  He was on duty in Washington drilling volunteers from July 3 to 9, 1861; then on duty with the 3d Infantry in the field in Virginia to September 25, 1861, when he joined his regiment and served therewith at Fort Hamilton NY to July 31, 1862 and at Fort Columbus NY to October, 1862, when he received a leave of absence to organize a Volunteer Regiment and was mustered‑in at Camp Terry, New Haven, Conn., November 15, 1862 as a Colonel, at age 22, with the 28th Connecticut Infantry Regiment and served with this regiment in Florida. On June 3, 1863, before Port Hudson, he was given com­mand of the 1st Brigade, of the 3d Division, of the 19th Army Corps and held this position until July 14, 1863. In July 1863, at New Orleans, he received a medical certificate stating he was medically unfit to continue his duties for a period of thirty days because, "he has had the Bilious Remittent fever followed by a diarrhea which has assumed a chronic form, from which he is now suffering". This Certificate allowed him a leave of absence, presumably to recover from his illness.   He was mustered out of that Regiment on August 28, 1863. ­ He rejoined the 8th US Infantry September 30, 1863 and served therewith at Fort Columbus NY to November 27, 1863; escorting prisoners to Hilton Head SC to December 8, 1863.  He was Commanding Officer at Fort Columbus NY to February 1864; on mustering and disbursing duty in New York City to April 1864. He was with his regiment in the Army of the Potomac to July 27, 1864 and absent to sick to September 14, 1864. Commanded a regiment in Army of the Potomac to November, 1864; with the regiment at Baltimore MD to May 1, 1866; on leave and on delay to August 1, 1866; with regiment at Winchester VA to August 13, 1866; on recruiting service in New York City to December, 1867; on delay to February 27, 1868, when he joined his regiment in Wyoming (sick at Fort Sanders, Wyoming, September 8 to October 24, 1869) to March 13, 1871; Lebanon, Kentucky to December 8, 1872; Little Rock, Ark., to May 7, 1873 and Fort Sanders, WY to June 23, 1874 and on sick leave to April 1, 1875. Certificate given by Surgeon General dated June 12, 1874; with regiment at Fort Fetterman WY to January 1, 1877; Fort McKinney WY to July 4, 1878; on ordinary leave to December 2, 1878; Commanding Officer at Fort D.A.Russell WY to January 19, 1879; Commanding Battalion of Cavalry in the field in Wyoming in pursuit of hostile Indians to March 1, 1879; Commanding a company at Fort D.A. Russell to October 1, 1879; in the Ute Expedition to November, 1879 (Jim - Massacre The Tragedy at White River by Marshall Sprague is reading on the Ute Expedition, but does not mention Major Ferris.); Camp White River CO to January 1, 1880; on duty at Fort D.A. Russell to May 24, 1880 when he rejoined at Camp on White River CO and was sick at that post from May 24 to June 12, when he resumed command of his company at that place to July 8, 1880 and at Fort D.A. Russell to September 18, 1880; on recruiting service at Boston, Mass., to October 4, 1881; rejoined his company October 25, 1881 and served therewith at Fort A.D. Russell to January 22, 1882 and sick at same post until he died there February 4, 1882.  The Surgeon General at Fort D.A. Russell reported he died of "Inflammation of the stomach". Samuel married, Fannie H. Smith (born July 28, 1842 at Bristol CT), December 26, 1861 at the residence of her mother in Haverstraw, Rockland County NY.   There were married by Rev. Dr. Crane, a minister of the Methodist Episcopal Church of Haverstraw. They did not have any children.   Fannie applied for and received a pension at the rate of  $20.00 a month (#200,242).  After Samuel's death, she lived in Stamford, CT and in Chicago, at 117 South Pauline St and in 1912 her address was Rue Scribe 11, Paris, France.  In 1920, she resided at Fairfield IL.  Her pension was raised to $50.00 a month.  Fannie died February 10, 1927, while living at 5610 Dorchester Ave., Chicago IL.   There was a Samuel P. Ferris Post of the Grand Army of the Republic (G.A.R.) of New Canaan CT.  Personnel from this Post, veterans of the Civil War, participated in a parade for the unveiling of a monument erected to the memory of the Soldiers and Sailors of the Civil War, October 22, 1890.  Apparently no offspring. 


THE Twenty-eighth was the last Connecticut regiment organized under the call for nine months volunteers. It was recruited in the Fourth Congressional District, and was
composed of only eight companies: five companies from Fairfield County and three companies from Litchfield County. Samuel P. Ferris of Stamford, a graduate of West Point, was commissioned Colonel, holding the office during the entire service of the regiment, and was a great favorite with the men. The Twenty-eighth rendezvoused about September 15, 1862, at New Haven, and was in tents and barracks at Camp Terry about two months. November 15th the regiment was mustered into the service of the United States, and three days later took leave of New Haven and Connecticut by boat. On the next day, November 19th, the regiment went into camp at Centerville, on Long Island, for ten days only, as it broke camp November 29th, and six companies went on board steamer "Che Kiang," with a portion of the Twenty-third Connecticut, under command of Colonel Holmes. The two companies not on the "Che Kiang" were sent by steamer, and joined the regiment after many disagreeable experiences. The "Che Kiang" sailed from New York on the 3d of December, 1862, and had a very rough passage, encountering a terrible storm off Hatteras, but reached Ship Island safely on the 12th. The regiment remained only long enough to recover from sea-sickness, and then re-embarked and sailed from Ship Island December 17th. On December 19th it landed at Camp Parapet at Carrollton, La., but remained there only for a short time, leaving for Pensacola, Fla., on the 20th, and arriving there on the 22d. At Pensacola the Twenty-eighth made a long and pleasant stay. The various companies were quartered in houses abandoned by the owners when the Confederates evacuated the place. Drill and guard duties occupied much of the time, but the work was just about enough for health, and the salubrious winter climate added to make the sojourn of the regiment here memorable, and this the most pleasant of any of its stopping-places. Expeditions into the interior and along the coast were occasionally made, serving to break the monotony of camp and guard duty, and once in a while the cry of "Steamer coming!" would cause the boys to hurry to the housetops in order to catch a glimpse of the welcome visitor; but too often the cry was only raised by some practical joker. When the steamer came with the mail there was a busy time, reading the "news from home," and, until the steamer's departure, writing to friends and loved ones. Pensacola was evacuated March 20th, and the Twenty-eighth moved to Barrancas and into tents. Camp duties were about the same here as at Pensacola, an occasional expedition serving to give variety to camp life. May 10th the regiment left Barrancas by steamer, and on the 12th landed at Brashear City, La., and left there without regret on May 23d, arriving at Springfield Landing May 25th, and at Port Hudson on May 26th. While at this place, and until the surrender was made by the Confederates, the Twenty-eighth was continually under fire, and assisted in all the various siege operations and in the trenches. In the assault on June 14th it furnished one hundred of the two hundred and fifty men for the storming party or "forlorn hope." Its loss in killed and wounded was severe in this engagement. At the surrender the Twenty-eighth moved inside the fortifications and remained at this place until its departure for home on August 7th. Several died on the way home, having become enfeebled by the climate and by disease previous to embarking for Connecticut. The route home was via Mississippi River to Cairo, and thence by rail. On August 28th the survivors were mustered out at New Haven.

Siege of Port Hudson, La., May 27 to July 9, 1863.
Port Hudson, La., June 14, 1863.
Battles Fought
Fought on 22 March 1863 at Pensacola, FL.
Fought on 22 May 1863 at Port Hudson, LA.
Fought on 14 June 1863 at Port Hudson, LA.
Fought on 17 June 1863 at Port Hudson, LA.
Fought on 21 June 1863 at On March To Jackson, LA.
Fought on 04 July 1863 at Port Hudson, LA.
Fought on 06 July 1863 at Port Hudson, LA.
Fought on 15 July 1863 at Port Hudson, LA.


( HENRY J. FERRIS born c1843; in insurance business in New York

( CHARLES DOUGLAS FERRIS (twin) died August 29, 1831 age 6m

( JOSHUA ALBERT FERRIS (twin) died August 30, 1831 age 6m

( OLIVER LOCKWOOD FERRIS married Hannah Holmes ( and born to them was:

( MADISON J. H. FERRIS born August 4, 1846 New York City; married 1st 1873 Laura Baker; and 2d 1902 widow Caroline L. Welsh; resided Arlington NJ. Born to them were:



( SUSAN FERRIS (Susan Letitia Ferris) born May 3, 1799 (probably first born) and died October 2, 1866; married December 23, 1822 Seth Palmer Quintard (; he is buried Woodland Cemetery, Stamford – don’t know about Susan; see him for offspring

( MARY KIMBERLY FERRIS born 1809 and died December 9, 1836; unmarried

( LUCY H. FERRIS married February 26, 1833 Madison Holmes (

( WILLIAM A. FERRIS [Jim - speculation - because the time frame fits - there was a William A. Ferris, involved in the incorporation of the Greenwich Mutual Fire Insurance Company in 1855. It dissolved, voluntarily, in 1910.]



( HIRAM FERRIS born c1802; age 48 in 1850 census, Stanwich Section of Greenwich; married Eunice Lockwood (; and born to them were:




( HIRAM FERRIS, JR. (c1833-)


( PHEBE A. FERRIS (c1839-)


( ABEL FERRIS married 1st Angeline {maiden name unk}; 2d Sarah Ford ( Born to Abel and his wives(?), were:



( BENJAMIN FERRIS married Ruth Brady

( EMELINE FERRIS married a Mr. Waterbury

( RUTH FERRIS born c1739 (1st born) and died before March 11, 1765; married Tediman Hull

( ABIGAIL FERRIS born c1743 and died 1 January 1836 age 92; buried in Plot 17 Grave 3 of the graveyard of the First Congregational Church, Greenwich, 108 Sound Beach Ave, Old Greenwich CT (confirmed by Mary Babbidge, Cemetery Administrator and Records Clerk for the First Congregational Church Cemetery 2007); married June 4, 1767 at St. John’s Episcopal Church, Stamford, Dr. Samuel Whiting Jr.[son of Colonel Samuel & Elizabeth (Judson) Whiting] born 1744 Stratford CT (baptized March 12, 1744) and died 1816 Greenwich. He graduated from Yale College 1765.  Samuel was an ensign (surgeon mate) in Captain Hoit's Company (5th Regiment), serving in New York in April 1775; he was commissioned a second lieutenant 15 March 1777 in Colonel Lamb's Artillery and was taken prisoner in Colonel Webb's Expedition to Long Island (White Plains), December 10, 1777 and was imprisoned on the ship Jersey. Samuel received a vote of thanks from the Con­gress for his medical care of the prisoners.  He was exchanged and resigned 14 March 1781. He graduated from Yale in 1765. The oldest son of Abigail and Samuel bought an old house called the Peck Place at Mianus (Riverside) CT, later owned by Vanderbilt Buxton and called the Buxton Place. Dr. Whiting died there.  The son, Samuel Ferris Whiting, gave his mother a life lease.  Abigail lived there until a short time before her death. Her son, Robert Morris Whiting took her to his home in Brooklyn, where she lived just a short time before she died on New Years Day 1836. Abigail was the first person buried in the Sound Beach Cemetery. ‘She was handsome and well-to-do, but her uncle Ebenezer Ferris, who was her guardian spent her money’ and built two churches. Born to Abigail and Samuel were (probably not in birth sequence):

( ABIGAIL WHITING married Elijah Reynolds and born to them were:



( SAMUEL FERRIS WHITING born 1774 Greenwich and died March 19, 1817; married Jeanette/Janet (Stuart) Dick­inson, (1763-1845) [dau of James Stuart of Aberdeen, Scotland]; was a captain of a boat in the coastal trade; lived in an old house on the Mianus River. When Samuel died, he left the home to his son, Samuel. Jeanette’s two nieces, Helen and Margaret Murray, became her sisters-in-law when they married her husband’s two brothers. Born to them were:

( MARGARET WHITING born June 22, 1799 and died February 12, 1865/66; married 1st October 27, 1814 Henry Fitch (1783-1815); and 2d March 9, 1820 William Gallop Henshaw who died November 19, 1839; and born to Margaret and Henry was:

( ELIZABETH JANE FITCH (1815-1874) married John Ely (1808-1859) and born to them was (may be more):

( ALICE ELY (1839-1897) married 1867 Reginald Weber Barnes (1837-) and born to them was (may be more):

( ELIZABETH JANE BARNES born Burnt Hills NY; DAR # 84636

( LINUS KING ELY (1842-1890) married 1868 Rachel Pausley (1852-1884) and born to them was (may be more):

( ADA ELY born New York City; DAR# 84637; married Edward Haws

Born to Margaret and her second husband, William, were:

( CAROLINE (CATHERINE - Kate) ISABELLA HENSHAW born January 17, 1836 New York City and died March 8, 1910; married January 28, 1857 Edwin Ferris (; see him for offspring

( JULIA HENSHAW [don’t know if this is the Julia that married John Judson Whiting, Jr.?]

( SAMUEL WHITING born March 18, 1801 and died March 21, 1864; married Catherine Henshaw

( ABIGAIL WHITING born May 4, 1803 and died 1832; married 1819 Alfred Lockwood (1797-1832) [Jim - they died the same year; interesting.][Chaplain Ferris has Abigail married, second, Peter Lockwood] Born to Abigail and presumably, Alfred, were:

( MARARET FITCH LOCKWOOD died April 15, 1840 age 20y 1m 8d; married October 13, 1839 Charles Ferris (; no offspring

( FRANCES LOCKWOOD born September 17, 1820 and died April 22, 1890; married 1st Philo Shelton; 2d David Ferris (; no offspring. Born to Frances and Philo were:


( MAY SHELTON married Andrew Kirby and born to them were:

( RICHARD S. KIRBY married Jessie Russell Ferris ( Richard was a Professor at Yale.




( DAUGHTER KIRBY died young

( HARRIET LOCKWOOD (1823-1903) married 1844 as his second wife, her brother-in-law, Charles Ferris ( see him for offspring

( ISABELLA WHITING born October 6, 1805/06 and died June 7, 1898; married 1822 Samuel Ferris (; see him for offspring

Brooklyn Eagle, June 9, 1898: Entered into rest, Isabella Whiting Ferris, widow of the late Captain Samuel Ferris, in her 93d year. Relatives and friends invited to attend the funeral at her late residence, Sound Beach, Conn on Friday afternoon at 2:30

( JANE WHITING born August 25, 1807 and died June 21, 1853; married John Wood Ferris (; see him for offspring

( JOHN JUDSON WHITING born 1786 and died August 25, 1826; married Helen Murray (1789‑1871); both buried First Congregational Church Cemetery, Old Greenwich CT – Plot 17, Grave 9; Helen was a niece of Jeanette Stuart's. Born to them were:

( ROBERT MURRAY WHITING born March 17, 1815 Brooklyn NY (Guilford Center, Chenango, NY) and died there 1892 (Guilford Center and buried there); married 1837 Sarah M Dunn (1818-1856) (born, died and buried Guilford Center); and born to them were:

( SAMUEL M WHITING born March 26, 1840 Brooklyn NY and died there February 21, 1906; married September 23, 1863 in Brooklyn, (Jennie) Sarah J Cable [dau of Daniel P & Sarah (Winsor) Cable] born November 17, 1839 Gilford Center NY and died there October 18, 1918; both buried Gilford Center; and born to them was:

( HIRAM S WHITING (Hiram Samuel Whiting) born August 7, 1870 Brooklyn NY and died October 22, 1938 Guilford Center NY; buried there; married September 9, 1891 in Guilford, Maude Bunnell [dau of Kossuth E & Mary Elizabeth (Hull) Bunnell] born May 25, 1871 Guilford NY and died there September 2, 1956; buried there; and born to them  were:

( AGNES MAE WHITING born March 4, 1898 Brooklyn NY and died June 1, 1946 Norwich NY; buried Guilford NY; married Howard Winfred Jeffrey Sr born July 7, 1894 Burlington Flats NY and died July 6, 1966 Schohairie NY; resided Norwich NY - offspring


( FRANK A. WHITING married Emma ‘Annie’ Stoneman who died November 10, 1931

( SAMUEL F WHITING (1818-1873) buried Plot 17, Grave 7 First Congregational Church Cemetery, Old Greenwich CT

( JOHN JUDSON WHITING, JR. (1818-1887) married 1st Julia Henshaw (; 2d Emma McCausland. Born to John and his wives(?), were:

( ELLA WHITING (Photo) married October 26, 1887 Dr. Watson Lewis Savage, M.D. [son of Ralph Bulkley & Sarah Ann (Strickland) Savage] ; born November 26, 1859 Cromwell CT and died 1931; fitted for college at Middletown CT; Amherst College 1882; studied medicine Long Island College Hospital 1883-85; served in St Peter’s Hospital, Brooklyn 1885-86; private practice 1886-87; Medical Director, Berkeley School and Assoc, NYC 1887-90; President and Manager of the Dr Savage Physical Development Institute NYC 1890; Director of the Gymnasium, Columbia U 1897; President NY Normal School of Physical Education; M.A. Amherst College 1885 and M.D. 1885;  and born to them were:

( RALPH SAVAGE died as an infant

( DOROTHY DAVIS SAVAGE born August 9, 1891 and died June 1983 Larchmont, Westchester, NY

( RICHARD BELLINGS SAVAGE born June 14, 1894 and died February 1972 Larchmont, Westchester, NY; married Ruth Browning; and born to them were:



( WALTON SAVAGE married Evelyn {mnu}; and born to them were:




( KIRKWOOD SAVAGE (1903-1993) married Marie {mnu}; and born to them were:

( NANCY SAVAGE married James Morris

( MARY SAVAGE married William Webber; and born to them were:

( WILLIAM WEBBER married Dustie {mnu}; and born to them was:


( NANCY WEBBER married Ken Graff; and born to them were:



( LAURIE WEBBER married Warren {mnu}; offspring


( WATSON LEWIS SAVAGE Jr (1898-1939) – Rye Neck High School, Mamaronick 1916; Cornell 1920; after leaving Cornell he was with the New York branch of the Oakland Motor Car Co; then was salesman with Ward Baking Co, Bronx; secretary of Dr. Savage Physical Development Institute; physical director and secretary of Dr. Savage Exercise Institute; and secretary of The Savage School for Physical Education, 454 West 155th Street, NYC. During the War he served in the Navy; was commissioned Ensign in the USN Reserve Force; and was in the Naval Communications Service in Washington, D.C.; married Juliet Douglas Clark


( HELEN SAVAGE died as an infant



( ROBERT MORRIS WHITING born April 15, 1783 and died March 2, 1874; married January 26, 1820 Margaret Murray (1800‑1888); Margaret was a sister of Helen Murray. Both  buried First Congregational Church Cemetery, Old Greenwich CT – Plot 17, graves 11 and 12; the Church records say that Robert was born 1794 and have Margaret interned 1889; and bborn to them were:

( HUGH JOSEPH WHITING born March 18, 1820 New York City and died July 27, 1899 Fairfield NJ; buried Bound Brook Cemetery; married December 4, 1845 Josephine Shannon [dau of George W.] born July 1, 1825 Bloomfield NJ and died March 1, 1884 Brooklyn NY. Born to them were:

( WILLIAM HENRY WHITING born September 3, 1846 Brooklyn and died August 28, 1934 Harwichport MA; married October 13, 1868 Esther Ann Slaght born May 6, 1846 Brooklyn and died June 16, 1921.  Born to them were:

( IRVING SLAGHT WHITING born December 23, 1873 and died March 1, 1951; married Nettie VanGordon

( RALPH DELANO WHITING born January 23, 1876 and died May 11, 1958; unmarried

( JOSEPHINE S. WHITING born December 14, 1878 and died March 21, 1969; married June 25, 1903 Douglas Zabriskie Doty (1874-1935) and born to them was:

( DOROTHY WHITING DOTY born March 24, 1908; married October 18, 1935 Parks Madden Adams born September 6, 1910 and born to them were:

( PARKS MADDEN ADAMS, JR., born December 4, 1937; married July 17, 1965 Paula K. Sheller and born to them were:

( HELEN CHRISTINE ADAMS born May 10, 1968

( SARA KATHLEEN ADAMS born August 24, 1970

( CARYL WHITING ADAMS born October 22, 1939; married March 21, 1970 Peter Richard Adams and born to them were:

( WILLIAM WHITING ADAMS born January 10, 1973

( DANIEL PETER ADAMS born June 14, 1974

( EMMA LOUISE WHITING born February 16, 1853 Brooklyn NY; married November 14, 1872 Henry A. McGee and born to them were:


( CLIFFORD MCGEE married Emma Schoolmaker


( DONALD MCGEE married Nell Valliant

( MURRAY WHITING born February 2, 1822 Brooklyn NY and died November 24, 1905; married 1st name unk; and 2d June 15, 1852 Mary Elizabeth Ferris ( Born to them were:

( RUSSELL WHITING born July 3, 1853 and was killed April 4, 1884 Gonzales TX

( CAROLINE WHITING born January 7, 1859; unmarried; resided El Paso TX

( FREDERICK LODER WHITING born February 4, 1861 and died March 12, 1946; married Pauline Loder and born to them were:



( ELIZABETH ST. JOHN WHITING married William E. Hays, Jr. and born to them was:

( FRED W. HAYS, M. D., married April 12, 1963 Helen Hibbard

( ABIGAIL FERRIS WHITING born January 8, 1824 Brooklyn NY and died October 4, 1897; married July 2, 1846 Jones Bowen Fordham [son of Austin Stuart & Lucy Ann (Bowen) Fordham] born c1823 Brooklyn and died there died May 8, 1864; both buried Green-Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn; and born to them were:

( ELIZABETH ABIGAIL FORDHAM (Abby Lizzie) born c1854 Brooklyn, Kings, NY

( ISABELLA FORDHAM born c1848 Brooklyn NY; married James Wright; and born to them were:



( ROBERT AUSTIN FORDHAM born June 1860 Brooklyn NY and died January 29, 1918 Jamaica, Queens, NY; married 1888 Annie Mayhew born January 1867 NY: and born to them were:

( AUSTIN LYLE FORDHAM born February 3, 1891 Jamaica, Queens, NY; married Marjorie {mnu}

( MARION K FORDHAM born January 1894 Jamaica NY

( ELLSWORTH WINSEX FORDHAM born May 20, 1896 Jamaica NY and died November 1984 Lakewood, Ocean, NJ; married 1923 Edith {mnu}

( JOSEPHINE MARGARET FORDHAM born c1857 Brooklyn NY; married October 11, 1876 in Brooklyn, Charles A Gilbert

( CHARLES FORDHAM born c1850 Brooklyn NY and died young

( WILLIAM HENRY WHITING born January 30, 1826 and died October 12, 1828; buried First Congregational Church Cemetery, Old Greenwich CT Plot 17, Grave 4

( ISABELLA WHITING born February 13, 1828 Brooklyn NY and died July 2, 1897; married September 16, 1845 Alexander F. Sparks and born to them were:

( ISABELLA SPARKS (-1909) married Lauris Loomis and born to them was:

( MARGARET LOUISE LOOMIS married Russell Loomis


( LOUISE SPARKS married Thomas Wildes and born to them were:






( FAY SPARKS (1863-) married George McTatlor (?); resided Red Bank NJ

( ROBERT MORRIS WHITING, JR., born January 16, 1832 Brooklyn NY; married 1st 1853 Hattie Ruggles; 2d October 10, 1859 Amanda Heavener [dau of John P. & Gertrude]. Born to them were:

( HARRIET WHITING born July 1, 1865; married Joseph Morrell and born to them was:

( ROBERT W. MORRELL married Victoria Carter and born to them were:

( VICTORIA MORRELL married George W. Dunham and born to them was:


( ROBERT C. MORRELL married Elizabeth Isaacson and born to them was:


( CHARLES WHITING married lady unk but born to them was:


( GRACE WHITING married Dr. Hopke and born to them was:

( HARRIET HOPKE married Howard H. Spedick

( GILBERT LAFAYETTE WHITING born April 5, 1834 and died 1917; married September 20, 1861 Mary Benson Brett and born to them were:

( GEORGE FORDHAM WHITING married Emma Wolf; no offspring

( JOSEPHINE WHITING married DeWitt C. L. (surname unk) but born to them were:



( ETHEL ROYCE WHITING married Chester Booher and born to them were:

( VIRGINIA BOOHER married David B. Paxon and born to them was:

( DAVID B. PAXON, JR., married Kathryn (maiden name unk)

( ELIZABETH W. BOOHER married Ralph T. Davy and born to them were:






( HELEN FRANCES WHITING born July 29, 1836 and died January 12, 1840; buried First Congregational Church Cemetery, Old Greenwich CT Plot 17 Grave 4

( EDWARD DELANO WHITING born May 1, 1839 and died July 1871; buried First Congregational Church Cemetery, Old Greenwich CT Plot 17 Grave 10

( SEYMOUR LANDON WHITING born September 28, 1842 and died April 15, 1900; married Ann Mathilda (maiden name unk) and born to them were:




( WILLIAM HENRY WHITING died in infancy

( HENRY WHITING died an infant of heart disease

( AN INFANT WHITING died in infancy 

(3.6.2) DEBORAH FERRIS married Thomas Youngs whose will was proved December 6, 1777; no offspring

(3.6.3) ABIGAIL FERRIS born April 13, 1701 Greenwich CT and died after 1756 Stamford, where she was buried; married c1739 in Greenwich, Nehemiah Knapp, Sr. [son of Caleb and Sarah (Rundle/Rundell) Knapp) born October 15, 1714 Greenwich and died after 1756 Stamford; buried at North Stamford Cemetery.  He served in the French & Indian Wars, enlisting October 13,1756 at Greenwich, serving in Captain David Waterbury’s Company, Colonel Andrew Ward’s Regiment, in relief of Fort William Henry. Born to them were [the assignment of the following offspring is provisional]:

( JONATHAN (JONATHON) KNAPP (assignment not documented) born 1739 Greenwich (Horseneck) CT and died after 1790 Warwick, Orange Co NY (?); served in the French & Indian War in the relief of Fort William Henry; was in Warwick, Orange, NY 1790.  One source has him marrying Elizabeth Ferris (*) (?)

( NEHEMIAH KNAPP, JR., (only verified offspring of Abigail and Nehemiah, Sr.) born October 29, 1741 Greenwich (Horseneck) CT and died December 21, 1807 (c1809) (before November 14, 1811) [will dated December 21, 1807 and probated November 14, 1811] Shenandoah-East Fishkill, Dutchess, NY; buried there; married 1st c1765 at Greenwich, Mary Hill born February 24, 1743/4 probably at Greenwich and died July 31, 1797 probably at Shenandoah-East Fishkill NY; married 2d c1798 probably at Fishkill, Jannetje ‘Jane’ Wilstse (Wilsie) [dau of Jacob & Eme/Aena/Amy (Snyder) Wilstse/Wilsie], born c1761 Fishkill and died between September 17, 1803 and November 22, 1803 (will dates) at East Fishkill. Nehemiah was a member of Captain Frederick Chappell’s Company of seaman, on board the galley Gates (which was burnt October 13, 1776), Naval Service, Northern Department of the Lakes, August 9 to September 25, 1776, a part of Arnold’s Flotilla on Lake Champaign. Nehemiah settled in Shenandoah, with his two sons, Isaac and Enos, after the Revolution where he purchased 220 acres of land on June 26, 1786.  Born to Nehemiah and Mary were:

( ISAAC KNAPP born August 18, 1765/6 Greenwich, Fairfield, CT and died September 22, 1859 Shenandoah-East Fishkill, Dutchess, NY age 94y 1m 4d; buried Bethel Baptist Cemetery, Shenandoah; farmer and at time of his death owned considerable land; the founder of the present Bethel Baptist Church and Cemetery; married January 8, 1791 in Shenandoah-East Fishkill, (Betsey) Elizabeth Garrison; interred Bethel Baptist Cemetery, East Fishkill NY. Although not listed below, Isaac’s will refers to a son, Jackson Knapp. Born to them were:

( NEHEMIAH KNAPP born October 27, 1791 and died September 2, 1833; married Elizabeth (or Tamar Horton?) born January 9, 1792 and died January 4, 1845. Tamar Farrington may have been Elizabeth Farrington or her last name, in either case may have been Horton, as she had a son, Henry Thomas Farrington, who was a half brother of the other children. (?) Born to Nehemiah and his wife were:

( LORENZO L. KNAPP born East Fishkill, Dutchess, NY and died after April 10, 1892; married Emeline (Emeline Kelsey on February 16, 1855?) who died April 10, 1892 and born to them were:

( EMMA KNAPP married before 1892 a Mr. Beeman

( CARRIE P. KNAPP born October 1, 1858 and died November 19, 1879

( PERRY H. KNAPP (c1860-)

( HOMER KNAPP born c1872 Fishkill, Dutchess, NY 

( ELLEN KNAPP married a Mr. Seaman

( ISAAC W. KNAPP born November 29, 1814 East Fishkill, Dutchess, NY and died September 22, 1880; interred Bethel Baptist Church Cemetery, East Fishkill; married Lucretia Jewell born May 30, 1818 and died February 17, 1896; interred with her husband.  Born to them were:

( ALONZO KNAPP born February 20, 1841 East Fishkill, Dutchess, NY and died January 31, 1924; interred Bethel Baptish Church Cemetery, East Fishkill; married Jane Barrett; interred with her husband

( MELISSA KNAPP born December 4, 1842 East Fishkill NY and died January 24, 1924; married Carey Brown

( ISAAC JACKSON KNAPP born November 10, 1844 East Fishkill, Dutchess, NY and died July 4, 1902; interred Bethel Baptish Church Cemetery, East Fishkill; married Abbie Russell born September 12, 1844 and died April 4, 1901; interred with her husband. Born to them were:

( CHARLES I. KNAPP married Lucy Baker and born to them was:

( ETHEL KNAPP married a Mr. Haskins and they had a son

( FRANK J. KNAPP born September 19, 1873 Hortontown, Putnam, NY; married August 1895, Minnie Secor born January 15, 1875 Johnsville NY.  Born to them were:

( IRENE KNAPP born October 8, 1889; married Sherwood Robinson and born to them was:

( JUNE A. ROBINSON born December 10, 1923

( EDITH KNAPP born August 26, 1896; marired Henry S. Keelan and born to them were:

( ELINOR FRANCES KEELAN born September 30, 1923

( IRENE KEELAN born September 2, 1926

( PAUL KNAPP born December 22, 1905; married Helen Cross and born to them were:

( AUDREY KNAPP born December 29, 1926, Beacon NY

( CHARLENE KNAPP born February 26, 1943

( GRACE KNAPP born December 24, 1907; married Albert Uhl and born to them were:

( ALBERT UHL, JR., born December 6, 1930

( GRACE UHL born August 21, 1936

( MAYNARD KNAPP born February 16, 1915; married Eva Emery and born to them were:

( MAYNARD RICHARD KNAPP born January 12, 1941 Beacon NY

( JOHN EMERY KNAPP born November 1942 Fishkill NY

( VICTORIA KNAPP born August 1 (20), 1847 and died October 24, 1910; unmarried

( MARTIN KNAPP born April 11, 1849 and died 1939(?); interred Bethel Baptist Church Cemetery; East Fishkill NY; married Sarah E. Ketchum (1860-1944); interred with husband

( IRA J. KNAPP born January 12, 1854 East Fishkill, Dutchess, NY and died 1936; married Phoebe Van Vlack (1867-) and born to them was:

( LUCRETIA KNAPP married Smith Townsend

( WESLEY KNAPP born January 25, 1855 East Fishkill, Dutchess, NY; interred Bethel Baptist Church Cemetery, East Fishkill; married Irene Wixon (1841-1915); interred with her husband.  Born to them were:


( PERRY WESLEY KNAPP born December 25, 1870 Shenandoah, Dutchess, NY and died 1917/1925; interred Maple Avenue Cemetery, Patterson NY; married Phoebe Ann Smalley [dau of Wright]

( HENRY KNAPP born c1873 Shenandoah, Dutchess, NY 

( CALEB P. KNAPP born December 27, 1816 East Fishkill, Dutchess, NY and died December 5, 1901; interred Bethel Baptist Church Cemetery, East Fishkill; married 1st Sarah Smith born April 13, 1817 and died May 25, 1847; interred Bethel Baptist Church Cemetery; married 2d Jane P. Carmen (1823-). Born to Caleb and Sarah were:

( FINETTY (HETTY) KNAPP born June 21, 1839 East Fishkill, Dutchess, NY and died November 11/17, 1850; interred Bethel Baptist Church Cemetery, East Fishkill-Shenadoah

( HATTIE KNAPP born 1840 East Fishkill, Dutchess, NY

( TAMAR KNAPP born 1841 East Fishkill, Dutchess, NY; married 1st name unk married 2d Samuel Wilkinson and they lived in Michigan

( ORRE KNAPP born 1846 East Fishkill, Dutchess, NY; moved to Michigan

Born to Caleb and presumably, Jane, were:

( SARAH J. KNAPP born 1848 East Fishkill, Dutchess, NY

( CHARLES J. KNAPP born October 26, 1851 East Fishkill, Dutchess, NY and died January 23, 1854; buried Bethal Baptish Church Cemetery

( PHOEBE E. KNAPP born March 15, 1822 and died September 4, 1850; married a Mr. Hurlburt

( JACKSON KNAPP born September 11, 1825 East Fishkill, Dutchess, NY and died either February 28 or April 8, 1882 Wawarsing NY (or January 30, 1895, Chicago); married 1st Almira (Emma or Elmira) {maiden name unk} who died September 3, 1890 Ulster Co NY; married 2d Sarah C. Schoonmaker [day of Isaac O.] born February 3, 1836 and died May 26, 1861.  There is some dispute which was the first wife.  Born to Jackson and his wives were:

( EUGENE KNAPP died January 30, 1895

( LILLIE C. KNAPP (Lillian) married a Mr. Keaton (Keator)

( ARDELLA KNAPP (Adele) married c1870 John Ferris Cash [son of Stephen & Emma Jane (Mead) Cash] born August 16, 1892 Broome Co NY; buried Glenwood Cemetery, Dickinson, Broome Co; and born to them were 4 kids, 3 of which were:

( CLARANCE R CASH born 1879 and died May 25, 1912 Oneonta, Delaware, NY; married Lillian {maiden name unk}

( LILLIAN CLAIR CASH born August 12, 1886 Ellenville, Ulster, NY and died July 30, 1985 Binghamton NY; buried Rock Creek Cemetery, Washington, D.C.; graduated George Washington U 1909; worked for many years as a plant disease specialist for the Department of Agriculture; resided in D.C. 84y – never married

( EDITH KATHERINE CASH born October 4, 1890 Binghamton, Broome, NY and died April 6, 1992 Dickinson NY; buried Rock Creek Cemetery, Washington, D.C.; graduated George Washington U 1912; worked for many years as a plant disease specialist for the Department of Agriculture; resided in D.C. 84y – never married

( THERESSA KNAPP married a Mr. Smith

( KATE KNAPP married a Mr. Van Kuren


( RUSSELL KNAPP born c1872

( EDGAR (EDWARD) KNAPP born c1872/75, Ulster County NY

( PERRY KNAPP born August 21, 1828 and died February 26, 1862; married in California, name unk 

( ALFRED KNAPP born 1840 and died April 8, 1890; married Mary Louise born c1865 and died age 29, April 27, 1885 PA

( REUBEN W. KNAPP born March 7, 1793 East Fishkill, Dutchess, NY and died April 22, 1867; interred Bethel Baptish Church Cemetery, East Fishkill; married Charity Horton born 1794 and died March 19, 1863 (March 15, 1872 in 78th year); interred with husband.  Born to them were:

( ELIZABETH KNAPP married Jacob R. Griffin in Mahopac, Putnam, NY

( ABIGAIL KNAPP married a Mr. Phillips and born to them was:


( SARAH AMANDA KNAPP born July 19, 1822 and died January 11, 1903, at 80 years of age; interred Bethel Baptish Church Cemetery, East Fishkill NY; married 1854 James I. (Zenas) Knapp [son of William X. & Elizabeth (Organ) Knapp] born August 12/18/19, 1828 Putnam Co NY and died January 18, 1892 at 63 years of age; interred Bethel Baptist Church Cemetery, East Fishkill.  Born to them were:


( ANNIE L.KNAPP married a Mr. Barrett

( WILLIE R. KNAPP born May 21, 1857 and died January 1, 1860; interred Bethel Baptish Church Cemetery, East Fishkill NY

( EMMA E. KNAPP (c1859-)

( ELLA H. KNAPP - from a stone at the Fishkill Rural Cemetery: “At Rest”, Cornelius Ketcham, May 26, 1857 - July 14, 1902, “Sweet Rest”, Ella C. Knapp, his wife, June 19, 1859 - June 2, 1924

( HOMER I. KNAPP (c1860-) married unk lady.  His name appears in the Highview NY phone directory 1925.  Born to them were:


( FRANK LYLE KNAPP lived Greenville PA

( FRANK J. KNAPP born c1862/75 Hopewell Junction NY; married unk lady and born to them were:

( THOMAS KNAPP, of Hopewell Junction NY



( ALFARETTA KNAPP married a Mr. Utter

( GEORGE BERTRAM (or BERTRAM GEORGE) KNAPP born c1870 Hopewell Junction NY; married Eva Scofield born c1883/84; resided Shenandoah NY; and born to them were:

( DAISY KNAPP born c1910/13

( KENYON KNAPP born c1913/15

( DAVID HORTON KNAPP born c1822/23 East Fishkill NY; married Mary I. {maiden name unk} (1825-).  David was a horse dealer at Wappinger Falls NY 1866.

( MARTHA J. KNAPP born August 13, 1835 and died September 11, 1900; married January 30, 1861 Seymour Baxter [son of Charles & Sarah (Horton) Baxter] born June 27, 1827 and died April 3, 1897.  Born to them were:



( SARAH JANE BAXTER born December 13, 1869 and died May 10, 1913; married November 20, 1894 Stewart Alexander born August 14, 1869 and born to them was:

( BESS A. ALEXANDER born July 18, 1900 Delavan IL; married in Peoria IL, Carl E. Phillips

( ENOS ISAAC KNAPP born February 15, 1796 East Fishkill, Dutchess, NY and died December 25, 1835; married Phoebe Ann Barrett (1798-1878) and born to them were:

( HARRIET MARIE KNAPP born East Fishkill NY; married Organ Shaw; Harriet is referred to as Harriet Maria, wife of Organ Shaw, in her grandfather Isaac’s will.  Born to them was:

( WILLIS ORGAN SHAW married 1893 in Pittsford NY Nellie E. Knapp [dau of Hiram Alonzo & Ordelia (Bowen) Knapp] born 1865

( WILLIAM HENRY KNAPP born East Fishkill NY

( ISAAC B. KNAPP (1823-1893) born in East Fishkill NY.  He was a farmer and married, Mary J. {maiden name unk} born, 1828, NY.  Born to them were:

( GARRISON KNAPP born, 1849 in East Fishkill NY

( CHARLES EMERSON KNAPP born March 24, 1854, East Fishkill NY and died March 30, 1919(1918), Hopewell Junction NY; interred Hopewell Junction Cemetery; married February 2, 1879 Anna Horton Gregory [dau of James & Susan O.] born June 30, 1861. Born to them was:

( EARL H. KNAPP born January 9, 1892 and died age 7m 

( REUBEN G. KNAPP born August 1, 1824 East Fishkill NY and died June 5, 1904 Phillipstown NY; interred Fishkill Rural Cemetery, Fishkill NY; married 1st Julia Van Gaasbeck in Kingston, Ulster Co NY born November 21, 1824; married 2d Martha Weeks in East Fishkill NYborn August 11, 1848. Apparently he was married to both of these ladies at the same time as indicated by the birth of children. Born to Reuben and his wives were:

( PHOEBE ANN KNAPP born June 29, 1848 East Fishkill NY; married Garrett Smith and born to them were:



( MAY SMITH married Chester Ireland

( JULIA SMITH (1870-1924) was interred at Fishkill Rural Cemetery, Fishkill NY; married Arnold Scofield (1862-1945) also interred at the Fishkill Rural Cemetery.

( THEODORE KNAPP born May 28, 1850 East Fishkill NY and died April 23, 1897; interred Fishkill Rural Cemetery, Fishkill NY; married Mary Ann Smith and born to them were:

( IRVING KNAPP married Grace Booth [dau of John & Mary Jane (Knapp) Booth] born December 21, 1890.

( LAVINA KNAPP married Howard Owens

( JOSEPH KNAPP born in 1878 and died November 17, 1961; married Nettie Mosher [dau of Augustus & Hannah (Hickman) Mosher] born September 13, 1879 Fishkill NY and died February 25, 1974; interred at Fishkill Rural Cemetery, Fishkill. Nettie was a member of the Auxiliary of the Arlington Engine Company.  Born to them were:

( BLANCHE KNAPP married a Mr. Yeomans

( HAZEL KNAPP married a Mr. Eighmie

( HARRY KNAPP - could this be the Harry Knapp buried in the Fishkill Rural Cemetery - tombstone reads: Harry Knapp 1900-1980; Essie Ireland, His Wife, 1895-1960.

( BERTHA KNAPP born February 21, 1882 and died May 1902; married Howard Owens. Apparently, sisters married the same guy - assumed one of the sisters died before he married the other.

( KIMBLE KNAPP (one source has his mother as Julia) born December 25, 1855 East Fishkill NY and died June 1, 1928; interred Fishkill Rural Cemetery, Fishkill; married December 17, 1879 Josephine Cargill [dau of David & Sarah (McKeel) Cargill] born July 28, 1858 Phillipstown NY and died January 24, 1900.  Born to them were:

( SADIE KNAPP born February 24, 1882 East Fishkill NY and died 1951; interred Fishkill Rural Cemetery, Fishkill; married October 1, 1905 DeWitt Smith (1880-1955); interred with his wife.  Born to them were:

( EDNA SMITH born September 14, 1906 Kent NY and died November 15, 1988 Carmel, Putnam, NY; married Kenneth L. Hickman who died November 8, 1965.  Kenneth was the highway superintendent and the postmaster for the town of Fishkill NY.  In addition to their children, they raised the following foster children: Barbara Jean Townsend of Hopewell Junction; Alan Gallagher of Wappingers Falls; Susan Masterson of Wappingers Falls; and Albert Toregrossa of NJ. Edna was a member of the First Reformed Church of Fishkill; the church’s Young People’s Association; and the Fishkill Protection Engine Co #1 Ladies’ Auxiliary.  Born to them were:

( PHYLLIS HICKMAN married a Mr. Nameth

( FLORENCE HICKMAN married a Mr. Smith and born to them was:

( GREGORY SMITH died before November 15, 1988

( JOSEPHINE SMITH born October 14, 1907 and died August 13, 1908

( VINCENT F. SMITH (twin) (Photograph) born June 24, 1910, Phillipstown NY and died August 4, 1984, Poughkeepsie NY; interred Fishkill Rural Cemetery, Fishkill NY; educated in Fishkill schools; married November 30, 1933 in Glendale, Long Island NY, Helen G. K. Hoops (1910-1967).  Vincent was the Town of Poughkeepsie’s first policeman; hired as a special patrolman in November 1940 at 50 cents a month to check doors in the Arlington business district each night to make sure they were locked; seriously injured in 1949 when he was struck by a car while directing traffic;  named the Department’s first chief on June 24, 1953 and served for 13 years until his retirement in September, 1966. From his obituary: He was a big man and stood out in a crowd. When he was chief, he always insisted that if his men were sent out to handle a complaint, the complainant had to be satisfied.  If he wasn’t, we got chewed out good! He laid down the traditions of the department. Chief Smith was appointed an honorary life member of the town’s Police Benevolent Association in 1960 and was a member of the International Association of Chiefs of Police; a member of the Elks Lodge of Poughkeepsie and St. John’s Lutheran Church; resided in Poughkeepsie for 45 years after moving from Fishkill. Born to them were:

( CAROLYN SMITH married a Mr. Lyons

( PATRICIA SMITH married a Mr. Will

( VIVIAN F. SMITH (twin) born June 24, 1910 Phillipstown, Putnam, NY and died June 25, 1981 Fishkill NY; interred Fishkill Rural Cemetery; married November 2, 1931 in Brooklyn, Henry Stanley Hansen. Vivian resided in Fishkill for 65 years; she was a member of the Protection Engine Company Auxiliary; the Reformed Church of Fishkill; the Reformed Church Women and the Y.P.A. of the First Reformed Church.   Born to them was:


( OTIS H. SMITH born May 1, 1912 Phillipstown, Putnam, NY and died August 3, 1973 Wappingers Falls NY; educated in the Fishkill schools; married Dorothy K. Hoyt.  Otis was a member of the New Hamburg East End Engine Company 2 and the Poughkeepsie Exempt Fireman’s Association.  He retired from the Fitchett Brothers Dairy, where he had been employed for many years as a driver; resided Wappingers Falls 32y.  Born to them were:

( UNKNOWN SMITH married Robert Stangel


( FOSTER EUGENE SMITH born April 26, 1915 Phillipstown, Putnam, NY and died about August 16, 1968 Beacon NY; buried Fishkill Rural Cemetery, Fishkill; married October 3, 1942 in Beacon NY, Marie L. Ireland (1918-).  Foster was a WWII veteran, serving in the Army Air Corps. He was a technician with the Texaco Research Laboratory; resided in Brinckerhoff NY for his last 20 years; a member of the Southern Dutchess Rod and Gun Club and a past commander of the Manny Bacon American Legion Post of Hopewell Junction.  Born to them were:



( WILLIAM H. KNAPP born October 24, 1883 East Fishkill NY; married Jane Thompkins, of Poughkeepsie NY; no offspring

( RAYMOND KNAPP born May 19, 1886 Phillipstown NY and died April 26, 1926; unmarried

( DAVID E. KNAPP born May 30, 1889 Phillipstown NY and died 1966; married July 15, 1911 Bessie Maie Lewis [dau of Wallace H. & Martha (Murray) Lewis] born October 1, 1891 and died May 31, 1982; David was a WWI veteran.  Born to them were:

( GWENDOLYN MAIE KNAPP born January 30, 1915 Newburgh NY; married March 1, 1941 William E. Hurxthal [son of William Edmund & Vestiana Sarah (Quackenbush) Hurxthal] born October 17, 1908 El Paso TX.  Born to them were:

( DAVID KNAPP HURXTHAL born November 20, 1942

( ELISSABETT KNAPP HURXTHAL born November 15, 1947

( DAVID LEWIS KNAPP born February 13, 1922 Beacon NY and died 1982; enlisted in the Army September 1, 1942; married and had 6 kids

( CHARLES MERRILL KNAPP (twin) born June 10, 1893 Cold Springs NY; WWI Vet; married June 20, 1920 Alice Barger [dau of Calvin & Emma (Christian) Barger] born 1897.  Born to them was:

( NORMA KNAPP born May 8, 1921

( CHESTER KNAPP (twin) born June 10, 1893 Phillipstown (or Cold Springs) NY; married Hazel Hartnett in Beacon NY; no offspring

( ELLA KNAPP born June 20, 1860 East Fishkill NY; married John R. Knapp and born to them was:


Born to Reuben and Martha was:

( REUBEN G. KNAPP born December 11, 1862 Phillipstown NY

Born to Reuben and Julia was:

( JOSEPHINE KNAPP born February 14, 1863; married a Mr. Traver

Born to Reuben and Martha were:

( GEORGE W. KNAPP born June 21, 1868 Phillipstown NY

( SOPHIA KNAPP born February 15, 1869 Phillipstown NY; married DeWitt Segur and born to them was:

( GEORGE SEGUR married Catherine Schmitzer

( CHARITY KNAPP born November 29, 1871 Phillipstown NY; married Elijah Light

( BETSEY ANN KNAPP born 1827; married Daniel Tompkins; Betsey is referred to as Elizabeth Ann, wife of Daniel Tompkins, in her grandfather Isaac’s will.

( CHARITY KNAPP (Charity M Knapp) born 1833 East Fishkill NY; married Charles Jewell [son of Thomas Lawrence & Sarah (Shaw) Jewell] born August 24, 1827 NY; merchant; and born to them were:




( HANNAH KNAPP born July 23, 1801 East Fishkill NY and died February 12, 1859; married Abraham Pulling (1795-1858) of East Fishkill NY 

( ABIGAIL JANE KNAPP born August 9, 1769 Greenwich CT and died July 19, 1846 at age 79y {whichs means she born before 1769} Flatbrookville (Walpack Township, Sussex (Warren) County) NJ; married November 4, 1786 in Shenandoah-East Fishkill NY in her father’s house, William G. Hill, Sr., [son of Andrew & Catherine (Horton) Hill] born April 20, 1764 Fox Meadows, Westchester Co NY and died October 10, 1844 at 80y 5m 21d Walpack Township, Sussex Co NJ; both buried there Rosenkrans Cemetery. William enlisted in the Rev War at age 13 years - he was 6'4" tall; Rev War Pension #W13447; 1777 – 12 months as Private under Captain William Swartout; the militia was divided into classes of 12 men each to guard the passes of the highlands which were then subject to depredations of the Rufugees; this service took the classes out about once a week; from April 26, 1780, 2 months as Private under Captain Isaac Van Wyck – this was when he was first legally enrolled in the militia – this is when William went out as a Private upon a general call of the Militia and marched to West Point to garrison the fort there; he indicated he was not drafted but volunteered under the command of Captain VanWyck, marched to the garrison, did garrison duty and assisted in building a fort on Constitution Island; 3 months in Captain Henry Humfrey’s Company and was discharged December 1780; from July or August 1781 for about 5 months as Corporal in Captain Whit’s Company, Colonel Weissenfel’s Regiment – marched to Albany, thence up the Mohawk River, across again to the North River and before the service concluded went to Canada – this service was against the Indians under Brandt who attached the frontiers of New York; marched out in warm weather and did not return until the fall – waded thru 2’ of snow – discharged at Albany about the hallow days of 1782; again went out as a Corporal under Captain White in Colonel Wisenfelt’s Regiment – out about 5 months – out in July or August; first part of this service he was sick and joined the Regiment in Saratoga but marched too far and was compelled to go the hospital in Albany at about the same time as the capture of Cornwallis; joined the Regiment at Saratoga and engaged in building a block house and later discharged at Poughkeepsie; called for about 5 more months. William and Abigail came down the Delaware River by canoe with two of their children in 1790; they left Marbletown NY near Kingston and landed at Fiddler’s Bow NJ.   Born to them were:

( DAVID H. HILL born May 19, 1787 probably in Ulster County NY; married 1st Margaret Van Horn (?); and 2d Eleanor Covert [the order of marriage may be reversed here]. Born to David and Margaret were:

( WILLIAM URIAH HILL born July 20, 1817

( SIMON HILL born July 11, 1819 Stillwater, Sussex, NJ and died December 15, 1892 Stillwater Township, Sussex Co NJ at age 73y 5m 4d; interred Baleville NJ; married 1839 Elsey Maine [dau of Peter & Christina (Campbell) Maine] born February 15, 1817 (1821) Stillwater, Sussex. NJ.  Simon was a farmer; a lifetime resident of Stillwater.   Born to them were [presumably all born in Stillwater NJ - obviously some confusion on birth dates]:

( SARAH ELIZABETH HILL born November 17, 1840 (Sussex Co) Stillwater NJ and died May 16, 1906 Marengo IA; married September 16, 1863 in Sussex Co NJ, John L Hendershot [son of Phillip & Mary (Decker) Hendershot] born March 3, 1835 Hampton Township, Sussex Co and died February 1, 1916 Marengo, Iowa, IA; Civil War Vet served as a Private, Company D, 27th New Jersey Infantry Regiment, 1862-63; farmer at Swartswood NJ, moved spring 1878 to Victor, Iowa, IA; moved to Marengo IA; and born to them were:

( ALICE JANE HENDERSHOT born June 10, 1864 Stillwater, Sussex NJ; married Ira James Reed [son of John & Sarah A] born c1860 IA; and born to them were:

( JOHN MELVIN REED born November 18, 1892 Victor IA and died April 12, 1961 Flint MI; married December 27, 1916 in East Sumner IA, Mae Johanna Langlas [dau of William & Wilhelmina (Guerhn) Langlas] born October 13, 1896 Marengo  IA and died 1981 Flint; both buried there Sunset Hills Cemetery; and born to them were:

( DOROTHY MINNIE REED born November 5, 1921 Marengo IA and died 2002 Southfield MI; married December 27, 1941 in Flint MI, Richard D Holt [son of Richard & Catherine (Guerin) Holt] born August 25, 1914 Flint and died 1977 FL; both buried Sunset Hills Cemetery, Flint; and born to them were:

( RICHARD G HOLT born July 18, 1945 Detroit MI; married November 19, 1966 in Adrian MI, Carole DeL’Horbe [dau of William & Margaret (Kracht) DeL’Horbe] born October 1, 1945 Dayton OH – Richard is the provider of this updated information – thanks Rick!; and born to them were:

( RICHARD G HOLT born 1969 Toledo OH; married 1998 in Wadsworth OH, Dawn Joachim [dau of Dennis & Karen (Croft) Joachim] and born to them were:



( JONATHAN E HOLT born 1973 Columbus OH

( BRYAN D HOLT born 1975 Columbus OH; married 2001 at Brecksville Oh, Meredith Mealy

( KRISTI HOLT born September 17, 1948 Detroit MI; married 1969 in Berkley MI, Gary McCombs born October 17, 1945 Trenton MI; and born to them were:

( GARY A MCCOMBS born 1974 Ann Arbor MI; married 2002 in Berkley MI, Davina Lynn Morton (1974-) and born to them was:


( KELLIL LYNN MCCOMBS born 1976 Ann Arbor MI; married 2003 in Las Vegas NV, Matthew Canales (1975-)

( MILDRED MAE REED born January 4, 1920 Marengo IA and died 1992 Flint MI; buried there Sunset Hills Cemetery; married 1st Everett Hamaker; 2d Hubert McMillan; and born to her and Hubert were:

( REED MCMILLAN born May 16, 1951; married 1976 Sherrie {maiden name unk} (1953-) and born to them was:


( LESLIE MCMILLAN born February 15, 1953 Flint MI; married 1976 in Flint, Joseph Berent (1949-) and born to them was:


( GRACE DARLING REED born August 15, 1888 and died 1984 Flint MI; married 1915 Carlton Bricker born May 5, 1891 and died 1961 Flint; buried IOOF Cemetery

( FLORENCE ELIZABETH REED born c1895 and died c1972 Phoenix AZ; married Colin Campbell Thompson

( ELSIE MAE REED (c1901-) married Robert Jennings Dulser and born to them were:

( ALICE MAUDE DULSER married 1st Howard Eugene Dickenson; 2d Garth Burton Schwartz; and born to her and Garth were:


( BRUCE WILLIAM SCHWARTZ married Alice Gorman and born to them was:

( JEREMY SHANE SCHWARTZ married Sherry Goller




( FLORENCE REED DULSER married Omar John Mette and born to them were:



( MARY ELLEN HENDERSHOT born January 14, 1869; married William A Bryant; and born to them were:

( ADELAIDE B BRYANT born October 21, 1896 and died 1991 Marengo IA; buried there Marengo Cemetery




( DARINDA HENDERSHOT born June 11, 1870

( ROBERT IRVING HENDERSHOT born November 3, 1871

( BALTIS HENDERSHOT born July 31, 1874

( CARRIE MAE HENDERSHOT born May 23, 1882

( JOHN LESLIE HENDERSHOT born February 15, 1884 and died 1967 Marengo, Iowa, IA; married Grace Spurrier

( FRANK HILL born November 10, 1842

( CHARLES M. HILL born July 7, 1844 (?)

( RHODA HILL born August 31, 1844 (?); married 1st Henry Marvin; 2d Mr. Wilson who was of an eye glass manufacturing company - they moved to Stroudsburg PA.  Born to Rhoda and Henry was:


( ADAM WHITFIELD HILL – not listed in all sources – married Hannah Blackford Maine and born to them was:


( LYDIA JANE HILL born September 28, 1844 or 1842 (?); married Charles Williams and lived in Myrtle Grove NJ; no offspring

( ADAM WHITFIELD HILL born April 20, 1846 Newton, Sussex, NJ and died March 23, 1924 Hemet CA; buried San Jacinto CA; married 1st December 25, 1869 in Sussex Co NJ, Hannah Blackford Maine [dau of Jacob D. & Elizabeth K. (Emery) Maine] [they were distant cousins] born May 5, 1850 Stillwater NJ and died August 17, 1886 Lincoln NE, in childbirth; buried Roca Cemetery, Lincoln; married 2d (Lizzie) Elizabeth M. Murphy [dau of Peter F. & Caroline (Buckner) Murphy] born May 18, 1853 Hannibal MO and died December 5, 1922 Los Angeles CA.  Adam was a preacher in Harmony Church, Stillwater and did carpentry. He left Stillwater to head the new settlements in Western Nebraska. He became one of the greatest frontier Methodist preachers of his day, particularly around Lincoln.    Born to Adam and Hannah were:

( LAURA ETHELDA HILL born October 4, 1870 and died October 1982 Stoddard, Vernon, WI (doubt if dates are correct – 112y old); married Peter Esch and born to them were:



( MARTHA ADELIA HILL born July 17, 1872 and died 1940; married Charles Mann (1866-1957) and born to them were:

( BEULAH MANN married Archie Roseblum

( MARIETTA MANN married a Mr. Faulkner

( ELDORA MANN married a Mr. Huffman


( LILLIAN GRACE HILL born March 12, 1874 Dover NJ and died 1948; married 1st F. E. Bailey - he had a livery stable; he and Lillian rented out rigs.  He had a chance to sell this stable at a profit; subsequent to the sale he left town with the money in his pocket, intending to go to another town to buy another business; he was never heard from again.  Lillian was pregnant when F. E. left town.  Lillian married 2d May 12, 1896 in KS, Titus Miller born 1870 Harrisburg PA and died 1963.  Titus and family moved to Lake Charles LA in 1901 and raised 11 children there.  Most were in general construction work and started out as T. Miller & Sons Construction in about 1925.  Born to Lillian and F. E. was:

( ADELIA JOSEPHINE BAILEY (MILLER) born December 23, 1894 Marietta, Marshall, KS; adopted by Titus; married Vernon Lee Levingston - a brother to Bertram. Born to them were:

( ERNEST LEVINGSTON (1922-) married Kathleen Bordelon (1922-)

( ALFRED CLYDE LEVINGSTON (1917-) married Betty Jean Sharrai Park (1921-)

Born to Lillian and Titus, were:

( FRANKLIN LEROY MILLER (1897-1960) married Laura Mae Chavanne (1896-); and born to them were:

( FRANK CHAVANNE MILLER (1918-1962) married Vinna Bell Daigle (1917-)

( MABEL LAURA MILLER (1919-1996) married Joseph Andrew Eagle, Jr. (1916-1971)

( ROBERT LEROY MILLER (1923-1966) married Mary Jean Keith (1924-)

( VIRGINIA SCANLAND MILLER (1925-) married William P. Finley, Jr. (1921-1988)

( JOSEPH THOMAS MILLER (1927-) married Mary Joyce Sloan (1926-)

( LEON CHAVANNE MILLER (1928-) married Peggy Lundy (1930-)

( ELIZABETH ANN MILLER (1930-) marired Harry Gail Nordyke (1929-)


( GLADYS MILLER (1898-) married Bertram Levingston

( EDITH MARIE MILLER (1901-) married Marion Abney (1901-1972) and born to them were:

( TITUS ABNEY (1920-) married Dorothy Mae Sutherland (1921-)

( LILLIAN MARIE ABNEY (1924-) married Eston Newell Cole

( MARIAN GRACE ABNEY (1928-) married Joseph Homer Harvey

( NORMAN RICHARD ABNEY (1933-) married Barbara Ann Stagg (1937-)

( CLAUDE W. ABNEY (1935-)


( MAX SHELTON ABNEY (1940-) married Joan Smalley (1944-)

( CHESTER WHITFIELD MILLER (1902-1982) married Margaret Donna Hannaford (1905-) and born to them were:

( MARGARET JOANNE MILLER (1924-) married Eldon Lawrence Munnis (1920-)

( KATHERINE MILLER (1952-) married Philip Vincent Korpi (1956-)

( EARLE LAVERNE MILLER (1904-1968) married Myrtle Bertha Olivier (1909-) and born to them were:

( EARL MILLER (1928-) married Nelva Rita Baras (1930-)

( CORA LEE MILLER (1931-) married Edward L. Pickard

( JACK GORDON MILLER (1933-1997) married Myrtle Carolyn Watson (1934-)

( CHARLES WALKER MILLER (1936-) married Edna Marie Castille (1939-) and born to them were:

( DEBRA MILLER died 3 days after birth




( DAVID B. MILLER (1906-) married Irma Olivier (1908-) {first cousin to her sister-in-law, Myrtle Bertha} and born to them were:

( BETTY ROSE MILLER (1927-) married Cedric Marshal Long (1926-)

( MARY MARGARET MILLER (1929-) married Joseph Benjamin Bruning (1926-)

( OLLIE JOYCE MILLER (1931-) married Hoover Savant (1928-1997)

( IMRA JEAN MILLER (1936-) married William P. Goodwin

( DAVID B. MILLER (1939-)


( RACHEL LEAH MILLER (1908-) married John Arthur Reynolds and born to them were:

( JOHN ARTHUR REYNOLDS (1927-) married Anna Marie Beville (1929-)

( PATSY RAE REYNOLDS (1930-) married John Anthony Labato (1927-)

( NANCY RUTH REYNOLDS (1932-) married Jimmie Leo Allen (1929-)

( FLAURY JOYCE REYNOLDS (1934-) married James Henry Ney (1934-)

( JULIUS W. MILLER (1910-1981) married Ruth Merchant (1911-) and born to them were:

( JULIUS RAY MILLER (1927-) married Cynthia Dianne Lunn (1940-)

( TERRY STEPHEN MILLER (1941-) married Marcella Mary Guidry (1942-)

( JUDY MILLER (1945-) married a Mr. Meyers

( LEBBY SUE MILLER (1945-) married Lee W. Coulter (1942-)

( ALFRED JAMES MILLER (1912-1974) married Gladys R. Moore (1911-) and born to them were:

( DOROTHY MILLER (1934-) married Richard Sarver (1932-)


( ERNEST DAVID MILLER (1940-1962) married Jane Alberta Bertrand

( CHESTER MOORE MILLER (1941-) married Sybil Shafer (1945-)

( DANIEL HOWARD MILLER (1949-) married Gloria Jean Sistrunk (1951-)

( MARSDEN WILLIAM MILLER (1915-1982) married Iris P. Rosteet (1918-) and born to them were:

( MARSDEN WILLIAM MILLER, JR., (1941-) married Mary Elizabeth Marler (1944-)

( ROLAND CHARLES MILLER (1944-) married Anne Coubillion (1942-)

( D’LANE MILLER (1949-) married Edward W. Chandler (1950-)

( OLIVE FRANCIS HILL born August 4, 1875 NJ and died February 11, 1965 Napa CA; married Francis Cilene Waggoner (1863-1938); Olive was apparently adopted by the Baker family when she was young.  Born to them were:

( ARTHUR CILENO WAGGONER (1894-) married Geneva Simpson

( MARGARET ANN WAGGONER (1896-) married Floyd Hoxie

( REGINAL FITZALLEN WAGGONER (1898-) married Alice Elizabeth Raynolds

( SAMUEL TOMPKINS WAGGONER (1900-) married 1st Tommie Lou Criswell; married 2d Loreta Marie Wolfe (1911-)


( JENNIE ELIZABETH HILL born March 17, 1876 and died 1877

( ROSA MAY HILL born August 3, 1878 and died 1879

( MARY LEONE HILL born March 2, 1880 and died 1881

( GEORGE MAINE HILL born June 10, 1884 Roca NE and died February 14, 1976 Seattle WA; married 1st Evelyn E. {maiden name unk}; second Margaret Hanaford; and 3d Grace Maud Shero (1890-1945).   Born to George and Grace were:

( MERLE WILLARD HILL married Florence Aldridge


( THELMA ANITA HILL (-1996) married Gerald C.Gwyn

( LEONE HILL married James Sperber

( LAURA ETHELDA HILL (1905-1993) married 1st Mr. Frye; 2d Leonard Pleune

( SHIRLEY VIOLET HILL (1919-1993) married 1st Mr. Biell; 2d Robert Ingersoll Victor (1895-1984)

( MYRTLE LUELLA HILL born August 17, 1886 Lincoln, Lancaster, NE and died there August 18, 1886; buried there Roca Cemetery

Born to Adam and Lizzie were:

( JANETTA ROWENA RUTH HILL born August 30, 1890 Lincoln NE and died October 22, 1935 Canada; married October 30, 1913 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, John Quincy Lane (1884-); and born to them were:

( CATHERINE ELIZABETH LANE (1914-) married Gordon Welburn (1914-1980)

( ETHEL MAY LANE (1917-1995) married 1st William Henry Watson (1913-1981); married 2d Herbert Gordon Davis (-1993)

( RAY WHITFIELD LANE (1918-) married 1st Frances Augusta Oakes (1919-1979); married 2d Odette {maiden name unk}

( FRANCES MYRTLE LANE (1919-) married 1st Lee (-1942); married 2d Alexander Bennie (1893-1981)

( JAMES HENRY LANE (1923-1992) married Gladys Ruth Ada Young

( RICHARD ANGUS HILL (1891-) married Katherine {maiden name unk} and born to them were:

( REGINA HILL (1918-)

( LORIE HILL (1919-) married a Mr. Fugate

( NEIL HILL (1921-)

( VERNON AVERTRUE HILL born March 30, 1896 Marietta KS and died December 13, 1970 Chatsworth CA; married September 27, 1918 in Los Angeles CA, Myrtle Barbara Weiss (1894-1954).  Vernon worked in a ship yard building naval ships in San Diego during WWI.  He became a carpenter and a builder. During the depression, he worked in the Nevada gold mines (off and on) with his brother, Richard Angus Hill.  During the 1930s, he worked for the Los Angeles City Schools as a carpenter until then President Hoover declared that only one person in the family should work because of the depression.  He was laid off because Myrtle was a teacher in the school district and it was felt that teachers were more in demand.  He went to work for MGM building movie sets and he was again laid off for lack of work.  He then went to work for Pacific Redcut Homes building apartment houses in the Wilshire District - work again ran out.  He then started his own contracting business but not much building was going on at that time.  In the 40's he started raising goats and poultry (eggs). He sold the milk to a cheese factory and the eggs to a wholesaler.  From 1942-46, he worked at the Van Nuys Airport as a fireman. From that time on he did carpentry for a period of time.  After Myrtle died he went to work for Garmen Goat Diary as a handyman.  Born to them were:

( VERNON WHITFIELD HILL (1919-1951) married 1st Lallie {maiden name unk}; married 2d Edna {maiden name unk}

( SIDNEY WESLEY HILL born April 15, 1923 Canoga Park CA; married September 10, 1950 at Chatsworth CA, Beverly Halvin Stone [dau of Robert Bruno & Helen Genevieve (Rhodes) Stone, DDS] born September 26, 1927 Hollywood CA.  Born to them were:

( SHARYLN LAUREL HILL born May 19, 1952 San Luis Obispo CA; married in Chatsworth CA, James Everett Tompkins

( LESLIE KARYN HILL born April 21, 1957 Tracy CA; married August 23, 1980 at Woodland Hills CA, Thomas Andrew Lardie

( VERGIL HILL born March 30, 1896 Marietta KS and he died there 1896

( GEORGE HILL born September 2, 1846 (?); unmarried and lived Swartswood NJ; may have married later in life

( DORINDA V. HILL born August 29, 1847/49 (?) and died March 7, 1922 Baleville NJ; married John T. Hendershot - they resided in Swartswood NJ.  Born to them were:

( FRED HENDERSHOT married Minnie Reeves - they lived in Swartswood NJ and adopted two daughters

( JOSEPH HENDERSHOT married Ruth Meeker and born to them were:






( ELIZABETH HENDERSHOT (1885-1969) married Charles Golden (1884-1968); lived in Stillwater NJ - no offspring

( ELSIE HENDERSHOT (1889-1979) married Fred Voorhis Reeves and born to them were:

( FREDA REEVES married a Mr. Castagna and born to them was:

( BARBARA CASTAGNA (1936-) married Donald Delucca


( EARL REEVES married three times; his second wife was Betty {maiden name unk}


( BALTIS T. HILL born April 20, 1849 (?) and died 1929; married Elizabeth Morris (1849-1927).  He was known as B.J. - he was a teacher and they lived on a farm in Swartswood NJ.  Born to them were:

( FRANK HILL was a railroad mail clerk and lived in Washington, D.C.

( GEORGE HILL - no offspring

( WILLIAM HILL - no offspring

( CHARLES HILL (1874-1931) was a railroad switchman - died in Baleville NJ

( ELLEN M. HILL born May 12, 1851 Swartswood NJ and died December 4, 1911 Smithfield PA; married December 10, 1873 in Stillwater NJ, John Huff born July 16, 1845 and died March 30, 1924; buried Tioga Point Cemetery, Athens PA.  They lived in Stroudsburg PA, East Smithfield PA and Ulster PA.  Born to them were:

( GEORGE WHITFIELD HUFF born December 5, 1874 Stroudsburg PA and died April 3, 1969; married name unk and born to them was:

( MINNIE J. HUFF born ** and died November 18, 1925; married 1886 George C. Ogden born March 2, 1866 and died May 30, 1950.  Born to them were:

( MYRTLE OGDEN married 1st Norman Chandler [who is related to the Chandler line of John Milton Hill’s wife, Ellen Chandler]; and 2d 1918 Floyd Groff

( CHARLES OGDEN born 1888 Stillwater NJ

( RUSSELL J. OGDEN (1893-)

( EMMA OGDEN (1895-)

( HATTIE HUFF born November 24, 1876 Stroudsburg PA and died January 1, 1919; married a Mr. Reed

( JENNY HUFF born March 14, 1878 Stroudsburg PA and died December 8, 1946; married a Mr. Struble

( MAMIE HUFF born May 16, 1879 Ulster PA and died September 1960; married a Mr. Jenney

( EDNA B. HUFF born April 26, 1881 East Smithfield PA and died June 4, 1972

( ALVIN OSIE HUFF born May 8, 1883 East Smithfield PA and died January 8, 1969

( GRACE HUFF born February 24, 1885 East Smithfield PA and died February 21, 1975; married a Mr. Haven

( NELLIE HUFF born June 26, 1891 East Smithfield PA and died 1977; moved to Florida

( BERT R. HUFF born August 8, 1893 East Smithfield PA and died October 30, 1935

( EARLE L. HUFF born January 9, 1900 East Smithfield PA; resided Ulster PA

( MARGARET A. HILL born January 28, 1855 (?); married George D. Garris and born to them were:

( VIOLA GARRIS married a Mr. Wagner

( CHARLES M. GARRIS born March 12, 1877 Stillwater, Sussex, NJ and died there February 13, 1949; married Linnie Hendershot [dau of Ira & Augusta] born July 23, 1877 Frelinghuysen, Warren, NJ.  Born to them was:

( HAROLD GARRIS married Doris House and born to them were:



( WILLIE FREEMAN HILL born February 12, 1855 (?); married Tishie {maiden name unk}

( DAVID HILL (c1820-)

( ANDREW HILL born October 15, 1788 probably Ulster Co NY and died February 8, 1859 Flatbrookville, Sussex, NJ; buried Flatbrookville NJ; married July 24, 1808 in Sussex Co, Elizabeth Garris [dau of Leonard & Catherine Sabilla (Smith) Garis] born January 12, 1785 probably in Northampton Co PA and died November 1, 1853 Sussex Cou; buried Flatbrookville NJ.  Andrew owned 187+ acres, known as the homestead farm and this was sold to Jacob and Samuel Garris, March 4, 1861.  Born to them were:

( ABRAHAM HILL born December 23, 1808 probably in Flatbrookville, Sussex, NJ and died January 2, 1889 Warren Co NJ at 80 years of age; interred Cedar Ridge Cemetery, Warren Co NJ; married August 22, 1835 probably in Warren or Sussex Co NJ, Anna Elizabeth LePort. Born to them were:

( ANDREW HILL married a Miss Kirkoff

( ELIZABETH HILL married Thomas Snover

( CAROLINE HILL married Ed Trauger in Exeter NE

( JULIAN (JULIA ANN) HILL married a Mr. Voss. This may be John W. Vass (farmer of Hardwick) who was the son of Martin and Mary Wafs (Vass).  When he (John) married Julia Ann he was 35 and she was 22. 


( JOHN HILL married a Miss Raub, the sister of Michael Raub


( ISAAC LAPORTE HILL was also referred to as Issas L., or Ike L.; unmarried

( LEMUEL HILL born 1844 and died May, 1932; unmarried and lived in Hainesburg NJ

( WILLIAM ROBERT HILL born November 15, 1810 probably in Flatbrookville, Sussex, NJ and died March 31, 1897 Warren Co NJ at age 86 years; married June 3, 1837 in Warren Co NJ, Caroline LePort who died February 18, 1901 at 86y; both interred Cedar Ridge Cemetery, Blairstown, Warren, NJ.  Her sister-in-law, Anna Elizabeth, was probably her sister, also. Born to them were:

( RACHEL ANN HILL born April 2, 1838 Warren Co NJ and died May 22, 1915 Lestershire NJ (?); buried Johnson City NY (?); married 1st probably in Warren Co NJ, John W. Pipher born August 28, 1835 and died January 23, 1864 (Civil War?) and 2d E. A. Erwin. Born to Rachel and John were:

( WILLIAM IRWIN PIPHER born August 16, 1852; married February 19, 1882 Tacy Adeline Woolsey and born to them were:

( MARY CAROLINE PIPHER married William Robinson

( ELVIRA PIPHER married William Benjamin

( GEORGE WILLIAM PIPHER married Elizabeth Bower

( JOHN PIPHER married Mildred {maiden name unk} (1899-1985)

( PETER PIPHER married Olive {maiden name unk} (1892-1972)

( SOPHIA PIPHER married Horace Pipher - a cousin

( ANDREW PIPHER married 1st Bertha {maiden name unk} and 2d Jesse {maiden name unk}

( ANGELINE PIPHER born June 13, 1888 probably in Warren Co NJ and died May 7, 1965; married 1st George E. Conklin who died in 1917 NJ; married 2d June 4, 1919 probably in Warren Co NJ, as his 2d wife, Charles Thomas Lee [son of Charles & Jessie] probably born in England.  Born to Angeline and George were:

( GRACE GERALDINE CONKLIN born February 17, 1908 Warren Co NJ; married 1st Oscar Krissel; 2d Mr. Palmer, and 3d Mr. Bates

( GEORGE EDWIN CONKLIN born March 21, 1913 Warren Co NJ; married 1st Anne Dodge and 2d Julia Klem

Born to Angeline and her 2d husband, Charles, were:

( JESSIE ANGELINE LEE born January 9, 1921 Binghamton, Broome, NY and died March 1986, Denver CO; married, July 2, 1938 Henry Emery ( - see him for offspring

( RUBY JUNE LEE born October 17, 1924 Binghamton NY; married Joseph DiOrio and born to them were:



( ALENE ELIZABETH LEE born December 16, 1926 Binghamton NY; married Steven Menta and they had three children


( GILBERT PIPHER born October 18, 1857; married Huldah Remmington and born to them were:

( EARL PIPHER married Alta Rich, of Rome PA, and born to them were:

( RODNEY PIPHER married Elizabeth Van Gordon

( CLARENCE PIPHER (Bud) married 1st Beverly Stanbeck and 2d Doris Hall Perrigino

( ALICE PIPHER married Henry Carr, Jr. (Chick) - reside in Newton NJ

( MARIE PIPHER married 1st Jim Williams and 2d Joseph Zoeller

( JERRY PIPHER married Jennifer Schmipff - resides Swartswood Lake. Born to them was:


( CLARENCE PIPHER married Ann Dowd

( HOWARD PIPHER married Beatrice Conklin

( LEON PIPHER married Anna Benson

( CHARLES PIPHER married Hilda Wood

( EDITH CAROLINE PIPHER born June 22, 1856

( ANDREW R. HILL born September 24, 1839 (?) Warren Co NJ and died March 28, 1924 at 84y; interred Cedar Ridge Cemetery, Blairstown, Warren, NJ; married 1st June 23, 1864 Catherine Chrissman born June 26, 1844 and died April 26, 1900; buried with Andrew; married 2d as her 2d husband, Flora Belle Hayward born c1856 Sherburne VT 

( ABRAM BEADLE HILL born Warren Co NJ and died September 5, 1924 at 85y (tombstone says 82y); married Ellen Chandler who died May 19, 1923 age 79y; and they lived in Fredon NJ and were members of the Newton Methodist Church; both buried Old Stillwater Cemetery, Stillwater NJ (Photo); no offspring

( ELIZABETH ADELINE HILL born April 10, 1847 Warren Co NJ and died May 1, 1921; married September 8, 1867 Abram Keen Wintermute [son of Charles & Margaret (Keen) Wintermute] born March 9, 1842 and died April 21, 1933. Abram served in the Company G., 31st New Jersey Infantry - Civil War. They resided in Pleasant Valley NJ; no offspring - both interred Cedar Ridge Cemetery, Blairstown, Warren, NJ

( CYRUS CLARK HILL born April 30, 1849 Warren Co NJ and died May 6, 1942; married Emma Lanterman (1851-1931) - both interred Cedar Ridge Cemetery, Blairstown NJ

( MARCUS CLINTON HILL born May 4, 1851 probably in Flatbrookville, Sussex, NJ and died May 11, 1935 at 84y NJ; married probably in Warren Co NJ,  Sarah Catherine Warner [dau of John W. & Harriet (Konkel) Warner ] born March 5, 1854 Hardwick, Warren, NJ. Marcus was an assessor for the town of Hardwick NJ 1878-80 and it is said he fought in the Civil War, although he would have been awful young.  Born to them were:

( HARRIET LOUISE HILL born July 2, 1883 Warren Co NJ and died October 17, 1965; married Frank H. Emery [son of John Keen, Jr., & Rebecca Emery] born February, 1881 probably in Stillwater Township, Sussex Co NJ and died Blairstown NJ. [Jim - Harriet borne 15 kids in 24 years - incredible!] Born to them were:

( MAE EMERY born April 1, 1903 Sussex (Warren) Co NJ and died June 1, 1989; married John Lauer and they had three sons.

( (WALTER) ROY EMERY born April 18, 1904 Sussex (Warren) Co NJ and died June 1967 probably in Hope, Warren, NJ; married Mae Hoagland and they had two daughters

( LENA EMERY born February 9, 1906 Sussex (Wayne) Co NJ and died July 24, 1939; married Frank Shay and they had two daughters

( HERMAN EMERY born May 4, 1907 Sussex Co NJ and died October 3, 1997 Woodward, Woodward, OK; married Elise {maiden name unk}

( MARCUS CLINTON EMERY born July 30, 1908 Sussex Co NJ and died August 18, 1939; married Dorothy {maiden name unk}

( OSCAR EMERY born May 5, 1910 and died December 1983 Hope, Warren, NJ; married Ethel Kitchen

( GRACE EMERY born June 23, 1913 Sussex Co NJ; married Raymond Banghart and they had three sons and three daugthers

( SARAH EMERY born June 20, 1914 Sussex Co NJ and died October 31, 1995 Hope NJ; married Gordon Lauer (1910-1986) and born to them were:

( RICHARD LAUER of Warwick RI 1986

( HARRY G. LAUER of Duncan SC 1986

( GRACE LAUER of Blairstown NJ 1986; married a Mr. Shuster

( MARSHALL EMERY born February 9, 1916 Sussex Co NJ and died September 1975; married Doris Wright

( HARRY EMERY born February 24, 1917 Warren Co NJ - raised in the home of his Aunt Anna Mae (Hill) Jagger in Blairstown NJ; married July 2, 1938 Jessie Angeline Lee (  Harry and Jessie moved from Binghamton NY to Elmhurst IL in 1960. He worked at Argonne National Lab in Chicago as a technician in nuclear physics studies. Harry retired from IBM in Binghamton NY and moved to Aurora CO. He lives in Colorado where he was the President and CEO of Safetran Systems Traffic Signal manufacturing plant in Colorado Springs - if you drive, you have used his products for years.  Jessie lives in Kentucky; she is an artist and has had paintings in several museums of art across the East and Midwest.  Born to them were:

( DARRELL EDWARD EMERY born April 19, 1940 Binghamton, Broome, NY and died May 7, 2006; married 1st November 26, 1960 in Binghamton, Janice Marie Hektor [dau of Karl William & Mary (Kubik) Hektor] born April 20, 1942 Johnson City, Broome, NY – moved to Elmhurst IL and he worked at Argonne - they divorced 1981 KY – where Janice resides, an artist; married 2d June 16, 1996 at the Broadmoore Hotel, Colorado Springs CO, Karen Aho born February 18, 1953 Berea OH. Darrell was President of Safetran; and born to Darrell and Janice were:

( STEPHEN CHARLES EMERY born August 26, 1961 Elmhurst, Dupage, IL; went to elementary school in Plainfield IL, and after his family moved to Delaware when he was 9, Claymont DE; his family moved to Kentucky in 1975 and he has lived there since then.  Stephen is a graduate of Western Kentucky University, BA, Distributive Education, 1984; he was a certified teacher and taught at Louisville Central High School. He married 1st May 19, 1984 in Brentwood TN, Patricia Sue Fleet [dau of Dr. William Floyd, Jr & Mary Carolyn (Woodard) Fleet] born May 7, 1963 Bethesda MD - divorced 1988 Louisville KY; married 2d October 9, 1992 in the atrium of of the Stark’s Building, Louisville KY, as her 2d husband Paula Joan Rager [dau of Henry A. & Eleanor Jane (Easter) Rager] born December 16, 1964 Cincinnati OH. Stephen purchased a hardware store, which he operated for about three and a half years; then he sold real estate and eventually went to work in the home loan business.  After a few years he worked as a salesperson for Mercantile Stores.  They reside in Louisville and he is now (1998) in his second of three years in the law program at the Louis D. Brandeis School of Law, U of Louisville –  [Stephen is a provider of information relative to this twig of the Tree - thanks, Stephen!] Update – passed KY Bar 2000; Vice President of Kentucky Society Officers 2004-05; S.A.R Kentucky State Chairman Eagle Scout Recognition and Scholarship Program; member of a law firm. Born to Stephen and Patricia was:

( JESSE LEE EMERY born September 29, 1985 Louisville KY

Born to Stephen and his 2d wife, Paula, was:

( COLE TYLER EMERY born March 24, 1997 Louisville KY

( MATTHEW TYLER EMERY born April 11, 1963 Joilet IL; married in June 1990 at Crescent Hill KY, Alice Mobley born November 17, 1961.  Born to them were:

( RACHEL EMERY born August 31, 1991 Grand Rapids MI

( REBECCA EMERY born August 6, 1993 Grand Rapids MI

( NICHOLAS JAMES EMERY born December 23, 1995 Grand Rapids MI

( JACOB OWEN EMERY born December 16, 1997 Grand Rapids MI

( MARY JESSICA EMERY born January 12, 1970 Joilet IL and adopted in Plainfield IL January, 1970; married 1st in September 1991 at Shively KY, Eric W. Cooper - divorced 1993; 2d October 28, 1995 Michael Cory Smith born August 31, 1969 Keflavick, Iceland - divorced; and for information, born to Mary and Michael was:

( JONATHON KARL SMITH born December 23, 1992 Louisville KY

( FRANKLIN GEORGE EMERY born November 28, 1941 Binghamton, Broome,  NY; married 1st May 29, 1964 Sheryl Gulbrandsen and 2d December 30, 1976 in IL,  Denise Switzer [dau of Charles William & Pauline (Mitchell) Switzer] born October 22, 1949.  Born to Frank and Sheryl were:

( DULCIE ADELE EMERY born November 18, 1965 IL; married Marvin Dew [son of James Marvin & Linda Lou (Lowe) Dew] born February 3, 1965 IL. Born to them were:

( JESSICA LYNN DEW born November 13, 1993 IL

( JENNIFER LAUREN DEW born September 30, 1996 IL

( FRANKLIN GEORGE EMERY, JR., born January 16, 1966 IL

( CHRISTOPHER LEE EMERY born December 30, 1969 IL

Born to Frank and his 2d wife, Denise, was:

( JOSEPH WILLIAM EMERY born August 10, 1974 Chicago Heights IL

( VIRGINIA MARY EMERY born July 29, 1943 Binghamton, Broome, NY; changed her name legally to Virginia Lee Emery; married August 24, 1963 in NY Andrew Roger Gibbs and born to them were:

( MARCUS ANDREW GIBBS born March 3, 1968 Cortland, Tompkins, NY

( DAVID EDWARD GIBBS born September 3, 1969 Cortland, Tompkins, NY

( MARCUS CLINTON EMERY born August 31, 1944 Binghamton, Broome, NY and died January 30, 1996 Indianapolis IN; married twice: apparently 1st April 1, 1966 in NY, Candace Rowley; and 2d in Indianapolis, Ressa {maiden name unk}. Born to Marcus and Candace were:


( HEATHER LEE EMERY married Peter Lyons

Born to Marcus and Reesa was:


( PEARL EMERY born May 10, 1918 Sussex Co NJ and died July 1918

( DOROTHY EMERY born May 20, 1920 Sussex Co NJ and died April 6, 1963; married Benjamin Williams

( RUSSELL EMERY born August 12, 1921 Sussex Co NJ; married Bessie Rader and they had 2 daughters

( HILDA EMERY born November 14, 1924 Sussex Co NJ; married Mr. Griggs and they had two daugthers

( WILLIAM LINBERG EMERY born May 27, 1927 Sussex Co NJ; married June Trudgron and they had a son and a daughter - reside in PA  

( ANNA MAE HILL born August 20, 1891 and died June 1978; married Walton Jagger.  Henry Emery was raised by his Aunt Anna, who lived in Blairstown along the Pauline’s Kill. She was a very generous woman who was suspicious of bankers (she said that you don’t have to bury bankers when they die, they are so crooked, you can just screw them into the ground.) She had wonderful feather beds that had made herself. She always refused to reveal her age.

( GRACE HILL born May 16, 1894 and died February 1976; married William VanKirk

( JOHN MILTON HILL born May 27, 1855 Warren Co NJ and died December 6, 1925; married May 21, 1881 Emma Chandler born December 26, 1856. Born to them were:

( MAYBELLE HILL (Mabel) born January 19, 1886 and died 1925 Delaware Water Gap NJ; hit by a train; married Berton/Burton Kishpaugh and born to them were:

( GENEVA KISHPAUGH married twice: a Mr. Miller and George Osmund.  Born to Geneva and Mr. Miller were:

( DOTTIE MILLER married Hooker Mitchell and they have 3 kids


( FREDERICK KISHPAUGH married Alma Hoagland

( HOWARD EDWARD KISHPAUGH (MOTT) was a baby when he mother was killed. The Mott family adopted him; he received a good education and was Mayor of Blairstown NJ; there is an author by the same name?; married twice and had children from both marriages; married Irene Priestley [dau of William Wickliffe & Celia May (Ayars) Priestley] ; and born to them were:

( BABY BOY MOTT born and died December 21, 1971; buried Knowlton Cemetery, Knowlton, Warren, NJ (Photos)

( MISTY ROAN KISHPAUGH MOTT – Blairstown NJ – graduated Warren County Community College, 2007, Allied Health


( WILLIAM M. HILL born February 24, 1888 and died September 15, 1969 Stillwater, Sussex, NJ; married Bertha Jane Adams [dau of William P. & Annie (Parcell) Adams] (1888-); both buried Old Stillwater Cemetery, Stillwater NJ; and born to them were:

( MILTON HILL born September 9, 1908 and died 1988; married 4 times: 1st Olive Simonson; 2d Grace Wildrick; 3d Elsa {maiden name unk}; and 4th Edna {maiden name unk}.  Born to Milton and Olive was:


( ELVIN E. HILL born June 15, 1912 Stillwater, Sussex, NJ and died May 4, 1997; interred in Old Stillwater Cemetery, Stillwater NJ (Photos); married three times: 1st Dorothy F Winters born November 26, 1912 and died January 22, 1986; buried Old Stillwater; 2d Florence T Morris born June 7, 1929 and died June 23, 1992; buried Old Stillwater; and 3d Pearl Morris

( JOHN WILLIAM HILL born July 28, 1918 and died August 1, 1987; WWII Army Vet; married Wilma Ellen Sipley [dau of William A. & Sadie Amelia (Talmage) Sipley] born October 18, 1919; both buried Old Stillwater Cemetery, Stillwater NJ (Photos); and born to them were:

( SADIE BERTHA HILL born September 24, 1936; married three times: 1st Ernest C. Jones born January 1, 1936; married 2d Charles Shrope born September 7, 1937; and married 3d Roger Dean Gass born June 7, 1936.  Sadie provided much of this information to Stephen Emery, so we all thank her.  Born to Sadie and Ernest were:

( DANIEL MARK JONES born April 10, 1955; married Toni Raia and born to them were:




( SUSAN EYTH JONES born March 12, 1958; married three times: 1st Charles Fisher; 2d Jim Livingstone; and 3d William Lehr.  Born to Susan and Jim was:


Born to Sadie and her second husband, Charles, was:

( JAMIE RAUB SHROPE born September 29, 1969

( WILLIAM CLYDE HILL born December 16, 1937; married three times: 1st Loretta Herman; 2d June Guibrik Weaver who died June 1987; and 3d Janet Clouse. Born to William and Loretta were:

( PHILLIP HILL has 2 kids

( LARRY HILL has 2 kids

( CHERYL DAWN HILL has 5 kids

Born to William and his second wife, Janet, was:

( SHAWN HILL died age 5y

( DAVID ELVIN HILL (1939-) married Sharon Lee Stryker - both are hard of hearing (deaf?)

( BEATRICE HILL born January 30, 1921; married Steve Savage and had the following children:


( KATHLEEN SAVAGE died of cancer as a child



( JOSEPH SAVAGE died in a slate quarry

Beatrice Hill and a Mr. Emery had the following child:

( DOROTHY GRACE HILL born May 1, 1944; married Louis Pricket and born to them were:


( MARIE PRICKET born May 15, 1964

( TIMOTHY PRICKET born March 15, 1965

( CARRIE HILL born January 8, 1893 and died 1975 Maryland; married a Mr. Chambers

( WILLIAM ALONZO HILL born March 30, 1857 Warren Co NJ and died March 17, 1917 at age 59y; interred Cedar Ridge Cemetery, Blairstown, Warren County NJ (Photo); married November 10, 1880 in Columbia NJ, Catherine Wilson (Carrie) [dau of Lemuel F. L. & Mary (Titman) Wilson] born c1861 Hardwick Township, Sussex Co NJ and died January 26, 1942; interred with her husband. Born to them were:

( LETHA HILL born November 2, 1884 Blairstown Township, Warren Co NJ; married September 25, 1907 Victor Robbins [son of Alfred] and born to them was:

( DONALD ROBBINS married Shirley Fehlig and born to them were:

( PATRICK ROBBINS who has 2 sons

( DONNA ROBBINS married a Mr. Poyer - divorced.  Born to them were:



( LAURA HILL born July 29, 1887; married May 3, 1912 Floyd J. Rosenkrans and born to them were:


( MACLELLON ROSENKRANS (Mac) married Gladys Nystrand and born to them were:




( ROLLAND ROSENKRANS married Barbara Charles.

( FLOYD ROSENKRANS married Marion {maiden name unk} and born to them were:

( LEIGH ROSENKRANS married a Mr. D’Anabel

( LOIS ROSENKRANS has a kid.

( JEANNE ROSENKRANS married Tom {surname unk} and have 2 kids


( JAMES R. HILL born February 12, 1813 and died November 12, 1855; buried Blairstown NJ, Cedar Ridge; farmer; married August 29, 1840 Margeret Elizabeth Wintermute [dau of George & Magdalena (Staley) Wintermute] born April 30, 1817 Hardwick Township, Warren Co NJ ; she remarried after James’ death.  Born to James and Margaret were:

( CHARLES REUBEN HILL born August 29, 1841; married November 5, 1861 Elizabeth Hooly [dau of William & Lydia] born March 6, 1842; resided Scranton PA. Born to them were:

( JAMES A. HILL born November 2, 1862 and died June 21, 1887

( DAVID HILL born February 7, 1868

( THOMAS HILL born April 11, 1872 and died November 1, 1874

( MARGARET ANN HILL born March 27, 1876 and died October 1964; interred Shady Lane Cemetery, Chinchilla, Lackawanna, PA (Photo); married October 1, 1900 in Scranton PA, Frank Hutchenson Thornton born November 1870 Scranton PA and died there October 1954; interred with wife. Born to them were:

( CHARLES HILL THORNTON born September 9, 1903 and died February 24, 1933 Covina CA; buried Washburn Street Cemetery, Scranton PA; married November 5, 1927 at Lake Placid NY, Edith Campbell born May 10, 1904 Wallingford CT and died February 12, 1990 Winchester VA; buried Inmemorium Cemetery, Wallingford CT.  Born to them was:

( BARBARA MAE THORNTON married November 4, 1953 in Richmond IN,  Philip Henry Grim, Jr. , born January 13, 1932 Winchester VA.  Born to them were:

( DENNIS ALEXANDER GRIM born June 20, 1954

( PAMELA SUE GRIM born November 14, 1955; married Nathan Delane Cate born Piggot AR - divorced 1979.  Born to them was:

( NATHAN DELANE CATE, JR., born March 26, 1976

( PHILIP THOMAS GRIM born September 6, 1959; married June 16, 1985 Candela Roy and born to them were:

( CONOR THOMAS GRIM was born July 9, 1988

( OLIVIA MERIDITH GRIM born June 30, 1991

( CHELSEA ELEAS GRIM born July 1, 1993

( KYLE PHILIP GRIM born December 9, 1994

( CYNTHIA ANN GRIM born May 30, 1961

( CHARLES HILL GRIM born December 6, 1962 and died September 10, 1989

( ROBERT F. THORNTON born July 7, 1915; married Anna D. Ansley and born to them was:

( ROBERT H. THORNTON married June 28, 1975 in Reno NV, Joan Matlock

( ANDREW G. HILL born September 1, 1844; married November 27, 1867 Anna L. Stine [dau of Robert & Elizabeth] born September 1, 1842. Andrew was a Private in the Civil War - mustering in on September 19, 1862 and mustered out July 2, 1863. Born to them were:

( LIZZIE M. HILL born September 7, 1868 and died June 28, 1870

( MARGARET B. HILL born February 21, 1870

( ANNIE S. HILL born July 4, 1872

( MINNIE HILL born October 11, 1874 and died October 17, 1874

( HERBERT HILL born November 17, 1877 and died December 31, 1877

( ROBERT A. HILL born September 24, 1880 and died July 21, 1881

( LENA W.HILL born March 3, 1882         

( SARAH ELIZABETH HILL born January 7, 1847 and died October 7, 1870; married January 6, 1864 Joseph Hampton Snover [son of Henry & Mary] born 1826 and died April 17, 1900. Born to them were:

( HENRY JAMES SNOVER born October 19, 1864

( LILLY MAY SNOVER born September 15, 1870 and did November 14, 1926; married John Anslow Keenan

( MAGDALENA HILL born June 19, 1853 Hardwick, Warren, NJ and died October 31, 1854 

( JOHN HILL born February 12, 1815 probably Flatbrookville, Sussex, NJ and died January 30, 1874; buried Blairstown NJ, Cedar Ridge; married August 26, 1838 probably in Warren or Sussex Co NJ, Elizabeth Schultz. Born to them were:

( REEDER GEORGE HILL born March 28, 1840 and died December 14, 1862

( ALVAH B. HILL born May 31, 1844 and died April 24, 1892; married Hannah Amanda Hooey [dau of Sam & Hannah] born February 17, 1847/49 and died September 19, 1908 Warren Co NJ; buried Old Stillwater Cemetery, Stillwater NJ; and born to them were:

( ROXANNE ZENNA HILL (Roxy) born January 3, 1866 Blairstown, Warren, NJ and died December 22, 1966 (100 years of age) Sussex Co NJ; married Eliken Webster Crowell [son of Sanford Clark VanDoozer & Amelia (Dunning) Crowell] born July 8, 1877 Mt. Salem, Sussex, NJ and died November 30, 1935 Port Jervis NY; interred Mt. Salem NJ.  [Jim - note that Roxy was 37 years of age when she had her first child and would have been 62 years of age when she had the last one!!!!!!!!!] [as pointed out by John, Roxy is listed in the 1920 census as being born c1882 so above date of birth is obviously incorrect]; and born to them were:

( WARREN CROWELL born October 18, 1903 Blairstown, Warren, NJ and died June 13, 1948

( CHARLES E. CROWELL born February 17, 1905 and died January 4, 1951; married Myrtle {maiden name unk} and they had 2 kids

( ELLA MAY CROWELL born July 15, 1906 Blairstown, Warren, NJ; married May 17, 1929 in Newton NJ Reed Ogden; Ella and Reed were living with her brother Webster according to the 1930 census, Sussex Co NJ; and born to them were:

( REED OGDEN born October 22, 1930 Andover Township NJ; married Nellie Doland and they had 1 kid

( ELSIE MAY OGDEN married Gilbert Belcher and they had 2 kids

( MARION OGDEN married Roland O’Dell and they had 2 kids


Born to Ella May and Harry Cooper was (maybe not married and Ruth born before Ella’s marriage to Reed Ogden):

( RUTH EVELYN (CROWELL) (COOPER) born February 22, 1928 Sussex Co NJ; married January 20, 1946 in Sussex Co, Herbert Lynn Hovencamp [son of Alfred & Viola (King) Hovencamp] born November 2, 1925 Hardyston Township NJ and died February 23, 1969 Canna Joe Harry NY; buried Beemerville NJ; and born to them were:

( HERBERT LYNN HOVENCAMP, JR., born Sussex Co NJ; graduated Sussex High School, Sussex NJ 1971; married Auldine Search and they had 3 kids

( DIANA LYNN HOVENCAMP born August 19, 1947 Sussex Co NJ; married September 19, 1964 in Sussex Co, Robert Leonard Dougherty and they have 1 kid

( WEBSTER CROWELL born February 3, 1908 Blairstown, Warren, NJ; married Lillian Decker and they had 18 kids! By the 1930 census they were living in Sussex Co NJ with the following kids:


( ELSIE CROWELL (c1929-)

( ALICE AMANDA CROWELL born March 22, 1910 Blairstown, Warren, NJ; married Abe Metzgar

( GERTRUDE LEONA CROWELL born August 14, 1911 Blairstown NJ and died January 21, 1950; married a Mr. Teeple

( HELEN LILLIAN CROWELL born February 13, 1913 Blairstown NJ and died November 7, 2005; buried Pine Hill Cemetery, Sparrowbush, Orange, NY; floorlady at Andmore Sportswear of Port Jarvis NY; married Delbert Degroat; resided Matamoris PA; a Delbert Degroat was Chief of Police, Westfall PA and committed sucide in 1994 – don’t know if this is same guy; and born to them were:

( SHIRLEY DEGROAT married a Mr DeGarmo – of Matamoras PA – survived her mother

( GLADYS DEGROAT married a Mr Dietz – of Scranton PA – survived her mother

( DELBERT DEGROAT preceded his mother in death

( FREDERICK DEGROAT preceded his mother in death

( ABRAHAM DEGROAT preceded his mother in death

( SAMUEL M. CROWELL born June 4, 1914 Blairstown NJ; had 2 kids

( GLADYS E. CROWELL born October 25, 1915 Newton NJ; married a Mr. Juliano; resided San Diego CA

( WILLIAM CLINE CROWELL (Allen) born December 14, 1918 Blairstown NJ

( LAURA E. CROWELL born September 5, 1919; still alive 2005; married a Mr. McGraw; resided Port Jervis NY

( ALONZO H. CROWELL born April 22, 1921 Newton NJ; resided Port Jervis NY

( LULU J. CROWELL born January 15, 1925 Hainesville NJ and died pre-2005; married 1st a Mr. Vansickle and they had 10 kids; 2d Mr Titsworth; resided Port Jervis NY

( EDGAR C. CROWELL born February 23, 1928 Port Jervis NY; resided Las Vegas NV and in 2005 Santa Maria CA – was he USMC, 2d Marine Div – an Edgar C Crowell donated to the Division Scholarship Fund

( MARTHA HILL born March 25, 1870; married a Mr. Baisden and they had two daughters

( JASON HILL born May 25, 1872

( JOHN A. HILL born May 13, 1875 and died January 7, 1934 Montague, Sussex, NJ; buried Laurel Grove Cemetery; married Alice M. Casterlin

( OLIZZIE J. HILL born April 27, 1877; married a Mr. Christman

( MYRTLE INES HILL born February 6, 1879; married a Mr. Vass

( CARRIE HILL born February 4, 1881 Blairstown, Warren, NJ and died August 18, 1966 Port Jervis NY; buried Laurel Grove Cemetery; married a Mr. Stompert and they had one child

( HULDAH HILL born October 18, 1883 Blairstown NJ and died May 10, 1959 Port Jervis NY; married George Haggerty

( WARREN HILL born November 16, 1888

( SARAH HILL born August 15, 1817 probably in Flatbrookville NJ (Milford PA) and died June 9, 1901; buried Blairstown NJ, Cedar Ridge; married in Kunkletwon, Monroe, PA  John Huston. Born to them were:

( MARTHA HUSTON married in Kunkletown, Monroe, PA, Al Shafter and born to them were:




( LATTER SHAFER married Norman G. Keiser and born to them was:



( JULIANN HILL born December 14, 1819 probably in Flatbrookville NJ and died, probably there February 26, 1821

( ANDREW HILL, JR., born December 9, 1821 probably in Flatbrookville NJ and died, probably there, September 3, 1823

( ELIZABETH HILL born February 4, 1824 probably in Flatbrookville NJ and died May 8, 1898; married March 10, 1846 in Stroudsburg PA, Bennet Morgan

( LAVINA HILL born November 17, 1826, probably in Flatbrookville NJ and died July 31, 1831 probably in Warren Co NJ; died by drowning in a tanning vat

( JANE HILL born April 4, 1829, probably in Flatbrookville NJ and died February 19, 1909; married November 29, 1851 probably in Warren Co NJ William Bertholf who was a wheelwright.  Born to them were:

( JOSEPHINE BERTHOLF married Read Newman and born to them was:


( JOHN BERTHOLF married Ella Newman - her brother married Josephine

( ILA BERTHOLF married George Auble

( MARY H. HILL born March 12, 1791 Walpack Township, Sussex, NJ

( NEHEMIAH HILL born November 28, 1792 Walpack Township, Sussex Co NJ and died August 11, 1880, Stillwater NJ; married, March 23, 1816 in NJ,  Susannah Staley [dau of Jacob & Margaretha Maria (Keen) Staley] born March 17, 1798 (or May 14, 1792) and died April 9, 1883, probably in Stillwater; both buried Old Stillwater Cemetery, Stillwater NJ;.  Nehemiah was a War of 1812 Veteran.  His obituary noted that he was a frugal, well-to-do farmer and land owner along the Paulines Kill valley near Stillwater NJ. His house was reported to be a large commodious house, containing spinning wheels, quill wheels, warping bars, spooling racks, etc., and that he raised his own sheep for wool.  Born to them were:

( MARGARET E. HILL born and died November 15, 1818 Walpack Township, Sussex, NJ

( MARY ANN HILL born February 23, 1819 and died November 22, 1900; married February 20/23, 1838 Charles Newbaker [son of Andrew]

( JOHN H. HILL born July 21, 1821 NJ and died July 30, 1876 NJ; buried Harmony Methodist Church, Stillwater NJ; probably a farmer; married January 10, 1843 Rhoda Van Horn [dau of Abraham & Esther (Bell) Van Horn] born May 5, 1821 and died September 22, 1899, probably in Stillwater; both buried at the Harmony Methodist Church Cemetery (Old Stillwater Cemetery), Stillwater NJ.  Born to them were:

( GEORGE V. HILL born March 14, 1844 and died 1846

( STEPHEN STALEY HILL born September 4, 1845 Sussex Co NJ and died there April 8, 1917; probably a farmer and lived at Middleville NJ, about 2-3 miles from Stillwater and is said to have attended the Harmony Methodist Church there; married October 24, 1868 in Stillwater Township NJ, Angeline Huff [dau of Andrew & Sophia (Ervey) Huff] (1847-1920); both buried Old Stillwater Cemetery, Stillwater NJ; and born to them were:

( ANNA JEANETTE HILL born May 18, 1870 Stillwater Township, Sussex, NJ and died May 18, 1919 Washingtonville NJ; married April 18, 1894 in NJ, Esker Cole Johnson [son of James & Remembrance (Stoll) Johnson].  Esker once had a dairy farm in Washingtonville NJ, located on Bull Road, which was named Twin Elms Farm.  There was a large farmhouse on about 103 acres along with barns and silos. The house was built circa 1837 and is still used as a home.  The barns are gone and the land has been subdivided into lots for homes.  Esker bought the farm in 1911 for $8,000 and sold it in 1920 for $9,000.    Annie had summer boarders from New York City; she cooked and baked in addition to helping with the milk business which entailed home delivery of milk in Washingtonville.   Esker remarried sometime after 1920.   Born to Anna and Esker were:

( ETHEL CANDANCE JOHNSON born January 21, 1895 Stillwater Township, Sussex, NJ and died February 1, 1955; married 1st June 3, 1914 Louis Hasbrock Felter; 2d 1942 Richard Henke

( CAROLINE ANGELINE JOHNSON born February 13, 1896 Stillwater Township, Sussex, NJ and died May 24, 1984; married December 19, 1925 Albert Muecke

( COLE ESKER JOHNSON born February 13, 1896 Stillwater Township, Sussex, NJ and died April 5, 1958 Albany NY; buried Glennwood Cemetery, Oneida, Madaison, NY; a WWI Veteran served in the US Air Service in France 1918-19, attaining the rank of Lance-Corporal; married December 19, 1925 in Oneida, Pearl Adelaide Cunningham.  He graduated from Union College in Schenectady NY 1927, B.S., Civil Engineering, the first person in his family to earn a college degree.

( ANNA JEANETTE JOHNSON born January 30, 1901 Stillwater Township, Sussex, NJ and died January 1, 1974 Oneida NY; married April 17, 1920 Leonard Cunningham - related to his sister-in-law?

( MARGUERITE M. JOHNSON born February 20, 1903 Stillwater Township, Sussex, NJ and died June 8, 1989 Clarksville TN; married June 20, 1923 Alfred E. Matteson

( MATHIS STEPHEN JOHNSON (twin) born November 2, 1905 Wantage Township, Sussex, NJ and died November 20, 1959 CA; married 1st August 1, 1928 Elizabeth Mead; married 2d December 20, 1935 Vera Madeline Salmon; and married 3d December 22, 1943 Alberta Louise Willson

( MERRITT JAMES JOHNSON (twin) born November 2, 1905 Wantage Township, Sussex, NJ and died September 6, 1975; married August 17, 1932 Edythe Helen Rice

( WALLACE BENJAMIN JOHNSON born March 9, 1910 Wantage Township, Sussex, NJ and died January 27, 1972 Oneida NY; married 1st June 29, 1935 Leenora Shea; and 2d April 27, 1965 Clara Harrington

( EDWARD ARMSTRONG JOHNSON born March 9, 1910 Wantage Township, Sussex, NJ and died May 16, 1986 Oneida NY; graduated from the U of Michigan School of Engineering; married September 4, 1937 in Sherrill NY, Ethel Armstrong Cheney.  Born to them was:

( ALLEN EDWARD JOHNSON born November 23, 1938 Ann Arbor MI; married Barbara Jean Abel and they have two adopted sons

( LIZZIE MABLE HILL born July 23, 1871 and died October 19, 1912; married November 27, 1889 William Shuster

( LOUISA HILL born March 10, 1873 and died September 13, 1875 Stillwater NJ; buried there at the Harmony Methodist Church cemetery (Old Stillwater Cemetery)

( LUCINDA HILL born August 20, 1875 and died June 30, 1931; married June 19, 1901 Clarence Lyons

( ANDREW HUFF HILL born May 11, 1877 and died March 11, 1957; married October 26, 1904 Mary Ann Ervey and born to them were:



( MARTHA JEMIMA HILL born January 18, 1880 and died September 18, 1951; married December 25, 1900 Archibald McKelvie

( CARRIE ANGELINE HILL born August 23, 1881 and died January 31, 1960; married May 5, 1903 Jacob L. Maring

( LAURA ALMEDA HILL born December 26, 1883 and died 1958; married December 24, 1901 Peter D. Simmons

( ROSA SOPHIA HILL born April 4, 1886 and died August 26, 1965; married February 17, 1904 Dennis Chammings

( SADIE ELLEN (ALLEN) HILL born March 1, 1891 and died January 18, 1975; interred Cedar Ridge Cemetery, Blairstown NJ; married October 23, 1912 Charles L. Meyers and born to them were:

( MARY MEYERS (-1988) married (first?) June 28, 1980 Russell Hill [son of Vincent & Nellis (Wilson) Hill] born 1922 Blairstown NJ and died October 18, 1997 Hope NJ - they were cousins


( HILDA MEYERS married a Mr. Teada

( FOSTER L. MEYERS born January 25, 1914 Stillwater, Sussex, NJ and died c1994 Lopatcong, Warren, NJ; buried Hope NJ; married Dorothy S. Smith and born to them were:

( DONALD MEYERS - resided Germanville PA

( GARY MEYERS - resided Bethlehem PA

( RUTH MEYERS born c1921 Stillwater NJ and died February 1992

( ELSIE MEYERS born May 31, 1923 Blairstown, Warren, NJ and died June 3, 1997; married Arthur Agens (Netcong High School, Netcong NJ, Class of 1942?); and born to them were:

( JOANN AGENS - presumably married a Mr. Ennis - resides in Hopewell NJ

( KAREN LEE AGENS - presumably married a Mr. Mauger - resides in Ewing NJ

( CHARLOTTE ANN HILL born September 3, 1850 and died May 6, 1876; married Matthew George Oliver

( MARY CATHERINE HILL born September 18, 1852 and died December 9, 1874; married George Roof

( LUCINDA MARGARET HILL born August 24, 1854 and died November 22, 1889; married Oscar Oliver

( PHILLIP J. HILL born May 8, 1856 and died May 22, 1874 Stillwater NJ; buried there at the Harmony Church Cemetery (Old Stillwater Cemetery)

( MARTHA JANE HILL born June 6, 1858 and died January 13, 1943; married November 25, 1880 Andrew Wesley Huff [son of Andrew & Sophia (Ervey) Huff] born December 10, 1856 Stillwater/Swartswood, Sussex, NJ and June 3, 1945; buried Newton Cemetery, Newton, Sussex, NJ; and born to them were:

( ANDREW W. HUFF born Swartswood NJ and died November 1959; married Eva {maiden name unk} and born to them was:

( EARL S. HUFF married Doris E. {maiden name unk} and born to them was:



( MYRTIE L. HUFF married a Mr. Sprague and born to them were:

( CARLTON H. SPRAGUE (LT.) was a carpenter and a contractor




( MAGDALENA HILL born July 27, 1823 and died April 3, 1859; married January 21, 1847 William R. Emmons (Emmans) [son of Elizabeth K]; and born to them were:

( NEHEMIAH EMMANS – Minneapolis MI

( URIAH EMMANS – Middletown NJ

( JOSEPH R EMMANS – Middletown NJ

( STEPHEN R. HILL born March 31, 1826 and died March 16, 1833

( PHILLIP S. HILL (Twin) born October 13, 1828 and died May 18, 1888; married September 6, 1856 Mary Ann Snover born c1791-1800

( UNNAMED HILL (Twin) born October 13, 1828 and died October 30, 1828

( JACOB N. HILL born June 8, 1831 and died July 30, 1898; married July 4, 1854 Charlotte Van Horn.  Born to them was:

( ROSEANNA E. HILL born about September 1, 1856 and died September 29, 1856; buried Old Stillwater Cemetery, Stillwater NJ

( SARA JANE HILL born September 27, 1833 and died December 8, 1901; married February 16, 1861 John B. Bowers

( SUSAN ELEANOR HILL born December 10, 1835 and died March 17, 1922; married November 1, 1855 John D. Bloom [son of Cyrus]

( LUCINDA HILL born March 13, 1838 and died June 4, 1858 Stillwater NJ; buried there, Harmony Methodist Church (Old Stillwater Cemetery)

( URIAH HILL born December 7, 1794 Sussex Co NJ and died March 6, 1863; married Sarah Blackford; both buried Millbrook Village by the school. They have headstones. They were productive in starting Millbrook Methodist Church; Millbrook is a National Preserved Village near Blairstown and the Delaware River.  Born to them were:

( MICHAEL HILL born April 1811 Stillwater, Sussex, NJ and died there March 17, 1887; interred Harmony Hill Cemetery, Stillwater NJ; married Susan Martin [dau of Jacob] born July 26, 1810 Stillwater NJ and died February 28, 1889 Hardwick, Warren, NJ; interred Jacksonburg Cemetery, Blairstown NJ.   Born to them were:

( MARY ANN HILL born July 8, 1833 and died October 12, 1887 Blairstown, Warren, NJ; interred Blairstown Cemetery; married John R. Fox; resided Bradford County PA

( JACOB M. HILL born March 31, 1835 NJ and died January 1, 1917 Phillipsburg, Warren, NJ; interred Pequest Union Cemetery, Danville, Great Meadows, Warren, NJ (Photos); married 1st Martha Hanna (1836-1887); buried with Jacob; married 2d after 1887 Emma {maiden name unk}.  Born to Jacob and Martha were:

( ADAM HILL died December 16, 1943

( MARY HILL married a Mr. Smith

( CHARLOTTE A. HILL (1860-1911) married George D. Price (1853-1917); both buried with Charlotte’s parents at Pequest Union Cemetery

( WILBUR H. HILL born January 2, 1862 Sussex Co NJ and died January 14, 1944; interred Cedar Ridge Cemetery, Blairstown, Warren Co NJ; married Anna Teel who was interred with her husband

( THEODORE HILL born December 6, 1863 Stillwater, Sussex, NJ; married May 17, 1893 in Walpack Church, Sussex Co NJ, Elizabeth M. Conklin

( ELLEN HILL born April 8, 1866 Stillwater, Sussex, NJ and died December 22, 1912 Phillipsburg, Warren, NJ; interred First Presbyterian Church of Greenwich, Warren Co NJ (Photo); her tombstone reads: Ella V. (Hill) Shoemaker; married June 13, 1885 in Danville, Warren, NJ, Ulysses S. Grant Shoemaker; interred with wife

( ELMIRA HILL born April 8, 1866 Stillwater, Sussex, NJ and died there September 20, 1866

( NATHAN B. HILL born July 28, 1867 Stillwater, Sussex, NJ and died December 1926

( GEORGE A. HILL born June 15, 1869 Stillwater, Sussex, NJ and died September 14, 1950; married Jennie Englert

Born to Jacob and Emma were:



( UNKNOWN HILL married William Repsher

( UNKNOWN HILL married Percy Sutton

( UNKNOWN HILL married William S. Moore

( CAROLINE HILL born October 21, 1837 and died after January 1, 1917 Blairstown, Warren, NJ - the date listed for her death is based on the fact that she is listed in the obit of her brother, Jacob; married John McCracken and lived in Vienna NJ

( GEORGE VAN SICKLE HILL born October 16, 1838 and died October 25, 1915 Newton, Sussex, NJ; interred Newton; married 1st September 9, 1861 in Harmony Church, Stillwater, Elizabeth Harris; married 2d after March 7, 1906 Emma Dorman

( ROBERT M. HILL born August 1, 1840 and died Hope, Warren, NJ; interred Free Union Methodist Cemetery, Great Meadows, Warren, NJ (Photo); married Nancy Seiney

( JOHN L. HILL born April 1, 1844 and died in Standing Stone PA

( HESTER E. HILL born April 16, 1846 and died 1933; married Henry Mitten; resided Vienna NJ

( OBEDIAH F. HILL born June 11, 1848 and died November 2, 1931 Buttsville, Warren, NJ; married November 27, 1873 in Centerville, Sussex, NJ, Phoebe A. Simpson

( RICHARD M. HILL born December 1850 and died January 7, 1937; interred Beemerville, Sussex, NJ; married Phoebe Decker

( MATILDA CELIA HILL born December 16, 1853 Stillwater, Sussex, NJ; married John B. Layton

( JUDE ANN HILL born March 28, 1825 and died August 11, 1915; married 1st October 3, 1844 Elias Trauger born February 2, 1823 and died September 16, 1862 Old Flatbrookville NJ when his team accidently ran him down; interred in Old Walpack Cemetery, Walpack, Sussex Co NJ.  Elias was a farmer and a Constable in Walpack Township. Jude married 2d March 16, 1885 Ingraham Deats.  Born to Jude and Elias were:

( MANUEL EDMUND TRAUGER born April 7, 1845 and died May 30, 1934; married Mary Caroline Hill

( ANN CELIA TRAUGER born March 13, 1848 and died March 15, 1901; married Aleck Hornbeck

( FRANCES A. TRAUGER born October 5, 1849 Walpack Township, Sussex, NJ and died September 7, 1868; married Samuel H. Hover

( MARY E. TRAUGER born April 5, 1852 Walpack Township, Sussex, NJ and died January 13, 1874; unmarried

( JOHN W. TRAUGER born June 20, 1853 Walpack Township, Sussex, NJ and died November 8, 1913; married 1st Evelyn Savacool; 2d Mary Elizabeth Hill

( JEROME C. TRAUGER born March 1, 1858 and died June 12, 1903; married 1st Hattie Snook; married 2d Susan Hineline

( HIRAM LINDEN TRAUGER born June 15, 1861 Walpack Township, Sussex, NJ and died October 16, 1941; married Elizabeth Andress   

( ADAM HILL born February 18, 1797 Sussex County NJ and died September 27, 1866; married Anna Harmon (Hammond/Haman); moved to Michigan

( JUDITH HILL born September 3, 1799 Walpack Township, Sussex, NJ and died December 24, 1859; buried Stillwater Cemetery, Sussex Co; married September 18, 1817 William Titman [son of Baltis & Magdalena] born 1799 and died January 4, 1878 Stillwater NJ

( ELIZABETH HILL (Anna Elizabeth Hill) born February 7, 1803 Sussex Co NJ and died April 3, 1862; buried Harmony Methodist Church Cemetery (Old Stillwater Cemetery), Stillwater NJ; married Phillip/Philip VanHorn [son of Cornelius & Catherine (Walker) VanHorn] born August 4, 1781 (1796) and died December 9, 1867; buried with wife. Philip was a prosperous farmer in Stillwater Township; during the War of 1812 he was a Corporal; one of the founders of the Harmony Methodist Church. Born to them were:

( JACOB VAN HORN died in infancy.

( CORNELIUS VAN HORN died in infancy.

( SARAH VAN HORN born December 9, 1828 and died September 3, 1865; buried Old Newton Cemetery, Sussex Co NJ; married John Oliver

( CATHERINE VAN HORN born October 24, 1830 and died October 28, 1903; buried Newton NJ; married Theodore Stubble (Theodore F Struble)

( MARY ANN VAN HORN born April 6, 1832 and died September 10, 1913; buried in Branchville NJ; married Ephram Shay

( PHILIP VAN HORN born August 4, 1837 and died March 7, 1895; buried Harmony Cemetery, (Old Stillwell Cemetery) Stillwater NJ; married Arminda Lambert

( WILLIAM HILL VAN HORN born January 3, 1840 and died in April 1918 (1910); interred Stillwater NJ.  William resided his entire life on his father’s homestead farm in Walpack Township, Sussex Co NJ; married March 27, 1862 Maria Smith and born to them were:

( HEZEKIAH VAN HORN born about July 9, 1863 and died April 31, 1864; buried Harmony Methodist Church Cemetery (Old Stillwater Cemetery) , Stillwater NJ – not listed in all sources

( MARY ELIZABETH VAN HORN married Marcus B Warner


( PHILIP LESTER VAN HORN married Josephine Ogden; and born to them were:


( FLOYD VAN HORN must have died young


( WILLIAM SMITH VAN HORN (Rev) married Josephine Ogden and born to them were:


( FLOYD VAN HORN born September 1901; married Miss Scott and they had a kid

( CARRIE VAN HORN married William A Martin

( MINNIE VAN HORN married Peter M Roof

( ELVIN VAN HORN (Rev) married Ethel Eckes

( THEODORE VAN HORN born about October 29, 1874 and died April 22, 1876; buried Harmony Methodist Church Cemetery (Old Stillwater Cemetery), Stillwater NJ – not listed in all sources

( WILLIAM HILL, JR., (William G) born September 14, 1805, near Newton, Walpack Township, Sussex County NJ and died June 18, 1842, Vicksburg, Kalamazoo County MI; buried Hill Cemetery [now called Mint Cemetery], Park Township, St. Joseph County MI.  He married, May 10, 1828 at Newton, Sussex County NJ, Margaret Staley [dau of Abraham & Elizabeth (Hammon) Staley] born May 7, 1808, Newton, Sussex County NJ and died April 3, 1889, Vicksburg, Kalamazoo County MI; buried Hill Cemetery.  After William’s death, Margaret remarried, to James Grovenberg.  Born to William and Margaret were:

( JERUSHA ANN HILL born December 12, 1829/30 at Newton, Sussex County NJ and died December 23, 1902, Vicksburg, Kalamazoo County MI.  She married, first, September 26, 1850 at Vicksburg, David Kimble [son of Charles & Margarette (Cole) Kimble] born June 17, 1822 in Dyberry Township, Wayne County PA and died September 16, 1893 at Vicksburg MI; second, Levi J. Harper.  Born to Jerusha and David were:

( ELVA J. KIMBLE born 1854 Brade Township, Kalamazoo, MI and died November 17, 1878 Vicksburg MI

( ELMER J. KIMBLE born May 24, 1861 Vicksburg, Kalamazoo, MI and died there May 10, 1926; married 1st December 12, 1881 in Vicksburg, Ida Esther Daniels [dau of Henry John & Eunice Maria (Hall) Daniels] born September 16, 1857 Chatham, Medina, OH and died September 30, 1898 Vicksburg MI; 2d Lizzie Battes. Born to Elmer and Ida were:

( MARIE LEILA KIMBLE born July 7, 1883 Vicksburg, Kalamazoo, MI and died there February 27, 1958; married July 14, 1913 in Buffalo NY, Orin Henry Daniels [son of Frank & Mary Laverie (Smith) Daniels] born July 30, 1890 Chatham, Medina, OH and died March 13, 1971 Vicksburg MI.  Born to them were:

( STANLEY HENRY DANIELS born April 16, 1916

( ESTHER MARIE DANIELS born February 9, 1925 Kalamazoo MI and died November 12, 1993 Vicksburg MI; married July 23, 1943 at Kalamazoo, Robert John Rogers [son of William Walter & Grace June (Innels) Rogers] born December 6, 1923 Chicago IL and died June 19, 1991 Kalamazoo MI.  Born to them were:

( JANET MARIE ROGERS born September 2, 1945 Kalamazoo MI; married 1st January 8, 1966 at Portage MI, Jerry Lee Baker [son of Ross A. & Celia Ilene (Kintigh) Baker] born February 23, 1942 Coopersville MI; 2d Robert Paul Hradsky. [Janet is the provider of the information for this twig of the Tree - - thanks Janet!] Janet and Robert reside in Three Rivers MI. Born to Janet and Jerry were:

( TROY LEE BAKER born December 6, 1967 Minneapolis MN; married June 9, 1990 at Kalamazoo MI, Mary Ann Louise Sweetland; and born to them were:

( KYLE LEE BAKER born October 11, 1993 Kalamazoo MI

( ALLISON LOUISE BAKER born November 28, 1994 Kalamazoo MI

( TRENT LANCE BAKER born November 30, 1968 Minneapolis MN; married October 21, 1989 at Battle Creek MI, Melissa Swalwell; and born to them were:

( AUTUMN KATE BAKER born February 26, 1994 Lansing MI

( KAILYE KAYJOANNE BAKER born July 23, 1996 Lansing MI

( LANCE BRENT BAKER born April 2, 1970 Minneapolis MN

( BRETT KYLE O. BAKER born October 1, 1971 Minneapolis MN; married April 27, 1996 at South Haven MI, Lauri French - Lauri brings 2 children from a previous marriage with her.

( KELLY MARIE BAKER born May 2, 1973 Grand Rapids MI

( BOBBY JEAN ROGERS born May 23, 1949; married 1st October 20, 1966 Terry Cook; 2d Thomas Allen Cook

( JOANN ROGERS born August 17, 1950 Kalamazoo MI; married 1st October 24, 1969 at Kalamazoo, Robert Bender; 2d Thomas Allen Cook

( CAROL LYNN ROGERS born April 20, 1952 Kalamazoo MI and died November 6, 1996 Portage MI; married September 22, 1973 at Chicago, Robert Dennis Martin

( LARRY WENDELL ROGERS born August 15, 1955 Kalamazoo MI; married June 11, 1988 at Kalamazoo, Launa J. Husted

( VICKI LEE ROGERS born January 8, 1957 Kalamazoo MI; married 1st June 25, 1976 at Kalamazoo, Douglas Falls; 2d Mark Kemp

( GROVER J. KIMBLE born September 9, 1890 Vicksburg MI and died 1976 Howard City MI

( FLOYD N. KIMBLE born February 23, 1894 Vicksburg MI and died February 19, 1971 Kalamazoo MI; married December 6, 1918 at South Bend IN, Edna Harsha 

( ELIZABETH HILL born February 18, 1829 Sussex Co NJ and died December 18, 1850 Comstock, Kalamazoo, MI; married Isaac Smalley

( CORNELIUS HILL born January 3, 1833 Sussex Co NJ and died there October 15, 1833

( PETER HILL born September 9, 1834 Newark NJ and died October 7, 1910; married Naomi {maiden name unk}

( ABBIE JANE HILL born March 6, 1837 Comstock, Kalamazoo, MI and died December 9, 1926; married 1st Mark Gleason; 2d Moses Franklin Woodman

( HORACE COMSTOCK HILL born September 16, 1839 Kalamazoo Co MI and died October 11, 1899 Park Township, St. Joseph Co MI; married Mary Jane Holmes

( HARRIET HILL born August 22, 1842 Kalamazoo Co MI and died February 25, 1843 Park Township, St. Joseph, MI

( ENOS HILL born September 8, 1807 Walpack Township, Sussex, NJ and died December 10, 1889; married October 13, 1827 Mary Ann Shover (Snover).  Born to them were:

( MARY HILL married Mathias J. Crawn and born to them was:

( LIZZIE CRAWN married Albert John Learce and born to them was:

( MARGARET CATHERINE LEARCE born July 14, 1919 Jersey City NJ; married Joseph W. Zoldak Sr - resided Florence SC

( ANDREW J. HILL (c1835-) married November 10, 1855 Mary C. Congle [dau of Isreal & Clarissa] (c1835-); and born to them was:

( HORACE HILL born March 2, 1866

( SARAH SALLY HILL (Sara Ann) born January 16, 1810 Walpack Township, Sussex Co NJ and died February 14, 1892 Pahaquarry, Sussex, NJ; buried Millbrook, Warren Co NJ; married 1st August 22, 1832 James Spangenberg [son of Henry & Sara (Dilistore) Spangenberg] born August 10, 1808 and died March 18, 1866 Pahaquarry NJ; married 2d Henry Masker.  Born to Sarah and James were (according to the 1850 census):

( ABIGAIL JANE SPANGENBERG born December 1, 1833; married Henry Kitheat

( JUDAH E SPANGENBERG (Judith Emily) born May 5, 1836; married Ruben Kinney


( ANDREW GEORGE SPANGENBERG born March 8, 1843 and died July 30, 1915; married November 9, 1867 Julia Ann Garris; and born to them were:

( JAMES SPANGENBERG born August 25, 1868 Millbrook NJ and died July 11, 1927 Seattle WA

( JASON GARRIS SPANGENBERG born August 9, 1871 Millbrook NJ and died January 5, 1957; married August 9, 1905 Emily H Hursh

( GEORGE RYMAN SPANGENBERG born February 3, 1875 Millbrook NJ and died November 14, 1968 El Paso TX; married Clara Everett Gillis; Mary Augusta Garris

( LESTER SPANGENBERG born February 10, 1878

( CHARLES SPANGENBERG born January 5, 1882

( SARAH ANN SPANGENBERG born August 8, 1846 Millbrook NJ and died there June 18, 1921; married October 30, 1869 Moses Van Campen Decker born October 30, 1835 Walpack, Sussex Co NJ and died December 19, 1906 Stillwater NJ

( MARY ELIZABETH SPANGENBERG born May 6, 1848 and died October 4, 1924; married Philip Ogden

( HANNAH SPANGENBERG born May 12, 1851; married George Ryman

( CORNELIUS HILL born July 11, 1812 Sussex Co NJ and died February 13, 1888 Park Township MI; married 1st December 23/28, 1833 Elizabeth Van Horn [dau of Abraham & Esther (Bell) Van Horn] born c1812 Stillwater, Sussex, NJ and died 1852; married 2d November 29, 1853 in Sussex Co Margaret Van Horn - sister of his first wife - who died after February 25, 1886.  Cornelius was among the early pioneers of St. Joseph County MI and settled in Park Township in about 1835.  Cornelius donated the land for Hill Cemetery, Park Township MI; his brother William was the first person buried there; and born to Cornelius and Elizabeth were:

( MARTHA HILL born c1838 MI

( WILLIAM W. HILL born c1841 MI

( ABRAHAM HILL born c1843 MI

( MARGARET LEVINA HILL born c1847 MI and died December 13, 1928 Marcellus, Cass, MI; married February 15, 1866 in Centerville MI, Christian A. Fenstermacher [son of Peter & Eliza (Riegle) Fenstermacher] born April 4, 1839 Catawissa, Columbia, PA and died May 7, 1917 Marcellus MI and born to them were:

( CLARK H. FENSTERMACHER married, name unk, and had 2 kids

( CHARLES C. FENSTERMACHER born 1870 Marcellus, Cass, MI and died 1945; married Hattie {maiden name unk} and born to them were:



( THELMA FENSTERMACHER born 1900 and died January 26, 1991 Kalamazoo MI; married 1923 Allen Meyer born December 1, 1903 and they had 2 kids


( ABBIE E. FENSTERMACHER born 1876 Marcellus, Cass, MI and died there 1952; married August 19, 1914 in Marcellus MI, Clarence Metcalf born October 17, 1870 Belmore OH

( VERNA L. FENSTERMACHER born October 15, 1889 Cassopolis MI and died March 8, 1968 Marcellus MI

            Born to Cornelius and his 2d wife, Margaret, were (according to the 1860 census):

( HENRY HILL (c1857-)

( ABIGAIL HILL (c1858-)

( ENOS KNAPP born April 9, 1774 Greenwich, Fairfield, CT and died April 25, 1853 East Fishkill, Dutchess, NY; interred Bethel Baptist Cemetery, East Fishkill; married c1817 in Fishkill, Elizabeth Russell [dau of John & Mary] born March 16, 1797 and died September 1, 1886; interred with her husband. Born to them were:

( ABBIE KNAPP born East Fishkill, Dutchess, NY

( ABRAHAM KNAPP born May 16, 1816 and died 1887; a farmer; married Mary or Elizabeth Hill and born to them were:

( ELIZABETH KNAPP married Alpheus Tompkins

( ENOS KNAPP was single. Buried at Bethel Baptist Cemetery, East Fishkill, Dutchess Co NY

( PHOEBE ELIZA KNAPP (1838-1922) married Albert Townsend at the Bethel Baptist Church, East Fishkill NY

( MELISSA KNAPP born February 19, 1841 and died May 19, 1893; married John G. Horton and born to them were - a son - and:


( JOSEPH SCOFIELD KNAPP (1843-) married a Miss Atkins

( ESTELLA KNAPP born October 29, 1854; married November 27, 1875 in Lake Mahopac, Putnam, NY, Allen A. Adams [son of George & Harriet (Haddon) Adams] - of Carmel NY- born December 18, 1853 and died November 28, 1920.  Born to them was:

( MABEL ADAMS married Charles Thompson, of Goshen NY 


( JAMES R. KNAPP born 1834 MI

( REUBEN ENOS KNAPP born June 15, 1819 Fishkill, Dutchess, NY and died February 2, 1895 Monmouth, Warren, IL; he is not listed in the Pre-1916 Death Records for the State of Illinois (on-line) married December 31, 1832 in NY, Susan Purdy [dau of Joshua & Judiah (Baxter) Purdy]; moved to Illinois.  Born to them were:

( JOSHUA L. KNAPP born September 15, 1844 and died April 9, 1877 Fort Stevens OR; drowned in the Columbia River; buried Fort Stevens Post Cemetery; a West Point graduate; Civil War soldier, a Lieutenant Colonel with the 4th US Infantry; a Joshua L Knapp joined Phi Gamma Delta at Monmouth College – he was class of 1871 but apparently went to West Point in 1869; listed as a First Lieutenant on the rolls of the Fort Stevens Cemetery (See Photo)

( HENRY HULBERT KNAPP born September 14, 1845 Cold Springs NY; married July 25, 1867 in Springfield IL, Fanny Waggoner [dau of Henry & Esther (Sherman) Waggoner]. Henry served with the 7th Illinois Cavalry during the Civil War and apparently lived in Monmouth, Warren, IL. [Jim - wonder if he knew he had Ferris relatives less than 10 miles away in Galesburg IL?] Born to them were:

( CLAIRE EVELYN KNAPP born December 31, 1868 Monmouth, Warren, IL and died January 26, 1950; married March 2, 1892 in Monmouth, Andrew G. Payne and born to them were:




( NELLIE G. KNAPP born March 20, 1870 Monmouth, Warren, IL and died March 13, 1955 Orchard NE; married in Kansas City MO, Leon Newton [son of Lemuel & Clara]

( HOMER C. KNAPP born and died August 26, 1871

( FRED W. KNAPP born August 20, 1872 and died March 12, 1875 Monmouth, Warren, IL; also not listed in Illinois State Records

( NINA R. KNAPP born December 4, 1874 Monmouth, Warren, IL; married 1st September 13, 1896 in Royal NE, Philip Eyer [son Alfred & Mary (Deck) Eyer] who died March 14, 1919; married 2d June 8, 1930 Walter Churchill who died October 12, 1945.  Born to Nina and Philip was:

( RAYMOND P. EYER was a Corporal in WWII

( MARY B. KNAPP born February 2, 1878 and died May 8, 1917; married November 3, 1896 in Royal NE, Moses M. Mitchell [son of Walter & Matilda (Lichty) Mitchell] and born to them were:

( BOYD R. MITCHELL born November 23, 1898; married April 8, 1921 Elsie Holbrook and born to them was:


( PEARL M. MITCHELL born November 3, 1899 (?); married October 27, 1920 at O’Neil NE, John Derrickson and born to them was:


( NELLIE F. MITCHELL born February 5, 1900(?) - unmarried

( ETHEL M. MITCHELL born March 13, 1902; married April 17, 1951 Ira Gregg [first marriage?]

( FANNIE M. MITCHELL born March 26, 1904; married November 5, 1936 Lester Payne

( FLORENCE M. MITCHELL born April 25, 1906 - unmarried

( MARY O. MITCHELL born May 11, 1911; married Kennth Lux and born to them were:




( SUSAN L. KNAPP born April 30, 1880; married October 18, 1899 in Orchard NE, William F. Mitchell [related to his brother-in-law?] and born to them were:

( EARL R. MITCHELL born September 9, 1902; married November 24, 1924 Grace Butler and they had 3 kids

( JOYCE MITCHELL (Dr.) born December 31, 1905; married July 5, 1946 in California, Dr. A. Eola Huston

( EDNA MITCHELL born August 17, 1908; married December 1, 1928 George Bonge

( LEON H. MITCHELL born November 20, 1911; married November 20, 1934 Helen Nagel and they had 2 kids

( THERON WILLIAM MITCHELL born March 18, 1915; served in the military from April 21, 1941 to July 3, 1945

( HAROLD V. MITCHELL born May 15, 1917; married February 15, 1936 Opal Carter and they had 3 kids

( EDITH R. MITCHELL born June 13, 1919; married May 31, 1946 Donald Parkhurst and they had 2 kids

( DORIS A. MITCHELL born March 22, 1922; married Donald Rabe and they had 2 kids

( MEBA J. KNAPP born August 30, 1882; married November 28, 1908 at Orchard NE, John W. Mitchell [related to his brothers-in-law?]. The wedding date may or may not be in error as their first 3 kids were born before they were married. Born to them were:

( HULBERT IVAN MITCHELL born August 26, 1904 Orchard NE

( MAE ANN MITCHELL born May 18, 1906; resided Orchard NE

( LLOYD R. MITCHELL born January 28, 1908; married Wilhelmina Johnson and was a Lieutenant Commander in the Navy

( PHILIP H. MITCHELL born March 13, 1910; married June 14, 1936 in Lincoln NE, Ada R. Scherbe.  Philip was a Lieutenant Colonel in the Army. They had 1 kid.

( ARTHUR J. MITCHELL born July 9, 1912; married 1st December 1, 1932 in Sioux City IA, Marguerette Francis; married 2d June 5, 1948 Edmona White Ahern.  There were 6 kids born to these 2 marriages

( RUTH L. MITCHELL born April 2, 1919; married Bert Dieditker and they had 3 kids; resided Orchard NE

( OPAL JEAN MITCHELL born September 22, 1922; married Darrel Fish June 6, 1947 at Belden NE

( EDWIN L. KNAPP born July 29, 1884 and died September 17, 1888 Orchard NE

( ROY H. KNAPP born March 26, 1886; married September 9, 1908 Mae Brewster [dau of Sherman & Leila (Chalfant) Brewster] and born to them were:

( GENEVIEVE D. KNAPP born April 1, 1910 and died March 12, 1945; married March 1, 1930 Edwin Butterfield

( ESTHER L. KNAPP born November 23, 1912; married June 6, 1932 Albert Holbrook and born to them was:

( BARBARA ANN HOLBROOK married 1st Unk; 2d April 1, 1950 Alven Gowler.  Born to Barbara and Alven was:


( RICHARD H. KNAPP born November 14, 1921; married June 7, 1949 Veda D. Stewart and born to them was:

( SCOTT EDWIN KNAPP born July 4, 1952

( MAE E. KNAPP born May 8, 1888; married June 7, 1911 in Orchard NE, George A. Weaver [son of George F. & Leach (Lichty) Weaver] and born to them were:


( ORDE R. WEAVER born April 13, 1913; married December 25, 1936 in Long Pine NE, Ruth Hinde

( HAZEL WEAVER born February 10, 1915; married June 2, 1935 Forest Meuret and they had a son

( CAROLE D. WEAVER born January 5, 1938 Homedale ID

( MERLE FANNIE KNAPP born March 22, 1890; married June 6, 1912 in Neligh NE, William J. Weaver [related to his brother-in-law?] and born to them were:

( CHESTER WEAVER born August 13, 1918 Wood Lake NE; WWII Veteran; married January 15, 1955 in Albuquerque NM, Ellen Thompson [first marriage?]

( NORA E. WEAVER born February 8, 1920 Crookston NE; married August 18, 1941 Frank Rowe and they had 2 kids

( GEORGE KNAPP born and died August 1, 1848

( JULIA FRANCES KNAPP born September 1, 1850 Cold Springs NY and died 1932; married October 25, 1870 in Monmouth, Warren, IL, Robert T. Freeman and born to them were:

( HELEN MAE FREEMAN born November 30, 1872 and died November 29, 1944; married October 23, 1895 Frank L. Carr and born to them was:

( HELEN FRANCES CARR married February 15, 1918 Edward Gallager

( EDGAR L. FREEMAN born November 30, 1875 and died October 10, 1877

( CHARLES E. FREEMAN born June 26, 1877 and died November 21, 1882

( GEORGE H. FREEMAN born April 26, 1879 and died November 16, 1882

( JESSIE S. FREEMAN born June 30, 1884; married May 1, 1913 Isaac H. Beckholt and born to them were:

( ROBERT F. BECKHOLT born April 15, 1914 and died 1917

( ROBERTA BECKHOLT born 1927 and lived for 5 days

( PATRICIA M. BECKHOLT born March 24, 1928

( LEROY ROBERT FREEMAN born February 19, 1892 and died June 3, 1897

( EDNA F. FREEMAN born August 20, 1895; married August 20, 1920 Ralph D. Dickerson and born to them were:

( JULIA A. DICKERSON born and died August 20, 1921

( ROBERT A. DICKERSON born March 5, 1928

( ROY DICKERSON born July 19, 1931

( OSMOND BAXTER KNAPP born November 15, 1854 and died September 20, 1894; married November 27, 1878 Alnora Karr and born to them were:

( FRANKLYN B. KNAPP died young

( SARAH ETHEL KNAPP born July 21, 1880; married Earl E. Haffertz and born to them was:


( MINNIE MABEL KNAPP born September 14, 1883; married a Mr. Hollis

( HOMER H. KNAPP born December 25, 1889; married and had kids

( MARY PEARL KNAPP born February 8, 1890; married Harry Attig

( ALLEN KNAPP born May 24, 1893 and died August 30, 1908

( HOMER KNAPP born August 2, 1852 and died September 27, 1855

( SARAH ANN ELISABETH KNAPP born May 29, 1857; married 1st April 20, 1882 James E. Miller; 2d Joseph R. Delano; and born to Sarah and Joseph was:

( FAITH DELANO born May 9, 1897; married October 11, 1920 Fred Sawyer and born to them were:



( ALMIRA JAYCOX KNAPP born July 21, 1859 and died April 22, 1914; married November 22, 1877 Abner Charles and born to them were:

( WARREN T. CHARLES born November 6, 1878 and died October 23, 1882

( FRED E. CHARLES born November 6, 1879 and died March 11, 1955; married August 8, 1903 Edna Spurlock and they had 2 daughters

( LEGRAND CHARLES born November 15, 1881 and died October 19, 1950; married but had no kids

( MARY CHARLES (1885-) married Roy Riggs and they had 2 sons and a daughter

( HOWARD CHARLES (1887-) married unk

( VERA CHARLES (1890-) married a Mr. Hyenga and they had kids

( MARY K. KNAPP born August 10, 1862 and died November 15, 1873

( BETSEY KNAPP (Betty) (1822-) married Israel Jones and born to them was:


( JOHN R. KNAPP (1823-) married Clarissa Knapp [dau of William J. & Statia (Jewell) Knapp].  Born to them were:

( SARAH ANN KNAPP married three times: 1st Henry Blum; 2d John Jamison; and 3d Alexander Frasher

( HIRAM KNAPP married Anna Sirrine

( CORRINE (CORNELIA) KNAPP married Normington Miller

( COLEMAN KNAPP married Elizabeth Harris

( WILLIAM ENOS (EDWARD) KNAPP (1850-) married Anna Gray

( STACIA ELIZABETH KNAPP (1851-) married John Hiram Miller - related to Normington, his brother-in-law?

( RUSSELL S. KNAPP born May 22, 1852 and died September 24, 1914; buried Poughkeepsie NY; married 1st Emma Catherine Bush born 1862 and died December 28, 1916; married 2d name unk; marriage sequence may be reversed. Born to Russell and the unknown lady were (this is a duplicated entry with ( below – not sure which one is correct so will leave both in place pending further investigation):


( GRACE KNAPP born January 1880; married Ernest C. Wright and born to them was:

( MAE E. WRIGHT born February 10, 1901; married George W. Raymond

Born to Russell and Emma, were:

( ELIZABETH KNAPP died October 29, 1894


( ELNORA KNAPP married a Mr. Matross



( EDITH A. KNAPP born March 29, 1889 and died October 29, 1894

( ABRAHAM V. KNAPP born January 7, 1854 and died May 19, 1929; interred at Fishkill Rural Cemetery, Fishkill NY; married Theresa LaForge (Teressa La Forge) born June 1, 1848 and died July 24, 1914

( CHARLES ENOS KNAPP born March 24, 1854 (wrong or brother Abraham’s is wrong) and died March 30, 1918 Hopewell Junction NY; married February 2, 1879 Anna {maiden name unk}

( DAVID B.KNAPP (1855-1863)

( JOHN HENRY KNAPP (1859-) married Millie Russell

( MARY JANE KNAPP born May 6, 1870; married John Booth and born to them were:

( GRACE BOOTH born December 21, 1890; married Irving Knapp [son of Theodore & Mary Ann (Smith) Knapp]

( MOSES J. BOOTH born December 23, 1893 and died 1914

( JOSEPHINE BOOTH born September 25, 1895; married William Baker

( SPENCER BOOTH born June 15, 1898; married Grace Farrell

( RALPH BOOTH born November 2, 1903; married Anna Reisner

( CATHERINE BOOTH born November 23, 1906; married Clarence Nickerson

( MAGDELINE BOOTH born July 3, 1915; married Albert Erickson

( ENOCH A. KNAPP born 1824 and died January 29, 1909; married Angeline Barrett born November 30, 1833 and died March 10, 1895; interred in Hallstead Cemetery, Putnam Co NY. Born to them were:


( RUSSELL KNAPP born May 22, 1852 and died September 24, 1914; married 1st Lucy Light; 2d Emma Bush; this marriage sequence is assumed; and born to Russell and Lucy were (this entry is duplicated with ( above – not sure which is correct so will leave as is pending further investigation):

( WILLIAM KNAPP born May 1875

( FRANK KNAPP born Apri, 1877

( GRACE KNAPP born January 1880

( ELNORA KNAPP born March 1882

Born to Russell and Emma were:

( ETHEL KNAPP married Henry Quick

( WARREN KNAPP married Amelia {maiden name unk}

( EDITH KNAPP died young

( WALTER S. KNAPP born 1863 White Plains NY; married June 20, 1887 Tillie S. Crawford [adopted dau of Mrs. E. Crawford] (1868-).  Walter was a grocer and lived in Brooklyn NY.

( ISAAC S. KNAPP born 1830(?) and died February 13, 1893, East Fishkill, Dutchess, NY; was single and there were more than 35 heirs to his estate

( WILLIAM H. KNAPP born July 1, 1830 CT and died February 21, 1883; married Mary Jane Denny (Mary Denna) who died February 21, 1883; interred Hortontown Cemetery.  Note that they died the same day.   After William’s death, Storm Emmons was made guardian of the children.  Born to them were:


( RUSSELL E. KNAPP of Poughkeepsie NY

( ENOS KNAPP born October 14, 1862 and died January 11, 1922; buried Hillside Cemetery, Peekskill, Westchester, NY; married Teressa Adams born c1867 and died July 14, 1949. Enos apparently resided in New York City.  Born to them were:

( SUSIE KNAPP (1891-) married 1913 Frank Eugene Ingersoll [son of Sands Foreman & Lulu Louise (Pullis) Ingersoll] born September 18, 1889 Lake Mohegan NY and died September 10, 1920. Born to them was:

( EVERETT MILTON INGERSOLL born September 23, 1913 Peekskill NY

( SADIE E. KNAPP born 1894 Yonkers NY; married May 14, 1916 Harry W. Lloyd [son of Lewis A. & Louisa] born c1891 Binghamtom, Broome, NY

( WILLIAM H. KNAPP, JR., born February 3, 1869; married a Miss Williams

( CATHERINE KNAPP born November 3, 1870; married 1st Mr. Sheridan; 2d 1891 in Kent Cliff NY, James Ezra Austin (Hustin); and born to Catherine and James were:

( MABEL AUSTIN married Henry Allen

( MARY AUSTIN married Milton Garrison

( VIOLET AUSTIN married Medrick Guertin

( DORA AUSTIN married Paul Henry Madock

( JENNIE AUSTIN married Montrose Mosher

( JAMES AUSTIN married a Miss Massey

( DAVID B. KNAPP born September 18, 1833 and died February 1, 1905; interred at Bethel Baptist Cemetery, East Fishkill NY; married Clara Wright born September 18, 1841 and died April 5, 1915; interred with her husband.  Born to them were:

( MARY AUGUSTA KNAPP married Wesley Wright - related to his mother-in-law?

( CORRINE S. (CORNELIA) KNAPP married John J. Smith and born to them was:

( CLARA SMITH married December 7, 1921 George S. Mason


( WRIGHT J. KNAPP born October 11, 1878 and died August 5, 1883

( NEHEMIAH KNAPP (1836-) interred at Bethel Baptist Cemetery, East Fishkill NY; married Matilda Purdy [dau of Caleb] (1831-c1930); interred with her husband.  Born to them was:

( CALEB NEHEMIAH KNAPP married Addie (Jane) Vanderbilt and born to them was:

( MAMIE KNAPP married Myron Smith in Fishkill Plains NY

( TITUS KNAPP - from Stephen C. Emery - died 1837; was a Rev. War soldier; marched to the relief of Boston; was a prisoner at Fort Washington; was in the 9th Regt. Militia, Captain John Mead; pensioner 1832; married 1st Rachel {maiden name unk}; 2d January 11, 1802 Charlotte Dodge (?).  Born to Titus and Rachel were:

( TITUS KNAPP was baptized 1794

( SARAH KNAPP was baptized 1794; married Gilbert Marshall Jr and born to them were:




( HANNAH KNAPP was baptized 1794; married a Mr. Skellding

( MARY (MARIA) KNAPP born April 28, 1775 and died June 28, 1801; married Abraham Quintard (  

( NEHEMIAH KNAPP born c1762 - from Stephen C. Emery

( LIBBEUS KNAPP (assignment is not documented) born June 21, 1745 Greenwich (Horseneck) CT and died March 14, 1835 Stony Point, Rockland, NY; buried Old Knapp Cemetery, Litchfield CT; farmer; Rev War service as a private in Captain Kier’s Company, Colonel Hay’s Regiment – additional Rev War service; married at Hopewell Center, Dutchess Co NY Rachel Storms of Hopewell Junction, Dutchess Co NY born April 4, 1753 Haverstraw and died there December 21, 1837; and born to them was (see note beginning of chapter):

( ABEL KNAPP married Abigail Phillips; and born to them was:

( MARY KNAPP born August 18, 1818 and died December 4, 1897; married William Brooks [son of Thomas Brooks & Mary (Parkinson) Brooks] born January 15, 1821 and died November 20, 1903; both buried Mount Repose Cemetery, Haverstraw, Rockland, NY; and born to them were:


( WILLIAM EDWARD BROOKS born September 1, 1847

( MARTHA BROOKS born November 23, 1850

( OSCAR BROOKS (1853-)

( EMMA BROOKS (1854-)

( SAMUEL BROOKS BROOKS (1856-1928) buried Mt Repose Cemetery; married April 25, 1872 Mary Douglas Brownson (1855-1931) [dau of Robert G & Amela (Holt) Brownson]; and born to them were:

( MARY SCOTT BROOKS born November 23, 1876 Haverstraw NY and died there February 26, 1958; married January 23, 1902 as his 2d wife, Jacob Henry Foster [son of Henry & Mary (Miller) Foster] born June 6, 1858 and died April 16, 1935; both buried Mt Repose Cemetery; and born to them were:

( MARION DOUGLAS FOSTER, R.N., born June 19, 1904 Haverstraw NY and died November 3, 1988 Madison WI; buried there Roselawn Cemetery; RN degree 1926; married November 15, 1925 Gerard Joseph Mullica [son of Felica & Madelina (Defina) Mullica] born January 26, 1905 Jersey City NJ and died November 27, 1971; he was an AFL-CIO representative; and they had 3 kids, 2 of which were:

( DONALD FOSTER MULLICA born September 25, 1928 Jersey City NJ and died May 30, 1999 Waco, McLennan, TX; buried there Waco Memorial Park; Professor at Baylor U when he died; married 3 times

( JOAN MARION MULLICA born September 13, 1933 and died April 13, 2005 Las Vegas NV; married 1st Mr Proli; married 2d Charles Thomas Crow born December 12, 1930; and bornto her and Mr Proli was:


            Born to Joan and her 2d husband, Charles, were 3 kids, 1 of which was:


( HELEN BROOKS FOSTER born October 22, 1907; married Pierre F Lomet II [son of Pierre F & Anna (Liljeroth) Lomet] born September 12, 1901 and died May 27, 1987; Lieutenant Colonel; and they had 3 kids, 1 of which was:

( PIERRE F LOMET III (1937-1988) married a Miss Lockwood and they had 3 kids

( FRANCES MILLER FOSTER (BeBe) born August 8, 1911 and died March 16, 1976; married Charles Henry Engelhardt born March 1, 1910 and died November 3, 1970; buried Mt Repose Cemetery; and they had 3 kids, 2 of which were:

( CHARLES ENGELHARDT JR born April 24, 1934 and died November 24, 1973; buried Paramus NJ; married September 15, 1956 Joan Anderson (1933-1989); and they had 2 kids

( ROBERT EDWARD ENGELHARDT born September 14, 1935 and died August 1957; buried Mt Repose Cemetery


( FRED PALMER BROOKS born c1877 and died October 20, 1954; married Lillian Mazlin and born to them were:

( MILDRED BROOKS (1903-1977) married Eugene Kozlay and they had 4 kids, 3 of which were:

( KENNETH MEEKER KOZLAY (1926-1962) married a Miss Thomas

( DONALD BROWNSON KOZLAY (1933-1978) married a Miss King

( KYLE BRUCE KOZLAY (1937-1997) married unk and had a child

( VIVIEN VELMA BROOKS (1912-1994) was in the Ziegfield Follies in the early 1930s; married Lamont Coffee and they had 2 kids

( VELMA RENEE BROOKS (1924-1994) married Guissipe Cleao Buongiorno (1920-1977); and they had 3 kids

( EMMA BROOKS BROOKS (1881-1930) married as his 1st of 3 wives, Irving Silas Blauvelt born July 20, 1878 and died September 17, 1972; buried Brick Church Cemetery, Rampa NY; a life long farmer; and born to them were:






( WILLIAM EDWARD BROOKS II born March 30, 1891 and died May 8, 1953; military veteran; village trustee Haverstraw NY; married Helen Gertrude Howard [dau of Frank & Lorraine Gertrude (Goetschius) Howard] born August 6, 1896 and died October 24, 1953; both buried Mt Repose Cemetery; and born to them were:

( EVELYN LORRAINE BROOKS (1913-1965) married John Allen McGill (1911-1989) [son of Patrick & Mary Edith (Bowden) McGill]; both buried Mt Repose; and born to them were 3 kids, 2 of which were:

( JOHN ALLEN MCGILL born June 24, 1934 Nyack NY and died January 28, 2002;

John Allen McGill Jr. of Grahamsville, a lifelong area resident, a retired hardware store owner and a former employee of Avon Products in New York City, died Monday, January 28, 2002, at his home, after a long battle with cancer. He was 67 years of age. The son of the late John Allen Sr. and Evelyn Brooks McGill, he was born June 24, 1934, in Nyack. He was the grandson of the late Helen Howard and William Edward Brooks and Patrick and Mary Edith Bowden McGill and was a ninth generation American. Mr. McGill was a 3-year veteran of the U.S. Army, serving in the Far East Asia in both the U.S. Army Map Service and Army Intelligence. He was an exempt member of the W.S. Johnson Fire Department in Garnerville. He is survived by his wife of 36 years, Marion Bissert McGill, at home; a brother-in-law, Fred Bissert of Las Vegas, Nev.; two nephews, John Bissert of Colorado and Michael John McGill of Florida; two nieces, Nancy Bissert of Long Island and Valerie Ann McGill of Florida; and several aunts, uncles and cousins. He was predeceased by a brother, Dirk John McGill and a sister, Linda Evelyn McGill. A memorial service will be held at a later date. Mr. McGill donated his body to the Albany Medical College. Memorial contributions may be made to Christ Lutheran Church, Center St., Ellenville, N.Y. 12428; the Garnerville Methodist Church, Bridge St., Garnerville, N.Y. 10923 or to Hospice, Inc., 34 Broadway, Kingston, N.Y. 12401.

( LINDA EVELYN MCGILL (1945-) died an infant; buried Mt Repose


( EDWARD BROOKS married Sue Hahn and they had a child

( HOWARD FRANCIS BROOKS (Pete) married Helen Elizabeth Raymond (1916-1996); and they had 2 kids

( KATHERINE BROOKS (1918-1919)

( RUTH MAE BROOKS married Edward Thiell and they had 3 kids

( WILLIAM EDWARD BROOKS married Mildred Frey and they had 3 kids

( RICHARD MELVIN BROOKS married Bertha Elizabeth Conklin and they had 2 kids

( HELEN GERTRUDE BROOKS married James Cusano and they had 2 kids

( ROBERT ROSTER BROOKS married a Miss Davis and they had 3 kids


( JARED KNAPP (assignment is not documented) born February 20, 1748/49 Greenwich (Horseneck) CT and died January 19, 1812 Haverstraw, Rockland, NY; married at Haverstraw, Jane Williams [dau of Zebulon, Sr.] born March 16, 1752 NY and died June 1, 1829 Haverstraw

( SILAS KNAPP (assignment is not documented) born c1750/51 Greenwich (Horseneck) CT; married Anna {maiden name unk) (1752-1830)

( JONAS KNAPP (Jonah?) (assignment is not documented) born 1752 Greenwich (Horseneck) CT and died 1814 Hempstead, Orange, NY; married April 20, 1769 at Bedford, near Cross River, Westchester Co NY, Catherine Silkman [dau of John & Mercy (Rundle) Silkman] born September 20, 1749 Bedford

(3.6.4) SARAH FERRIS died c1794; unmarried

(3.6.5) HANNAH FERRIS (c1707-) [There is confusion as to the husband of Hannah - different sources profess different husbands - I will go with Chaplain Ferris, pending further research] married September 22, 1737 at Stamford, Ensign John Waterbury [son of John and Hannah (Cross) Waterbury] born December 5, 1711 and died March 15, 1780.  Born to them were:

( ABIGAIL WATERBURY born (July 29, 1737) December 8, 1737/38 Stamford CT and died April 2, 1777 at Noroton CT. She married, January 25, 1766 at Stamford CT, Daniel Gorham [son of George & Hannah (Banks)] born May 17, 1737 Rye NY and died January 25, 1820 at Noroton CT. After Abigail’s death, Daniel married Jane Bates and they had 9 kids. Born to Abigail and Daniel were:

( HANNAH GORHAM born December 23, 1767 at Stamford CT and died there November 26, 1770

( JOHN GORHAM born December 9, 1769 at Stamford CT

( DANIEL GORHAM born June 13, 1772 at Stamford CT

( HANNAH GORHAM born March 29, 1775 at Stamford CT and died there February 27, 1782

( HANNAH WATERBURY born August 28, 1741 and died in infancy

( SARAH WATERBURY born November 29, 1743 Stamford CT; married January 17, 1765 Edward Thorp ( - see him for offspring

( HANNAH WATERBURY born March 22, 1745/46 and died May 1792; married April 6, 1769 Jonathan Husted (; see him for offspring

( MARY WATERBURY born September 8, 1749 Stamford CT and died March 12, 1844 New Canaan CT; married February 25, 1769 in Stamford, Joseph Smith [son of Ephraim & Eisabel (Bartlett) Smith] born 1746 Stamford and died August 20, 1812 New Canaan CT. Joseph was a founding member of the early Episcopal “Society” of Canaan Parish, which is now Saint Mark’s Episcopal Church in New Canaan. He enlisted as a Private July 7, 1777 in Captain Hait’s Company, 5th Regiment of the Connecticut Line; he deserted 3 days later. Joseph’s loyalist sentiments during the American Revolution were typical of many members of the Episcopal Church, which had strong ties to the mother Church of England and whose members swore oaths of loyalty to the King. Because of his loyalist activities, Joseph’s property on Oneoke Ridge was seized and in 1780 he moved into a small white house on Talmadge Hill. Born to them were:

( MARY SMITH born September 29, 1769 Stamford CT

( ELIZABETH BARTLETT SMITH born July 20, 1771 Stamford CT

( JOSEPH SMITH born August 2, 1773 Stamford CT and died September 14, 1857 New Canaan, Fairfield, CT; married January 1, 1797 in Stamford, Mary Talmadge (; both buried there Talmadge Hill Cemetery (Talmadge Smith Cemetery) (Smith Cemetery) (Photo); and born to them were:

( STEPHEN SMITH (Steven) born May 26, 1797 Stamford CT and died February 5, 1839; buried Smith Cemetery, Darien CT

( MINOT SMITH born March 23, 1801 Stamford CT and died February 17/19, 1859 New Canaan CT; married c1827 Laura Draper [dau of Gideon] born August 22, 1806 NY and died August 19, 1900 New Canaan; both buried there Talmadge Hill Cemetery (Smith Cemetery); and born to them were:

( LAURA ANN SMITH born May 20, 1832 New Canaan CT and died there June 26, 1865; buried Smith Cemetery, Darien CT

( HIRAM D SMITH born 1834 New Canaan CT and died after 1905; farmer 1850-80; married December 19, 1860 in Darien, Anna Waterbury [dau of John William & Lucinda Waterbury] born October 9, 1838 NYC and died May 7, 1905 Darien; and born to them were:

( JOHN W SMITH born September 1861 CT

( MINOT S SMITH born November 6, 1863 Darien CT

( SAMUEL A SMITH born 1837 New Canaan CT

( STEPHEN H SMITH born 1841 New Canaan and died there 1924; buried there Talmadge Hill Cemetery (Smith Cemetery) (Photo); married Mary {mnu} (1846-1937); and born to them were:

( STEPHEN SMITH born 1875 CT


( JENNIE M SMITH born January 1880 Darien CT

( JAMES SMITH born March 23, 1803 New Canaan CT and died there August 9, 1865; unmarried; buried there Talmadge Hill Cemetery

( MARY SMITH born September 25, 1805 Darien CT and died there October 12, 1805; buried there Smith Cemetery

( SHERMAN SMITH born 1807 CT and died March 14, 1878 New Canaan CT; buried there Talmadge Hill Cemetery; married Mary Elizabeth Hoyt (

( CHARLOTTE SMITH born August 21, 1809 and died November 11, 1823; buried Smith Cemetery, Darien CT

( JOSEPH SMITH born December 20, 1811 and died December 23, 1811; buried Talmadge Hill Cemetery, New Canaan

( SALLY SMITH born May 26, 1815 and died March 9, 1825; buried Smith Cemetery, Darien CT

( MARTHA SMITH born June 4, 1775 Stamford CT

( EDWARD SMITH born May 8, 1777 Stamford CT

( ABIGAIL SMITH born November 10, 1780 Stamford CT

( SARAH SMITH born November 9, 1783 Stamford CT


( HARRIET SMITH born April 12, 1787 Stamford CT

( SOPHIA SMITH born March 2, 1789 Stamford CT

( LORENA SMITH born November 13, 1791 Stamford CT

( HANNAH SMITH born September 7, 1793 Stamford CT

( BETHIA WATERBURY born September 26, 1752 and died October 1, 1836; married July 10, 1773 in Stamford, James Talmadge (1751-1784) (June 16, 1750 – January 4, 1784) [son of James & Mary (Seymour) Talmadge]; both buried Smith Cemetery, New Canaan CT; and born to them was:

( MARY TALMADGE born August 4, 1776 Stamford, Fairfield, CT and died March 18, 1850 New Canaan, Fairfield, CT; married January 1, 1797 in Stamford, Joseph Smith ( – see him for offspring

( JOHN WATERBURY born April 1, 1754 and died after 1785

( MARTHA WATERBURY born March 11, 1756 and died before 1785

(3.6.6) MARY FERRIS married William Shaw (Jim - speculation: a William Shaw bought land from Benjamin Ferris, January 21, 1743; probably this guy.) Born to Mary and Wil­liam was:

( JAMES SHAW was a minor in 1765, when his father, Wil­liam, died, and Thomas Youngs, Deborah's (3.6.2) husband was ap­pointed as his guardian on 31 October 1767. James served as a Private in Captain Jonathan Bell's Company, Lieutenant Colonel John Mead's Regiment from 13 August to 7 September 1776, and again, from 24 October to 24 December 1776, and again, from 31 December 1776 to January 7, 1777; he married on 9 April 1778 at the Congregational Church, Darien, Hannah Weed. James died 16 Novem­ber 1828, aged 76 years; Hannah died 26 January 1833. Born to James and Hannah were:

( NANCY SHAW baptized 7 March 1779; died 20 January 1799 age 20y 16d

( JAMES SHAW baptized 9 July 1780; died 28 April 1800 age 19y

( POLLY (Mary) SHAW baptized 25 August 1782; died 22 May 1786 age 3y 11m 4d

( HANNAH SHAW born April 18, 1784 and died January 21, 1847; married January 1, 1802 Shadrach Hoyt (#3510) (; see him for offspring

( WILLIAM SHAW born 1786 Ct; baptized February 7, 1787; and died April 23, 1821 Stamford; married Clarissa Hoyt [dau of Joseph & Hannah (Seely) Hoyt]  born March 17, 1793 Novia Scotia, Canada; after his death Clarissa remarried to Isaac Quintard (; and born to William and Clarissa were:

( NANCY E SHAW born 1812 Stamford and died there August 1848; buried there North Street Cemetery; married October 17, 1836 in Stamford, Roswell Hoyt ( – see him for offspring

( CAROLINE SHAW born February 7, 1814 NY and died April 7, 1884; married October 13, 1834 in Stamford, David W Canfield born January 8, 1803 NJ and died September 21, 1871; both buried Woodland Cemetery, Stamford; and born to them were:



( MARY C CANFIELD born 1843 NY




( GEORGE O CANFIELD born November 8, 1851 NY and died September 14, 1883; buried Woodland Cemetery, Stamford

( ELIZA SHAW (c1816-)

( MARIAH SHAW born April 17, 1820 Stamford and died there April 17, 1901; married c1838 Matthew Franklin Merritt [son of Nehemiah & Phebe] born March 2, 1815 Flushing, Queens, NY and died May 10, 1896 Stamford; both buried there Woodland Cemetery; 1850 he was a ship chief; 1880 merchant; and born to them were:

( AMELIA MERRITT born September 16, 1839 NYC and died April 12, 1915 Stamford; buried there Woodland Cemetery; married December 12, 1863 in Stamford, William Frederick Skelding ( – see him for offspring

( JULIA MERRITT born September 12, 1841 Stamford CT and died there December 15, 1908; buried there Woodland Cemetery; unmarried

( ADELINE GAY MERRITT born May 27, 1846 Stamford and died there March 28, 1869; buried there Woodland Cemetery; unmarried

( SCHUYLER MERRITT (Photos) born December 16, 1853 Stamford CT (or NYC) and died there April 1, 1953; married October 2, 1879 in Stamford, Frances Hannah Hoyt [dau of Joseph Blachley & Catherine (Krom) Hoyt] born August 6, 1850 Stamford and died there August 2, 1943; both buried there Woodland Cemetery 

The Stamford Historian — Volume I, Number I, March 1954:

By Lisetta Neukam Higgins

This issue of the Stamford Historian is dedicated to Schuyler Merritt. Accordingly, it is fitting that we present a brief biography of Mr. Merritt. He had such a full life, and engaged in so many activities that it is difficult to be brief and encyclopedic at the same time. He was a long-time member of the Stamford Historical Society, and in 1947 was elected Honorary President. His death, in his 100th year, was a great loss to the Society and to the community at large.

Men may come and men may go, but likely no Stamford citizen, past, present or future will ever surpass the myriad facets which scintillate in the life story of the late Schuyler Merritt--congressman, lawyer, industrialist, banker, an outstanding Christian, civic leader and enthusiastic chairman of the commission of the Merritt Parkway--named in his honor.

Those facets shine and penetrate practically every phase of Stamford life. They send beams throughout Connecticut, reach into his native state, New York, and thence on to the nation's capital and achieve international influence during his long years in Congress, where he served on the Interstate and Foreign Commerce Committee.

Schuyler Merritt loved people and they loved him. Because he had faith in mankind, folks had faith in him. Because of this combination plus his keen analysis of problems, local, state and national and his ability to understand the other fellow's point of view, Schuyler Merritt's influence will live as long as there is a Stamford. He was an example of what true Christianity creates in a man and what that man can do when he lives his faith.

He was born in New York City at Fifth Avenue and Twenty-First Street, December 16, 1853. He died April 1, 1953, eight months before his 100thbirthday. At the age of two, his parents, Matthew F. and Maria Shaw Merritt, brought him to Stamford. They made their home on the broad tree-shaded Atlantic street on the site now occupied by Albrecht's, the Federal Bakery and several other business establishments. He lived there until his marriage when he moved to Bedford Street, almost opposite the Betsy Barnum house, now the Stamford Historical Society headquarters--“The Little Red House on Bedford Street.”

Matthew Merritt was a prominent figure in social and political life. He helped establish the First National Bank and was one of early members of the Republican Party in Connecticut.

Young Schuyler was graduated from a private school in Stamford, 1869, and from Yale University in 1873. In 1876 he received his LLB from Columbia University law school. In 1935 his alma mater, Yale, conferred on him the honorary degree of LLD. When he was 90 years old, he attended his 70th class reunion. His was the honor of being the oldest Yale alumnus at the time of his death.

For seventy years he was associated with Stamford's most important industry, Yale & Towne Manufacturing Company. He began in a legal capacity in 1877. In 1878 he was elected secretary. Later he was named a member of the board of directors and became successively general manager, treasurer, vice president and chairman of the board of directors. He resigned from the board several years before his death.

How Mr. Merritt's personality lives through the years because of “little things” as well as important ones is graphically shown in the words of a Stamford woman now in her seventies. She said, “Schuyler Merritt was a wonderful man, much loved by all. I'll never forget the first time I met him. I was just a high school girl. My Mother took me to the Stamford National Bank. As we entered Mr. Merritt greeted us with a smile. Mother introduced us. President Merritt bowed graciously and took my hand and courteously welcomed us. Through the years, no matter how busy he might be, he always remembered me and bowed and smiled in that charming manner as he did to others. He was truly a gracious, Christian gentleman. I always cherish the memory that it was he, who made our commencement address at Stamford High School now Burdick Junior High School. He presented our diplomas. It made us extra proud for he had done so much to make that high school a reality. He was an inspiration to all who knew him. Likely many of us became better citizens because of that commencement address, which he gave from his heart to our class. We felt his sincerity, his fine character. He was a really wonderful man. No one can say too many fine things about him.”

At 90 he went daily to his office in the First Stamford National Bank and Trust Company where he served as director and chairman of the board of directors. His banking career began in 1902 when he was first elected an officer of the Stamford National Bank. In 1905 he was elected president. When the Stamford National Bank and the First National Bank merged under the name of the First Stamford National Bank in 1919 Mr. Merritt was elected the first president. He served two years and then became chairman of the board of directors. He was honorary chairman at the time of his death.

From 1916, when he helped nominate Charles Evans Hughes for president of the United States on the Republican ticket, Schuyler Merritt was nationally in the news. Originally he agreed to run for Congress as a war emergency at a special election in 1917 to succeed Ebenezer J. Hill of Norwalk, who died in office. For seven successive terms he was re-elected. Then in 1930 he was defeated by a Democrat, William L. Tierney of Greenwich. But two years later Mr. Merritt was the only Republican elected to Congress running against a Democratic incumbent in the Roosevelt landslide. Congressman Merritt served in Congress

under five presidents, Woodrow Wilson, Warren Harding, Calvin Coolidge, Herbert Hoover and Franklin Delano Roosevelt. For 20 years his constituents returned him to Washington. Finally in 1938 at 83, Congressman Merritt agreed to permit his name to appear on the ticket on condition that he make no campaign. His phenomenal record during the Roosevelt landslide made his party overconfident and Alfred N. Philips, who campaigned vigorously on the Democratic ticket, was elected.

During the score of years he served in Congress, besides his activities as a member of the Interstate and Foreign Commerce committee, he made his influence felt in major legislation. He voted for tax reduction, farm relief, tariff and immigration restriction. His ardent campaign work fostering legislation to protect United States industries was outstanding. During World War II when discussing tariff and protection of American business, Mr. Merritt said that during post-war planning it might be that free trade possibly would be established in a gradual way, although he still believed in protecting   American interests in every possible way.

Two outstanding services Schuyler Merritt contributed to his State were serving on the constitutional committee when he helped re-write the Connecticut State Constitution when he was 51, and his service on the Merritt Parkway.

Retired to private life he gave his talent to many activities, but served as Chairman of the Commission supervising the construction of Connecticut's famous multi-million dollar Merritt Parkway named to honor him. Only one other Connecticut man, former Governor Wilbur M. Cross, ever had a state parkway named for him. Mr. Merritt lived to see the first stretch of this parkway, reaching from New York's Westchester County to the Housatonic River, completed.

His Stamford activities were legion. Among them he spent many years directing Ferguson Library activities, when he served as president of the board of directors. As a member of the school committee for 15 years (most of the time as chairman) he was instrumental in developing Stamford High School and in raising the standards of the grade schools. In 1910 he became a member of the State Board of Education, serving for seven years, or until he left for Congressional service in 1917. For many years he served on the Stamford Board of Appropriations and Apportionments.

He helped organize the Stamford Board of Trade, the parent of the Stamford Chamber of Commerce. For many years he was honorary chairman of the Stamford

Community Chest, president of the Stamford Children's Home and served as a member of the Board of the Family Welfare Society, and was a generous member of the Red Cross. To him fell the task of preparing appeals to the public for emergency funds when National Red Cross headquarters assigned Stamford's chapter quota. Many will remember his eloquent appeals in print and vocally for the Japanese earthquake refugees, the Mississippi flood and other national emergencies.

Of all Mr. Merritt's activities, perhaps the one closest to his heart and appreciated by many persons, was his long cherished years of service as warden and vestryman at St. John's Episcopal church to which his parents belonged and where they took him in his formative years. One St. John's parish member of long standing when speaking of his vestry service said “I can see him going down the church aisle Sundays. He was such a handsome man, his smile, that kind wonderful smile and his beautiful blue eyes and gracious manner live long in our memories. He had twinkling blue eyes and imagine he never wore glasses even in his 90th year, except for reading. Oh, Schuyler Merritt was a darling--and our first citizen.”

His church influence was felt not only in St. John's church but also in the formative years of Emmanuel Episcopal Church, Springdale, which was a mission of St. John's for 75 years. Thus it was under the guidance of St. John's vestry during many of the years Mr. Merritt served so unselfishly.

A distinguished, though seldom mentioned activity, was his important connection with the Gas and Electric Company, which he served as vice president, when it meant much to the development of Stamford's place in the industrial world.

His great love of outdoors and the fact he did not smoke may be the secret of his long, healthy, useful life. For many years daily before breakfast he rode horseback with Henry R. Towne on mounts he selected from his own stables at his home on Noroton Hill, where the Merritts moved when they left the Bedford street home. He was also an ardent yachtsman and enjoyed yachting with Mrs. Merritt's brother, Fred Hoyt, a noted yachtsman. Mr. Merritt's best known boat was “The Kathleen.” Golf however was his favorite outdoor activity. At 90 he still played when at home or during the winter at Lake Wales, Florida. He also enjoyed his rose and vegetable gardens, especially in his retirement years.

He was married October 2, 1879 to the former Miss Frances Hoyt of an old Stamford family. They had two daughters, Mrs. William B. Dalton (Louise) of Ocean Drive, East Shippan Point and Dr. Katharine Krom Merritt, pediatrician at Babies' Hospital, New York, who both followed their famous father's footsteps, serving humanity in many ways. Mrs. Merritt died August 2, 1943.

Besides creating the many facets in his life affecting humanity, Schuyler Merritt found time, energy and desire to belong to many organizations, among them: The Suburban Club, Woodway Country Club, Wee Burn Golf Club, Stamford Historical Society locally, and to The University Club of New York, The Yale Club of New York and Yale Alumni Association and Chevy Chase, Washington, D.C., and a golf club in Lake Wales, Florida.

Truly one can say in closing, as in beginning this story of the life of Schuyler Merritt, “men may come and men may go” but, where can one find such a man, who served so graciously, so long so faithfully and who received so much of love and honor in his home town?

And born to them were:

( LOUISE HOYT MERRITT born September 7, 1880 Stamford CT and died there November 16, 1956; buried there Woodland Cemetery; married William B Dalton

( KATHERINE KROM MERRITT, M.D., born January 9, 1886 Stamford CT and died there August 5, 1986; buried there Woodland Cemetery with her father; unmarried; A.B., Vassar, 1908

( FREDERICK SHAW died on or before 1828; had surviving children:





( ANDREW SHAW born December 19, 1792 CT; baptized 9 June 1793; and died March 11, 1832 Darien CT; buried there Noroton River Cemetery; married c1818 Jane Bell ( – see her for offspring since the info was entered there first 

(3.6.7) MARTHA FERRIS (-1749) married February 7, 1740 Jonathan Rogers and born to them was:

( SARAH ROGERS married January 12, 1764 Joseph Husted (; see him for offspring 

(3.6.8) MERCY FERRIS (c1730-) married Gilbert Lockwood (4.4.2) – see him for offspring


(3.7) JOSHUA FERRIS (8RLK-MB) born March 31, 1666 Stamford and died there, unmarried (February?) April 2, 1746 [Several different birth date years]


(3.8) BENJAMIN FERRIS (8RLK-NH) born (1660?) c1668 Stamford (Greenwich) and died July 10, 1710 Greenwich (Stamford) CT; married 1707 at Stamford, widow Sarah (Weed) Waterbury [dau of Daniel and Ruth Weed][widow of David Waterbury Sr., who died November 20, 1706] born November 18, 1675 Stamford and died there January 5, 1715/16. After Benjamin’s death, Sarah married, Nathaniel Pond [son of Samuel & Miriam (Blatchley) Pond] born February 14, 1676 and died August 28, 1716.  Sarah had children by each of her three husbands. Sarah’s mother, Ruth, married Peter Ferris and John Clapp. Benjamin and Sarah resided at Greenwich and were Congregationalists.   Born to Benjamin and Sarah was:

(3.8.1) BENJAMIN FERRIS, Jr., born September 22, 1708/09 Stamford CT and died there (Greenwich?) c1771 age 62y; married 1st November 11, 1731 at Stamford, Rhoda Ferris  (3.1.7); and 2d in 1737 Sarah Ferris (2.3.4).  Born to Benjamin and Rhoda was:

( RHODA FERRIS born, 1732; baptized at the Second Congregational Church at Greenwich, November 23, 1732.  She married, first, December 25, 1751, at Stamford, Jacob June, born January 27, 1727 and died May 7, 1758; married second, November 10, 1761, John Knapp (; and married, third, January 19, 1769, Johial Taylor (Jehiel Tyler). She joined the 1st Congregational Church, Stamford, August 13, 1758 and there her second marriage was recorded. She was a widow when she joined this church and had 4 June children baptized on the same day. No children to her second or third marriage. Born to Rhoda and Jacob were:

( JACOB JUNE born April 17, 1752; married February 24, 1782 Elizabeth Penfield born January 6, 1760 and died before 1805; and born to them were:



( ELIZABETH JUNE married Josiah Hedden


( PHINEAS JUNE born September 23, 1753

( BENJAMIN JUNE born June 13, 1756 and died February 9, 1850; May 4, 1772, Jonah Ferris was appointed guardian of Benjamin June, minor son of Jacob June, deceased; 1794, Benjamin moved with three others to Sherman Hollow, Onondaga Co NY; 1790 he was in Great Barrington MA; served in the Revolutionary War

( RHODA JUNE born February 20, 1758

Born to Benjamin and his second wife, Sarah, were:

( PETER FERRIS born c1742 Greenwich and died 1795 Salem, Westchester, NY; married 1st October 1, 1761 at the 1st Congregational Church of Stamford, Martha Weed [dau of Benjamin and Mary (Smith) Weed] born June 15, 1751 (is this correct – she would have been 10y when married?) and died c1768; and 2d May 11, 1769 at the Church of Christ, Salem NY, Hannah Benedict [dau of Peter and Agnes (Tyler)(Heaton) Benedict] born February 20, 1748. Peter was Deacon, Church of Christ, Salem NY; and born to him and Martha were:

( PETER FERRIS born August 12, 1762 and died in infancy

( BENJAMIN FERRIS born June 20, 1764/65 Stamford CT and died October 12, 1812/14 (or November 20, 1814); buried Carpenter Cemetery, Monkton, Addison, VT (wonder if this is the same as Carter Cemetery on Monkton Road, Addison, VT?); married 1793 Patience Barnes born 1759/60 and died April 8, 1842; must have lived in Ferrisburgh as several his kids were born there; and born to them were:

( RICHARD FERRIS born March 8, 1795 and died August 7, 1796

( PETER WEED FERRIS, M.D., born June 7, 1796 Ferrisburg VT and died January 21, 1874 Providence RI; married November 8, 1829 Susan Andrews Howland [dau of Benjamin & Susannah (Andrews) Howland] born September 2, 1799 RI and died November 6, 1893 probably Providence RI. This was Susan’s second marriage, the first being to James Brown in 1820. Born to them were:

( CAROLINE AMELIA FERRIS born c1830 RI and died March 18, 1905 Providence RI

( FRANCIS B. FERRIS born c1831 RI

( AMANDA M. FERRIS born c1833 MA

( CHARLEY A. FERRIS born c1834 RI


( BENJAMIN H. FERRIS born c1840 RI

( PHEBE FERRIS born March 22, 1797/98 Ferrisburg VT and died January 31, 1870 Bristol VT; married January 1, 1837 Israel Eddy

( MARTHA FERRIS born September 9, 1799 VT and died January 18, 1872 probably Panton/Vergennes VT; married January 1, 1824 Philander Hanks [son of Eleazer & Betsey (Pond) Hanks] born c1800, probably in Panton/Vergennes VT and died there October 19, 1881. Born to them were:

( PHILENA L. HANKS (Nellie) born January 26, 1826 Vergennes VT and died there April 22, 1862; married September 1, 1849 in Vergennes, James Warren Barnes

( FIDELIA VIOLA HANKS (Delia) born August 6, 1826; married December 24, 1845 Alfred Clark Randall

( ELIZABETH AMELIA HANKS born May 18, 1836 Addison VT and died October 14, 1916 Menasha WI; married February 19, 1861 in Vergennes VT, Reuben M. Scott [brother of Thomas below] born February 10, 1826 Noyan, Missisquoi, Quebec and died July 5, 1890 Menasha, Winnebago, WI; Reuben attended winter schools back home in Clarenceville and assisted his father on the farm during the summer months; when he was 18y he found work on farms in NY and VT before going to WI in 1848 (1852); settled on wild land in an area that was to become Menasha, clearing and working the land and building his home; ventured largely into real estate for a time until 1860 when he and a partner purchased the Star Flouring Mill in Mensaha; 1869 be built the National Hotel which at that time was considered the grandest building in the city; invested heavily in city property, farm land, manufacturing companies, and employed many men for lumbering; built, on contract, the first 64 miles of the Wisconsin Centrail Railroad

( MARTHA JANE HANKS born February 9, 1843, Vergennes VT and died September 17, 1929, Menasha WI; married August 13, 1868 in Vergennes VT, Thomas D. Scott [son of Thomas & Mary (Polly) (Bullis) Scott] born October 13, 1837 (1836), Noyan, Missisquoi Co., Province of Quebec, Canada and died February 22, 1911 Menasha WI; Thomas left Canada for Wisconsin in the Spring of 1855 at 19y; settled at Menasha,where he learned a miller’s trade; 1865 he served as orderly sergeant in Company D, 41st Wisconsin for 3 months; shortly before the War broke out, he had gone to Appleton where he practiced his miller’s trade for about 14y; 1878 returned to Menasha where he was connected with a flour mill, initially having a partner, but as sole owner during the 2d year; in January 1880 he became the proprietor of the National Hotel at Mensaha and was well known as a worthy and respected citizen; and born to them were:

( RUBY E. SCOTT born 1869 Menasha WI and died there August 23, 1952; married Ed Bronson and also William C. Koehne

( JESSIE PHILANA SCOTT born 1876 Menasha WI and died there July 27, 1959; married May 25, 1898 in Menasha, Winnebago, WI Edmond Walker Griswold

( MARCELITTE SCOTT born June 23, 1879 Menasha WI and died July 1959 Waukesha WI; married June 3, 1908 in Menasha, Franklin Benjamin Hoehle [son of Wilhelm (William) & Elizabeth (Maurer) Hoehle] born April 11, 1876 Friendship WI and died April 19, 1925 Waukesha WI. Born to them were:

( FRANCES MARTHA HOEHLE born March 22, 1909 Waukesha WI and died September 12, 1987 Delray Beach FL; married 1st October 3, 1931 in Waukesha, Thomas Joseph McGurn [son of Thomas Joseph, Sr. & Mary Florence (Graham) McGurn] born June 1, 1903 Philadelphia PA and died November 13, 1941 Waukesha WI; and 2d Ernst Otto Lehnbeuter. Born to Frances and Thomas were:

( THOMAS SCOTT MCGURN born December 7, 1932 Milwaukee WI; lived in Waukesha during his youth, but moved to Evanston IL after the death of his father and the remarriage of his mother. Graduated from Northwestern Univeristy 1955 and then entered the US Navy. He was commissioned at Newport RI in 1956; served with VS23 on the West Coast as an aviator and legal officer. He was discharged from active service in 1959 and entered the paper business with Mead Corp.; worked as a mill representative and in various mid-management positions until 1971 when he entered the distribution side of the paper business; worked in sales and management positions for various firms in the Chicago area through several mergers and acquisitions finally retiring from the Unisource Company in 1997. He married 1st December 18, 1954 in Evanston IL, Ann Havelaar [dau of William Charles & Kathryn Gardner (Merrill) Havelaar] born January 13, 1934 Evanston IL and died December 19, 1966, Arcadia CA; married 2d November 13, 1967 in Arcadia CA, Linda Marie Calvey [dau of James Edward & Hazel Irene (Marrion) Calvey] born August 31, 1942 Cleveland OH.  Tom is the provider of the information for this twig of the Tree - thanks, Tom!  They reside at Washington Island WI and enjoy genealogy, boating, woodworking, reading, walking and life in general, ‘thankful for our blessings and good fortune’.  Born to Tom and Ann were:

( SUSAN ELLEN MCGURN born July 14, 1956 Pensacola FL; married January 24, 1981 at Glenview IL James McReynolds

( KATHERINE ANN MCGURN born December 17, 1957 Santa Ana CA; married August 13, 1983 at Iowa City IA Scott Allan North

( CARRIE LYNN MCGURN born June 1, 1961 Evanston IL; married August 24, 1996 in Little Compton RI, Christopher Loring Danforth

( THOMAS HAVELAAR MCGURN born November 27, 1963 Arcadia CA; married in Chicago, Guadalupe {maiden name unk}

Born to Tom and his second wife, Linda, was:

( JENNIFER MARRION MCGURN born September 27, 1969 Norwalk CT

( MARCIA ANN MCGURN born November 27, 1935 Waukesha WI; married March 31, 1956 in Delray Beach FL David M. Tiedt  

( WILLIAM SCOTT HOEHLE born April 6, 1912 Waukesha WI and died there June 10, 1993; married August 16, 1947 in IL, Jeanne Louise Richardson

( BESSIE H. SCOTT born May 1881 and died June 5, 1954 Menasha WI; married George A. Loescher


( BENJAMIN FERRIS, JR., (Benjamin J) (tombstone photo) born November 26, 1801 Ferrisburg VT and died October 11, 1881; buried Carpenter Cemetery, Monkton VT; a farmer; married November 16, 1823 at Ferrisburg VT, Mary Sherman born March 9, 1803 and died May 7, 1881. Note: there is a Ben J Ferris born November 26, 1801 and died October 11, 1881 with a stone at Oakland Cemetery, Princton, Bureau, IL; also for Mary; and born to them were:

( EMILY R. FERRIS born March 29, 1825 VT

( CORNELIA FERRIS born October 14, 1826 and died May 27, 1828; buried at Carpenter Cemetery, Monkton VT

( PHIMELA FERRIS born August 14, 1828 VT and died September 16, 1837

( BENJAMIN SHERMAN FERRIS born October 1, 1830/31 Ferrisburg VT and died Denver CO; moved to Princeton IL where he became a banker with his brother Henry; Benjamin was President of the First National Bank of Princeton until 1873, when he moved to Denver CO because of health reasons.  He married, lady’s name unknown and born to them were (possibly):

( PAUL W. FERRIS was a dentist in Princeton Ill; Paul and his brother Frank, both attended a meeting of dentists in NY June 25, 1859

( FRANK B. FERRIS was a dentist in Princeton IL; organized the first company from Bureau County for the Civil War, which was apparently Company I of the 12th Illinois Infantry Regiment, which was organized at Cario IL, August 1, 1861; regiment participated in numerous campaigns; see Compendium; elected Captain and was apparently the Commanding Officer of I Company; died of wounds received in action at Shiloh TN, April 18, 1862; a monument for him is in the Oakland Cemetery, Princeton IL; State of Illinois database says he was a 3-month man; there was a G.A.R. Ferris Post #309 in Princeton – named for this guy?

( HENRY HARRISON FERRIS (Harrison H Ferris) born December 24, 1832 Ferrisburg, Addison, VT and died 1902 Princeton IL.   Henry’s boyhood and youth were spent on the farm at Ferrisburg and there he remained until twenty years of age, receiving a fair education in a select school.  Upon leaving his native state, he went to Upper Sandusky OH, where he remained one year, and in the spring of 1854, went to Princeton.  In Princeton, the first business he was engaged in was buying and selling real estate, at which he was quite successful.  He was still engaged in real estate when the Civil War broke out and became a member of Company I., 12th Illinois Infantry Regiment, commanded by his cousin Frank. He served ninety days and attempted to reenlist but was rejected on account of his partially crippled hand.  Returning home after being discharged, Henry resumed his real estate business until 1864. In 1862, in partnership with his brother, Benjamin S., he purchased the private bank of Carey, Olds and Company and under the name of B. S. Ferris & Company, continued the business.  After a period of three successful years, the Honorable Justin S. Morrell of Vermont, an old acquaintance, invested some money and the First National Bank of Princeton was organized and duly incorporated. Because of health, Henry disposed of his bank stock, 1875 and went to Russell County KS, where he invested in a flock of 10,000 sheep. For the next two years, he spent the greater part of his life outdoors and his health improved; so he returned to Princeton, where he assisting in organizing the Citizens’ National Bank and was elected Vice-President, until 1894, when he was elected President.  Served as Director of the grade schools in Princeton. He married, February 4, 1865 at Waterville ME, Mary S. Dunbar [dau of Otis H.] born 1841 Waterville and died 1911; both buried Oakland Cemetery, Princeton, Bureau, IL. Born to them were:

( EDWARD SHERMAN FERRIS (Ned) (1864-1934) was cashier of the Shenandoah IA National Bank; Note: Edward S Ferris (1864-1934) has a stone at Oakland Cemetery, Princeton, Bureau, IL; married Grace Bennett born 1866 and died November 26, 1925; buried with Edward S; and born to them were:

( HOLMES DUNBAR FERRIS (1892-1971) (there is a Holmes Dunbar Ferris listed as an alumi of U of Wisconsin, Class of 1916 – kind of young to be this guy) married 1920 Martha Grenfell and born to them were:

( MARY ELLEN FERRIS (-1973) married Frank Bulman and born to them were:


( VIRGINIA BULMAN married a Mr. DeKruif

( VIRGINIA FERRIS died at age 7

( BARBARA FERRIS married Richard A. Smith and born to them were:

( SUSAN SMITH (1954-)

( DANIEL SMITH (1955-)

( EDWARD GRENFELL FERRIS married 1953 Suzanne Hall and born to them were:



( PAUL BENNETT FERRIS (1896-196?) married lady’s name unk (1924 a Paul B Ferris married Jane Emily Gregg of Madison WI – he was with the Empire District Electric Co, Joplin MO – don’t know if this is same guy) but born to them were:



( CAMILLA BLANCE FERRIS born 1867 and died November 5, 1935; buried Oakland Cemetery, Princeton, Bureau, IL a teacher of German in the high school of Ottumwa IA; also taught in Oak Park and Princeton IL; educated at Northwestern and later studied at Heidelburg, Germany and at Paris; was proficient in both German and French; unmarried

( CHARLES OTIS FERRIS born 1870 and lost 1895 on Lake Michigan; in business in Chicago and took passage on a boat at Benton Harbor MI for Chicago and was never heard from; unmarried; stone at Oakland Cemetery, Princeton, Bureau, IL

( ALBERT HOLMES FERRIS “Bert” born August 24, 1873 Princeton, Bureau, IL and died June 1928; was assistant cashier of the Citizens’ National Bank of Princeton; married May 30, 1898 Laura Sue Bryant [dau of John Howard & Harriet E. (Wiswall) Bryant] born March 18, 1875 Princeton and died March 24, 1945; both buried The Oakland Cemetery, Princeton (Photos); “He lived in a house by the side of the road and was a friend to man.”; and born to them were:

( HUGH HARRISON FERRIS (Harrison Hugh Ferris) born October 29, 1901 and died April 5, 1942 Princeton, Bureau, IL; listed on the Ferris monument at Oakland Cemetery, Princeton; married June 26, 1924 Maude C. Cox born September 23, 1900 Wyoming IL and died January 9, 1998; Hugh settled on part of the farm of his great grandfather, John Howard Bryant, and established an orchard that was operated by the family until about 1952; the orchard is still being operated today in the same Leafy Lane location; “He gave the people of his best.” “All who knew her, loved her”.; and born them were:

( JOHN HARRISON FERRIS born February 21, 1926 and died July 27, 1978; buried The Oakland Cemetery, Princeton IL; married Elizabeth F. Rauch born January 18, 1936.  Born to them were:

( JOHN HARRISON FERRIS, JR., born January 24, 1960

( ROBERT ATKINS FERRIS born September 5, 1963

( HENRY BRYANT FERRIS born April 6, 1965

( ROBERT CHILTON FERRIS (Photo) born November 11, 1927 Princeton IL and died January 2, 2002; married June 24, 1972 Martha Singleton Needham; Obit Chicago Tribune, January 4, 2002: Robert C. Ferris, 74, a postwar entrepreneur whose company made television components and parts for automobiles and electronic games for more than 40 years, died of respiratory failure Wednesday, January 2, in Bethesda Hospital in Florida. A jovial man with an open smile, he was perfectly suited to a business that stressed personal contact and a good-natured view of the components in which it dealt – often inventions that Mr. Ferris designed himself. He was a very practical person and had a great sense of how things fit together and worked, said his stepson John Needham. The components were simple but ubiquitous inventions, Needham said, such as the lights that illuminated dials on TV sets, car trunk lights and the miniature red lights in smoke alarms. His parts subsequently were incorporated into entire product lines, including Delco radios, General Motors cars and light socket assemblies for Dirt Devil vacuum cleaners. In the 1990s, Mr. Ferris donated land he bought in rural Putnam County to a waterfowl habitat restoration project. He also supported other wildlife restoration efforts along the Illinois River. When it came to wildlife, he was first of all enchanted by it, said Donald Hey, senior VP of the Wetlands Initiative, an Illinois conservation group. On his own property, he created prairies, created a lake system. I often would visit him on the farm and see him sitting by the lake, watching the dragonflies and geese. He just had a lifelong dedication to preservation of those ecosystems. Mr. Ferris born in Princeton IL, and attended the U. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He left and served as a Navy corpsman at the Great Lakes Naval Training Center in the early 1950s. He later started his own company in Chicago – Christiana Industries – to make electrical parts for the television and automobile industries. In 1972 he married the former Martha Singleton, publicity director for Bonwit Teller department stores in Chicago. Mr. Ferris operated Christiana Industries for four decades, retiring in 1994 after selling it to Lake Forest-based Waud Capital Partners, LLC. (Surprise, Surprise – Christiana Industries closed its operations in Vernon Hills IL 2007 and moved to Mexico!) It gave him a lot of creative opportunities, and he met a lot of wonderful people, said his wife. He just had a very fertile brain. He was always coming up with different ways to use his own products. That attribute was typified in the 1970s when Mr. Ferris, an avid curler and golfer, noticed the ragtag collection of ropes and signs used at golf courses to direct golf cart drivers. Mr. Ferris started a side business called Coursesigns that manufactured signs that subsequently appeared at thousands of golf courses. He was a former president of the Exmoor Country Club in Highland Park, a governor of Shoreacres Club and a director of the Evans Scholars Foundation, which provides college scholarships to golf caddies. Besides his wife and stepson, survivors include a stepdaughter, Kathryn Needham Hodges; four granddaughters and three nephews. A memorial service will be held at 2 p.m. Tuesday in Kenilworth Union Church, 211, Kenilworth Ave, Kenilworth (Cook, IL); both buried Oakland Cemetery, Princeton IL (Photo) 

From The Beta Upsilon Booster:  Tribute to Bob Ferris ‘49

Some brothers can still see Bob Ferris ’49, a respected, successful businessman in jacket and tie, stooping to clean up the yard at the Delta Tau Delta chapter house. The stories of his devotion are the stuff of Delt legend. At a time when few alumni even wanted to be associated with the chapter, in the wake of some bad national publicity, Bob Ferris stuck with the undergraduates. Some say, Bob Ferris and John Gleeson brought the chapter back from the edge of doom. On Wednesday, January 2, 2002, Robert C. Ferris, entrepreneurial business leader and environmental preservationist, passed away from a respiratory illness at the age of 74 in Bethesda Hospital in Florida.

                Among Delt brothers, Bob’s greatest contribution to preservation may well be his role in preserving our “habitat” at the University of Illinois. Every chapter has within its alumni ranks individuals which stand out in the history of the chapter, said Ken File, executive vice president of the Delta Tau Delta Educational Foundation. For Beta-Upsilon there’s no man who could be of greater importance to the chapter than Bob Ferris. Through the darkest times of the chapter he stood by this group and helped point them in the direction which has led to their rise to one of the best chapters at the University of Illinois. I don’t think they would have made it without him and John Gleeson.

                Brothers who lived through that dark time remember Bob well. I don’t know what drove him, said David Robertson, ’82. He was a great friend in a difficult time. We reorganized the fraternity; he was one of the big supporters. The TV got stolen and he showed up with a new TV, which made a huge difference and was a great morale booster. In the early years, he visited quite a lot and was a great source of help and support and inspiration.

                Chapter Advisor Matt Wilson ’89 said, I view Bob as the guy who made it his personal mission to see that Delt succeeded and, even as an undergrad that was inspiring to me to see this guy who cared so deeply about the place. That had a major impact on the way I felt about the fraternity. When you heard he was coming to campus, it was like your Dad was coming to campus. You wanted everything to be right for him.

                The lasting legacy is that he made a major gift two years ago to the project that moved our fraternity into its new house. It was a gift of $150,000, Brother Wilson said. And it illustrated to us how serious Bob was about doing this right. This was his crowning achievement. He passed away happy with where his fraternity stood. We are sad about his passing but feel he must have been happy with what he had done to provide for future Delts. Ken File agreed, the most recent success of their capital fund drive would never have been possible without Bob’s visionary leadership. He’ll be missed not only by Illinois Delts but by Delts all over the country.

                Carl Vogel knew Brother Ferris when he was an undergraduate, and saw that same servant-leader attitude 50 years ago. He died whatever the heck he could do. He was always at the end of the parade – just a hell of a loyal guy, Vogel said. You wish you had 50 fraternity brothers like him – just being 110 percent Delt from his pledge days forward, and very loyal. He was a natural talent, Brother Vogel added. If he saw a need, he would just jump in and do it. He enjoyed that more than school. The fraternity brothers were very important to him. He didn’t understand anybody being a lukewarm member. Bob did everything in the world around the fraternity. Our cook quit around finals week- probably her rebellion against us – and Bob took over the cooking for 50-60 people. He didn’t ask anybody. He just did it. He was a Delt through and through – from when he pledged until he left.

                He didn’t graduate. He’d go to school for six or eight weeks and get bored, Vogel said. One year he hitchhiked to Seattle. I don’t know what he did up there. And then he hitchhiked down to Rancho Santa Fe, California. When the hell have you been, and he said, I just left Ranch Santa Fe a few days ago, but the trucks were a little slow getting me back here.

                His nickname was “Apples”, Brother Vogel said. His mother would send crates of apples to the house. He kept them in the closet, but it wasn’t locked, and a case of apples didn’t last very long. He never knew exactly who the beneficiaries were. So he became “Apples” Ferris.

                One fall he came back to school, and he’s got a late ‘30s model Ford, Vogel recalled. During the summer he had rolled it. He explained that he was going like a bat out of hell down a country road and couldn’t stop it, and so he went into a ditch and he rolled it. He didn’t want to waste the car so he got someone with an acetylene torch to cut the roof off, and he had a convertible. He was so proud of his new convertible. It if rained, he said, It’s going to get wet inside, but it will dry out.

                Bob Ferris was born in Princeton, Illinois. He served as a Navy corpsman at the Great Lakes Naval Training Center in the early 1950s. He is survived by his wife, Martha Ferris, a stepson, stepdaughter, four granddaughters, and three nephews.

( DOUGLAS B. (BRYANT?) FERRIS born December 23, 1904 and died November 1964; married Elizabeth Chadwick and born to them were:

( SUSAN ELIZABETH FERRIS born January 13, 1926

( ALBERT FERRIS born August 1928

( RICHARD DUNBAR FERRIS born August 9, 1910 and died January 31, 1978 Tulsa OK; married Irene Deskins; buried Oakland Cemetery, Princeton IL (Photo); and born to them was:

( INFANT SON FERRIS died an infant; buried with parents (Photo)

( MARY CAROLINE FERRIS born October 31, 1878 and died June 6, 1971 Winter Park FL; unmarried; stone Oakland Cemetery, Princeton, Bureau, IL  

( MARTHA S. FERRIS born December 14, 1834 VT; married September 14, 1857 Anson Keene (1835-)

( GEORGE FERRIS born March 14, 1838 VT and died April 17, 1844; buried Carpenter Cemetery, Monkton VT

( LAURA FERRIS born January 22, 1840 VT and died April 15, 1847; buried Carpenter Cemetery, Monkton VT

( WATSON WEED FERRIS born August 10, 1842 VT and died 1902; buried Oakland Cemetery, Princeton, Bureau, IL – a Helen May Ferris born September 12, 1874 and did July 1875 dau of W. W. & F. Ferris is also buried at this same cemetery (Photo) – was she a daughter of Watson Weed Ferris?

( CHARLES EDGAR FERRIS born January 23, 1846 VT and died September 4, 1851; buried Carpenter Cemetery, Monkton VT

( SARAH FERRIS born c1766 Stamford CT and died February 2, 1816 Underhill VT; married c1789 Solomon Palmer [son of Justus and Amy] born c1765 Greenwich CT and died June 1813 Underhill, Chittenton, VT; they moved from North Salem, Dutchess Co NY to Underhill VT after 1790; and  born to them were:

( BENJAMIN PALMER born 1790 (North Salem NY) Underhill, Chittenden, VT; married Sarah {maiden name unk}

( SARAH PALMER born 1792 Underhill, Chittenden, VT; married June 31, 1831 in Underhill, Jonathan French

( EBENEZER PALMER (EBEN) born May 22, 1794 Underhill VT and died August 8, 1866; married 1st 1816 in VT, Martha Humphrey; 2d April 1826 in Copley OH, Jane Griffen; and 3d March 2, 1835 in Northampton MA, Laura Maria Rust born August 31, 1806 Northampton

( CORNELIUS PALMER born September 27, 1795 Underhill, Chittenden, VT and died December 3, 1868; married 1st November 4, 1821 in Ferrisburgh VT, Sally Middlebrook born March 15, 1797 Trumbull CT; married 2d March 20, 1840 in Highgate, Franklin, VT Hannah Best

( JOHN PALMER born Underhill VT

( SOPHIA PALMER born Underhill VT

( JONAH FERRIS PALMER born June 10, 1802 Underhill VT and died April 14, 1871 Essex VT; married 1824 Chloe Mead [dau of Martin & Freelove (Wright) Mead] born August 12, 1804 Pittsford VT and died (May 212, 1869) April 14, 1871 Essex VT; and born to them were:

( MARTHA M PALMER born May 8, 1826; married Edwin Woods

( SARAH A PALMER born July 14, 1828; born A F Chapin

( FREELOVE W PALMER born November 28, 1834; married Rollin Smith

( SIMEON M PALMER born April 21, 1840

( CORNELIA S PALMER born November 2, 1844

( CARRIE M PALMER born August 4, 1846; married c1867 Silas Smith (c1842-)

( JOEL M PALMER born 1804 Underhill VT and died 1879; married Susan Merritt born Underhill VT

( JOSHUA FERRIS PALMER born c1803/5 Underhill VT; married Sarah (or Sally) Ferris (; always called and known as Ferris Palmer; he is said to have moved to New York City to work on the construction of the New York Piers; and born to them were:

( CORNELIUS PALMER born December 19, 1827

( ELIZA (LISA) PALMER born June 11, 1830 New York City and died there February 27, 1906; married January 2, 1851 Lewis A. Thomas [son of John and Maria (Anthony) Thomas] born Sepember 29, 1826 New York City and died April 28, 1890 Brooklyn. Born to them was (and probably others):

( FREDERICK A. THOMAS born c1858 New York City and died there 1897/1900; married c1881 Mathilda Boggenkamp born c1860 New York City and died July 21, 1930 Brooklyn. Born to them was (and probably others):

( CHARLOTTE AUGUSTA THOMAS born December 6, 1892 and died June 30, 1964; married June 4, 1913 Captain Percy Ellsworth Arnold born January 6, 1890 and died June 19, 1964; and born to them was:

( ELLSWORTH EDWARD ARNOLD born November 27, 1916 Amityville, Long Island, NY

( BENJAMIN PALMER born September 9, 1832

( FERRIS PALMER born July 29, 1835

( CHARLES PALMER born March 29, 1842

( JACOB FERRIS PALMER born May 29, 1845 and died October 4, 1917; married 1872 Elizabeth Galbraith; they resided in New York City

( MARTHA PALMER born Underhill VT

( EMALINE PALMER (Emeline) born 1813 Underhill VT

Born to Peter and his second wife, Hannah, were [sequence is questionable]:

( PATTEE FERRIS died before 1788; married, as his first wife, Trowbridge Crossman born February 19, 1766 and died March 12, 1839 Weston CT. Pattee’s death date is based on the date of Trowbridge’s second marriage, 1788. She may have died in childbirth?  Born to them was:

( BRADFORD CROSSMAN born August 20, 1787


( PETER FERRIS born January 29, 1777 Fairfield CT; married 1796/97 in VT, Olive Mervin born c1774; resided in Westchester Co NY for a number of years; apparently moved to Wells Township, Bradford Co PA where he appears on the assessment list of 1829, which means he may have arrived in 1828. He was listed as under age 70 (spelled Faris) in the 1830 census. [Note: there is some conflicting info on birth places on this twig, but will list the info as I have received it.] Born to them were:

( AMANDA FERRIS born July 10, 1797 Ferrisburg VT and died February 11, 1854 age 56y 7m 1d (from her tombstone); married Joseph Jones.  [one source has Amanda marrying after the 1820 census, probably in Hectory, Tompkins County NY, as his second wife, Obadiah Brown, Jr. born November 7, 1777 and died February 19, 1854 at the age of 76 years 3 months 12 days (from tombstone); buried East Troy Cemetery, Bradford County PA.] [we might surmise that Joseph Jones died between 1816-1820 and this was Amanda’s second marriage]; both Amanda and Obadiah buried East Troy Cemetery, East Troy, Bradford, PA (Photos). Born to Amanda and Joseph Jones was:

( JOSEPH LORENZO JONES born April 1, 1817 St. Lawrence Co NY; married March 12, 1838 Almira Parsons born March 1, 1812 Columbia PA

            Born to Amanda and her second husband, Obadiah Brown, Jr., were:



( EMMADILLA BROWN “Emily” born 1815 and died November 3, 1836 age of 21y 7m 8d (from tombstone); buried Wolf Settlement Cemetery, Columbia Township; married Renselaer Wolfe [son of Michael & Elizabeth (Furman) Wolfe] born May 7, 1811. He remarried after Emily’s death.

( ALINE FERRIS (Alma Butler Ferris as per headstone) born September 11, 1799 Ferrisburg VT and died March 1, 1880 Butler Co KS; married (in Erie Co NY) Samuel Durant  [son of John & Elizabeth (Seamer) Durant] born November 29, 1791 Framfield Parish, Sussex, England – enumerated in Athens, Bradford County PA in 1850 and died January 29, 1880 Butler Co KS (dates from headstone) (Photos); both buried Pleasant View Cemetery, Elbing, Butler, KS and born to them were:

( COLUMBIA DURANT (twin) (6th born) born 1836 Batavia IL and died before 1889 Sabula, Jackson, IA; married December 26, 1852 in Jackson Co IA, William Weed ( – see him for offspring

( JOHN DURANT born May 31, 1823 Cayuga Lake, Cayuga Co NY and died after c1889 Jackson Co IA; married April 27, 1851 in Jackson Co IA, Amanda Tompkins [dau of Nathan M & Eliza (King) Tompkins] born c1830 Richland Co OH and died after 1889 Jackson Co IA; and born to them were:

( MARY DURANT (1853-1870)

( ELIZA DURANT born 1855 and died after 1889 Barry Co MI; married Albert Hanyen

( ALBERT DURANT born 1858 and died after 1889; married Flora Wright

( LOUIS DURANT born 1860 and died January 1889 Jackson Co IA

( GEORGE DURANT (1862-) died in Harrison Co IA; married Alice Kennedy

( ALMA DURANT born 1865 and died after 1889 Marion, Linn, IA; married Henry Heberling

( CHARLES DURANT (1869-1870) 10m old




( MAY DURANT (1877-1877)

( JAMES DURANT born August 1824 Cayuga Lake, Cayuga Co NY and died 1850-89 CA

( MARIA DURANT (Maria L Durant) born 1826 Cayuga Lake, Cayuga Co NY and died after 1889 Harrison Co IA (born June 4, 1828 London, Ontario, Canada and died March 10, 1910 Anoka MI); married c1846 William Hunter born December 13, 1818 Schenectady NY; and born to them were:

( ALBERT HUNTER born 1847 IA

( MARY HUNTER born October 28, 1849 IA

( WILLIAM HUNTER born November 5, 1851 Clinton City IA

( PHILO ROBERT HUNTER born September 23, 1856 IA and died in CA; married Ellen Clarke born October 29, 1857 and born to them was:

( LAURA VIANNA HUNTER born January 13, 1883 Peabody KS and died January 1985 (102y?) Milwaukee WI; married Patrick J Coyle born August 18, 1881 KY and died November 26, 1963 Pasadena CA; and born to them were:

( ESTHER ERMA COYLE born March 13, 1902 Logan IA and died December 27, 1972 Evergreen Park, Cook, IL; buried there St Mary Catholic Cemetery; married James Emmett McKenna born April 24, 1902 Bay City MI and died Mountain Home, Baxter, AR; buried there Kirby’s Tucker Memorial Cemetery; and they had a child

( MARGARETTE COYLE born February 2, 1906 Logan IA

( TIBER HUNTER (c1857-)


( SARAH DURANT born 1830/34 London, Canada and died after 1889 Otter Tail Co MN; married Newton Jenne

( WILLIAM DURANT born 1832/33 London, Canada and died February 22, 1870

( COLUMBUS DURANT (twin) born and died 1836 Batavia IL

( SETH DURANT (1838-1840)

( JANE DURANT born 1840 Manchester IA and died before 1889; married James Rufus Phillips (c1838-) [son of Horace & Susan B (Weed) Phillips]

( BENJAMIN DURANT (1846-1888) buried Pleasant View Cemetery, Elbing, Butler, KS (Photo)

( PETER FERRIS born 1799/1800 Ferrisburg VT; married Elizabeth “Betsey” Foster. Peter enumerated with a family in Wells Township n 1830 but does not appear in any of the assessment lists or later census records and is presumed to have moved from the area.

( JOEL FERRIS born 1803/04 Ferrisburg VT (c1803 CT); occupation 1850 was listed as farmer; Joel first appears in the 1830 assessment list of Wells, indicating he was residing there 1829; removed to neighboring Columbia Township and is enumerated there 1830 and in the 1831 assessment of Wells is a notation that he removed from the township; one male child and one female child, both under 5 enumerated in their household 1830; married 1st Clara (Clarissa) Barber born May 1804 and died November 26, 1833 (age 27y 6m); Columbia Township, Bradford Co PA; buried Wolfe Settlement Cemetery, Columbia Township; married 2d Sarah Bailey. In the 1835 assessment list of Wells, Joel had returned. In the 1837 assessment list he transferred his property to Aaron Burr. On the 1840 assessment list is the notation “moved out”; enumerated Troy Township 1840; Columbia Township 1850; and born to Joel and Clara were:

( MARY ELIZABETH FERRIS - not listed by all sources - born December 30, 1825 Corning, Steuben, NY and died September 10, 1900 Wells Township, Bradford Co PA; buried Baptist Hill Cemetery, Columbia Cross Roads, Bradford, PA; married September 28, 1848 in Columbia Township, Bradford Co PA, Hiram West born November 14, 1820 and died July 25, 1871.  Born to them were:

( JOEL WEST (1855-)

( ALLEN WEST (1860-)


( HARRIET WEST (1862-) married Hiram Edson; both buried Dagget Cemetery, Dagget, Tioga, PA

( EMMIT WEST (1863-)


( MARION WEST born September 18, 1868 and died June 20, 1924 Wells Township, Bradford Co PA; buried Baptist Hill, Columbia Township, Bradford Co PA; married October 29, 1892 Ammon Bradly Warner

( FRANKLIN FERRIS - not listed by all sources – born c1827; enumerated 1850 census Athens, Bradford County PA

( ALVIN FERRIS born c1827/29

( ERASTUS FERRIS - not listed by all sources – born c1831; enumerated 1850 census of Athens, Bradford County PA


Born to Joel and his second wife, Sarah, were:

( ERNIST FERRIS (c1836-)

( AMANDA FERRIS “Alma” died March 8, 1843, Columbia Township, Bradford County PA, at age 4 years; buried Wolfe Settlement Cemetery, ColumbiaTownship.

( ELIZA ANN FERRIS died March 3, 1843 at age 2 years, 4 months, 3 days; buried Wolfe Settlement Cemetery; same tombstone as her sister, Amanda.

( JOEL E. FERRIS born December 4, 1842 Bradford Co PA and died November 3, 1918 Elmira, Chemung, NY; a Civil War Vet; married Hannah J. Roblyer [dau of John] born September 1846 NY.  In the 1900 census, Joel was listed as a carpenter; in the 1910 census as as forman, glass cutting.  From his obiturary, Elmira Starr Gazette, Monday November 4, 1918: Joel E. Ferris, a manufacturer of cut glass articles in this city for several years, died Sunday at 10:45 a.m. at the family home 300 Orchard Street, aged 75 years years. Mr. Ferris had been ill six months and his death was no unexpected. He is survived by four sons, John, George, Frank, and Harry, 12 grandchildren and 1 great-grandchild. The funeral will be held privately at the family home Wednesday at 2 p.m., the Rev. W. T. Henry to officiate -burial in Woodlawn Cemetery. Born to them were:

( JOHN CLARENCE FERRIS (Photographs) born c1866 and died c1940; married 1st name unk; and 2d Anna Kroger. Between 1895 and 1910 he was President of Elmira Glass Cutting Company; in 1920 he was salesman and sold Guava Jelly.  Born to John and apparently his first wife was:

( ROY E. FERRIS (Ray E) born November 1887; listed in the 1917 Elmira Directory as a machinist

Born to John and his second wife, Anna, were:

( HAZEL ELIZABETH CICELIA FERRIS born 1895 probably in Elmira, Chemung County NY and died 1959 Hornell, Stueben, NY [Hazel may be from John’s first wife?]; married (after 1917) John James Delaney born 1885 probably Elmira and died 1958 Hornell; both buried there St. Ann’s Cemetery

( EDNA FERRIS born August 8, 1904 Elmira NY and died August 1970 Jamacia, Queens NY; a Librarian and in 1970 resided Hollis NY

( ALICE FERRIS born August 2, 1910 and died August 22, 1994 Hollis NY; married January 17, 1888 Jack Rush who died April 1981 Hollis NY

( FRANK E. FERRIS born 1871 PA and died circa February 7, 1949 Elmira NY; buried Woodlawn Cemetery, Elmira NY; listed in 1917 Elmira Directory as employed at Willys-Morrow Co; married Belle {maiden name unk} born 1870 NY.  Born to them were:

( ELMER F. FERRIS (1897-) 1917 Elmira Directory says an Elmer Ferris removed to Detroit MI – same guy?

( HERBERT C. FERRIS (1899-) 1917 Elmira Directory has a Herbert Ferris employed at Willys-Morrow Co – probably same guy

( GEORGE R. FERRIS died circa July 23, 1942 Elmira NY

( CLARENCE J. FERRIS born December 1882; married Annie {maiden name unk} born April 1883 NY (Interesting that he was not listed in his father’s obit); 1900 census he was listed as a glass cutter – not listed in the 1917 Elmira Directory

( HARRY FERRIS - in 1910 census listed as glasscutter – in 1917 Elmira Directory, a Harry Ferris is an employee of Willys-Morrow Co; apparently married, lady unk - born to them was:

( JOSEPH FERRIS (1896-) also listed as a glasscutter in the 1910 census, though he would have been only 14 years old

( JAMES FRANK FERRIS died circa March 5, 1917

( ALBERT FERRIS born 1806 Ferrisburg VT; married Fidelia Weeks - enumerated in the 1840 census of Columbia Township, Bradford Co PA with 2 males under age 5, a male of age 10-15; and 3 females of ages 5-10. Born to them were:








( ELIZA FERRIS born 1812 Ferrisburg VT; married, at Hector NY, John Henyon; enumerated in Hector, Tompkins (now Schuyler) Co NY 1830; and born to them were:





( OLIVE FERRIS (HULDAH OLIVE FERRIS) born 1816 St. Lawrence Co NY and died in 1856 age 37 years; buried (Wellsburg Baptist Cemetery?) Wellsburg Cemetery, Ashland, Chemung Co NY; married, at Wells Township PA, Cornelius Furman [son of John & Betsey (Bogart) Furman]; enumerated in Columbia Township in 1840 and Springfield Township 1850. Born to them were:


( HARRY FURMAN (c1833) (or Harriet Furman)

( JOHN FURMAN (c1835-)


( MARY FURMAN (c1840-)

( FRANKLIN FURMAN (c1844-) (or Frances Furman)

( GEORGE WASHINGTON FERRIS born April 30, 1819 Hector, Tompkins (now Schuyler) Co NY; married Louisa Cosby born October 28, 1821 Newkirk NY; they resided in South Creek Township, Bradford Co PA and then removed to Troy, same county and were enumerated in Athens, Bradford County, 1850. They moved to Quincy IL in the early 1850s. Born to them were:

( HUDSON FERRIS born August 10, 1843 South Creek Township, Bradford Co PA

( MARY FERRIS born January 22, 1845 Troy, Bradford Co PA; married c1865 at his 2d wife, at Quincy IL, Samuel Pirverley (Samuel Carr Peverly (c1833-1898) son of Benjamin & Susanne (Burnside) Peverly) and born to them was:

( EDWARD PIRVERLY (Peverly) born Chicago IL

( OLIVE FERRIS born July 9 (March 19), 1846 Athens, Bradford Co PA; married 1865 at Quincy IL, Otis Hull (1868 at Chicago, Samuel R. Rimsey)

( EMMA FERRIS born March 19, 1849 Athens, Bradford Co PA; married 1868 at Chicago, Samuel E. Rimsey and born to them was:


( ANNIE FERRIS born May 5, 1856 Quincy IL; married in December 1887 at Chicago, Joseph Roakley; no offspring

( RUE BENJAMIN FERRIS (twin) born March 4, 1860 Quincy IL and died March 15, 1923 Chicago; married Emma Attow born September 26, 1858 Stratford, Canada and died May 2, 1902 Chicago.  Born to them were:

( MABLE FERRIS born April 15, 1884 Chicago; married 1st Charles Felix Johanson - divorced; 2d Edward Konkie

( EDITH FERRIS born December 20, 1886 Chicago and died September 7, 1962; married 1st Charles H. Bunniger (Bunegar) and 2d George Beville

( WALTER WESLEY FERRIS born January 6, 1887 Chicago and died March 1975 Provo, Utah, UT; buried there East Lawn Memorial Hills (Photos); a building contractor and a member of the LDS Church; moved to Provo in 1958 and became a professional gardener and temple worker; married August 24, 1909 in LaPorte IN Emma Mary Fausdick born January 18, 1880 and died January 23, 1960; and born to them were:

( MELVIN FERRIS born April 3, 1910 Chicago; 1978 resided SLC; married Juanita Monson and born to them were:

( ROBERT WALTER FERRIS born May 30, 1932 Chicago; married 1st Joan Rose Bodke and 2d Virginia Lee Burns; and born to Robert and his wives(?), were:

( KELLEY SUE FERRIS born October 15, 1959 Odgen UT

( DAVID RANDALL FERRIS born October 19, 1960 Las Vegas NV

( HOLLY LIN FERRIS born December 19, 1961 Long Beach CA

( JUANITA LILLIAN FERRIS born December 21, 1962 Bountiful ID

( KATHY ANN FERRIS born July 3, 1964 Bountiful ID

( WESLEY ELVIN FERRIS born May 12, 1937 Chicago; married Barbra June Bray

( GERALDINE EMMA FERRIS born May 23, 1939 Chicago; married Doyle Arnold Sanders

( KAY JUANITA FERRIS born July 7, 1943; married Lawrence Edwin Pace

( MURIEL FERRIS born November 27, 1911 Chicago; married 1st Benjamin Alward and 2d pre-1978 Reinhard Tanner – 1978 resided Provo UT

( ETTA FERRIS born April 2, 1891 Chicago and died January 18, 1948; married 1st August 2, 1909 Thomas Melvin Gover - divorced; 2d January 27, 1917 John Kwaak

( EARL RAY FERRIS born May 3, 1898 and died December 23, 1965; married January 2, 1918 Gertrude Fisher

( RUTH FERRIS (twin) born March 4, 1860 Quincy IL; married in Chicago, George Atthow and born to them were:

( IDA ATTHOW born December 2, 1877

( HAZEL ATTHOW born in 1887

( BENJAMIN FERRIS (BENJAMIN FRANKLIN FERRIS) born February 11, 1869 Quincy, Adams, IL and died May 9, 1932 Chicago IL; married February 1, 1887 at Chicago, Mary Etta Penny [dau of Andrew & Margaret] born 1870 IA and died 1940 IL; and born to them were:

( HARRY FERRIS born November 26, 1887; moved his family to Calif.

( ROY LEONARD FERRIS born February 13, 1891 Chicago IL and died there October 1973; pastured in churches in Sycamore, Berwyn, and Chicago; married 1st Daisy Edith West [dau of Joseph Henry & Minnie Jane (Howard) West] born March 3, 1893 and died August 16, 1916; married 2d Esther Dowie West [sister of Daisy] born January 1, 1900 Rockford, Winnebago, IL and died January 7, 1988 Chicago; and born to him and Daisy was:

( DAWN JEAN FERRIS born 1915 Rockford, Winnebago, IL and died December 2006 Tuscon AZ; married Gonzolo Leon born in Mexico; and born to them was:

( PAUL DALE LEON, DPM (Photo), born 1935 IL; a Podiatrist, graduated from the Dr. William Scholl College of Podiatric Medicine at R. F. U in Chicago 1958; completed his residency at Civic Hospital, Detroit MI; practiced in the Chicago area for 11y furthering the field of podiatry by helping to train podiatrists in surgical procedures while providing quality care to his patients; 1970 moved his practice to the Oak Ciff area of Dallas; married Virginia Lutz; and born to them was:

( KIMBERLY DAWN LEON born 1969 Park Ridge IL; married February 15, 1993 Kevin Mills

            Born to Roy and his 2d wife, Esther, were:

( PAUL WAYNE FERRIS born June 13, 1923 Rockford, Winnebago, IL; married Isabel Sarah Gibson [dau of John & Carolyn (Carmichael) Gibson] born March 14, 1925 Sycamore, DeKalb, IL and they had 3 kids; 1 of which was:

( PAUL WAYNE FERRIS Jr (Photo) born March 25, 1944 Sycamore, Cook, IL; U of Illinois; B.A. Pillsbury College; M.A. Trinity Evangelical Divinity School & Jersualem University College; M.Div, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School; Ph.D., Dropsie College for Hebrew & Cognate Learning; served as pastor, hospital chaplain, church planter, consultant, college & seminary professor, and college & seminary president; author; 1998- Professor, HebrewBible, Lead Faculty, M. Div. & M.A. (T.S.) Degree Programs, Center for Biblical & Theological Foundations, Arden Hills MN; married Lois Fransen born May 9, 1942 Winnipeg, Manitoba; Paul has provided this updated information – thanks, Paul!; and born to them were:

( PAUL WAYNE FERRIS III born August 29, 1968 Skokie, Cook, IL; married July 18, 1992 Julie Hulin born July 14, 1971; and born to them were:



( HEIDE LYNN FERRIS born November 16, 1979 Skokie, Cook, IL

( JEREMY FRANSEN FERRIS born February 21, 1973 Abington, Montgomery, PA; married December 23, 1995 Joanne Berendregt born October 31, 1976; and born to them were:



( RONALD EDWIN FERRIS born June 22, 1946 Chicago IL; commercial artist; married August 1975 Dale Rachel Anderson

( DONALD GENE FERRIS born March 10, 1949 Chicago IL; Pastor High Street Community Church, Santa Cruz CA; married August 2, 1975 Charlotte Hinderliter; and born to them were:

( STEPHANIE FERRIS married Abe Flieschman; and born to them were:



( SHANNON FERRIS married Dan Johnson; and born to them was:


( ROY JAMES FERRIS died February 9, 2002 Fairfield KY; married Merle Harper born in TX

Kentucky State Senate 2d Regular Session, BR 2219

A RESOLUTION adjourning the Senate in loving memory and honor of Roy James Ferris.

With deepest respect and admiration, we pay homage and tribute to Roy James Ferris, and we pause in silent reverence for his soul.

WHEREAS, Roy James Ferris, a native of Chicago, Illinois, and longtime resident of Fairfield, Nelson County, Kentucky, traversed these earthly bounds on February 9, 2002; and

WHEREAS, Roy James Ferris was the loving son of the late Roy Leonard and Esther D. West Ferris; he was the loving brother of a sister, Dawn Leon of Tuscon, Arizona, and a brother, Paul Wayne Ferris of Arlington Heights, Illinois; he was the devoted husband of fifty-seven years to Merle Harper Ferris, and he was the adored father of a son, Roy James Ferris, Jr., of Middlebury, Indiana, and a daughter, Joy Lynne Beall of San Marcos, Texas; and he was the proud grandfather of six grandchildren and a great-grandchild; and

WHEREAS, Roy James Ferris, after retirement from the Illinois Bell Company, moved to Fairfield, Nelson County, Kentucky in April, 1986, and he and his wife joyfully adopted Fairfield as their own home town; and

WHEREAS, Roy James Ferris will be remembered as an active and involved citizen, and highly esteemed member of the Fairfield community where he was a dedicated mayor who worked diligently and tirelessly for his town; under his leadership, the City Council purchased the old Post Office and renovated it for City Hall, he worked to clean up the downtown area, and he took great pride in organizing the annual Fairfield Homecoming; and

WHEREAS, Roy James Ferris was instrumental in founding Parkway Baptist Church where he was a dedicated member and deacon, and he was involved in Sunday School, senior ministries, outreach ministries, and he also was an active Promisekeeper; and his funeral services were held at Parkway Baptist Church on Monday, February 11, 2002, with Brother Eddie Benton officiating, and his burial will be in Memory Gardens in Arlington Heights, Illinois; and

WHEREAS, Roy James Ferris served his country with pride and distinction in the United States Army during World War II; and he was a member of Telephone Pioneers and the National Rifle Association; and

WHEREAS, it is with fond recollection that we remember Roy James Ferris, not only for his many accomplishments and friendships he made and sustained through the years, but also his compassion for and understanding of the common man, which he demonstrated daily; and

WHEREAS, the passing of Roy James Ferris has left a void that cannot be filled, and he is mourned across the length and breadth of the Commonwealth;


Be it resolved by the Senate of the General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Kentucky:

Section 1.   The Senate does hereby express its utters sense of bereavement upon the passing of Roy James Ferris, and extends to his family and many friends its most profound and deepest sympathy.

Section 2.   When the Senate adjourns this day, it does so in loving memory and honor of Roy James Ferris.

Section 3.   The Clerk of the Senate is hereby directed to transmit a copy of this Resolution to Mrs. Merle Harper Ferris, Highway 48, Fairfield, Kentucky 40020.

;and born to Roy and Merle were:

( ROY JAMES FERRIS Jr married Linda Lovodny; and born to them were:



( JOY LYNN FERRIS married Gary Beale; and born to them were:



            Adopted by Joy and Gary were:



( RAY FERRIS resided in Chicago IL and died before his brother Roy Leonard; married Lila {mnu}

( LESTER FERRIS resided in Chicago IL and died before his brother Roy Leonard; married Peggy {mnu}

( ORR FERRIS born 1857 Quincy IL – not listed by all sources. 

( PAMELY FERRIS married a Mr. Brown




( JONAH FERRIS born 1744 Stamford CT and died there December 26, 1815/18; enlisted in the spring of 1779 in Captain Syl­vanus Brown's Company, Colonel Matthew's Regiment for nine months, and re‑enlisted in the spring of 1780 for one year in Captain Charles Smith's Company, Colonel John Mead's Regiment and was wounded; married 1st lady unknown; married 2d December 2, 1784 Anne Smith [daughter of Charles and Elizabeth (Knapp) Smith] born November 23, 1746 Greenwich and died 1844. Jonah was buried in a small cemetery near his home on Erskine Road.  His remains were removed to Long Ridge Cemetery, where a marker has been placed. A question arises as to whether Jonah was married previous to his marriage to Anne.  The 1790 census, when Jonah had been married to Anne only 6 years, showed Jonah the head of a household of 2 males over 16, 1 under 16 and 4 females.  It seems more probable, however, that another family was living in his household. Anne applied for and received Jonah's pension (W25572) in 1840.  His will named, as his only heir, his daughter Mary Ann Hoyt. Born to Jonah and his wives (?), were [may have been another son and daughter]:

( MARY ANN FERRIS born January 8, 1786 Stamford and died there June 15, 1851; married June 29, 1812 Deacon Calvin Hoit (Hait/Hoyt) (#3450) (; see him for offspring; both buried Long Ridge Cemetery, Stamford

( SARAH FERRIS born December 19, 1788 Stamford and presumably died before her father

( JONAH FERRIS, JR., (may have been first born)

( SARAH FERRIS died before 1786, the date of her father’s will; married a Mr. White and born to them were:



( HANNAH FERRIS married a Mr.Wood or Weed

( MARY FERRIS (1747-1816) unmarried




(3.9) HANNAH FERRIS (8RLK-PN) born c1672-73/82/93 Stamford (Greenwich) and died 1768 Greenwich (Stamford) CT; buried Stamford; married April 13, 1711 at Greenwich, Jonathon Austin (1680/85-1769) [son of Thomas and Hannah (Hardy) Austin]. In 1709, Jonathon was paid a bounty for military services in the expedition against Canada; he was a Captain in Newberry’s Company H.   On April 14, 1711(?), he bought land from Joseph Ferris and others, which he later deeded six square rods of land for a church to be built. They resided in Greenwich and were Congregationalists.They were residents of Stanwich, when it was set off from Greenwich in 1732.  Jonathon’s will dated August 1, 1768, proved August 1, 1769 reads as follows: In the name of God Amen, the thirty first day of August A.D., 1768, I, Jonathon Auftin of Greenwich in the county of Fairfield and Colony of Connecticut, being sick and weak in body, but of sound mind and memory, thank be given unto God, therefore, calling into mind the mortality of my body & knowing it is appointed for all men once to due, ddo make andd orddain that this is my Last Will and Testament to say first and Principally, I give and recommend my soul to the hands of God that gave it hopeing for acceptance through the merits of mediation of Jesus Christ my Lord and ony Saviour, my body I recommend to the earth to be buried in a decent Christian-like manner, and to such wordly Estate wherewith it hath pleases God to endow me within this life, I give bequeath and dispose of in the following manner and form: It is my will and I do order that all my just debts and Funeral charges be fully paid & satisfied out of my estate.  I give & bequeath to my eldest daughter Sarah Knapp the sum of ten pounds lawful money, which I look upon her full part and portion of my estate with what I have already given her.  I give unto my daughter Mary ye sum of five shillings lawful money with I look upon to be her full part and portion of my estate with what I have already given her. As to the heirs of my eldest son Jonathon Auftin, late deceased, I give unto them ye sum of ten pounds to them to be equally divided which from? I look upon to be their full part and portion of my estate. I give unto my granddaughter Anne Ferris- I bequeath unto my son Silas Auftin ye sum of five shillings lawful money which I look upon to be his full part andd portion of my estate.  I give unto my son Job Auftin his heirs and assigns, forever, four acres of land lying on the west side of a road near the meeting house in Stanwich Society & and is bounded Northerly by land belonging to ye heirs of David Mead late of sd Greenwich, Dec’d & southerly by a road he the sd. Job paying ye legacy of ten pounds which I have given to the heirs of eldest son Jonathon Auftin deceased as above mentioned.   Born to them were:

(3.9.1) JONATHAN AUSTIN, Jr born January 1, 1712 CT; his will was proved May 6, 1767 and died before August 1, 1767, Phillips Patent, Dutchess Co NY; married at Stamford, Charity Odell [daughter of Isaac III and Ann (Tompkins) Odell] born 1726 and died after 1777.  Jonathon’s will read as follows: “I, Jonathon Austin of Phillips Patent, Dutchess County, being sick, I leave to my sons Isaac and Jonathon, the farm I bought of Hugh Ryle. Charles, I give him free, and I give him L25. I leave to my wife the black mare and the use of all of the rest of my estate, for the bringing up of the children, Silas, Smith, Phebe, Job (Jacob), Robert, Anne, and Rebecca.  I make my brother John Austin and my friend William Nelson my executors”. Born to them were:

( ISAAC AUSTIN born 1746 and died October 14, 1813 Red Mills NY (now Mahopac Falls); buried Mahopac Falls NY Presbyterian Church Yard; married Ann Curry born October 20, 1745 and died December 30, 1811; buried Mahopac Falls. In 1788 purchased of the Commissioners of forfeiture, 92 acres in Lot No. 5, Phillips Patent.  He was a Private under Captain Haight, Colonel Drake, Westchester Co Militia during the Rev. War. Born to them were:

( CHARITY AUSTIN born July 20, 1767; married Isaac Bunker

( JONATHON AUSTIN born October 11, 1769

( MARY CURRY AUSTIN born February 1, 1772; married a Mr. Ketchum

( LOCKWOOD AUSTIN born 1774 Putnam NY; Drum Major in the War of 1812; married Susan Mead born 1777 NY.  Born to them were:

( WILLIAM AUSTIN born February 22, 1801 Kent, Putnam, NY and died November 7, 1890 Prattsburg NY; married December 14, 1824 Sally Ann Watkins born May 14, 1804 Dutchess Co NY and died July 2, 1888.  Born to them were:

( BENJAMIN B. M. AUSTIN born February 13, 1825 Fishkill, Dutchess, NY and died December 24, 1896 Prattsburg NY; married January 18, 1849 in Pulteney NY, Johannah E. A. Parker born March 16, 1826 Pulteney and died May 30, 1878 Prattsburg NY; and born to them were:

( JAMES A. AUSTIN born March 1850 and died 1917; married 1st May 2, 1875 Martha Hults who died April 29, 1930; married 2d Mrs. Betsey E. Smith; and born to James and Martha were:

( WILLIAM KARL AUSTIN born November 18, 1857 Jerusalem NY and died February 16, 1928 Penn Yan NY; married January 26, 1882 in Wayne NY, Amy R. Stanhope born November 10, 1859 Wayne NY and died March 25, 1910 Penn Yan NY; and born to them was:

( LOLA LOUISE AUSTIN born October 17, 1888 Keuba NY; married June 9, 1915 in Penn Yan NY, Earl F. Morse born June 19, 1892 Milo Center NY; and born to them were:

( MARION E. MORSE born August 14, 1920; married Roger H. Morrow

( MARGARET J. MORSE born August 24, 1925

( BENJAMIN PARKER AUSTIN (correct placement?) born August 15, 1867 Prattsburg NY and died there August 24, 1935; married October 14, 1887 at Prattsburg NY, Cheney Brown born June 30, 1871 Prattsburg; and born to them was:

( VERA MILDRED AUSTIN born May 19, 1893; married Leonard G. Walrath and born to them were:

( MARTIN AUSTIN WALRATH (SGT) born September 10, 1920

( MILDRED CHENEY WALRATH born July 7, 1924

Born to James and his second wife, Betsey, were:



( FANNY AUSTIN (1828-) married Coe Smith


( ELIZABETH AUSTIN (1831-) married James Trenchard

( LOCKWOOD AUSTIN born October 28, 1840 and died August 5, 1864 Nashville TN; buried there; Civil War?

( MARGARET AUSTIN born October 23, 1849 Prattsburg NY and died there May 9, 1913; married John Early born August 22, 1845 Prattsburg NY and died there May 9, 1930. Born to them were:

( ELTCIE EARLY born March 22, 1867 and died June 10, 1930; married John Brown

( DAISY EARLY married June 2, 1898 at Prattsburg NY, William H. Quigley born 1875 and died January 27, 1910 Wayland.  Born to them was:

( ETHELYN QUIGLEY born June 26, 1899

( DANIEL AUSTIN born February 4, 1807 Carmel, Putnam, NY and died July 26, 1892 Jerusalem, Yates, NY; married May 18, 1830 in Mattawan NY, Letitia Van Cott born December 29, 1812 Albany NY and died 1894 Jerusalem NY.  Born to them were:

( WILLIAM AUSTIN born February 11, 1831 Fishkill, Dutchess, NY; married 1st a Miss Willslow; and 2d Margaret Brazee; and born to William and Miss Willslow was:


Born to William and his second wife, Margaret, were:

( FRANK J. AUSTIN born July 25, 1871, Rathbone NY


( MAUD AUSTINE married Bert Dennis

( LETITIA AUSTIN married a Mr. Williams

( LEANDER AUSTIN born April 11, 1834 Fishkill, Dutchess, NY; married Frances Dinehart and born to them was:


( SUSAN (MARY) AUSTIN born August 30, 1836 Fishkill, Dutchess, NY; married William Potter

( GEORGE AUSTIN born May 30, 1842 Jerusalem, Yates, NY; married Mary Stutler

( SARAH JANE AUSTIN born June 23, 1844 Jersalem NY; married Myron Wood and born to them was:

( ALLEN WOOD born c1875 and died April 26, 1891

( JOHN MOORE AUSTIN born February 5, 1846 Kinney’s Corner, Yates, NY and died May 14, 1930 Prattsburg NY; married February 17, 1876 Emily Ann Dinehart born April 6, 1848 Yates NY and died October 21, 1936 Prattsburg NY. Born to them were:

( HARRY DINEHART AUSTIN born October 9, 1879 Jerusalem, Yates, NY; married July 5, 1906 at Chicago IL, Grace Isabella Holland born February 15, 1882 Evanston, Cook, IL. Born to them were:

( EDITH LILLIAN AUSTIN born May 11, 1907 Prattsburg NY; married George Kenneth Fox and born to them were:

( IRENE HELEN FOX born September 20, 1932 Yreka, Siskyiuou, CA

( CAROL JEAN FOX born April 2, 1935 Vallejo, Solano, CA

( ALAN AUSTIN FOX born May 3, 1943 Weed CA

( IRENE EMILY AUSTIN born November 14, 1909 Washington, DC; married William Pine and born to them were:

( EDITH JEAN PINE (twin) born February 8, 1938 Vallejo CA

( ELEANOR ANN PINE (twin) born February 8, 1938 Vallejo CA

( JOHN HOLLAND AUSTIN born September 16, 1911 Vallejo CA; married June 19, 1937 at San Francisco CA, Geraldine M. Hiam and born to them were:

( JOAN MERLE AUSTIN born June 19, 1939 San Francisco CA

( PATRICIA SUE AUSTIN born November 19, 1942 San Francisco CA

( MINNIE PEARL AUSTIN born March 14, 1884; married James Elmer Sherwood and born to them were:

( FLORENCE E. SHERWOOD born January 31, 1910

( MARY E. SHERWOOD born June 9, 1915

( ELIZA AUSTIN married a Mr. Brewster and born to them were:



( OLIVE AUSTIN married a Mr. Adams

( FANNIE AUSTIN married a Mr. Banker

( CHARITY AUSTIN married a Mr. Green

( ANN AUSTIN married a Mr. Burroughs

( JOB CURRY AUSTIN born January 17, 1779 and died January 4, 1862 Red Mills NY; married 1st Louisa Smith born May 17, 1784 and died May 24, 1836; buried Mahopac Falls NY; married 2d Hettie Pickney (1803-1866).   Born to Job and Louisa were:

( JULIA A. AUSTIN born December 22, 1810 and died October 18, 1882

( BENJAMIN J. AUSTIN born June 6, 1812 Putnam NY and died July 5, 1886 Pulteney, Steuben, NY; married November 19, 1834 at Pulteney, Steuben, NY, Margaret A. Wanmaker born August 13, 1814 Carmel, Putnam, NY and died February 21, 1897 Prattsburg, Steuben, NY.  Born to them were:

( CHARLOTTE J. AUSTIN born May 6, 1835 and died March 20, 1917; married Ed V. Parker

( LOUISA S. AUSTIN born April 10, 1837 Pulteney, Steuben, NY and died there November 1, 1921; married Wilson Nevyns born June 11, 1838 Pulteney NY and died there May 2, 1901. Born to them were:

( LAURA JANE NEVYNS born June 22, 1871; married Charles N. Horton

( MARTHA L. NEVYNS born May 14, 1874 and died April 25, 1943

( ANDREW D. NEVYNS born March 10, 1878

( MARTHA LANE AUSTIN born July 7, 1840 Pulteney, Steuben, NY and died May 30, 1922 Canesteo NY; married October 20, 1864 at Pulteney NY, Peter Nevyns (brother to above?) born September 9, 1825 Pulteney and died February 11, 1907 Canesteo NY. Born to them were:

( LOUISA JENNETTE NEVYNS (Netty) born December 21, 1865 Pulteney NY

( WILLIAM MERRITT NEVYNS born October 7, 1869 Canesteo NY and died September 27, 1896

( LURA MAY NEVYNS born May 22, 1877 and died July 19, 1900

( JAMES HOSEA AUSTIN born June 2, 1842 and died 1842

( MARY A. AUSTIN born April 1, 1846 and died February 1, 1932; married James Cinsebox

( FRANCES A. AUSTIN born September 9, 1855 and died August 29, 1911

( CYRUS AUSTIN born July 7, 1815 and died May 11, 1889; married in Los Angeles CA, Jane Ann Hewlett

( WILLIAM AUSTIN born July 7, 1816 and died August 4, 1816

( JAMES P. AUSTIN born in April, 1818 and died May 1, 1818

( JAMES AUSTIN (Dr.), born March 10, 1820 and died December 11, 1879

( BETSEY ANN AUSTIN born October 11, 1823 and died June 23, 1824

( PHEBE E. AUSTIN born March 13, 1825 and died December 13, 1903; married January 1, 1850, the Hon. Edward Wright [son of John & Sally Ann (Frost) Wright] born March 15, 1826 Union Valley NY and died July 2, 1911; he was a graduate of Normal College, Albany NY 1848; taught for several years but soon became a candidate for local office; 1850 elected superintendent of schools; 1850 elected Justice of Peace holding that office for 10y when he resigned having been elected County Clerk of Putnam Co during which time he studied the law; elected County Judge 1864 and held this position until 1884; and born to them were:

( LILLIE A. WRIGHT married Henry A. Gahn

( MATTIE WRIGHT married Willis A. Ganong

( PHILIP S. AUSTIN born January 17, 1827 Putnam NY; married Sarah Conklin born 1826 Putnam Co NY; and born to them were:

( GEORGE T. AUSTIN born July 16, 1848 and died July 27, 1848; buried North Lake Oscawana, Putnam, NY

( ELLA AUSTIN born 1851 Steuben Co NY

( JAMES A. AUSTIN born 1854 Steuben Co NY

Born to Job and his second wife, Hettie, were:

( LUCY E. AUSTIN born March 16, 1839; married Joseph Stockes

( ORPHA JANE AUSTIN born April 9, 1840 and died July 17, 1892

( CHARLES L. AUSTIN born February 12, 1842; married 1868 Emma Odell and born to them were:


( ADOLPH O. AUSTIN born April 1870


( J. LOUISE AUSTIN born August 21, 1873 and died September 26, 1910



( ANNIE L. AUSTIN born July 14, 1843 and died March 24, 1897; married Sells B. Stutchfield

( JONATHON AUSTIN (-1767) married Mary Slack

( SILAS AUSTIN married Rachel Brewer; Silas Austin, Ensign 1803, Vice Morris Haddon, resigned; Silas Austin, Captain, 1812, Lt Colonel J. Storms Regiment Vice Job Austin, resigned; Silas Austin of Dutchess County, NY, 1817, Major 61st Regt Inf.  Born to them was:

( ISAAC S. AUSTIN born 1774 and died September 11, 1871; married Susan Tompkins born 1778 and died before 1870 (1850 census lists them as 76y and 72y respectfully); and born to them were:

( SILAS T. AUSTIN born March 28, 1798 and died February 1, 1855; married Ruth {maiden name unk} born 1796-98 and died November 2, 1865.  Born to them were:

( ADA AUSTIN (1827-)

( ISAAC AUSTIN married Sarah {maiden name unk} (1836-) and born to them were:



( JOHN R. AUSTIN (1834-)

( MARY AUSTIN born December 2, 1803 and died June 25, 1900; married December 29, 1824 Robert Barker and born to them were [longevity was not a trait with this family]:

( PHEBE BARKER born February 21, 1826 and died April 13, 1849

( ANSON BARKER born December 15, 1827 and died April 3, 1829

( ASBURY BARKER born February 8, 1831 and died January 11, 1832

( HETTY BARKER born December 6, 1832

( SUSAN BARKER born April 2, 1835 and died June 17, 1861

( JAMES BARKER born April 5, 1839 and died October 30, 1856

( HANNAH J. BARKER born May 19, 1841 and died February 28, 1844

( EMMA BARKER died January 6, 1930

( DANIEL AUSTIN born November 14, 1805 Tompkins Corner NY and died June 28, 1891 Peekskill NY; married Abigail Lickly born June 25, 1825 and died December 28, 1891 Peekskill NY.  Born to them were:

( ELMINA E. AUSTIN born April 13, 1829 and died January 17, 1885; married William Bartley

( MARY ANN AUSTIN born January 11, 1831 and died October 1900; married Charles La Due

( WILLIAM A. AUSTIN born February 18, 1833 Putnam Co NY and died September 20, 1921; married in Fishkill NY, Mary Derbyshire born Putnam Co NY and born to them were:


( MARY IDA AUSTIN married William R. Morres


( SARAH E. AUSTIN born May 21, 1835 and died February 14, 1913; married Bradley Yeomans

( PHEBE E. AUSTIN (one source has this Phebe as being the dau of Daniel & Abigail (Lickley) Austin) born January 29, 1837 and died March 19, 1883 Phillipstown NY; married 1st      October 9, 1858 Corneluis Christian [son of Wesley & Eliza (Barger) Christian] born c1827 Putnam Valley NY and died there December 21, 1876 while delivering coal, intoxicated; and 2d Joseph Tompkins; and born to her and Cornelius were (see note at beginning of chapter):

( ELMORE CHRISTIAN born May 29, 1859 Putnam Valley NY

( ANTOINETTA CHRISTIAN born c1863 Putnam Valley NY

( EMELINE CHRISTIAN born December 23, 1867 Putnam Valley NY

( ESTELLA M CHRISTIAN born c1872 Lake Oscawanne NY

( LADORA CHRISTIAN born c1875 Putnam Valley NY

( EVOLINE CHRISTIAN born c1877 Putnam Valley NY

( ALONZO LICKLY AUSTIN born April 19, 1839 Oscawana Heights, Putnam, NY and died October 21, 1919 Peekskill NY; buried there; married November 3, 1866 at Adams Corners NY, Margaret Ann Tompkins born December 15, 1849 Tompkins Corners and died December 5, 1927 Peekskill NY. Born to them were:

( ANNA MARGARET AUSTIN born July 29, 1868 Peekskill NY; married April 25, 1888 in New York City, Dr. George Pratt Wygant born September 11, 1862 Catskill NY and died November 28, 1940 Peekskill NY. Born to them was:

( BERNARD AUSTIN WYGANT born January 12, 1890

( IDA MAY AUSTIN born February 3, 1870 and died December 31, 1923; married U. Grant Lockwood and born to them were:




( ARTHUR ALONZO AUSTIN born December 14, 1872 and died December 23, 1942; married Susan Sherwood and born to them were:

( RALPH AUSTIN born October 8, 1899 and died January 14, 1903; buried Peekskill NY



( WILLIAM DANIEL AUSTIN born January 11, 1876; married 1st Mable Ball born April 30, 1880 and died April 19, 1909; buried Peekskill NY; married 2d Emma Potter.  Born to William and Mable were:

( CLIFFORD ALONZO AUSTIN - born to him and his unnamed wife, were:



( GERTRUDE ADALINE AUSTIN married Nils Augot Hayes

( EVA H. AUSTIN born July 26, 1888; married Willis Henry Kniffen and born to them were:



( JOHN SEELY AUSTIN born November 16, 1841 and died August 17, 1926; buried Peekskill NY; married Sarah E. Tompkins (wonder if all of these Tompkins were related?) born 1847 and died 1911 Peekskill NY.  Born to them were:


( EVA AUSTIN married Robert Edmiston

( SIRMEALUR AUSTIN married a Mr. Bromo







( MELISSA JANE AUSTIN born June 11, 1843 and died February 22, 1911; married George Curry

( PHEBE AUSTIN married Isaac Hulse

( RACHEL AUSTIN born December 31, 1797 and died January 3, 1873

( JOHN AUSTIN born 1808 and died before 1870; married Margaret Rundell born 1810 NY.  Born to them were:

( JULIA M. AUSTIN (1835-)

( DAVID B. AUSTIN (c1837-)

( WILLIAM MARTIN AUSTIN (1840-) married Frances {maiden name unk} and born to them were:





( PHEBE E. AUSTIN (c1842-)

( CHARLES B. AUSTIN (c1844-)

( MARTHA J. AUSTIN (1852-)

( CHARLENA AUSTIN married John Tompkins

( SARAH AUSTIN married Robert Entrot

( SMITH AUSTIN born 1753 Dutchess Co NY and died September 17, 1834 Red Mills NY; married Martha Brewer born 1753 and died April 11, 1854 [dau of Samuel and Hannah (Mabie) Brewer]; and born to them were:

( ALTHEA AUSTIN born January 13, 1777 and died June 24, 1876; married August 27, 1794 Richard Dean born September 10, 1771 and died May 23, 1859 Red Mills NY. Born to them were:

( ANNA DEAN born August 19, 1795 and died April 19, 1861 Richford, Tioga, NY

( JOHN DEAN born August 17, 1797 and died November 23, 1832

( MARY DEAN born March 15, 1800 and died March 20, 1888

( SMITH AUSTIN DEAN born March 10, 1802 and died April 28, 1849 Aurora, Kane, IL

( STEPHEN DODD DEAN born January 13, 1804 and died 1850 CA

( ADAH DEAN born March 26, 1806 and died November 2, 1837

( IRA WARD DEAN born July 3, 1809 and died September 4, 1843 Buffalo NY

( AMZI LEWIS DEAN born September 5, 1811 and died October 4, 1876

( CORNELIUS DEAN born January 13, 1814 and died March 7, 1886

( LEWIS A. DEAN born July 9, 1816 and died March 10, 1902 Aurora, Kane, IL

( WILLIAM AUGUSTUS DEAN born January 4, 1819 and died July 12, 1854 NYC

( HETTY (HATTY) AUSTIN (1780‑1870) married 1796/97 James Barker (1778‑1842); and born them were:

( ABSALOM BARKER born December 14, 1798 and died December 9, 1872

( ROBERT BARKER born April 28, 1801 and died November 21, 1887

( MARY BARKER born December 6, 1805 and died February 28, 1869

( WILLIAM BARKER born April 5, 1809 and died June 18, 1889

( MICHAEL BARKER born January 1, 1811 and died April 14, 1883; married Sarah Robinson (1813‑1903); and born to them was (may be more):

( HATTIE BARKER (1845‑1905) married 1867 George W. Hart (1843-); and born to them were:

( MAY HART born Brooklyn NY May 22, 1869; married 1st November 19, 1889 Frederick A. Gabb; married 2d February 23, 1910 W. Hampton Smith; resided Ontario CA.  Born to May and Frederick was:

( GEORGE PERCIVAL GABB born Brooklyn NY December 25, 1890 and died in the service November 14, 1918 – WWI?

( JAMES BARKER born November 11, 1814 and died November 21, 1874

( SMITH AUSTIN BARKER born 1820 and died February 14, 1892


( ROBERT AUSTIN born 1792 and died January 23, 1872 Red Mills NY; married 1st  Elizabeth Downes born 1793 and died December 27, 1830; married 2d Lydia Lounsbury who died 1872 Red Mills NY.   Born to Robert and Elizabeth were:

( DELIA AUSTIN born November 20, 1823 and died October 18, 1898; married Caleb Carpenter born March 11, 1811 and died March 1, 1905. Born to them was:


( MARTHA AUSTIN died July 3, 1876; buried Yorktown NY; married Lewis Banker born March 23, 1820 Yorktown NY and died August 24, 1853 Newark NJ; buried Yorktown NY.  Born to them were:

( ELIZABETH ANN BANKER born August 18, 1841

( ORLANDO BANKER born in December, 1843

( PETER BANKER born August 30, 1845 and died before August 12, 1879


( ELIZA AUSTIN married James Sackrider

( ADAH AUSTIN born January 5, 1827; married June 2, 1847 in New York City, Henry T. Hagerman and born to them were:



( SMITH S. AUSTIN born 1830 Carmel, Putnam, NY; married Mary Jane Hill born 1835 and died May 17, 1904.  Born to them were:

( LANA AUSTIN born June 13, 1861 and died November 14, 1861/66

( SARAH LIBBEY AUSTIN born September 13, 1863 and died April 26, 1865

( ROBERT J. AUSTIN born June 21, 1866; married Julia Dean

Born to Robert and his second wife, Lydia, was:

( MARY AUSTIN born 1835 and died December 26, 1862; married John N. Fuller and born to them was:


( PHEBE AUSTIN married c1770 David Demorest who was christened October 30, 1743, Schraslenburg NY and died 1844 Hunter, Green NY (Jim – a Phebe Austin also married Gilbert Ferris ( and had 8 kids with him – supposedly this is the same Phebe) (see note at the beginning of this chapter); and born to them were:


( SMITH DEMOREST (Smith Demeree) born September 1, 1774 Frederickstown, Dutchess, NY and died July 25, 1854 Smithville, Lincoln, Ontario; buried Longwell Cemetery near Foxboro, Ontario; married August 19, 1813 in NY, Jane Thompson born August 8, 1794 Donegal, Ireland (or Prince Edward, Canada) and died April 28, 1864; both buried Longwell Cemetery near Foxboro, Ontario; and born to them were:

( ABIGAIL DEMOREST born and died July 8, 1816 Foxboro, Hastings, Ontario

( ADA DEMOREST born June 11, 1819 Foxboro

( DAVID DEMOREST born January 12, 1821 Foxboro and died there 1890; married October 25, 1844 in Foxboro, Mary Pallister born England and died October 7, 1864 Foxboro; and born to them were:

( EDWARD P DEMOREST born August 1, 1850 Hastings, Ontario and died March 27, 1913 Montcalm Co MI; married January 8, 1874 at Bushnell, Montcalm, MI Eliza Jane Hoy (Jennie Hay) [dau of Robert Walter & Elizabth (Wilson) Hoy] born February 5, 1855 Canton, Stark, OH and died July 7, 1942 Bethany, Gratiot, MI; both buried Vinewood Cemetery, Edmore, Montcalm, MI; and born to them were:




( EDWARD CLYDE DEMOREST born April 9, 1882

( WALTER M DEMOREST born April 15, 1884

( BERT C DEMOREST born August 1, 1886

( EDNA PEARL DEMOREST born December 28, 1888 Stanton, Montcalm, MI

( MABLE TRYPHENA DEMOREST born October 18, 1891 Six Lakes, Montcalm, MI


( EZRA ALTON DEMOREST born April 28, 1898 Hastings, Ontario

( EZRA JOSEPH DEMOREST born June 1852 Canada and died 1900 Saginaw MI; immigrated to US 1865; 1900 lawyer; married Mathilda Caroline Mumshaw born January 1852 Canada; and born to them was:

( EZRA HUME DEMOREST born September 17, 1875 MI

( JOHN DEMOREST born September 2, 1823 Foxboro and died April 26, 1907

( GEORGE DEMOREST born c1825 Foxboro

( MELZER DEMOREST born June 27, 1827 Foxborough, Hastings, Ontario; married 1st Helen Haight; 2d Lavina Harelson

( MATILDA DEMOREST born June 7, 1829 Foxborough, Hastings, Ontario; married David Homans

( SAMANTHA DEMOREST born December 20, 1832 Foxborough, Hastings, Ontario; married Samuel Westover

( CHARLES DEMOREST (twin) born November 8, 1834 Foxborough, Hastings, Ontario; married 1st Amaretia Pitman; 2d Margaret Stickles

( UNK DEMOREST (twin) born November 8, 1834 Foxboro






( JOBE AUSTIN DEMOREST born November 12, 1789

( SILAS DEMOREST died young


( JOB AUSTIN born March 31, 1759 Dutchess Co NY and died February 7, 1847 Red Mills NY; buried Mahopac Falls NY, Presbyterian Church Yard; Sergeant in the American Revolution, Captain John Crane’s Company, Colonel Ludington’s Regiment, Dutchess Co Militia; engaged in the Battle of White Plains; married 1st 1779 Mary Nelson born April 21, 1758 NY and died September 18, 1793; buried with Job; married 2d widow Hannah Hazen born 1755, and died December 13, 1839; buried Mahopac Falls; (this Job is apparently duplicated with ( – will leave here until correct placement is determined) and born to Job and Mary were:

( SILAS AUSTIN born May 5, 1780 Putnam Co NY and died December 9, 1841 Red Mills NY; War of 1812 Veteran; married 1805 Elizabeth Tompkins [dau of Nathaniel & Elizabeth (Oakley) Tompkins] born March 1, 1783(1789 NY) and died July 26, 1857 NY.  Born to them were:

( JOAB AUSTIN born December 23, 1805 Carmel, Putnam, NY and died May 25, 1875 Plano, Kendall, IL; married 1st Jane M. Stevens born December 1805 and died January 29, 1841?; buried Aurora IL; married 2d Sarah Ann Young [dau of Nathaniel] born October 15, 1809 Chappaqua NY and died September 16, 1899.  Born to Joab and Jane were:

( GEORGE AUSTIN born April 1838 and died January 31, 1863 Youngs Point; buried there; Civil War?

(  THEODORE AUSTIN born August 1839 and died June 18, 1865 Parkersville VA; buried there; Civil War?

( SILAS S. AUSTIN born March, 18** and died January 17, 1868

Born to Joab and his second wife, Sarah, were:

( NATHANIEL YOUNG AUSTIN born July 6, 1844 Kendall Co IL and died December 29, 1877 Kendall Co IL; married January 17, 1870 in Lee IL, Sarah Jane Roberts born January 17, 1849 Holmdell/Halmdel, Monmouth Co NJ and died June 19, 1930 Kendall Co IL.  Born to them were:

( JENNIE AUSTIN born August 15, 1871 and died February 19, 1872; buried Bristol Station, Kendall Co IL

( EVALENA AUSTIN born March 24, 1873 Kendall Co IL; married September 22, 1892 Frank Harkness Dunn born July 1870.  Born to them were:

( WALTER AUSTIN DUNN born September 18, 1894 Kendall IL

( EDWARD FLOYD DUNN born November 2, 1896 and died January 26, 1897

( MARJORIE ISABELLE DUNN born April 27, 1899

( JESSIE AUSTIN born June 11, 1876 Yorkville, Kendall, IL; married 1st December 22, 1902 at Fullerton NE, Raymond Jackson Reynolds [son of Edward & Mary (Hill)Reynolds] born October 19, 1881 St. Olaf IA and died December 5, 1918 Sioux City IA; buried Wayne NE; married 2d November 27, 1923 at Sioux City IA, Liffie Chichester Gildersleeve - divorced.  Born to Jessie and Raymond were:

( HELEN EDITH REYNOLDS born June 15, 1904 Fullerton NE; married August 21, 1928 at Wayne NE, James Feldman Miller, LTC, WWII - resided Kansas City MO. Born to them were:

( JAMES REYNOLDS MILLER born December 28, 1930 Lincoln NE

( MEDEDITH MILLER born December 15, 1935 Kansas City MO

( JOHN AUSTIN REYNOLDS born March 18, 1912 Sioux City IA; married June 1, 1934 in Oakland NE, Elsie Ericson - 1945 resided Denver CO. Born to them was:

( JOHN AUSTIN REYNOLDS, JR., born July 10, 1935 Lincoln NE

( JULIA ANN AUSTIN born November 11, 1850 and died November 11, 1923 Aurora IL; married Alexander C. Miller born January 24, 1853 and died January 3, 1918 Aurora IL; and born to them were:




( JOSHUA NELSON AUSTIN born May 27, 1807 Mahopac Falls NY and died March 19, 1892 Yorkville, Kendall, IL; buried Yorkville; married Sarah Pope Roberts born January 18, 1823 Moorestown NJ and died April 6, 1907 LaGrange IL.  Born to them were:

( ELIZABETH ROBERTS AUSTIN born April 26, 1859; married September 7, 1887 Dr. William Ennis Kinnett

( MARY AUSTIN born June 25, 1861; married June 25, 1885 Henry William Powell

( JOHN CLAYTON AUSTIN born March 12, 1863; married July 6, 1886 Hattie Brydon

( ELEAZER HAZEN AUSTIN born January 17, 1809 NY and died August 16, 1886/87 Yorkville, Kendall, IL; married Marion Jones Roberts born June 12, 1827 Morrestown NJ and died February 26, 1907 Yorkville IL

( NATHANIEL AUSTIN (-1849) born to him and his unk wife were:





( MARY AUSTIN born February 8, 1813 Red Mills NY and died there December 23, 1891; married July 4, 1840 in Red Mills NY, Peter Anderson born September 24, 1819 Red Mills and died there April 2, 1882.  Born to them were:

( JAMES THORN ANDERSON born July 7, 1841 and died June 24, 1924; married Annie Lounsbury

( MILA C. ANDERSON born February 24, 1844 and died March 18, 1863

( SILAS ANDERSON born February 4, 1850 and died July 30, 1915; married Mary Emigh

( GEORGE EDWARD ANDERSON born June 24, 1853 and died December 20, 1930; married 1st Alida Agor; 2d Mary Emma Mead

( SARAH AUSTIN born September 8, 1815 and died August 29, 1889 Yorkville IL

( GEORGE W. AUSTIN born October 8, 1818 and died September 15, 1889; buried Lake Mahopac NY; married Elmira Dean born October 2, 1829 and died June 2, 1914 Jefferson Valley NY.  Born to them were:

( INFANT AUSTIN died August 30, 1856

( HENRY AUSTIN died August 26, 1857/59

( INFANT AUSTIN died August 19, 1861

( HENRY PRICE AUSTIN born May 10, 1858 and died August 30, 1864

( MARY AUSTIN (1864-) married Munson Perry

( JANE AUSTIN born August 7, 1820 and died December 25, 1891; married Harrison Agor born February 22, 1818 and died December 4, 1892.  Born to them were:





( MERCY AUSTIN born February 23, 1823 and died June 28, 1828

( PHEBE E. AUSTIN born July 15, 1825 and died October 8, 1905

( AMOS LANE AUSTIN born June 10, 1827 and died April 21, 1897; married November 14, 1855 Cynthia J. Cole born November 6, 1829 Putnam Co NY and died August 12, 1906.  Born to them were:

( SARAH AUSTIN born August 26, 1856 and died January 6, 1857

( SARAH AUSTIN born December 9, 1857; married 1st Lafayette Pinckney; and 2d December 9, 1870/79 Hall S. Waring

( SILAS AUSTIN born March 9, 1859 Mahopac Falls NY and died there August 13, 1943; married March 17, 1880 (?) in Mahopac Falls, Abigail Barrett born June 13, 1855 Mahopac Falls and died there July 8, 1925.  Born to them were:

( HENRY E. AUSTIN born July 7, 1881

( MILA AUSTIN born April 11, 1885 and died November 18, 1964 St. Petersburg FL

( SARAH ESTHER AUSTIN born November 22, 1896 and died November 18, 1964 St. Petersburg FL 

( LEVI COLE AUSTIN born April 9, 1861 Mahopac Falls NY and died December 1927 Somers NY; married January 1, 1883 in Mahopac Falls, Susan Smith and born to them were:

( AMOS AUSTIN (twin) born March 14, 1885 Shrub Oak NY; married Avis Mead

( CYNTHIA AUSTIN (twin) born March 14, 1885 Shrub Oak NY; married 1st  February 8, 1911 at Somers NY, Charles Vores; married 2d 1935 Herbert D. Baker.  Born to Cynthia and Charles was:

( ____ VORES

( LILLIE JEMIMA AUSTIN born June 1, 1891 Mahopac Falls NY; married June 1, 1910 in Somers NY Rutherford B. Agor [there is that family again].

( NELSON AUSTIN born January 8, 1864; married 1893 Carrie Hill (1873-)

( MILA AUSTIN born November 30, 1866; married Elmer Ganough and born to them was:

( PHOEBE ARILLA GANOUGH born March 10, 1892 and died January 21, 1933

( THEODORE AUSTIN born February 13, 1871; married Emma Baremore born November 7, 1868 and born to them were:

( MARY A. ELIZABETH AUSTIN born April 26, 1899; married a Mr. Barger

( THEODORE W. AUSTIN born November 30, 1902; married Alma W. {maiden name unk} and born to them was:

( LOIS A. AUSTIN born October 4, 1933


( MARY AUSTIN born in May, 1827 and died June 5, 1828

( SARAH AUSTIN (1783-) married July 1, 1804 Cornelius Tompkins born November 13, 1782 and died February 9, 1850

( MERCY AUSTIN married Peter Crookston

( ANNA AUSTIN (-1847) married Lebbeus Howe and born to them was:

( JENNETT HOWE married Isaac I. Wright (1782-1871)

( ROBERT AUSTIN (1760-1834) married 1st Elizabeth Lane born 1767 and died October 16, 1829; married 2d Lydia {maiden name unk} born 1789 and died November 13, 1866.  Born to Robert and Elizabeth were:

( JAMES AUSTIN (1790-1823)

( MARY AUSTIN born 1792 and died March 6, 1830; married Hiram Kniffen

( AMOS LANE AUSTIN born 1793 and died December 7, 1824

( NATHANIEL LANE AUSTIN born June 15, 1795 and died August 15, 1813

( GEORGE LANE AUSTIN born 1797 and died September 19, 1827

( PHEBE AUSTIN born 1799/1800 and died March 24, 1825

( ELEANOR AUSTIN born February 1802 and died March 16, 1828; married Anthony Stokum

( ABSOLUM R. AUSTIN born October 6, 1804 and died May 9, 1848; married November 22, 1829 Cornelia McDonald born October 13, 1803 and died May 21, 1887.  Born to them were:

( GEORGE L. AUSTIN born May 25, 1830 and died February 24, 1832

( JOAB AUSTIN born January 29, 1832 and died December 9, 1913; married Mary Brown born February 17, 1831 and born to them were:

( RANDOLPH BROWN AUSTIN born September 11, 1857 and died July 4, 1904; married Kate S. Voorhis and born to them were:


( EDITH AUSTIN born March 4, 1884 Somers Center NY; married Rutherford B. Washburn born September 24, 1877 Mt. Pleasant, Westchester, NY; and born to them were:

( IRVING AUSTIN WASHBURN born November 29, 1907

( JESSIE ELEANOR WASHBURN born July 24, 1910

( JEAN BURTON WASHBURN (twin) born September 5, 1917

( LOIS BURTON WASHBURN (twin) born September 5, 1917


( MILDRED AUSTIN married William Hull

( LEONARD W. AUSTIN born April 23, 1860 Somers NY and died December 5, 1937 Chatham NY; married November 7, 1907 Jennie Hatfield born March 11, 1879 Chatham NY and died there September 18??, 1928. Born to them was:

( MARY LUCINDA AUSTIN married October 13, 1930 Seward L. Welch and born to them were:

( NANCY AUSTIN WELCH born December 9, 1931

( JANE CLARK WELCH born March 8, 1933

( SANDRA HATFIELD WELCH born September 27, 1940

( LUCINDA ANN WELCH born September 28, 1943

( ELIZABETH AUSTIN born April 26, 1834

( ANN VICTORIA AUSTIN born August 1, 1837 and died October 25, 1845

( JANE L. AUSTIN born October 13, 1840 and died August 13, 1877

( ANGELICA MARSHALL AUSTIN born October 17, 1843

( L. NATHAN AUSTIN born January 7, 1847

( ADAH AUSTIN born 1807/07 and died August 13, 1834 Mahopac Falls NY; married Orrin Agor born 1803; buried May 12, 1864/67.   Born to them were:



( NATHANIEL C. AUSTIN (1814-) married February 26, 1837 Betsey Ann Field born October 1, 1819.  Born to them were:

( JACOB AUSTIN (1832-) born to Jacob and his unknown wife were:




( SUSAN E. AUSTIN (1845-)

( ELLEN F. AUSTIN (1848-)

( GEORGE F. AUSTIN (1856-)

( NANCY AUSTIN (1816-) married Hiram Kniffen - her brother-in-law?


(3.9.2) SARAH AUSTIN married a Mr. Knapp

(3.9.3) SILAS AUSTIN born c1720 Dutchess Co NY and died May 4, 1805 Amenia, Dutchess, NY; married Martha {mnu} born c1727 and died August 5, 1779; both buried Smithfield Cemetery, Smithfield, Dutchess, NY; and born to them were [note the name change]:

( SILAS ANSON, JR., born before 1755 and died 1825-26; married Polly Palmer (-c1834).  Born to them were:

( JAMES ANSON died September 14, 1837

( HIRAM ANSON born June 2, 1802 Amenia, Dutchess, NY

( JONATHON ANSON born 1774 Dutchess Co NY; married name unk but born to them were:


( WARREN ANSON born Dutchess Co NY; and born to him and his unk wife was:

( HENRY ANSON born Dutchess Co NY; and born to him and his unk wife was:







( POLLY ANSON married Azariah Mallery

( HARRIETT ANSON married John Hoag

( JULIA ANSON married Miles Knickerbocker

( PATTY ANSON married a Mr. Bristol


( ROBERT ANSON born before 1755; married c1790 Phebe Finch and born to them was:

( LEWIS S. ANSON married Lucinda {maiden name unk} and born to them was:

( MARTIN ANSON married Mary A. Collins and born to them was:

( EARL ANSON married Meltha Bassett and born to them were:

( FORD L. ANSON born May 14, 1907 South Reading VT and died August 20, 1987 Elizabeth Town NY; buried Wadhams NY; married Georgianna Thompson and born to them were:


( ANNA LEE ANSON married a Mr. Pierce

( VIRGINIA ANSON married a Mr. Pierce

( ALMA ANSON married a Mr. Zyko

( NORMA ANSON married a Mr. Arsenault

( SARAH ANSON married a Mr. Noll

( MARY ANSON married a Mr. Duntley

( RUTH ANSON married a Mr. Davis

( RITA ANSON married a Mr. Estus



( JOB AUSTIN (1759-) married Mary Nelson (1758-1793); (this Job is apparently duplicated with ( – will leave here pending determination of correct placement) and born to them was:

( SILAS AUSTIN born May 5, 1780 Putnam NY and died there December 9, 1841; married 1805 Elizabeth Thompkins born March 15, 1730 and died 1811 Putnam Valley, Putnam, NY

(3.9.4) MARY AUSTIN born c1722 and died October 28, 1797 age 75; unmarried

(3.9.5) JOHN AUSTIN born c1725 Greenwich; christened September 10, 1749, and died before 1772 (1774); married 1748 Elizabeth Hurley [dau of Samuel & Elizabeth (Whitney) Hurley] born March 8, 1727 Greenwich and died March 11, 1819 Ashland, Greene, NY; and born to them were:

( SAMUEL AUSTIN born June 16, 1749; christened December 6, 1749 in Stamford CT and died before April 25, 1785; a Tory and moved to Nova Scotia either just before or soon following the start of the Rev. War; married Elizabeth {maiden name unk}

( HURLEY AUSTIN born January 13, 1752; christened April 5, 1752

( JOHN AUSTIN born August 8, 1754 Stanwich CT and died 1835 Dorset, Bennington, VT; Rev. War Vet; married 1773 in Amenia NY, Tamsen Mead [dau of Timothy Jr & Phebe (Palmer) Mead] born July 29, 1759 Stamford CT; and born to them were:

( WILLIAM AUSTIN born August 27, 1778 Amenia, Dutchess, NY and died March 20, 1796, Manchester, Bennington, VT

( PHEBE AUSTIN born June 10, 1780 Manchester, Bennington, VT; married c1807 Lyman Cary

( CHLOE AUSTIN born February 10, 1782 Manchester, Bennington, VT; married Elisha Matteson born May 13, 1802 Dorset, Bennington, VT

( JOHN AUSTIN born July 15, 1784 Manchester, Bennington, VT and died January 15, 1866 Hamburg, Erie, NY; married August 5, 1805 in Dorset VT, Lucy French born November 28, 1786, Dorset VT and died March 18, 1858 Hamburg, Erie, NY.  Born to them were:

( ELIZA AUSTIN born July 15, 1807 Hamburg, Erie, NY; married Bltis (?) Colvin

( CULISTA AUSTIN born June 22, 1809 West Hamburg, Erie, NY; married Joseph Putney and born to them were:




( HARMON AUSTIN born August 6, 1811 Whites Corners, Erie, NY and died November 10, 1873 Alton KS; married 1st March 18, 1841 in Wyoming NY, Jane R. Wilson who died March 10, 1842 (in childbirth?); and 2d Elvia Parks born December 21, 1823 Hamburg NY and died February 3, 1907 Alton KS.  Born to Harmon and Elvia were:

( PERRY LUCIUS AUSTIN born June 17, 1844 Hamburg, Erie, NY and died December 25, 1920 Waukegan, Lake, IL; buried there; married September 27, 1866 in Hamburg NY, Arabella L. Stoddard born April 28, 1848 and died June 13, 1900 Waukegan IL.  Born to them were:

( WILLIS S. AUSTIN born July 18, 1868 Hamburg NY and died October 1, 1954; married June 26, 1888 name unk and born to them were:

( WILLIS G. AUSTIN born May 18, 1889; married February 26, 1910 Etta Hall and born to them were:

( RUBY FLORENCE AUSTIN born November 27, 1911

( LOIS ELSIE AUSTIN born August 15, 1913

( ROBERT P. AUSTIN born January 29, 1891; married, July 10, 1910 Ada Wessendorf and born to them were:

( GEORGE ROBERT AUSTIN born July 13, 1911

( HELEN MARIE AUSTIN born May 21, 1916

( ELLA RUBY AUSTIN born October 18, 1892; married June 26, 1917 James O. Jones

( CLINTON H. AUSTIN born November 26, 1894; married, June 6, 1915, Marie Olling and born to them was:

( CLEO ELSIE AUSTIN born March 11, 1916

( FLORENCE A. AUSTIN born January 18, 1898; married June 26, 1919 James V. Salter and born to them was:


( GROVER B. AUSTIN born July 17, 1873 Waukegan IL and died there November 22, 1882; buried there

( CHARLES PERRY AUSTIN born January 20, 1877 Waukegan IL and died there, October 25, 1951; buried Gurnee, Lake Co IL; married September 4, 1906 Mabel Gray born July 9, 1872 and died September 12, 1936; buried Gurnee IL.  Born to them were:

( JOSEPH PERRY AUSTIN born May 5, 1908 Waukegan, Lake, IL and died January 1992 Toledo OH; married August 24, 1933 Genevieve Davis who died October 4, 1987 Toledo OH. Born to them was:

( JAMES PERRY AUSTIN born 1947 Waukegan IL; married Mary {maiden name unk} in NM 

( PHILIP LESLIE AUSTIN born January 27, 1910 Waukegan IL; married May 27, 1939 in Waukegan IL, Edwina Billingsley Whitlock born October 4, 1911 Mount Vernon, Jefferson, IL and died December 19, 1996 Sturgeon Bay WI

( FREDDIE AUSTIN born November 17, 1880 Waukegan IL and died there November 19, 1880

( JESSIE E. AUSTIN born May 25, 1882 Waukegan IL and died February 1943; married August 24, 1910 Clarence Brunicon and born to them was:

( FERN BRUNICON born December 24, 1911

( LAFAYETTE CARVER AUSTIN born May 16, 1847 Hamburg NY and died 1923 Denver CO; married 1867 Josephine Hathaway born June 8, 1849 North Boston NY and died 1928 Denver CO. Born to them were:

( CHARLES LORENZO AUSTIN born February 20, 1869; married Cora Rivers

( FRANK PERRY AUSTIN born September 29, 1871; married Lucretia Hibbs

( CHARLOTTE ELVIRA AUSTIN born September 27, 1875; married James W. S. Cross

( JOSEPHINE AUSTIN born August 13, 1877 and died September 24, 1877

( HERMAN DELOSE AUSTIN born August 5, 1853

( CASSIUS CLAY AUSTIN born December 28, 1855 Whites Corners, Erie, NY

( EMMA JANE AUSTIN born June 8, 1862; married Henry Endsley and born to them were:





( JESSIE ENDSLEY married a Mr. Haworth

( JAMES AUSTIN born November 1, 1818 West Hamburg NY; married Sarah Elizabeth {maiden name unk} born 1823 CT and born to them were:

( HENRY T. AUSTIN born November 1849


( IRA AUSTIN born July 11, 1819 Hamburg NY and died there March 21, 1861; buried Whites Corners, Erie, NY; married October 2, 1845 Sophia Wilson born August 6, 1824 Genesee NY and died February 22, 1922 Alexander NY.  Born to them were:

( ROSAVILLE AUSTIN born February 6, 1848 Hamburg NY and died August 6, 1907; married February 6, 1866 Francis Smith and born to them were:

( FRED E. SMITH born April 14, 1869; married June 20, 1894 Mae Van Liew who died September 27, 1921

( GEORGE M. SMITH born April 28, 1871

( IDA J. SMITH born January 10, 1874 and died February 26, 1874

( LOVELL T. SMITH born May 25, 1875 and died February 26, 1920

( ERNEST J. SMITH born September 9, 1884

( HERBERT B. SMITH born March 1, 1887

( JOSEPHINE AUSTIN born August 7, 1852 Hamburg, Erie, NY; married October 30, 1870 Heman K. Smith (related to Francis, above?) [son of Heman K.] (not Herman) born September 8, 1849 Middlebury NY and died February 19, 1929 Linden, Genesee, NY.  Born to them were (quite a span of years between kids):

( MARIA SMITH born March 6, 1873

( AUSTIN SMITH born November 27, 1885

( EDGAR SMITH born November 25, 1890

( IRENE SMITH born September 3, 1893

( WILSON IRA AUSTIN born October 6, 1855 Hamburg NY; married November 29, 1883 Mary Martin and born to them were:

( DON CARLOS AUSTIN (twin) born April 16, 1886; married February 1910 Patricia Kenny

( GEORGIANA AUSTIN (twin) born April 16, 1886; married August 1923 Ellsworth E. Holmes

( MARGARET AUSTIN (twin) born March 11, 1888

( OLIVE AUSTIN (twin) born March 11, 1888 and died May 1, 1895

( MARIE AUSTIN born July 16, 1901

( LUCY MARIA AUSTIN born July 4, 1860 Hamburg NY and died March 5, 1893 in childbirth (?); married November 15, 1882 Frank S. Wright who died February 2, 1912.  Born to them were:

( HOWARD WRIGHT born April 15, 1884

( OLIVE ADELL WRIGHT born July 7, 1891

( _______ WRIGHT died March 5, 1893.

( PHIDELIA AUSTIN born October 8, 1821 West Hamburg NY; married Syrous Millis and born to them was:


( HARRIET AUSTIN born April 8, 1825 West Hamburg NY

( SOPHIA AUSTIN born June 8, 1828 West Hamburg NY; married a Mr. Hull and born to them were:



( _______ HULL

( TRUMAN AUSTIN born December 12, 1787 and died April 11, 1861; married 1st Hannah Williams born November 26, 1809 Danby VT; married 2d after 1833 Mary Caroline Johnson born 1806 VT. Born to Truman and Hannah were:

( ISHAM AUSTIN married February 14, 1849 in Buffalo NY, Mary Ann Littlefield born 1820 Erie Co NY; and born to them was:

( ELLIS AUSTIN (c1852-)

( JOHN AUSTIN died November 1846 White Corners, Erie, NY; married Mary Baird who died May 25, 1925 Polo IL. Born to them were:

( GEORGE AUSTIN died before 1862 Lena IL

( HIRAM MERRITT AUSTIN born June 20, 1842 Whites Corners, Erie, NY and died May 9, 1904 Lincoln NE; married December 7, 1865 in Freeport IL, Rachel Jane Pitcher born October 2, 1845 Kent, Stephenson, IL and born to them were:

( FRANK AUSTIN born December 12, 1867 Kent IL; married March 1, 1908 in Lincoln NE, Anna Adelia Lovelock

( FRED WILBUR AUSTIN born May 11, 1872 Kent, Stephenson, IL; married September 26, 1900 in Claycenter KS, Laura Cook born May 18, 1873 Burlington IA.  Born to them were:

( ELTON MYRL AUSTIN born July 27, 1901 and died October 9, 1901

( WAYNE WILBUR AUSTIN born April 2,1904 Osborne KS

( LUCILLE L. AUSTIN born February 29, 1907 Osborne KS

( HAZEL JANET AUSTIN born November 2, 1909 Osborne KS

( CHARLES EMERSON AUSTIN born January 3, 1876 Lena IL; married December 25, 1902 at Cowdersport PA, Iva Colcord born July 17, 1879 Inez Village PA.  Born to them were:

( ETHEL MAY AUSTIN born January 1, 1906 Lincoln NE

( EDITH MABEL AUSTIN born August 23, 1907 Careret NJ

( ESTHER MARIE AUSTIN born April 21, 1911 Cedar Bluffs NE

( RACHEL JANE AUSTIN born May 3, 1916 Baxter TN

( ALBERT COLCORD AUSTIN born September 8, 1917 Crab Orchard NE

( HIRAM MERRITT AUSTIN born September 21, 1920 Brownville NE

( SARAH AURORA AUSTIN born January 11, 1846 Buffalo NY and died January 15, 1898 Marshalltown IA; married June 24, 1864 in WI, Lorenzo L. Pitcher (related to above Pitcher?) born June 8, 1842 Polo, Ogle, IL and died April 16, 1916, Marshalltown IA.  Born to them were:

( JENNIE L. PITCHER born April 30, 1865

( GEORGE L. PITCHER born July 7, 1868

( WALTER L. PITCHER born December 4, 1872

( AUSTIN LYMAN PITCHER born December 16, 1877 and died March 1963; married Lucille Mallory born September 4, 1885 and died 1962; and they had 5 little Pitchers

( HENRY M. PITCHER born March 20, 1883

( GEORGE AUSTIN married Martha Anson

( MARSHALL AUSTIN born, 1817, NY and died Buffalo NY; married 1st Elizabeth {maiden name unk} (c1828-); married 2d Celinda {maiden name unk}

( TRUMAN AUSTIN born 1820 VT

( NORMAN AUSTIN born 1826 VT; married Mary {maiden name unk} and born to them was:


( AZEL AUSTIN born 1827/33 Eden Valley, Erie, NY; married Laura {maiden name unk} born 1825 Erie Co NY and born to them was:

( ELLA AUSTIN born 1847 Erie Co NY

( MARY CORNELIA AUSTIN married Joel Smith in Whites Corners, Cattaraugus Co NY and born to them was:


( JULIETTE AUSTIN married Sephis Fenton

Born to Truman and his second wife, Mary, were:

( PORTER W. AUSTIN born 1842 NY; and born to him and his unk wife was:


( EMORY J. AUSTIN born 1846 NY

( MARIA AUSTIN married John Parker

( JAMES AUSTIN born October 15, 1790 Manchester, Bennington, VT

( RACHEL AUSTIN born 1792 Dorset, Bennington, VT; married 1811 Bradford Barnes, Jr., and born to them were:

( NORMAN H. BARNES born January 1, 1812 Danby VT

( LEVINIA H. BARNES born November 18, 1813 Danby VT

( CIRENA M. BARNES born December 18, 1815 Danby VT

( MELISSA D. BARNES born February 15, 1819 Danby VT

( AURORA MALVINA BARNES born December 9, 1820 Danby VT

( GEORGE A. BARNES born September 6, 1822 Danby VT

( BRADFORD R. BARNES born May 11, 1825 Manchester VT

( EDWARD S. BARNES born April 30, 1834 Buffalo NY

( ALANSON MEAD AUSTIN born August 9, 1801 Dorset, Bennington, VT and died Rockton, Winnebago, IL; married 1st December 1, 1825 Harriet Morse born 1803 Dorset, Bennington, VT; married 2d, before 1836, Eliza {maiden name unk} born 1815 St. Lawrence NY.  Born to Alanson and Harriet were:

( EGBERT AUSTIN born May 13, 1828 Dorset VT

( ALBERT MEAD AUSTIN born August 25, 1829 Dorset VT and died May 8, 1914 Machias NY; married Adeline Stuart born 1836 Hamburg NY and born to them were:

( CHARLES AUSTIN born 1857 Hamburg NY

( LAURA AUSTIN (1859-)

( EMMA AUSTIN born 1860 Water Valley, Erie, NY; married George J. Neher (c1862-) and born to them were:

( ADELINE NEHER born May 5, 1867 Hamburg NY

( INA URSALA NEHER born May 29, 1890 Orchard Park NY

( EGBERT WARREN AUSTIN born June 13, 1862 Water Valley NY; married Catherine Kohler (1862-)

( HARRIETT AUSTIN born 1864 Water Valley NY; married Daniel Decker (1864-)

( CLYDE ELISHA AUSTIN born May 5, 1867 Hamburg NY; married 1st Dora Madelon Tooley born July 6, 1879 Maple Lake, Wright, MN; married 2d Lettie Ellen Mary Tooley (sisters?) born July 13, 1882 Maple Lake MN.  Born to Clyde and Dora were:

( HARMON OBEDIAH AUSTIN born December 14, 1897 Thompson Falls, Sanders, MT

( WARREN EDWARD AUSTIN born May 30, 1900 Thompson Falls, Sanders, MT

( GEORGE HARVEY AUSTIN born February 27, 1902 Thompson Falls MT; married Lela Violet Perkins born August 27, 1901 Woodlake MN

( EMMA MARY MADELENE AUSTIN born April 1, 1904 Thompson Falls MT

( EVA VIOLET AUSTIN born December 24, 1905 White Pine MT

( ROBERT DELL AUSTIN born in October, 1908 White Pine MT

Born to Clyde and his second wife, Lettie, were:

( MARY GRACE AUSTIN born March 5, 1922 White Pine MT

( MYRTLE AUSTIN born 1923 White Pine MT

( FRANK EDWARD AUSTIN born September 14, 1869 Water Valley NY; married Helene Schroeder born February 8, 1873 Germany and died May 13, 1950 Coudersport PA.  Born to them were:

( EMMA AGNES BERTHA AUSTIN born May 3, 1895 and died December 6, 1947; married Harold Clapie

( EARL RICHARD AUSTIN born September 10, 1897; married Jeny Dann

( IONE ELAINE AUSTIN born April 15, 1899; married Lyle Warner

( HOWARD FRANK AUSTIN born June 18, 1901; married Estella Pinn

( EDWARD JACOB AUSTIN born November 17, 1903

( FRANK ALBERT AUSTIN born June 27, 1905

( CLYDE WARREN AUSTIN born October 13, 1907; married Grace Shear

( THELMA AUSTIN born July 5, 1910; married Gordon Griffith  

( CLARRISA J. AUSTIN born January 18, 1831 Dorset VT

Born to Alanson and his second wife, Eliza, were:

( ELIZA ANN AUSTIN born 1836 Water Valley, Erie, NY

( SARAH EMOGENE AUSTIN born August 15, 1840 Whites Corners, Erie, NY; married November 18, 1862 Edwin Allen Hunt born May 8, 1838 Boston, Erie, NY and born to them were:

( HOWARD LINCOLN HUNT born September 20, 1863 Whites Corners NY

( HORACE FLAVEL HUNT born November 21, 1864 Whites Corners NY

( EVERETTE AUSTIN HUNT born July 22, 1866 Whites Corners NY

( EMILY ELIZABETH HUNT born August 2, 1871 Whites Corners NY

( GRACE MARIA HUNT born September 13, 1874 Hamburg NY

( ANNA ELIZA HUNT born April 10, 1879 Hamburg NY

( MARIA T. AUSTIN born 1842 Whites Corners, Erie, NY; married a Mr. Holmes (1841-)

( HARMON W. AUSTIN born 1844 Whites Corners NY

( MAHALA AUSTIN born 1804 Dorset, Bennington, VT; married June 19, 1826 at Dorset VT, Elijah Stockwell

( NATHANIEL AUSTIN born June 5, 1755 Stamford CT; christened November 16, 1757; resided in Charlotte Precinct, Dutchess Co NY

( JAMES AUSTIN born Stamford CT; christened August 10, 1760; James was a Tory and went to Nova Scotia, Fort Cumberland November 20, 1786

( AMOS AUSTIN resided 1785 Charlotte Precinct, Dutchess, NY

( ELIZABETH AUSTIN born about/christened January 8, 1764 Stamford CT and died May 9, 1830 Ashland, Greene, NY; married February 15, 1790 in Greenville NY, Hendrick I. Brandow (Henry) born 1770 in Greene Co NY and died February 4, 1813 Ashland, Greene, NY: both buried Mountain Valley Cemetery (aka Sutton Hollow Cemetery), Ashland; and born to them were:

( MARY BRANDOW married John Egbertson

( JOHN BRANDOW born November 6, 1790 Ashland, Greene, NY and died there August 3, 1854; married May 1, 1807 Martha Betts who died March 11, 1873 age 79y; both buried Mountain Valley Cemetery (aka Sutton Hollow Cemetery), Ashland; and born to them were:





( CATHERINE BRANDOW (Katy) born June 24, 1792 West Coxsackie, Greene, NY and died January 4, 1859 Ashland, Greene, NY; buried North Settlement Cemetery, Greene County. She married John Cargill born April 28, 1788 Ashland NY and born to them was:

( LEVERTT CARGILL born c1833 Ashland, Greene, NY

( STEPHEN BRANDOW born March 15, 1794 Prattsville, Greene, NY and died there April 21, 1877; buried Huttersfield Cemetery, Prattsville (can’t ID); married Catherine Cargill born c1790 CT. Born to them were:

( ELEANOR BRANDOW born May 17, 1815 Greene Co NY and died August 31, 1872; buried Huttersfield Cemetery, Prattsville; married c1842 Stephen W. Truesdell born September 15, 1815 Delaware Co NY; after Eleanor’s death, Stephen married Clarissa B Cook (; and born to her and Stephen were:




( ELIZABETH TRUESDAIL (c1848-) not listed in the 1860 or 1870 census


( ADA TRUESDAIL (c1855-)

( REUBEN BRANDOW (1817-1901) married Emma Conine (c1828-) and born to them was:

( GEORGE BRANDOW (1854-) married, name unk, but born to them was:

( GRACE BRANDOW married John Fredenburgh.

( AHIRA BRANDOW (1829-1897) married Sarah Lown and born to them were:

( MARGARET BRANDOW (1855-1893) married Henry Stahl (1853-) and born to them was:

( LAURA STAHL (1881-) married George Wright

( JASON BRANDOW (1862-1942) married, name unk, but born to them was:

( LESSIE BRANDOW (1886-) married C. Fredenburgh and born to them was:

( ROBERT FREDENBURGH born January 21, 1913 and died June 6, 1983; married a Miss Rapplevea

( SAMUEL BRANDOW born c1796 Ashland, Greene, NY and died March 5, 1885 Jewett, Greene, NY; buried Jewett Center Cemetery (Jewett Heights Cemetery), Jewett; married Maria Betts born c1799 Greene Co NY and born to them were:

( POLLY BRANDOW (c1822-) married 1839 John Egbertson (1813-) and born to them were:




( PHEBE BRANDOW (c1834-)


( ELIZA J. BRANDOW (c1846-)

( ELIZABETH BRANDOW (Betsy) born June 29, 1798 Greene Co NY and died March 13, 1876 Ashland, Greene, NY; married as his 2d wife Ichabod Cook born June 3, 1792 CT and died October 23, 1866 Ashland, Greene, NY; both buried Mountain Valley Cemetery (aka Sutton Hollow Cemetery), Ashland; and born to them were:

( ANNA COOK (Anny) born c1818 Ashland, Greene, NY and died there November 17, 1897 age 79y; buried plot next to her father Sutton Hollow

( HENRY S. COOK (Cooke) born June 8, 1820 Windham, Greene, NY and died March 19, 1887 Ashland, Greene, NY; married May 10, 1843 in West Settlement, Ashland, Elizabeth Beers born February 24, 1823 Windham, Greene, NY and died February 23, 1900 Ashland, Greene, NY; both buried Mountain Valley Cemetery, Ashland; and born to them were:

( RACHEL B. COOK born October 22, 1844 Ashland, Greene, NY and died December 26, 1912; married December 20, 1870 John Young and born to them were:



( ICHABOD COOK born December 29, 1846 West Settlement, Ashland, Greene, NY and died May 4, 1923 Cornwallville, Greene, NY; buried Cornwallville Cemetery; married November 21, 1872 in Windham, Greene, NY Sarah Elizabeth West born c1851 Schoharie Co NY. Born to them were:

( INEZ COOK (1876-1953) married Osmer Cornell Sutton (1875-)

( ELIZABETH COOK (Libbie) (c1879-) married Dwight Tuttle (c1879-)

( SEYMOUR FERRIS COOK born c1881 Ashland, Greene, NY and died 1953; married Mamie Adams born 1887 Ashland and died 1949; both buried Pleasant Valley Cemetery, Ashland; pastry chef at Crest Park NY; and born to them was:

( BEATRICE MARIE COOK born February 24, 1906 Ashland, Greene, NY and died March 1967 Rochester NY; married April 1, 1924 Allen James Makely born December 29, 1903 Hensonville, Windham, Greene, NY and died December 24, 1978; both buried Pleasant Valley Cemetery, Ashland; and they had 4 kids, 2 of which were:

( JAMES ALLEN MAKELY born January 26, 1936 and died Rochester NY; married Miss Parisi

( RICHARD FERRIS MAKELY born October 25, 1940 and died December 24, 2005; buried Pleasant Valley Cemetery-Ashland, Greene, NY; married Jo Anne Crowley

( HARTLEY COOK born August 20, 1890 Ashland, Greene, NY and died June 1972; buried Evergreen Cemetery, Unadilla, Otsego NY; married 1st name unk; 2d Jennie Partridge born c1895 in Ashland – a child to each marriage

( CLARRISSA B. COOK (Clara) born February 21, 1849 Ashland, Greene, NY

( SALLY M. COOK born October 15, 1851 Ashland, Greene, NY and died 1874; buried Mountain Valley Cemetery (aka Sutton Hollow Cemetery), Ashland

( CORNELIUS B. COOK born April 19, 1854 Ashland, Greene, NY and died March 4, 1919 West Conesville, Schoharie, NY; buried Windham Cemetery, Windham, Greene, NY; married January 8, 1878 in Conesville NY, Cora E. Hinman born December 20, 1859 Conesville NY. Born to them were:

( EDITH LETTIE COOK born March 10, 1879 Ashland, Greene, NY and died December 7, 1943 Boston MA; buried Forest Hills Cemetery, Jamaica Plain, Boston; married November 15, 1900 Windham, Greene, NY George E. Davis born 1879 Windham NY. Born to them were:

( EDMONDE ALONZO DAVIS born November 6, 1914 Jamicia Plain, Boston MA and died April 22, 1980 Boston MA; buried Mt. Benedict Cemetery, West Roxbury, Boston. He married a Miss Kane.

( VERA LENORE DAVIS born August 15, 1901 Windham, Greene, NY

( CLAUDIA H. COOK born July 4, 1880 Ashland, Greene, NY and died in January 1976 probably in Kenmore, Buffalo, NY; married November 12, 1901 in Manorkill, Conesville NY Walter Edwin Bray (c1879-). Born to them was:

( ALDA BRAY born November 1, 1908 probably in Big Hollow, Windham, Greene, NY and died February 1, 1980 maybe Kenmore, Buffalo, Erie NY; married 1st Erickson; 2d Meyer

( NELSON HINMAN COOK born March 1889 Ashland, Greene, NY and died July 27, 1950 Boston MA; married September 6, 1924 probably Cambridge MA, Minnie Florence Reddy born May 1897 Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada and died June 22, 1979 Chelmsford, Middlesex, MA; both buried Windham Cemetery, Windham NY; and born to them was:

( NELSON HINMAN COOK born November 13, 1926 Jamicia Plain, Boston MA and died September 25, 1992 Lowell, Middlesex, MA; buried Linwood Cemetery, Haverhill, Essex, MA (Photo); married Miss Swales

( VESTA COOK born July 6, 1891 Conesville, Schohaire, NY

( AMOS BRILLEY COOK (Auris) born August 11, 1856 and died December 15, 1917; married October 11, 1880 Eva E. Traver and born to them were:



( MINETTA ELIZABETH COOK (Minnie) born April 28, 1859 Ashland, Greene, NY and died April 28, 1931 Windham, Greene, NY; married January 17, 1882 in Windham, Charles Sabra Kissock [son of James & Sabra (Jennings) Kissock] born June 21, 1859 Roxbury, Delaware, NY and died June 26, 1930 Windham, Greene, NY; both buried there Windham Cemetery; and born to them were:

( FLOYD BENNETT KISSOCK born November 22, 1882 Windham, Greene, NY and died after April 30, 1931; married Deseamona Humell; and born to them was:


( LILLIE MAY KISSOCK (Lilla) born July 19, 1884 Windham, Greene, NY and died after April 30, 1931 Windham, Greene, NY; married 1902 in NY, Frank A. Strong born c1878 NY; and born to them were:

( LEAH P STRONG born May 21, 1902 Windham, Greene, NY

( KATHERINE E STRONG born February 22, 1908 Windham, Greene, NY and died February 21, 2002 Stamford, Delaware, NY; married George Muller; and born to them was:


( JAY ICHABOD KISSOCK born July 6, 1886 Windham, Greene, NY and died June 2, 1950 Halcott Center, Greene, NY; married January 1, 1909 in Windham, Mary Berthena Irish (Marie) [dau of Joseph Tallmadge & Harriet Berthena (Reynolds) Irish] born March 24, 1891 Wittenberg, Ulster, NY and died September 26, 1972 Margaretville, Delaware, NY; both buried Windham Cemetery, Windham NY; and born to them were:

( LETHIA MAY KISSOCK born January 25, 1919 Windham, Greene, NY and died August 1982 Halcott Center, Greene, NY; married March 24, 1946 at Halcott Center, Robert Ralph Morse [son of Charles L & Anna (Murray) Morse] born January 20, 1919 Fleischmanns, Delaware, NY and died March 6, 1987 Margaretville, Delaware, NY; both buried Bedell Cemetery, Delaware Co NY

( PHYLLIS MARIE KISSOCK (Phyl) born June 9, 1925 Windham, Greene, NY and died April 15, 1997 Salt Lake City UT; buried Windham Cemetery, Windham NY; married Raymond Ross Travis (Butch) [son of Elmer James & Ola Lavinnia (Stickles) Travis Sr] born June 20, 1924 Liberty, Sullivan, NY and died July 14, 1990 Ft. Pierce, St. Lucie, FL; buried Section 70, Site 1526 Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington VA – divorced. Butch served as a navigator with the Army Air Corps during WWII and became a private flight instructor after discharge; later reenlisted in the USAF – he once remarked that some of his early flight training was in bi-planes – flew a wide variety of aircraft; B49 and B52 pilot during his time with SAC; flew missions during the Korean Conflict and in support the Viet Nam War; retired as a Lieutenant Colonel; Born to her and Raymond were 2 kids, one of which was:

( JOSEPH RAYMOND TRAVIS born January 24, 1948 Liberty, Sullivan, NY; Joe is the provider of this information on the Elizabeth Austin twig – thanks, Joe!

( NINA VIVIAN KISSOCK (Nana) born June 29, 1898 Windham, Greene, NY and died March 3, 1988; married 1st September 24, 1916 in Ashland NY, William McDaniel [son of Clarence & Anna (Simmons) McDaniel] born c1897 Plaat Clove, Greene, NY; 2d Arthur Traver. Born to her and William was:

( WILLIAM HARVEY (MCDANIEL) TRAVER born February 15, 1918 Tannersville, Greene, NY and died August 11, 2001 Cherokee Village, Sharpe AR; married a Miss Mikos

( HENRY SETH COOK born December 6, 1861; buried Mountain Valley Cemetery (aka Sutton Hollow Cemetery), Ashland

( LAMBERT B. COOK born May 20, 1864 Ashland, Greene, NY and died October 18, 1931 North Settlement, Ashland, Greene, NY; married February 18, 1885 Emma Tuttle born October 11, 1866 Ashland NY. Born to them were:

( ELVIN COOK (Eloise) born March 1888

( CLARENCE A. COOK born June 1897

( LUCY COOK born October 1886

( LESLIE B. COOK born July 1890

( CLAUDE D. COOK (c1907-)

( IDA COOK (c1900-)

( MYRTLE COOK (c1902-)

( FLORENCE A. COOK (c1905-)

( GEORGE B. COOK born October 1893

( SALLY COOK born circa May 1822 Ashland, Greene, NY and died February 8, 1832 age 9y 9m; buried Mountain Valley Cemetery, Ashland

( FLETCHER COOK born circa October 1824 Ashland, Greene, NY and died February 20, 1825 age 4m; buried Mountain Valley Cemetery (aka Sutton Hollow Cemetery), Ashland

( MARGARET B. COOK (Margaret Bradley Cook?) born January 16, 1827 probably Ashland, Greene, NY and died February 5, 1903 Ashland NY; married June 4, 1846 in Windham NY, Calvin Luther Sutton born August 11, 1822 Schoharie Co NY and died March 25, 1900; both buried Mountain Valley Cemetery (aka Sutton Hollow Cemetery), Ashland; and born to them were:

( THOMAS SUTTON born c1848 Greene Co NY and died May 11, 1879 age 31y; buried Mountain Valley Cemetery, Ashland

( ADDISON B SUTTON died September 6, 1850 age 8m; buried Mountain Valley Cemetry, Ashland

( ELIZABETH SUTTON born c1850 Ashland, Greene, NY

( LOVINA SUTTON born c1851 Ashland, Greene, NY and died September 22, 1881 age 29y 5m; married as his 1st wife, John Jordon who died May 6, 1917 age 68y 9m; both buried Sutton Hollow Cemetery, Ashland, Greene, NY; after Lovina’s death, John married Mary B Sutton

( PHEBE A. SUTTON born c1852 Ashland, Greene, NY – is this Phoebe Sutton (1854-1933) married T W Deming, buried Sutton Hollow Cemetery

( HENRY C. SUTTON born 1854 Ashland, Greene, NY and died there February 11, 1902; married Polly F. {mnu} (1855-1909); both buried Mountain Valley Cemetery (aka Sutton Hollow Cemetery), Ashland; and born to them was:

( LULA E. SUTTON – a Lulu Sutton Brown is buried adjacent to her parents above

( LILLIAN SUTTON (Lillie) born c1860 Windham, Greene, NY – is this Lillian M Sutton (1861-1935) married Hiram J Davis (1851-1925) both buried Sutton Valley Cemetery

( FLORA A. SUTTON born August 12, 1861 Ashland, Greene, NY and died there February 27, 1928; buried Mountain Valley Cemetery, Ashland; (cemetery records say (1860-1928) married Alonzo Johnson

( CLARISSA B. COOK (Clarry) born January 16, 1827 Ashland, Greene, NY and died March 28, 1906; buried Huttersfield Cemetery, Prattsville, Greene, NY; married after 1872 as his 2d wife, Stephen W. Truesdell born September 15, 1815 Delaware Co NY

( ELIZABETH P COOK (Betsy) born July 14, 1830 Greene Co NY and died January 14, 1863 Windham, Greene, NY; married (Adin) Addison Sutton born c1826 Schoharie Co NY and died August 15, 1896 age 72y; both buried Mountain Valley Cemetery (aka Sutton Hollow Cemetery), Ashland; after Elizabeth’s death, he married his sister-in-law, Terressa; and born to them was:

( ELIZABETH SUTTON born c1854 Ashland, Greene, NY

( TERRESSA H. COOK born circa March 1834 and died January 25, 1871 age 37y 1m 24d; buried Sutton Valley Cemetery; married as his 2d wife, her brother-in-law, Addison Sutton

( POLLY S. COOK born c1836 Ashland, Greene, NY and died there 1902; buried Mountain Valley Cemetery, Ashland; married Rev. George W. Ferris ( – see him for offspring

( THOMAS BRADLEY COOK born 1839 NY and died 1903 Ashland NY; buried there Mountain Valley Cemetery (aka Sutton Hollow Cemetery) with Mary J; married 1st Mary Sutton; 2d Mary J. Christian (1844-). Born to him and Mary were:




( ICHABOD COOK born September 13, 1842 Ashland, Greene, NY and died there July 9, 1894; buried there Mountain View Cemetery; married October 30, 1865 in Ashland, Electa Christian born March 6, 1842. Born to them were:


( ANNA BRANDOW (Annie) born July 22, 1800 Ashland, Greene, NY

( POLLY BRANDOW (c1802-)

( SARAH BRANDOW (Sally) born 1804 Ashland, Greene, NY and died there December 29, 1873; buried there North Settlement Cemetery; married c1826 Greene Co NY, Ransom Osborn born September 10, 1808. Born to them were:

( MARY OSBORN (1833-)

( ELEN OSBORN (1838-)


( ANNA S. OSBORN (1843-)


( CLARISSA E. OSBORN born October 3, 1847

( HENRY J. OSBORN (1854-)

( PHOEBE BRANDOW born June 10, 1806 Ashland, Greene, NY and died there March 23, 1874; married Levi Ferris ( – buried Sutton Hollow Cemetery, Greene Co; see him for offspring

( DEBORAH BRANDOW born July 6, 1807 Windham, Greene, NY and died December 5, 1891 Lexington, Greene, NY; married Phillip E. P. Barhight and born to them was:

( FRANCES LUCY BARHIGHT born June 10, 1847 Windham, Greene, NY

( ELSIE BRANDOW born c1808 Ashland, Greene, NY

( JONATHON AUSTIN resided November 20, 1786, Catksill, Albany County NY. He sold 2/9ths interestin land he obtained by kinship and suit against brother James Austin of Fort Cumberland, Nova Scotia

(3.9.6) LEVINAS AUSTIN born c1727; moved to Washington, Dutchess, NY; married c1754 Elizabeth (Finch?). Born to them was [note the name change]:

( LEVINUS ANSON, JR., (c1755-) married Deborah Sherwood and born to them were:


( LEVINUS ANSON (c1785-)

(3.9.7) JOB AUSTIN born 1733 and died August 11, 1779; buried Stanwich CT; married Mary Ferris (

(3.10) RUTH FERRIS (8RLK-K0) born January 18, 1659 (1661/2?) Stamford and died September 17, 1745 Greenwich at about 83 years of age; married November 27, 1686 at Greenwich, Samuel Peck Sr., (8RLL-C3)[eldest son of Rev. Jeremiah and Johannah (Kitchell) Peck][Jeremiah was son of William] of Greenwich CT, born January 18, 1659 Guilford CT and died April 28, 1746 Greenwich age 90y which doesn’t figure out.  Samuel came to Greenwich with his father in 1678. He was well educated and a man of wealth.   He was justice of the peace for 50 years, holding other important positions, and was a farmer; in his day, probably the most influential man in the settlement.  They resided at Greenwich and he was a Congregationalist. (Jim ‑ one source says Ruth was a daughter of Peter (2), but more than one, including Chaplain Ferris, says she belongs here, so here she stays, for now). Both buried in the Old Greenwich Cemetery (Tomac Cemetery) (tombstone photo). Born to them were:

(3.10.1) SAMUEL PECK, Jr. (GJ59-41), born March 1688 Greenwich CT and died December 17,  1733 Old Greenwich CT, where he owned a large farm; a carpenter by trade; married 1715 Elizabeth (maiden name unk) (c1696-). She remarried, after Samuel’s death, John Clogston and moved to Redding CT, where she died. Born to them were:

( MARY PECK (GJ59-GQ) born 1716 Greenwich CT and died c1737 Reading CT; unmarried

( JOHN PECK (GJ59-HW) born December 9, 1718 Greenwich CT and died September 1771 Old Greenwich CT; resided in Milford and Greenwich CT and in Old Greenwich, on a small farm near the shore of Long Island sound.  He was a solider in the wars that immediately preceded the Revolution, in Captain Waterbury’s Company of Colonel Andrew Ward’s Regiment, the Fourth Connecticut.  He married 1741 Sarah Adams (GJ5B-1M) [dau of John and Elizabeth (Husted) Adams] born August 6, 1719-21 Greenwich CT and died January 11, 1814 Clifton Park, Albany, NY, where she was buried in the church yard.  Born to them were:

( JOHN PECK born November 12, 1742 Greenwich CT and died September 19, 1819 Sherburne, Chenango Co NY; buried North Norwich Cemetery; married November 12, 1766 (or October, 1764), Sarah Northrup {dau of Nathan – descendent of the first Northrup in America} born October 28, 1746/8 North Salem NY and died November 3/11, 1830 Smyrna, Chenango, NY age 85y; buried with John.  John served in the French War, 1759-1763. In 1771, he moved from Greenwich to the Dutchess Co where he lived in the Great Nine Partners area.  At the beginning of the Revolutionary War, John was in the militia. In 1772, he removed to Great Nine Partners, in that part now Stanford, Dutchess County NY.  On December 26, 1776, he enlisted for three years under Captain Thomas Lee in the Eighth Company of the Fifth Regiment of the New York Line of which Colonel Lewis Dubois was the Commander. On February 10, 1777, he transferred to the Second Battalion of the New York troops under Colonel Wempell.  He apparently fought in the battles of White Plains, Long Island, Fort Washington, Fort Plains and Saghabor. It appears that he was in the Army at the capture of Fort Montgomery and he was taken prisoner during the battle.  He continued in the service until January 1782.  In 1792, he moved to the west of the Hudson River, in Greene County NY.  In February 1795, he moved his family to Sherburne, Chenango County NY where he settled and remained until his death.  His occupation, through life, was that of a farmer, being principally engaged in felling the forest and in the clearing up and cultivation of his land. He was a man of superior natural talents, great firmness and energy, one of the enterprising valuable pioneers in the settlement of New York State.  Born to John and Sarah were:

( SAMUEL PECK born 1765 Greenwich CT and died there 1768

( JOEL PECK born December 2, 1767 Greenwich CT and died February 16, 1852 Chenango Co NY; buried North Norwich Cemetery; married 1st in Dutchess Co NY, Huldah Munger who died 1807 age 29y; buried North Norwich Cemetery; married 2d April 23, 1808 Mercy Couch who died August 9, 1866 age 79y Chenango Co NY; buried with Joel.  Joel was one of the earliest settlers, as a farmer, in Norwich, Chenango Co NY 1792.  Born to Joel and Huldah were:

( PHEBE PECK born August 17, 1796, Norwich NY and was living in Canton PA 1861; married c1821 as his 1st wife Abijah Dann [son of Seth & Jane (Munger) Dann] born November 25, 1796 probably North Norwich, Chenango, NY and died November 16, 1880 probably Abington Township, Lackawanna Co PA

( SALLY PECK born May 14, 1798 Norwich NY and died May 1872 Annin Creek PA; married Alva June born October 21, 1798 CT; and born to them was (and probably more):

( ELIAS C JUNE born January 24, 1826 Jasper, Steuben, NY; 1880 census living in Jasper NY; married Louisa Melvina Countryman – another great surname [dau of John A. I. & (Snyder) Countryman] born April 15, 1826 Herkimer Co NY; and born to them were:

( CHARLES E JUNE born May 27, 1852 NY; married 1st September 18, 1878 Georgia Cady born May 20, 1854; married 2d November 13, 1890 in Pittston PA, Carrie M Murphy born July 28, 1859; and born to him and Georgia was:

( FAYETTE C JUNE born June 26, 1880

( ELLA LOUISE JUNE born January 24, 1855 NY; 1880 census living at home with parents

( WILLIAM A JUNE born May 5, 1857 Jasper, Steuben, NY; married October 19, 1881 Jessie Alman Perry born October 17, 1862 Woodhull, Steuben, NY; and born to them was:

( LOIS M JUNE born November 27, 1891

( J FRANK JUNE born November 8, 1859 NY; 1880 census a cheese maker living at home with parents; married Sarah A Gardner born June 17, 1857; and born to them were 4 kids, 3 of which were:

( EARL JUNE born November 16, 1883

( ORTON JUNE born March 9, 1890

( KATHERINE JUNE born April 18, 1891

( CLARENCE V JUNE born February 14, 1864 NY; photographer; married October 20, 1897 Mary Brigham born February 9, 1875 NY; resided Addison NY 1920; they had 2 kids

( JOEL M. PECK born December 12, 1799 Norwich NY and was living in Palmyra WI 1875; married February 22, 1821 Amanda Purdy and born to them were:

( OSCAR D. PECK was living 1875 in Oshkosh WI

( CHARLES B. PECK was living 1875 in Detroit MI

( GEORGE R. PECK was living 1875 in Topeka KS - a lawyer and US Attorney in Topeka - Union officer in General Sherman’s march to the sea - in 1868, he was clerk of the Circuit Court, Rock Co WI. He was involved in the “contest over the Osage ceded lands”, which was a contest in the federal courts with the railroad companies for the ownership of the former Osage lands. “The suits were first initiated in the Circuit Court of the United States for the District of Kansas, by George R. Peck, U. S. District Attorney, who filed bills therein against the railroad companies to establish title of the United States to the ceded Osage lands, amount to 960,000 acres. The case was argued in the court in June 1874. The attorneys for the Government were George R. Peck, U.S. District Attorney, …… The prayer of the bill was granted by the Circuit Court. An appeal was taken to the U.S. Supreme Court, before which body the case was argued in October 1875. In the Supreme Court the government was represented by U.S. District Attorney Peck…  The Supreme Court affirmed the decree of the Circuit Court and the settlers were victorious.”

( MEHITABLE PECK born February 5, 1801 Norwich NY and was living in Portland, Chatauqua, NY 1861; married Jesse Porter (-c1851)

( DELILAH PECK born October 18, 1802 Norwich NY and died May 1806 North Norwich NY

( JOHN PECK born March 1, 1806 Norwich NY and was living in Castalia OH c1866; married Sarah Franklin 

            Born to Joel and his 2d wife, Mercy, were:

( LEWIS PECK, Esq., born March 15, 1809 Norwich, Chenango, NY and died there April 4, 1871; a Justice of the Peace and resided in North Norwich; retired farmer 1869-70; married September 4, 1834 Lucy Akley/Ackley died April 14, 1885 age 72y [dau of Samuel & Lucy (Scovel) Ackley]; both buried North Norwich Cemetery; and born to them were:


( CLARISA PECK (Clara) born September 11, 1840 North Norwich, Chenango, NY and died there September 11, 1900; buried there North Norwich Cemetery; resided in North Norwich her entire life; married a Mr Case

( WINFIELD SCOTT PECK born August 7, 1844 North Norwich NY; and was living there 1875; died there June 3, 1924; aside from 15y spent in Plymouth, he lived all his life on the farm where he was born; elected town clerk of North Norwich and served in that capacity for 8y; chosed supervisor in 1881 and served 4y; served as justice of the peach of North Norwich for several years; director of the Chenango County Patron’s Fire Insurance Co; member of the Grange; Private in the 103d Regiment discharged 1872; married Abby Josephine Pellet [dau of Asa & Olive Ruth (Manvel) Pellet, Esq] born June 27, 1858 Plymouth, Chenango, NY and died at her home December 1, 1942, North Norwich; both buried there North Norwich Cemetery; and born to them was:

( ASA PELLET PECK born March 28, 1891 Plymouth, Chenango, NY and died February 24, 1963 Norwich, Chenango, NY; farmer; president of the North Norwich Fire Department (a charter member) and secretary of the Cemetery Association; treasurer of the North Norwich Local of the Dairymen’s Leaque; married 1917 in Sherburne Co NY, Cecile Mary Wilkes who died April 28, 1979 age 81y [dau of Edmond PerLee & Nellie Rose (Wheeler) Wilkes]; both buried North Norwich; and they had 3 kids, 2 of which were:

( LEWIS WINFIELD PECK born January 9, 1920 North Norwich NY and died there July 26, 1923; buried there North Norwich Cemetery

( MARJORIE ABBY PECK born September 28, 1923 North Norwich NY

( CAROLINE PECK (Carrie) born April 27, 1847 North Norwich NY and died at home October 14, 1925, Earlville, Madison, NY; buried North Norwich Cemetery; prominent church worker and Sunday school teacher; married 1899 Willard Keech [son of Elisha & Hannah (Swan) Keech] born October 12, 1863 and died January 8, 1942 Mercer Co PA

( WALTER W. PECK born February 27, 1850 North Norwich; and was living there 1875; and died at home July 30, 1932 North Norwich; buried there North Norwich Cemetery; farmer

( HULDAH PECK born November 18, 1811 Norwich NY and died October 5, 1855 Cortlandville NY; married January 21, 1839 George W. Record

( WEALTHY PECK born November 29, 1814 Norwich, Chenango, NY and was living in Fabius, Onondaga, NY 1875 and died 1898 Fabius NY; married January 13, 1844 in Norwich, Artemas Brookins Cleveland [son of Elijah & Lucretia (Brookins) Cleveland] born October 7, 1810 Marlboro, Ulster, NY; Mexican War Veteran – enlisted 1839 in 2d Battery, U.S. Regular Artillery, soon promoted to Orderly Sergeant; at the Battle of Chapuletec, September 12-13, 1847 was wounded in the foot; served 8 years, honorably discharged on Surgeon’s Certificate in 1848 and drew a pension; of Fabius NY 1848-96; farmer; no offspring. According to the Internet, Sergeant A. B. Cleveland was of Company H, 2d Artillery and was wounded in both legs during the Battles of Churubusco and Contreras, Mexico August 19-20, 1847

( LUCINDA PECK (Lucy Jane) born July 15, 1817 Norwich NY and died March 16, 1869 North Norwich NY; married Smith Titus

( SARAH PECK born December 1, 1769 Greenwich CT and died August 20, 1847; married 1st April 15, 1788 Daniel Fisher [son of Daniel & Elizabeth (Weeks) Fisher] of Amenia NY born April 19, 1767 Dedham MA and died December 20, 1820 Plymouth NY; married 2d July 8, 1828 William Yerrington/Harrington who later died; married 3d August 20, 1839 as his 2d wife, Peter Cole who died August 20, 1847 Plymouth NY. Sarah and Daniel emigrated from Amenia to Norwich NY in 1796.  Born to Sarah and Daniel were {24 years between first and last}:

( POLLY FISHER born August 13, 1789 Amenia, Dutchess, NY and died October 20, 1846 North Norwich, Chenango, NY; married Lyman Cook born 1789 Amenia NY; and born to them was (and probably more):

( RACHEL M COOK born c1829 Chenango Co NY and died March 23, 1886 Eagle Grove, Wright, IA; married 1851 in NY, John Sorrell born 1825 Plymouth, Chenango, NY and died 1883; and born to them was (and probably more):

( MARY MINERVA SORRELL born 1853-59 NY and died September 30, 1933 Sioux City, Woodbury, IA; married September 22, 1878 at Plattsburg MO, Daniel Michael Collins born c1854 County Cork, Ireland and died May 4, 1918 Sioux City; and born to them was (and probably more):

( MINERVA JOSEPHINE COLLINS born July 22, 1890 Smithland, Woodbury, IA and died March 1970 Sioux City IA; married c1910 in Sioux City, James Wilson born 1886 Portadown, Northern Ireland; and born to them was (and probably more):

( JAMES RUSSELL WILSON born August 20, 1911 Sioux City IA and died there June 11, 1985; married February 26, 1938 in Vermillion, Clay, SD, Margaret Grace Leckband [dau of Wilhelm Johann Theodor & Amanda May (Hamel) Leckband] born February 17, 1915 Sioux City; and they had a child

( THOMPSON G. FISHER born November 26, 1792

( RACHEL FISHER born August 3, 1795; married Ira Rider

( PHEBE FISHER born August 15, 1798; married Benjamin Phelps

( CALVIN FISHER born May 14, 1801

( JOHN FISHER born March 20, 1804

( WILBUR FISHER born December 7, 1807

( SALLY MARIA FISHER born December 7, 1813; married William Walker and resided in Sherburne, Chenango, NY 

( MARY PECK (Polly) born October 28, 1771 Greenwich CT and died September 14, 1862 Smyrna, Chenango, NY; married December 16, 1790 David Wilbur born November 12, 1771 Amenia, Dutchess, NY and died February 2, 1865 Smyrna, Chenango, NY; buried North Norwich Cemetery; he was a pioneer settler in Smyrna; and born to them were {26 years between first and last}:

( THOMPSON WILBUR born February 13, 1792 Amenia, Dutchess, NY and died October 2, 1871 Smyrna, Chenango, NY; married January 22, 1813 Clarissa Bulkley Manwaring born June 30, 1794 and died December 30, 1876

( SALLY WILBUR born July 31, 1794 Sherburne, Chenango, NY and died October 29, 1876 Smyrna; married 1st David Calkins [son of Nathaniel & Lois] born May 10, 1790 Columbus NY and died March 11, 1846 Chenango Co NY; 2d John Miller; and born to her and David were:




( SMITH WILBUR CALKINS born December 25, 1820 Smyrna NY and died February 11, 1887 Tuscarora, Bradford, PA; married March 10, 1844 Fannie E Wilcox [dau of John & Susannah (Nichols) Wilcox] born April 9, 1825 Smyrna and died November 29, 1907 Binghamton, Columbia, NY; and born to them were:

( ADELAIDE CALKINS born c1845 Smyrna NY; married Hoyt W Kinney

( CHARLES LEROY CALKINS born April 27, 1851 Smyrna NY and died March 14, 1923 Palmyra, Jefferson, WI; married January 11, 1882 Palmyra, Adella Knapp [dau of Alburtus & Polly (Duncan) Knapp] born March 14, 1859 Palmyra and died there December 14, 1942; and born to them were:

( BERT LEROY CALKINS born November 30, 1883 Palmyra, Jefferson, WI and died April 8, 1966 Racine, Racine, WI; married 1st June 26, 1915 in Chicago IL, Bonnevieve Clark born May 13, 1891 Chicago IL and died April 18, 1944 Milwaukee WI; 2d April 16, 1947 Edna Billings born September 22, 1886 and died March 30, 1974 Racine; and born to him and Bonne were:

( CHARLES RICHARDS CALKINS married Julia Elizabeth Spencer; offspring


( EDWARD HOYT CALKINS born August 4, 1891 Palmyra WI and died there December 25, 1953; married December 12, 1928 Mary Jane Stewart born April 18, 1891 and died August 1, 1976; and born to them was:

( STEWART EDWARD CALKINS married a Miss Pierce; offspring

( SARAHETTE CALKINS born c1853 Smyrna NY; married Edward M Dakins

( ELLA F CALKINS born c1857 Smyrnia NY; married Samuel Wilcox

( EDWARD A CALKINS born c1861 Smyrna NY and died 1894; married Della Munger

( SMYTH WILBUR (Smith Wilbur) born February 17, 1797 Sherburne, Chenango, NY; married Cynthia Briggs

( MARIA WILBUR born July 8, 1799 McGraw, Cortland, NY and died January 2, 1867; married Elizur Graves [son of Asher & Elizabeth (Spelman) Graves] born June 2, 1795 Chazy, Clinton, NY and died March 27, 1857 Palmyra, Jefferson, WI

( GERMAN WILBUR born December 20, 1801 Sherburne, Chenango, NY; married Eliza Blair

( LYMAN WILBUR born May 12, 1804 Sherburne, Chenango, NY; married Lucy Ann Boss (1815-)

( CYNTHIA WILBUR born March 26, 1812 Sherburne, Chenango, NY and died February 15, 1888; married Sidney T Purdy (1809-1845)

( PLATT WILBUR born February 27, 1815 Sherburne NY and died May 18, 1897; married Harriet Miller born June 14, 1827 and died April 27, 1921

( MILES WILBUR born July 17, 1818 Sherburne NY and died October 6, 1897; married 1st Lavina Duncan; 2d Phebe Potter born May 7, 1828 and died January 1, 1902

( PHEBE PECK born August 16, 1774 Stanford NY and died July 31, 1857 Smyrna NY; married October 2, 1796 Job Loper.  Born to them were:

( SARAH LOPER born August 24, 1797 and died in infancy

( PHEBE LOPER born March 19, 1799; married Dudley Bennett

( JOEL LOPER born August 29, 1804

( BETSEY K. LOPER born March 13, 1814; married Tunis Blanberry

( STEPHEN PECK born October 1776 Stanford NY and died there December 1777

( STEPHEN NORTHRUP PECK born May 14, 1778 Stanford/Stanfordville, Dutchess, NY and died August 16, 1871 at 96y Solon, Cortland, NY; married 1st December 4, 1800 Lydia Philips who died December 28, 1847 at 66y; and 2d October 3, 1849 Clarissa Hobart. Stephen was a farmer and one of the first settlers of the town of Solon NY; he settled on Lot 62 in March 1804, purchasing 92 acres, which he added to considerably over time; listed as ‘Captain’ in Solon records. His excellent judgment, cheerful and genial characteristics, strong common sense, and agreeable manners, secured the special respect and esteem of all who knew him. Stephen and Lydia both buried Solon Baptist Cemetery, Cortland County NY. Born Stephen and Lydia were {24 years between first and last child}:

( POLLY PECK born September 22, 1801 Solon NY and died November 13/17, 1854 (Monee) Crete, Will, IL; married as his 1st wife, Samuel Wood Chapman [son of Jerimiah & Elizabeth (Wood) Chapman] born January 22, 1796 NH and died February 15, 1864 Monee IL; and born to them was:

( MARTHA ELIZABETH CHAPMAN (Photos) born January 12, 1840 Kirkland OH and died November 27, 1914 Shenandoah, Page  IA; married August 3, 1856 in Monee, Will,  IL, Charles Lathrop Lebarron born November 27, 1835 Hoosic Falls, Rensselaer,  NY and died April 20, 1905 Shenandoah; and born to them were:

The Evening Sentinel, Shenandoah, Iowa Wednesday, February 18, 1903


Among the few men still living in Shenandoah whose lives were identified with the earliest history of this community Charles Lathrop LeBarron, present  justice of the peace, holds a prominent place in that history, having farmed in this vicinity long before Shenandoah was thought of, and afterwards owned land now occupied as our beautiful Rose Hill Cemetery. He was the pioneer liveryman in Shenandoah and was one of the first stock buyers. His life has been a checkered one, with its ups and downs and filled all the way along with incidents of historical and romantic interest, many of them tragic. Mr. LeBarron was born at Hoosic Falls, Rensseaer County, New York, November 27, 1835. The following spring his father, Lathrop LeBarron and his grandfather decided to "go west" and traveled across country to Cattaraugus County in western New York where they bought land and began to clear off the forest. They were thirty-one miles from Buffalo. The mother and baby Charles followed them a few months later. In July Charles' father was killed by a tree, which fell on him. It was crooked and in falling it went in a different direction from what was expected, striking another tree in its decent and throwing the trunk around and upon him, killing him instantly. Later Mrs. LeBarron married her husband's brother and by him had two more children, Julia M. and Joseph O. The first named is a resident of Shenandoah and widow of the late Moses Barce. Joseph resides in Cushing, Ida County, this state. By a remarkable coincidence Mrs. LeBarron's second husband and brother of the first was killed in a similar way by the falling of a tree within eighty rods of where the first was killed. A large limb broke from a falling tree and flying back struck him on the side so that he died in a few hours. Charles was then ten years of age. His mother continued to reside in that locality and he remained with her until he was within three days of eleven years old when he left home and from that time continued to make his own living. He went to work first for a rich farmer named Ralph Johnson and lived with him eighteen months, working part of the time on the farm and part of the time in the curry-house and tannery owned by the same man. Johnson was quick tempered and had considerable trouble with his men, but young LeBarron would take nothing off from him and "sassed back" whenever he felt like it. After leaving Johnson he continued to work in that locality, going to school a few weeks each winter and working the balance of the time. For two or three years he worked for a man named Joshua Markham who had a shingle machine and Charles manipulated that part of the time. Then he worked for a fine religious man named Dan Brown. LeBarron was taken sick there and Brown took care of him very kindly and waited for him to recover, but he did not get so he could work much and finally gave up and concluded to go west to see that country. In the spring of 1854 he landed in Kankakee, Illinois. An aunt named Eliza Berzee lived in Kankakee. (Her daughter taught kindergarten school in Shenandoah last year.) Markham for who LeBarron had worked in New York had moved to Illinois and owned a farm twelve miles southwest of Kankakee and LeBarron went to work for him, doing light work at first. By harvest time he was made a full hand. In the fall he got the ague and had it good and hard but he stayed there that year and next until fall. During that time he made a visit to New York and brought his mother to Illinois, where she met and married Samuel Chapman, and then in the fall of 1855 Charles went to work for Chapman. During the years of his mother's widowhood Charles had contributed to her support and also spent money doctoring his sister's eyes. After his mother was married, Charles married his stepsister, Martha Chapman, August 3, 1856. October 23, that year he and his bride started with a team of oxen and an old wagon and drove across the country and reached his wife's brother's home on Tarkio Creek the day before Charles was twenty-one years of age. The brother was Ralph Chapman, well known in Page County, who had located on Tarkio a year previous. C. L. left his wife at the Chapman home and he and Ralph came over to Fischer's Grove, afterwards called Manti, and rented a house of J.F. Durfey on the John McComb hill, but they did not like it and only stayed a few days. Charles then went to Edmund Fisher and rented of him a room occupying a space between two log cabins on what was afterwards the John Meyers place. LeBarron and his wife had only been there three days when a terrible snowstorm set in, more severe than any that had taken place since. It was the biggest snow LeBarron ever saw in Iowa, four feet deep on a level. The wolves that winter killed about all the deer in this country. LeBarron worked for Fisher that winter hauling logs and wood. The village was cut off for weeks from all communication with the outside world. The stage route from Clarinda to Sydney was closed for a month. When Phil Banks finally got through with the mail it took him two days to reach Manti. The following February LeBarron and his wife moved to Hickory Grove on Buck Creek in Lincoln Township and he hired out to his brother-in-law, Ralph Chapman, and that summer split rails, built fence and broke up sod. He bought a land warrant of Chapman for $1.20 per acre, saving five cents per acre by the transaction as government land was sold for $1.25 per acre. He also pre-empted some land. He proved up and paid for his land 123 11/100 acres that is now known as the Barnhill farm in Grant Township, land now worth $125.00 per acre, 100 times what it cost then. But he was unable to build on it or to get the breaking done so he could farm it. That fall he moved to Manti again and spent the winter of 1857-8 in a little cabin belonging to Nicholas Taylor on what afterwards became the Call farm. In the spring of '58 he rented some land of Almond Sherman and put in a crop. After the crop was in LeBarron and wife and their baby, Asa, and Ralph Chapman all drove back to Illinois and LeBarron went on to New York and stayed three months. They spent the following winter in Illinois and then drove back to Manti where LeBarron farmed some land for Fisher and lived in a house belonging to D. S. Brown where J. M. Sinclair now resides. Here their second child, Lydia, was born. During the fall of 1859 they bought a log house in Manti and lived in it that winter, but the next spring they built a cabin on their own land, tearing the other to pieces and using it to build a stable and some cribs. That summer LeBarron got a little breaking done on his own land and raised some wheat but also rented land of Mr. Fisher. He continued to rent of Fisher in 1861, and in 1862 he rented of a Missourian named Rudisill who got into disrepute as a rebel, and LeBarron got all of the crop that year. Stirring events came on about that time and LeBarron remembers a band of soldiers following some horse raiders past his place; also the soldiers bringing a rebel past his place and hanging him somewhere near McKissick's Grove. LeBarron became a member of the Manti Home Guard, a squad of ten men. The government furnished them guns and ammunition but they had to furnish their own horses and went to Sydney to drill. They made two trips to the Missouri line in search of "the enemy" but did not have any fighting. Dr. Whiting, S. S. Wilcox, Louis Whiting and Jed Anderson were other members of this same home guard. There was considerable rebel sentiment in the vicinity of Sydney at that time but it did not manifest itself in any overt acts and LeBarron was not called upon to show his valor under fire. In the fall of 1862 he drove across the country to Illinois for a visit and was taken sick shortly after he started on the return trip, and then he retraced his steps to the home of his stepfather where he underwent a long siege of sickness. Then the stepfather died and soon after his mother died. LeBarron and his wife remained there and settled up the business of the estate and sold the wife's interest in it and finally returned to Manti about the close of the war. His brother and sister came with them. LeBarron went onto his own farm and remained there several years improving it and getting on his feet financially. He built a good house and got along nicely. When the railroad came through in 1870 he and Lyman Fisher bought a machine and cut hay and sold it to the graders at a good price. When the town started LeBarron owned forty acres of land part of which is now inside the corporation and is used for the cemetery and brickyard. He sold it to the town company for $800.00. In the spring of 1871 he built a livery barn where the seed house of J. B. Armstrong now stands, and engaged in the livery business, the first liveryman in Shenandoah. The barn was built by Covertson & Dillingham, their first contract in Shenandoah. It was a regular old fashioned eastern barn, well built with 8x8 sill and 6x6 posts, all well braced, as you will find in most of the barns built forty years ago. LeBarron had a monopoly of the business then and made some money; made more than the liverymen of today make. He got four dollars a day for rigs and a dollar a day for taking care of a team; fifty cents for a feed. He ran the business over one year alone and then sold half interest to Charles Cox. One day Charles Cox made him an offer and he took it up. He was unloading a load of hay at the time and he got right off the load with half of it there and turned the business over to Cox. Sometime after this, Cox sold out to Capt. McGogy and while the barn was being moved to another site it was burned. After he sold his livery business LeBarron engaged in the stock shipping business and continued at it for five and one-half years. Benj. Carey and John X. Griffith were in the business at that time, also. Times were against the shippers and the Grange movement came up when the farmers concluded to dispose of the middle-man, and in common with hundreds of others, LeBarron failed. He lost his money and his farm and was practically cleaned out of everything. W. E. Webster got the farm, but he permitted LeBarron to live on it for a time. Then he came to town and got a job as city Marshall and served for five or six years. One year he ran a dray. In 1885 he went to Rawlins County, Kansas, and took up a homestead of 160 acres and remained there until he got a deed for it. He also took a timber claim but lost that through some defect in the papers. In 1890 he returned to Shenandoah to the same house he left. He traded his Kansas land to Jeff Williams for 15 1/2 acres just southwest of town which he still owns. Of his history since his return most of our readers are familiar. The first year he worked at any odd job he could get. The second year he was put in as street commissioner and Marshall, then out a year and in again. He was elected as constable for two or three terms and then as justice of the peace and is now serving his third term as justice very acceptably. Mr. LeBarron was the first constable of Grant Township and has served as constable in all 28 or 29 years. He was deputy sheriff five years when Isaac Damewood was Sheriff. He was the third man to take the degree of Masonry in Shenandoah shortly after the organization of Tri-Centum Lodge in 1871, Thomas Warren and O. A. Rogers going in just ahead of him. Mr. and Mrs. LeBarron have had nine children, all of them living but one. Asa was born in Manti in 1857, Lydia on the Sinclair place in 1859, and died when nineteen years old. C. B. was worn on Barnhill farm in this township February 5, 1862, and it is thought he is the oldest native of Grant Township, having lived here from his birth, over 41 years. The other children are Etta M. McConnoughey, Ed C., Eugene S., Mattie, Will and Sam. The greater portion of the life of C. L. LeBarron has been spent in a struggle with poverty and misfortune or disaster, but through it all he never lost or gave up the struggle. He always kept going. He was industrious and honest, a good citizen through it all. He is of sturdy independence, frugal habits, of good judgement, well adapted to the position of justice of the peace which he holds. He is usually of jovial disposition, quick to appreciate a good joke or story. At the same time he has many of the qualities of the old stoic philosophers, accepting calmly whatever the fates of life have in store for him from year to year, whether the fortune be good or ill. While his life has not been marked by the great successes in fame or fortune that we might write of some others, it has been a life of peaceful industry and resignation.

( ASA LEBARRON born 1858 Shenandoah IA

( LYDIA LEBARRON born 1859 Shenandoah IA and died there 1878

( CHARLES BERTRAND LEBARRON (Photo) born February 5, 1862 Manti IA and died December 19, 1942 Shenandoah, Page, IA; married August 27, 1879 in Shenandoah (Missouri?), Rossana Roth [dau of John George & Frederika (Darra) Roth] born 1861 NY and died 1933 Shenandoah; and born to them were:

The Evening Sentinel, Shenandoah, Iowa Saturday, December 19, 1942

C. B. LeBarron "Oldest" Native Dies

C. B. LeBarron, 80, pioneer resident of this section was found dead in front of the Harold Welch home on East Clarinda Avenue shortly before noon today. Dr. J. F. Aldrich, Page county health officer, was called and pronounced death caused by a heart attack. Mr. LeBarron was found by Paul Kimsey who was passing by. He is survived by a brother, E. S. LeBarron of Shenandoah, a son, Charles in Clarinda and a daughter, Mrs. Frank Johnson, who recently moved to California. Mr. LeBarron was born on a farm south of Five Corners in 1862 in a log cabin. There was no Shenandoah until he was eight years of age and he received part of his education at the big log schoolhouse at Manti. He saw the first passenger train come through Shenandoah between Red Oak and Nebraska City in the fall of 1870.

The Evening Sentinel, Shenandoah, Iowa Monday, December 21, 1942

LeBarron Rites To Be Tuesday

Funeral services for C. B. LeBarron, 80, who died suddenly Saturday, will be held Tuesday afternoon at the Buntz Funeral Home, at 2:30 o'clock conducted by Rev. Allen Keedy, pastor of the First Congregational Church.Burial will be in Rose Hill Cemetery. Mrs. LeBarron died a number of years ago. Surviving Mr. LeBarron are a son, Charles of Clarinda and a daughter, (Etta Mae) Mrs. Frank Johnson now in Los Angeles, California. There are four brothers, E. S. LeBarron of Shenandoah, W. I. LeBarron of KGMF of North Platte, Nebr., Ed C. LeBarron of North Platte , Nebr. and Sam LeBarron of Bismarck, S. Dak. and a sister, Mrs. Pearl Stoddard of Los Angeles, Calif.

The Evening Sentinel, Shenandoah, Iowa Wednesday, December 23, 1942

Pay Tribute To Oldest Native Son

Funeral services for Charles Bert LeBarron, born February 5, 1862 near Manti, who entered into rest December 19, at Shenandoah, Iowa, were held Tuesday afternoon, at the Buntz funeral home. Rev. Allen Keedy, pastor of the First Congregational church conducted the rites. Music was solo selections by Mrs. J. D. Bellamy, who sang "Beautiful Garden of Prayer" and "Going Down to the Valley" playing her own accompaniments. The floral tributes were cared for by Mrs. Jack Darnold and Mrs. S. E. Ramsey. Pallbearers were R. W. Gibson, Ermal McMichel, Milo Griffin, Pete Hamilton, W. A. Burke and Frank Racine. Honorary pallbearers were Levi Mattox, Earl Fishbaugh, Fred Fischer, Henry Field, M. H. Driftmier and J. C. Webster. Internment was in Rose Hill cemetery. Among those here for the funeral services were Will LeBarron of North Platte, Nebr.; Mr. and Mrs. Charles LeBarron and Floyd Ruby of Clarinda; R. L. Alley of Omaha; Jim Hall and Mrs. June Johnson of Sidney. Mr. LeBarron, 80, was the oldest native son of Shenandoah having been born near the site of the town before it was started. He was in business here many years. Charles Bert, third child of Charles Lathrop and Martha Chapman LeBarron was born February 5, 1862 near Manti. He was married to Rosanna Roth, August 27, 1879 in Missouri. To this union was born two children, a daughter (Etta Mae) Mrs. Frank Johnson of Shenandoah now in Los Angeles, Calif. and Charles R. LeBarron of Clarinda. Besides them, left to morn are 12 grandchildren; 11 great grandchildren; 4 brothers, Eugene S. LeBarron of Shenandoah, Sam LeBarron of Bismarck, N. D., Will LeBarron and Edward LeBarron of North Platte; one sister, Mrs. Minor (Pearl) Stoddard of Log Cabin, Calif.; and many nieces, nephews and cousins, and a host of friends. He was proceeded in death by his wife, who died March 18, 1933, his father and mother, three sisters, Lida LeBarron, Mrs. Henrietta McCoughney and Mrs. Martha Ruby and one brother, Asa LeBarron.

( ETTA MAE LEBARRON (Photo) born February 13, 1885 Shenandoah, Page, IA and died September 20, 1944 Omaha NE; married August 8, 1900 in Shenandoah, Franklin Arthur Johnson [son of Fredrick & Clara M (Dicus) Johnson] born July 18, 1879 Morning Sun, Louisa, IA and died December 8, 1952 Shenandoah IA; he was a house painter and contractor and taught the business to his sons; and born to them were:

( SYLVIA JOHNSON born 1901 Shenandoah IA and died Essex IA

( FREDRICK JOHNSON born Shenandoah IA and died San Bernadino Co CA

( DALE JOHNSON born Shenandoah IA and died 2001 Glendale CA

( DOROTHY MABEL JOHNSON born 1918 Shenandoah IA and died there 2001; married 1939 Charles Henry Black [son of Allen & Emaline] born 1909 Shenandoah and died there 1994; both buried there Rose Hill Cemetery; and born to them were:

( CHARLES ALLEN BLACK born 1941 Shenandoah IA; married 1966 in Nebraska, Trudy Bartling [dau of Byron Ervin & Mattie G (Weber) Bartling] born 1943 Oakland NE; and born to them were:

( CHARLES BYRON BLACK born 1967 Des Moines IA; married 1995 in Waukee IA, Heidi {maiden name unk} (1968-)

( JENNIFER BLACK born 1971 Des Moines IA; married 1998 in Waukee IA, Edward Owens (1968-)

( JAMES DALE BLACK born 1947 Shenandoah IA; married 1984 in San Francisco CA, Martha Ann Holtzman (1943-) [dau of David & Rose (Rothstein) Holtzman]

( ROBERT JOHNSON born 1920 Shenandoah IA and died there 1988; married Alberta {maiden name unk} and born to them was:

( GAYLE JOHNSON born 1943 Shenandoah IA; married Mr Monk

( RUTH JOHNSON born 1924 Shenandoah IA and died 1999 Brisbane CA; married Jack Tripp and born to them was:

( JOYCE TRIPP born 1945 Red Oak IA

( ADELBERT JOHNSON born 1926 Shenandoah IA and died 1980 Glendale CA

( LAWRENCE DEAN JOHNSON born Shenandoah IA and died 2002 Glendale CA; married Ruth {maiden name unk} and they had 2 kids, 1 of which was:

( ALBERT DEAN JOHNSON born 1947 Glendale CA

( GORDON JOHNSON born 1931 Shenandoah IA and died 1999 Glendale CA

( DONALD JOHNSON born Shenandoah IA

( HELEN JOHNSON born Shenandoah IA and died Southern Calif; married Roy Williams and born to them was:

( CARLOTTA WILLIAMS born 1943 Shenandoah IA

( LESLEY DARRYL JOHNSON born Shenandoah IA and died Glendale CA

( CHARLES ROTH LEBARRON born February 21, 1888 McDonald KS and died September 15, 1949 Clarinda IA; married December 24, 1916 in Clarinda, Wilma June Damewood born June 2, 1886 and died September 2, 1971 Clarinda

( EUGENE S LEBARRON born June 15, 1869 Shenandoah, Page, IA and died December 11, 1951; married Cora M Hall born October 9, 1889 and died May 4, 1961; and born to them was:

( GARRETT ALDEN LEBARRON born 1897 Shenandoah, Page, IA and died January 17, 1919 Arcadia FL; buried Shenandoah

( WILLARD LEBARRON born March 4, 1876 Shenandoah IA and died November 1966 North Platte NE

( SAMUEL LEBARRON born August 15, 1879 Shenandoah IA and died July 1948 ND; married Luella Rodenbaugh and she lived to 100+; and born to them was:

( FAY V LEBARRON born August 29, 1905 Omaha NE and died October 25, 1969; buried Santa Fe National Cemetery. Section O, Site 628; WWII Vet - Army First Lieutenant; listed nurse on marriage license; married 1st August 17, 1927 in Cleveland OH, James Timmins who died 1937 Cleveland; 2d Mr Huttenlocher; there is a William K Huttenlocher (1906-1984), US Army Staff Sergeant buried at the Santa Fe National Cemetery – don’t know if he was her 2d husband; and born to her and James was:

( ROBERT TIMMINS (RALSTON) born c1928 and died age 62y; he changed his surname to Ralson; married Phylis Merrifield and born to them were:


( JAMES RALSTON married 1st Susan Koch; 2d Justine Ann Rossi; and born to him and Susan was:


( MARTHA LEBARRON born Shenandoah IA

( PEARL LEBARRON married Minor Stoddar

( HENRIETTA LEBARRON born Shenandoah IA; married apparently 1st, Mr McCoughey; 2d Mr Alley

( EDWARD C LEBARRON born Shenandoah IA; married name unk and born to them was:

( ARCHIE LEBARRON born May 11, 1898 Shenandoah IA and died there July 14, 1899

( LYMAN PECK (Lyman E. Peck) born December 22, 1803 Solon NY and died April 30, 1877 Cortland Co NY; married September 25, 1828 Almira/Elmira Thompson [dau of Zenas & Sarah (Wood) Thompson] born October 10, 1806 and died June 25, 1896 Cortland Co NY; Lyman was on the building committee of the Freetown Corners’ Methodist Episcopal Church erected in 1846; and born to them were:

( NORTHRUP J. PECK (1833-1887) (Northup Peck) was a dentist in Independence IA c1875; married Polly Thompson and born to them was:


( LYMAN PECK, JR., born June 29, 1834 and died January 30, 1886 Cortland Co NY; buried Cortland Rural Cemetery (age 52y); a farmer and Justice of the Peace in Solon NY; Town Clerk 1869; married 1855 Jane Taylor born January 6, 1835 England and died June 13, 1888 Cortland Co NY; merchant in Solon; and born to them were:


( NORTHRUP JAY PECK (1862-1938)

( CARRIE M. PECK (1864-1904)

( CHARLES BURTON PECK born February 28, 1868 Cortland Co NY and died there April 29, 1932; married February 25, 1904 Sadie Nye born May 13, 1877 and died May 18, 1964 Cortland Co NY; and born to them was:

( GLADYS PECK born December 12, 1908

( JESSE TAYLOR PECK (1870-1893)

( RUFUS T. PECK (1837-1908) was Post Master and School Commissioner of Cortland County NY; merchant in Solon


( MELVIN D. PECK (1842-) was a physician and surgeon in the Pension Department at Washington D.C.

( PHILETUS PECK (Melvin) (1842-)

( CHARLES T. PECK (Charley) (1849-) was a merchant in Solon NY; Town Clerk 1878-79

 ( HIRAM PECK born May 25, 1806 Solon NY and died there January 4, 1865; married Nancy Cameron

( NATHAN PECK born January 31, 1809 Solon NY and died there March 21, 1856; married Polly Thompson (Mary P Thompson) [dau of Zenus & Sarah (Wood) Thompson] born May 6, 1814 Butternuts NY – she remarried

( EMILY PECK born October 15, 1811 Solon NY; living at McGrawville NY 1875; and died 1890; married Charles Burlingham/Burlington; and born to them were:



( STEPHEN N. PECK born May 13, 1814 Solon NY and died May 4, 1865 New Market, Canada West, age 50y 11m 24d; buried Solon Baptist Cemetery, Cortland Co NY (or is listed on a grave marker there); married Belinda J. Thompson (Betsey Belinda Thompson) [dau of Zenus & Sarah (Wood) Thompson] born October 27, 1821 Butternuts NY – she remarried

( PLATT PECK born June 11, 1817 Solon NY and died May 7, 1905 Brookton (dale) NY; married Mary Ann Kinney and born to them were:

( HARRIET PECK born August 20, 1855 and died in May 1944; married October 22, 1879 Franklin Saunders and born to them were:


( ARTHUR SAUNDERS (1882-) married Gertrude Huber and born to them was:




( HELEN PECK SAUNDERS born April 8, 1897; married June 21, 1921 Captain Harold J. Nagell and born to them were:

( HARRIET S. NAGELL (1922-) married John Gereak and they had 5 kids

( JAMES VAN BUREN NAGELL (1927-) married Miss Galbraith and they had 2 kids


( GEORGE R. PECK born May 14, 1851 and died November 28, 1916; married Libbe Sanders [dau of George T & L. Maria (Nicholas) Sanders] born November 5, 1857 and died November 4, 1929; both buried Quick Cemetery located Lounsbery Road, Brooktondale, Tomkins, NY (Photo); and born to them were:

( ROSS S PECK married Grace Woodruff

( MARY ELIZABETH PECK born May 31, 1884 and died January 9, 1955; married Carl F. Denman [son of Richard L. & Adelaide (Webster) Denman] born August 21, 1878 and died September 24, 1949; both buried Quick Cemetery located Lounsbury Road, Brooktondale, Tomkins, NY; and born to them were:

( ELIZABETH DENMAN was alive in 1999; married 1st Henry Justin Corcoran; 2d Christian Oelseby

( CARLOTTA DENMAN (1908-) married William Henry Kimball

( FRANCES MARIA PECK (1880-1957) married 1st c1903 Leroy David Trapp [son of William J & Eliza (McElheney) Trapp] born November 26, 1876 Virgil, Cortland, NY and died December 7, 1950 Cortland; 2d John Morgan; Frances buried Quick Cemetery, Tompkins Co NY; and born to her and Leroy were:

( ROBERT PECK TRAPP (born Leroy David Trapp) born March 6, 1909 and died February 16, 1991; buried Quick Cemetery - offspring

( HOWARD FRANCIS TRAPP born July 23, 1910 NY and died July 3, 1946 NE; buried Quick Cemetery; married Phyllis Jean Atwater born October 1, 1918 and buried CA; and born to them were:



( CHESTER PECK (1857-)

( CHARLES PECK (1859-)

( SMITH W. PECK born March 25, 1820, Solon NY and died June 25, 1845, Watertown WI, age 25y; buried Solon Baptist Cemetery, Cortland County NY (or is listed on a grave marker there); unmarried.

( JOHN PECK born June 10, 1823 Solon NY and was living there 1875, and died May 21, 1888; married Charlotte Kinney and born to them were:

( LOTTIE PECK married John Jennings

( LINUS PECK died 1930 Cortland Co NY; married Jennie L Smith and born to them was:


( CORA PECK born March 14, 1773; married John Coleman and born to them was:




( SALLY PECK born October 8, 1825 Solon NY and died there December 22, 1869/70; married 1850 in Solon Township, Cortland Co NY, Jairus/Jarius Davis [son of Joseph & Elizabeth (Hallock) Davis] born June 16, 1816 Norway Township, Herkimer Co NY and died July 25, 1869 Savona, Steuben, NY; and born to them were:

( LYMAN JARIUS DAVIS (Lyman Jairus Davis) born February 6, 1852 Solon Township, Cortland Co NY and died there December 2, 1864

( CHESTER FAYETTE DAVIS born 1857 Solon Township, Cortland Co NY and died December 18, 1923 State Hospital, Binghamton, Broome, NY. An orphan at age 12y, brought up in the family of his maternal uncle Lyman Peck in Cortland, where he attended the State Normal School for about 3y; finishing his preparatory schooling at Cazenovia NY Seminary; later, entering Princeton U, he became violently insane, a condition from he never recovered

( JOHN PECK born September 11, 1780 Stanford NY; went with his father to the Chenango Valley in 1795/1804 and there married August 20, 1801 Sarah Ferris ( John early commenced preaching and in 1804, settled in Cazenovia NY, as a Baptist minister, and resided there until his death. “He was a distinguished minister of his denomination, among the foremost in its religious and benevolent enterprises, and eminent for his devotion to pastoral duty, his fervid eloquence and his conservative theological tendencies. John died December 15, 1849 in New York city, being there on a temporary visit.” “Gentle and Winning in Manner, was John Peck, in youth, the active Pastor of Caznovia. He touched the tenderer chords in the heart with a persuasive power, which often effected more than the most masterly reasonings and the loftiest bursts of eloquence. Simple and unpretending, grave and earnest, there was a heavenly-mindedness in conversation and prayer, an unaffected incerity in his discourses, and a weeping compassion in his appeals, which carried conviction to the conscience and disarmed all opposition. He was wise in winning souls, and revivals were continually around him. Prudent in counsel, and eminently blessed as a peacemaker, there was no man who ruled with greater power in the hearts of his breathen. Love was the element he breathed and it was diffused all around him.”  Born to them were:

( DARIUS PECK born June 5, 1802 Norwich, Chenango, NY and died October 27, 1879; when his family settled in Cazenovia NY, schools of a higher grade being few and far distant, his advantages for an early educated were limited to the common schools of the vicinity until he was about 17 years of age; prior to this time, however, his eager desire for intellectual improvement and for a liberal education induced  him to devote many of his evenings and much of his few intervals of leisure from farming occupations to the acquirement of general and classical knowledge, and thus, by the aid of appropriate books and the occasional assistance of a neighboring classical scholar, he became quite proficient in the Latin language, and commenced fitting for college in the autumn of 1819 under Rev. Daniel Hascall and Mr.Zenas Morse, Principal of Hamilton Academy, NY; October 1822 entered the Sophmore Class of Hamilton College NY, from which he graduated August 1825; studied law with Hon. Ambrose L. Jordan and William Slosson, in the cities of Hudson and New York; was admitted to the bar of the Supreme Court of the State of New York in August, 1828, and in 1829 settled in as a lawyer at the city of Hudson NY.  In February 1833, he was appointed by the Governor and Senate of the State of New York as the Recorder of the City of Hudson, then a judicial officer, as well as a member of the Common Council of that City, which office he held until April 1843. He married, September 12, 1836, Harriet M. Hudson, of Troy NY, born November 17, 1813 and died April 18, 1863 at age 49 years. Darius was for several years Superintendent of Schools and Master in Chancery; was appointed in April, 1843 by the Governor of New York and Senate, a Judge of the Court of Common Pleas of the County of Columbia NY, and in November 1855 was elected, and in November 1863 and 1867, was re-elected, County Judge of Columbia County. He was distinguished as a sound lawyer, and an able, safe and reliable counselor; his high moral character, thorough knowledge of legal and equitable principle, and their application, together with his long experience, inspired and secured the utmost confidence of a large clientage in his own and adjoining counties; President of the Hudson City Savings Institution; Author of Peck Genealogy.  Born to them was:

( JOHN HUDSON PECK born February 7, 1838 Hudson, Columbia, NY and was living in Troy NY in 1877.   He graduated at Hamilton College NY, 1859; was admitted to the bar of the Supreme Court of the State of NY, 1862; and settled as a lawyer in Troy NY; law firm Tracy & Peck.He was a successful practitioner, learned in the law and skillful in the conduct of his cases. Much responsibility fell upon Dr. Peck, Trusts, public, private and corporate, were committed to his care. He fulfilled all of the obligations of a citizen and borne well his part during his years of activity. In 1883 he became a trustee of the Troy Female Seminary. From 1888-1901 he was president of the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute of Troy NY. In 1889 Hamilton College conferred upon him the honorary degree of LL.D. In 1894 he was a member of the constitutional convention of the state of New York, and was one of the trustees for the erection of the Hart Memorial Library, and chairman of the commission for the erection of a new court house in Rensselaer County. He was one of the organizers and incorporators of The Scenic and Historic Preservation Society of New York state. He was a member of the Society of Colonial Wars, and Sons of the Revolution. His religious connection was with the Protestant Episcopal church and for many years was a member and treasurer of the trustees of the dioces of Albany. He supplemented his father’s genealogy work. He was both a pleasing and instructive writer with a fine sense of humor and true pathos. While he was strong in debate, the gentle side of his nature predominated and he delighted more in the pleasures of friendship than in the conflicts of men.  He married, August 7, 1883, Mercy Plum Mann {dau of Nathaniel and Sally Frances (Slocum) Mann} born December 12, 1843.  

( HORACE ROBINSON PECK born December 9, 1839 Hudson NY and died there April 29, 1907; received his preliminary education in the public schools of Hudson and in Rev Elbridge Bradbury’s private classical school and graduated at Hamilton College NY 1859; he took up the study of law under his father’s instruction and was admitted to the bar 1863; was admitted to the bar of the Supreme Court NY 1863; settled as a lawyer Hudson NY and practiced 37 years in the office opened by his father in 1829; married November 14, 1867 Anna Van Deusen [dau of Peter], of Greeport NY. Born to them was:

( BAYARD LIVINGSTON PECK born August 16, 1869; graduated from Hamilton College 1891; attorney in NYC

( SARAH LUCRETIA PECK born March 19, 1842 Hudson NY and died October 25, 1876 Claverack NY; educated at the Female Seminary, Troy NY; married October 10, 1859 Martin Hoffman Philip [son of Henry G. & Catharine Douw (Hoffman) Philip] (1826-) of the town of Claverack. Born to them were:

( KATHARINE MAUD PHILIP born September 13, 1860 Hudson NY; married George Frederick Hussey and born to them were:

( MARGARET CLAPP HUSSEY (1893-) married, name unk, and had Gertrude


( HARRY VAN NESS PHILIP (Photo) born August 9, 1862 “Talavera” Claverack, Columbia, NY; educated Hudson Academy, Kinderhook Academy; Union College graduating 1884, A.B.; Columbia Law School, LLB, 1887; attorney in NYC; married November 2, 1891 Mary Potter Jackson [dau of Hon Samuel Winston Jackson); resided Livingston, Staten Island; and born to them was:

( HARRY VAN NESS PHILIP Jr born July 31, 1896

( LAURA JOHNSON PHILIP born December 10, 1863 Claverack NY

( WILLARD PECK born March 2, 1844 Hudson NY and was living in Hudson NY 1877, died October 15, 1924; preparatory education was received in private schools; graduated at Hamilton College NY 1864; studied law under his father’s instruction and was admitted to the bar of the State of NY 1867; settled as a lawyer and practiced his profession in Hudson; held offices as police justice, postmaster and school trustee; made an enviable record as a member of the board of education; 1888 became a member of the legal firm of Cadman & Peck; married June 16, 1869 at Utica, Oneida, NY Mary Langford Curran [dau of Edward], of Utica NY, born March 9, 1846 and died February 28, 1925. Born to them were:

( HARRIET HUDSON PECK born April 2, 1870 Utica NY and died there

April 5, 1870

( PHILIP CURRAN PECK born February 7, 1874 Hudson NY and died July 5, 1954 Staten Island Hospital, New Brighton, Staten Island NY; Yale; NYC attorney; married 1st Evelyn Williams Smith born c1874 and died February 22, 1936; 2d Zeneida Swegun born September 20, 1919 and died December 11, 2004; and born to him and Evelyn were:



( DARIUS EDWARD PECK born May 5, 1877 Hudson, Columbia, NY and died December 6, 1944 Ellis Hospital, Schenetady NY; Yale; Albany Law School; NYC attorney; married 1922 Juliette M Brown and born to them were:

( WILLARD LANGFORD PECK born April 16, 1923 Schenectady NY and died December 29, 2004; married Colleen Murphy who died January 1975; and born to them was:

( ELIZABETH PECK born July 8, 1957 Denver CO and died February 1, 2000

( MOLLY CURRAN PECK born October 10, 1928 NY and died 1974

( MARY LANGFORD PECK born November 29, 1881 Hudson NY and died January 11, 1973 Torrington, Litchfield, CT; Smith College; married January 1915 Rev Lloyd Burdwin Holsapple born February 16, 1884 and died February 12, 1959; presume this is same guy: in the fall of 1914 the Rev Lloyd B. Holsapple was called as rector of Saint Barnabas Parish, Omaha NE and was there for 11 years as rector, builder, scholar and popular priest; spent the remaining years as a Latin teacher in a Roman Catholic boys’ school in MA.

( NORA PECK born September 16, 1846 Hudson NY and was living in Oakland CA 1873; educated at the Female Seminary, Troy NY; married June 18, 1873 Frederick Folger Thomas of San Francisco who died August 6, 1916 – same guy who was President of the Gwin Mine?; and born to them were:

( WILLIAM SHEPARD THOMAS born March 23, 1874 Oakland CA; a mining engineer in California

( MAUD ANGELINE THOMAS born February 10, 1876 Oakland CA

( JOHN HUDSON THOMAS born July 16, 1878 Ward NV and died 1945; grew up in the San Francisco Bay area; graduated from Yale 1902; later that same year he entered the U C Berkeley Department of Architecture and graduated from there; an architect in San Francisco – loads of info and examples of his work on the ‘Net

( NORA THOMAS born September 22, 1880

( FREDERICK F. THOMAS born October 26, 1885; a lawyer of Berkeley CA

( THEODOSIA PECK born October 24, 1848 Hudson NY and died there August 23, 1849

( EMMA WILLARD PECK born May 9, 1852 Hudson NY and was living there 1877; educated at the Female Seminary, Troy NY; married February 1, 1897 Samuel Edwards born April 24, 1839 Glenville, Schenectady, NY and died February 16, 1912; prepared for college at academies in Schoharie and Washington counties, and in 1858 entered Union College, from which he was graduated in 1862. He studied law with S. L. Magoun in Hudson, Columbia County, and was admitted to the Bar in December 1864. He entered into a partnership with Robert E. Andrews (Andrews & Edwards). In January 1887, Gov. Hill appointed him to the Supreme Court for the Third Judicial District. In November of that year he was elected to a 14-year term. He was designated to the Appellate Division, Third Department, by Gov. Roosevelt in April 1900 to succeed Justice Herrick. He served until his Supreme Court term expired on December 31, 1901.

( MARY P. PECK born January 25, 1804 Norwich NY and died December 10, 1855 Cazenovia NY; married September 20, 1821 John Fiske, of Casenovia who died August 27, 1866 Detroit MI; and born to them were:

( MARY A. FISKE born December 2, 1823

( SARAH ELIZABETH FISKE born April 24, 1826 and was living in Detroit MI 1877; married November 24, 1853 Salon/Solon Prentiss born c1828 OH and died August 8, 1882; he moved to MI some time prior to 1856 when their dau was born; appears in the 1870-80 Detroit census as a hardware merchant; Sarah is listed as a widow in the Detroit Directory 1891; and born to them was:

( MARY E. PRENTISS born July 30, 1856 MI – living at home with her mother in 1900

( JULIA M. FISKE born April 22, 1828 and died September 8, 1867 Detroit MI; married August 29, 1848 Artemas C Bacon

( JOHN P. FISKE born September 2, 1830; married June 16, 1858 Lucy A. Fuller; in 1877 John was a wholesale merchant in Detroit MI

( EDWIN D. FISKE born November 8, 1835 and died June 7, 1873 Detroit MI; graduate of the U of Michigan; married July 26, 1860 Myra A Trall and born to them was:

( JULIA FRANCES FISKE born October 7, 1867

( JOHN PECK born April 11, 1808 Cazenovia NY and died there February 16, 1810

( PHILETUS B. PECK born November 29, 1809 Cazenovia, Madison, NY and died there October 6, 1847 while visiting his parents.  Early evincing great mental activity and ardent thirst for knowledge, opportunity of preparation for a liberal education was afforded him at Hamilton Academy NY, which, however, failing health eventually obliged him to forego, and the then engaged for a considerable period in agricultural pursuits. He was married May 30, 1831 Nancy Morse of Cazenovia.  Soon after his marriage, he resolved to resume his studies and devote himself to the work of the ministry. In the Spring of 1834 he entered Hamilton Literary and Theological Institution, now Madison U.(Colgate), from which, having gone through the regular course, he graduated in August 1838. He was ordained in March 1839 and in June following settled as pastor of the Baptist Church in Owego, Tioga County NY. After an uncommonly successful ministry at Owego, he died suddenly while visiting his parents. He was an instructive and earnest preacher and an untiring and devoted pastor, and distinguished for his benevolence, frankness, sound judgment, executive abilities and decision of character. His widow was living at Owego in 1877.  Born to them were:

( DARIUS M. PECK born October 15, 1832 Cazenovia NY and was living in Williamsport PA 1877; married August 30, 1865 at Lock Haven PA, Josephine McCormick. Born to them were:

( CATHARINE HOOD PECK born February 24, 1867 Lock Haven PA and died March 16, 1876, of diphtheria

( JOSEPHINE MCCORMICK PECK born October 26, 1868 Owego NY and died March 16, 1876 of diphtheria, then prevailing as an epidemic

( SPENCER T. PECK born December 19, 1837 Hamilton NY and was living in Williamsport PA 1877; married December 28, 1865 Isabella Crawford; no offspring

( JULIA M. PECK born May 9, 1840 Owego NY; educated at the Female Seminary, Troy NY; married December 24, 1862 at the First Baptist Church of Owego NY, George A. Madill, a lawyer, of Owego NY; they moved three or four years afterwards from Owego to St. Louis MO, where her husband soon became a prominent lawyer/railroad attorney; believe this is same guy who the community of Madill, Marshall, OK is named for; and born to them were:

A confusing entry here: New York Times, April 16, 1912: St Louis, Mo, April 15—Among the St. Louis folk on the Titanic were Mrs. Edward Robert of 140 Lindell Avenue, her daughter, Miss Georgette A. Madill, and her niece, Miss Elizabeth Allen. Mrs. Robert was formerly the wife of Judge George A. Madill. Miss Madill, although but 15 years old, receives an annual allowance of $7,500 for clothes and spending money by order of the Probate Court. Miss Allen is the daughter of the late George Allen and went to Europe in January 1911. If this is the same George A Madill, apparently Julia and he divorced, but Georgette must have been born when Julia was about 57y – doubt it! Maybe Georgette was the dau of the below George Alexander Madill? From

The Bench and Bar of Missori Cities: George A Madill is a nativeof New York, and passed his early life at Utica, in that state, receiving a liberal education. He pursued a course of legal studies in the Albany Law School, was admitted to the bar, and in 1866, removing to Saint Louis, entered upon a professional career, which has in every sense proved eminently successful. In 1870, at the urgent request of his professional brethren, who, irrespective of political preferences, petitioned him, he accepted an election to the judgeship of the Saint Louis circuit, and continued on the bench until 1875, when he resumed his practice as a member of the law firm of Krum and Madill. He afterward retired from his firm, and at present (1884) conducts his business in his own name. He is also a member of the faculty of the Saint Louis Law School, his special branch of teaching being the law of real property. As a lawyer, Judge Madill is at once thorough, scholarly, careful, conscientious and successful. Possessing a legal mind of high order, clear, comprehensive and practical, and at the same time being a  man of fine executive ability, well versed in the intricacies of business and commercial affairs, and cool and deliberate in his judgments, his legal opinions carry with them a weight and authority that never fail to command the highest respect. Among his professional associates he is most highly esteemed for his manly and lawyer-like qualities. His conduct of cases in court is marked by discretion, cleverness and precision, and in his arguments before court or jury he is methodical, business-like and persuasive, never failing to impress his auditors with the sincereity of his convictions, and always ready to support his legal propositios with the highest authorities. Such qualities, in an eminent degree, fitted him for the honorable and responsible office of judge, and to them must be attributed the success which attended him to that position. The business of his court was dispatched with promptness and accuracy, and justice was administered intelligently, and according to law. His marvelous memory of adjudicated cases, and  his methodically arranged knowledge and critical analysis enabled him to discriminated and at an instant detect false analogies. Such was the working of his court that it was a pleasure for a lawyer who knew his case, to appear before him. To young men he was always indulgent, and cheerfully aided them with his counsels. At the same time he had no favorites, and no one ever accused him of discourteous treatment. Upon his retirement from the bench he was tendered a banquet by the members of the Saint Louis bar, who there gave expression to their regard for him in encomiums of praise. Jim – presume this is the same guy.  2007 – there is a George A Madill Professorship at the Washington University in Saint Louise

( GEORGE ALEXANDER MADILL born October 10, 1867 St. Louis MO

( CHARLES PECK MADILL born September 10, 1872 St. Louis MO

( SARAH N. PECK born June 22, 1844 Owego NY and was living there 1877; educated at the Female College, Elmira NY

( JULIA M. PECK born March 13, 1816 Cazenovia NY and died October 14, 1839 Crawfordsville IN; married August 22, 1839 Rev. William M. Pratt

( LINUS M. PECK born February 3, 1818 Cazenovia, Madison, NY; entered the sophomore class of Hamilton College in September 1838; sustained during his whole course, a superior position as a scholar, and graduated in July 1841, receiving one of the highest honors of his class. After leaving college, he taught a year in the Hamilton Academy, and subsequently pursued the study of law until the Autumn of 1843, when he concluded to discontinue his legal studies and prosecute a theological course, preparatory to his entrance on the Christian ministry. Having devoted a year to the pre-requisite study of Hebrew and been duly licensed to preach, in August 1844 he entered the Theological Institution at Hamilton NY, in the following October, where he took the regular course of two years and graduated in October 1846. In the Summer of 1845 he had been appointed a tutor in Hamilton College, and though the acceptance of the appointment was urgently requested by the Faculty he respectfully declined it as precluding his immediate entrance on the duties of the ministry. He married September 17, 1846 Cordelia C. Kendrick, of Hamilton.  He preached in Lebanon NY for several months prior to July 1847 when he commenced preaching to the church in Hamilton NY and continued his labors there, with great acceptance until his death, October 4, 1847 at his parents home, of the same malignant disease which a few hours afterward proved fatal to his brother; both having the same funeral obsequies, and both being borne together to their last resting place. He naturally possessed a vigorous and logical mind, and superior powers of anlysis.  His intellectual training was thorough and complete. He was kind-hearted, zealous and laborious, an excellent public speaker, and distinguished for his chaste and manly eloquence.

( NATHAN PECK born January 27, 1783 Milan, Dutchess, NY and died April 6, 1872 Cortlandville, Cortland, NY; married February 29, 1804 in Milan Township, Sarah “Sally” Beebe [dau of Ephraim & Elisabeth (Brown)] born November 23, 1787 New London CT and died April 8, 1856 South Bend IN; first settled in Chenango County, whither he went with his father in 1795, and was ordained as a Baptist minister in July, 1814. Though devoting considerable attention to farming, he discharged his official duties for many years with much ability and acceptance. Born to them were:

( TAMMA PECK born December 5, 1804 Plymouth, Chenango, NY and died October 15, 1805/06 Norwich NY

( CELISTA PECK born October 28, 1806 Plymouth, Chenango, NY and died October 24, 1894 Cortlandville NY; married 1st April 6, 1831 in Cortlandville NY, Benjamin Salisbury [son of Benjamin & Lydia (Baker)] born 1795 and died July 23, 1872 Salisbury Hill, Cortland, NY; married 2d possibly a Mr. Beedle after 1872. Born to Celista and Benjamin was:

( HANNAH SALISBURY (c1831-1860) 

( STEPHEN NORTHRUP PECK born September 14, 1808 Plymouth NY and died August 1850 Whitewater WI (?); married Almira Ferris (*) born June 12, 1808 Genoa, Cayuga, NY and died in August 1850 Whitewater WI

( URANIA M. PECK born October 15, 1810 Solon, Cortland, NY and died October 8, 1866 Cortlandville NY; married April 30, 1833 in Cortland NY by her father, as his 2d wife, Thomas Darby [son of Joseph & Anna (Grow)] born December 6, 1802 Homer, Cortland, NY and died February 22, 1883 Cortland NY.  The Cortland Standard, March 15, 1883: Obituary, Thomas Darby, age 81, in Cortland Feb. 22, 1883 - "He born in this town, and when seventeen years of age, was baptized together with a large number of young people by Elder Alfred Bennett, then pastor of the Homer Baptist Church, located near the present fair grounds. He was one of the constituent members of the Homer Cortland & McGrawville Juvenile society, nearly sixty years ago, and which is still successful in operation today. In 1829 he married Miss Abigail Sumner and settled in the town of Dryden (until 1867), uniting with the McLean Baptist Church of which he was for many years an honored Deacon. Having lost his wife by death, in 1833, he married Miss Urana M. Peck, and after her decease in 1867, he married Miss Harriet "Ida" Brown in 1868, by whom he was tenderly cared for during his declining years. Sixteen years since he moved to this village (Cortlandville), of which he has been a quiet respected citizen, and an esteemed member of the Baptist church. The last few years of his life were years of infirmity and much suffering, and his death was not the unwelcome close of a long and exemplary life. His funeral was attended February 24, services by Rev G. W. Putnam, his Pastor, assisted by Rev G. F. Stark, a long-time honored friend.” >From the Will of Thomas Darby - Codicil - obtained from the Cortland Co Courthouse.  “Whereas I Thomas Darby of the town of Cortlandville, Cortland County and State of New York have made my will in writing bearing date on the 31st day of July 1873 in and by which I have given to my son Wayland D. Darby a fourth part of my estate with certain exceptions & in which I gave to said Wayland one eighth of my household furniture & in which will I appointed Edwin P. Slafter & Emmett A. Fish executors of said Will. Now therefore I do by this new writing which I hereby declare to be a Codicil to my said last will and testament, and to be taken as a part thereof order & declare that my will is that the half of my household furniture not given to my wife I now give & bequeath to my daughter Cordelia Nye & to my Son Nathan to be divided equally between them Share and share alike. I give bequeath and devise to my Son Nathan P. Darby & Thomas Darby Jr. each one equal undivided one third of the remainder of my estate which in said will was given to my son Wayland D. Darby now deceased & the remaining one third so given to said Wayland I now give & devise to Edwin P. Slafter in trust for my daughter Cordelia Nye, and at her decease to be paid to her children in the same manner & under the same restrictions in all respects as are prescribed in said will as to the bequest to said Slafter in trust for Cordelia & her children. Lastly I hereby nominate & appoint my son Nathan P. Darby & my said wife Harriet Darby to be executor and executive of this Codicil to my last will & testament and to be executors of my said will in lieu and instead of the executors named in My said last will and testament. And lastly it is my desire that this codicil be annexed to and made a part of my last will and testament in aforesaid and to all intents & purposes. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 3rd day of January, 1877” Thomas Darby. Born to them Urania and Thomas were:

( CORDELIA A. DARBY (twin) born July 10, 1834 McLean, Tompkins, NY and died January 26, 1891 Cortland Co, NY; married June 15, 1850 in McLean NY, Warren Nye [son of Oliver, Jr. & Esther (Wheeler)] born September 2, 1828 Virgil, Cortland Co and died July 07, 1902 Tompkins Co NY.  The Warren Nye family, consisting of Warren (30), Cordelia (25), Russell (7), E(A)lvena (5), & Arthur (1) was listed as living in the Cortland County Index in 1860. (Esther is apparently listed as Alvena, apparently her middle name, since she is shown again & Alvena is not, and there is no Alvena in the cemetery listings for the family in either Cortland or McLean.) In 1865 census, Warren, Cordelia, Esther E, Arthur E, Millard LW age 3.5, Melvin G.D. age 2.5, Freemont Grant aged 7 months are shown. In 1870, same members again shown, but Freemont Grant is called "Eddie", and on a gravestone in 1879, we see Edwin F. has passed away at age 14 years old. I believe the listing as Fremont Grant & "Eddie" both refer to Edwin Fremont Grant Nye, or Edwin F. Nye as the tombstone lists him. In 1877, Cordelia A, is listed as (w of Warren) living at 17 Clayton Ave in the city of Cortland City Directory. Mrs. C.A. Nye is shown again (1888-89) living at 17 1/2 Clayton Ave with Lettie M. Nye, (who would be 14-15 at that time) student, living at 16 1/2 Clayton in the City of Cortland directory in the 1888/89 city directory. The Cortland County Historical Society Information shows Cordelia & Warren also listed as living in Virgil, South Cortland in the 1880 census in the town of Virgil, with sons Millard, Melvin, & daughter Lettie, age 5. The 1889 City Directory lists Cordelia living with Lettie M, with Warren shown in Virgil - again separately as residence in Virgil.  There is no explanation for the listing of separate residences after 1877, since Cordelia is listed seemingly indicating she is wife or widow of Warren. Warren is listed as living in Virgil - not dead! However, Jim Carrington, a descendant of Warren's brother German Millard Nye tells me "In the 1920s, I believe, the old trolley still ran between Cortland and Preble --- a convenient way to commute to work." Also, we found an entry from the Tully Newspaper "The Nye Boys are remodeling their house in the swamp." We suspect that for some reason, the home farm might have become swampy, & the Warren Nye's might have moved to Cortland, where Warren could commute by trolley to the farm. The 1892 State Census for Cortland County lists Warren age 65 living in Virgil, alone (Cordelia passed away in 1891), & in 1900 he is listed as living in Virgil with Evaline. He remarried Evaline Victoria Sanford Nov 26, 1893, after Cordelia's death. Interestingly enough, Warren is buried in the McLean Baptist Cemetery with his sons Russell D, who died at age 8 in 1857, Emory D who died as a 1 1/2 year child in 1857, & Edwin F. who died at age 10 in 1875. His parents are buried there also. Cordelia is buried in Cortland Rural Cemetery where her parents are buried, along with son Millard Sumner L.W. Nye, & both his wife's Anna & Stella, & his daughter Jennie. Also buried in the Cortland Cemetery are Warren & Cordelia's oldest daughter Esther Elvina Nye Johnson, widow of Wm. B. Johnson. She was survived by brothers Millard S., Arthur E Nye of Oneonta, & sister Lettie Crydenwise of Sparks, Georgia. Warren Nye is buried in the McLean Cemetery, as are his parents. His sons Russell D. Nye, who died at age 8, Emory Nye who died at 1 1/2, and Edwin Fremont Nye are buried with him at McLean. Cordelia, their son Millard Sumner L.W. Nye, his 2 wives Anna & Stella & daughter Jenny are buried in Cortland Rural Cemetery, as is their daughter Esther Elvina, widow of Wm. B. Johnson.  Born to them were:

( RUSSELL DARBY NYE born August 27, 1852 in Virgil, Cortland, NY and died there December 11, 1860

( ESTHER ELVINA NYE born 1854 Virgil, Cortland, NY and died December 3, 1928 Cortland; married September 25, 1878 in Cortland, William B. Johnson who died before December 1928

( EMORY NYE born May 27, 1856 Virgil, Cortland, NY and died there April 5, 1857

( ARTHUR EUGENE NYE born July 10, 1858 Virgil, Cortland, NY and died June 4, 1929 Elmira, Chemung, NY; married September 7, 1885 in Elmira, Chemung, NY Harriet Batterson [dau of Horace & Harriet (Griswold)] born April 16, 1862 Wellsburg, Chemung, NY and died June 06, 1923 Elmira, Chemung, NY. Born to them were:

( ERNEST NYE born April 15, 1886 Elmira, Chemung, NY and died 1886

( GRACE FRANCES NYE born April 27, 1888 Oswego, Tioga, NY

( HORACE BATTERSON NYE born December 21, 1889 Oswego, Tioga, NY and died November 1980 St. Petersburg, Pinellas, FL; married December 13, 1921, Ethel M. Suffern born September 21, 1897 and died September 09, 1964, Oneonta, Otsego, NY

( HELEN CORDELIA NYE born February 12, 1892 Oneonta, Otsego, NY and died November 2, 1948; married John F. Logan

( WALTER SCOTT NYE born July 26, 1894 Oneonta, Otsego, NY; married Blanche Marie Bagg born December 13, 1893 and died December 31, 1953

( ALICE GERTRUDE NYE born April 10, 1897, Oneonta, Otsego, NY; married February 22, 1924 in Oneonta, Ralph Durham Hannay born December 17, 1893

( MILLARD SUMNER L. W. NYE born April 15, 1861 Virgil, Cortland, NY and died August 18, 1949 Cortland Co; married 1st January 6, 1886 in Homer NY, Anna E. Foster [dau of John] born 1858 and died February 6, 1900 Cortland Co; married 2d June 11, 1902 in Onandaga Valley, Stella E. Gilbert born 1860 and died December 2, 1923 Cortland Co. “M. S. Nye of Preble has a heifer 1 year 11 months old, that has just broken the world's record for milk and butter at her age, in an official test. She is DeKol Paul Cornucopia No. 110314, and she produced 72.3 pounds milk in one day 409 pounds butter in one day and 22,835 pounds butter in seven days.” Millard apparently was a dairyman. Born to Millard and Anna was:

( JENNIE F. NYE born June 1888 and died May 6, 1962 Cortland NY

From the Cortland Standard May 10, 1962 – “Miss Jennie F. Nye, 73, of Preble, a lifetime resident of Cortland County, died Sunday night following a heart attack at home. She lived in Florida in the winter until ill health prevented her from traveling. Miss Nye was a member of the Preble Congregational Church and a 50-year member of the Preble Grange. Several cousins survive. Services will be held at 2 p.m. Thursday in the Hall Funeral Home, LaFayette. Interment will be in Cortland Rural Cemetery. Friends may call at the funeral home 3 to 5 and 7 to 9 p.m. Wednesday”.

( MELVIN GILMORE DARBY NYE born March 2, 1863 Virgil, Cortland, NY and died December 31, 1919; married c1883 Etta Townsend. Born to them were:

( EDWIN DARBY NYE born March 19, 1884 Virgil, Cortland, NY and died there March 19, 1887

( RENA N. NYE born in April 1893; married Hugh Hogan

( VERNA E. NYE born in October 1898; married 1st Dennis McCarthy; 2d a Mr. Osbourne

( EDWIN FREMONT GRANT NYE born August 12, 1864 Virgil, Cortland, NY and died there December 22, 1879

( LETTIE MAY NYE born May 6, 1875 McGraw, Cortland, NY and died March 6, 1938 Starks, Georgia?; married 1st c1896 in Oneonta, Otsego, NY George Crydenwise born c1875; married 2d Harry Heiserman born April 1, 1889 and died December 23, 1955.  Born to Lettie and George were:

( CLAUDENE CRYDEN (name change?) (twin?) born and died c1900

( CLAUDE CRYDEN (name change?) (twin?) born c1900; married Dorothea Grace Keirn born in Septembe